Understanding Philosophical Integration

Reflect deeply on the benefits of a strong and healthy consciously aware life, on Earth, being fully incarnated in one’s astral energy, grounded, integrated, embodied with Eternal Love from Source. Many that use my work to varying degrees can reflect upon the importance of fully incarnating on Earth, experiencing one’s positive karma also. living in Source Love in human form and spending 20 years or so on Earth in retreat (or for as long as the 3D planetary evolutionary conditions permit).

Spending 20 years on the mystic/philosophic path, in retreat conditions, reflecting on the mysteries of awareness, life and the Universe, and then ascending later.

Balance, Grounding and Philosophical Integration

Reflect on the many benefits of being incarnated on Earth with a strong astral awareness and spiritual understanding, in the body, and how those benefits are good for one’s spiritual evolution in the bigger picture.

Studying advanced mysticism and philosophy alongside my work, grounding in fasting, meditation and brahmachariya, grounded to Earth and to the Stars pure in their diets, hearts and souls, living in sublime peace and freedom from karma.

Reflecting on what Ascension and the presence of the Star Beings (ET’s) mean for their own spiritual paths and their spiritual futures beyond Earth. Reflecting upon their lives and their soul journey, drawing all that insight and spiritual experience into a deeper awareness of their Source (on Earth) in order to attain their fullest spiritual potential in their current human incarnation.

It is for each person as a result of integrating my work to reflect upon the collapse and whether it is their truth whether it is real for them or not. Personally if it does not happen in this lifetime, nothing is lost, one contemplated the mortal world and the mortality of the human race, perhaps gleaning insights from beyond, using them to live stronger and purer spiritual lives.

If it does happen one will have been prepared in awareness and thus will not be side-swiped whilst deep in the false refuges of the human world. The fact that the potential trauma to the soul of being caught up in a savage collapse would impact one’s next life, one must at least consider the possibility of collapse and process philosophically the potential existential crisis of being incarnated on a dying world (with the impacts of Covid-19 and worsening climate change being the factors that force a deeper spiritual reflection in attuned individuals).

I do not have visions of the collapse anymore save for the occasional asteroid visions, it may be the Earth contains two diverging paths and those I do not see the collapse as much as it may be I have switched timelines. One can also add into the reflections upon my work that I only started seeing the collapse full-on in visions when I began to drink ayahuasca (in the first ceremony) and when I stopped (in 2016) by and large the collapse visions did not occur.

One perspective to consider is that I foresaw the collapse and the resultant criminalization of the organization known as the Santo Daime Church as expanded upon in this article.

One however must reflect on Covid-19 and all the other troubles in the karma worlds to find a deeper understanding and spiritual way in these times as well as to determine for them how real the reality of 3D collapse is and what their (karmic) relationship with the 3D karmic world is.

Philosophy also teaches one to develop additional or alternative perspectives in one’s awareness and to continually reflect and refine one’s understanding of one’s life, one’s lessons and the meaning of astral visions or experiences, whilst integrating it on Earth.

In this respect those that attain deeper philosophical understandings in relation to my work tend to leave ayahuasca behind in favour of astral grounding on Earth to attain such results.

Personally I sense the human race is in trouble, bad trouble, and always saw it that way, but the purpose of philosophic integration is to be able to live with the awareness and use it to live a stronger life, developing a spiritual intelligence and understanding, learning how to live on Earth in wisdom alongside the awareness of Eternal Love (the supreme mirror of karma and the bestower of Divine Grace) which will undoubtedly make its presence known in the lives of those that undertake to ascend in this life.

Then one will find one is insulated from the karma of the collapse and the outer contractions by way of the Grace of Source (or God), then all that matters is one’s inner work and one’s relationship with the Source.

One then becomes Semi-Ascended (Discourse 10, Philosophical Integration Series, June 2020), ascended out of Earth-Karma, but not entirely out of Human Form, therein lies the field of perfect conditions for Spiritual Mastery.

Karma Transcendence and Karma Immunity

Karmic cleansing is a very big part of the path and complex. It is for each person to understand the themes of their lives, their life lessons and their working areas. It is also a karma not to be aware of such things, deeper reflection on such a matter can show one that the karma of not having enough awareness is the cause of many other karmas. Thus karma is a big and almost endless maze (cast in time and space) for which transcendental awareness is the way out, then one with awareness must work to understand karma, the reasons for its existence, its purifying nature and the doctrine of complete accountability in the presence of Source.

One must understand consequences of actions and consequences of intentions, coupled with attachment to the human form as spinning forces of the Karma Wheel.

Karma is everywhere save for in rarefied awareness, thus the accumulation of awareness-energy is the supreme karma transmuting power, awareness gives one the power to understand.

Each person will have karma to live through until one makes a breakthrough in their incarnation where one’s black stones are worked out and white karma stones remain.

In the end, all that matters when one’s current incarnation ends is the balance of white and black karma stones and how much awareness-energy one has, the way I see it is if one makes the higher astral grades (by having enough awareness-energy and karmic merit) you can be reborn on or ascended to, another planetary level far more evolved than Earth, with ET’s.

Eternal Love and Divine Grace

It is for each person in their own practice to reflect upon and understand what Eternal Love is and is not, the difference between sentimental light-worker love and Source (Eternal) Love, whilst reflecting on their lessons related to human love in order to enter into deeper loving Union with Source, in brahmachariya and karmic purity, so that one can know an enduring love (ET Love) that transcends the karma of collapse and is undistorted by sentiment or karma.

Students can use the Twin Flame articles to reflect upon the appearance of Twin Flame duality, balancing the energies of Divine Masculine and Feminine (Wisdom and Love) internally using outer mirrors of Twin Flames. Ideally one would understanding emotional purification and intense ego crushing experiences instigated by the Higher Powers (descending grace energy) as being the karmic purging force preparation for receiving grace and love from the Higher Realms. It is for each person also to feel into their hearts and emotions on the path and see where they are grace-resistant.

Transcending the Duality of Black and White Karma Stones

One can reflect also on the importance of filling up on, and harmonizing with, Source Love – after jettisoning one’s karmic crust (aka ego-based) human form in order to expand, sustain, remain adrift from karma and to avoid disillusionment, stalling or becoming dry in matters of the heart (love).

The integration and balancing of opposites leads to the state of becoming karma-immune, once one has learned the lessons related to duality, human love, karma, opposing forces and the nature of Divine Grace.

Karma Stone Wars

As I wrote in a previous article about karma stone wars and restitutions for transgressions against my work, I forgave my Twin Flame and others for many transgressions including pulling my energy into ayahuasca religion persecution karma / criminal law karma – and all the energy cords were dissolved to her, her karma and her people, and I was restituted in many ways and energy-rammed out of the story.

One thing that does emerge in clarity is first that the many intentions against me were reflected back by the forces of karma and justice to give back exactly the intention intended for me, and secondly, my work appears so sacrosanct and supremely important that many thousands of people were stripped of karmic merit and lost their liberties and/or religious freedoms, so that I could be liberated from the energy disturbances an the karma of my Twin.

In this matter Santo Daime lost a huge amount of astral energy and merit as restitution, and they took back the black karma stones of losing lawsuits which belonged to them all along. It would also appear my path as an individual and my spiritual work on Earth overrides the interests of thousands of ayahuasca drinkers and the legal status of the Santo Daime Church throughout Europe. For many complex reasons they had to lose the legal freedom for the ayahuasca sacrament and learn the lessons that come with defeat.

Many will find that reality intolerable and that is where many people are repelled, the prevailing belief is that the Spiritual Master serves the collective and sacrifices his energy, lays it down for them, at the expense of himself and his individual path, but that is not how it works, in this matter the opposite occurred and I was energy-rammed out of the story of the collapse of Santo Daime with all the white stones.

When it comes to the disputes I have had, it can however help people to look with awareness and attempt to understand what happened from neutrality. Usually contemplation of what happened in the matter of my Twin Flame is only useful at the end of one’s karmic journey and if one has a Twin Flame themselves, or if they use Ayahuasca.

Understanding the fall of the Santo Daime certainly requires an understanding of awareness-energy, ayahuasca, energy cords, intentions, magic (black, grey and white), merit, the nature of Eternal Love, the truth of karma, the nature of opposing forces and dualistic consciousness.

It is not so useful for people to understand everything in a very complex set of events nor to put too much awareness on it, but for those that wish to understand deeper, they must understand the history of Mestre Irineu and his life, and the history of the Santo Daime (doing a thorough study of both) then they must understand the outcomes of many legal cases connected to Ayahuasca and the decisions of the Courts (that ruled against the Santo Daime).

They must then understand law and the spiritual reasons why laws (both Earthly and Karmic) exist in this reality / reincarnational cycle as well as light-worker karma, the cause of ‘legal persecution’ (aka persecution karma), the nature of karmic and restorative justice, the nature of restitution, then they must understand the experiences of my life in detail (from the beginning) including the background of my legal disputes and why they even arose in the first place, then they must understand why the light-worker path and the Physical Ascension Paths diverge.

Then one must understand a very rare phenomena known as ‘karmic stone moving’.

For many it will be impossible to come to a balanced understanding without understanding how the energy field of a Spiritual Master works and without understanding the perspective of my own experiences in awareness (which words can only go so far to explain) and the many other aforementioned areas of understanding. Thus for many it can be a distraction from their own paths and spiritual practice if contemplated beyond what is useful and for many the truth is what happened will remain beyond their understanding, but yet it carries some important lessons for all.

It is also the truth that karma stone wars are confined to the realms of astral sorcery where white and black magic, the conflict of intentions and the wars for spiritual power happen.

The karmic fate of organizations involved in ayahuasca declaring war on the Spiritual Masters find resolution in hyper-dimensional astral wars and the losing side forfeits their astral awareness-energy, their white stones of karmic merit and the legal legitimacy of their work.

Those that embody Eternal Love and are grounded in impeccability and ethical integrity are the winners in such disputes, those that have contempt for spiritual values and the Gods lose.

One must be aware of the dangers of witchcraft and black or grey magic (with or without ayahuasca) on the advanced paths and one must be able to overcome any intentions against oneself that are not aligned to one’s Path if one is to become Ascended, free from Earth Karma and sovereign with one’s own energy. One must be able to overcome any adverse, opposing, malevolent or persecuting forces that often appear once one crosses a certain astral threshold.

Eternal Love

Once opposing forces appear with malevolence, one must purify base and embody the opposite, unconditional love and forgiveness (aka Eternal Love).

The Universe is full of persecuting forces, especially in the realms of metaphysics and sorcery, be aware. Once one’s energy ascends even further, one moves past such forces and is clear.

In summary, I unconditionally loved and forgave my Twin Flame and was freed from the story, the energy of legal persecution was returned to its originating source (Santo Daime) and then I was shoved out the other end of the story with a big pile of astral energy (white stones of karma) in my field as restitution and the old energy of legal persecution (and hatred against my work) against me fell away.

Philosophic Integration and its Demands

People should be under no illusions about the serious demands that the Higher Grades of awareness (aka Philosophic Integration) require of oneself in terms of the level of willpower required to attain understanding and integrate advanced level astral understanding on Earth.

One needs a humble ego, a spiritual intelligence, humility to the Higher Powers, the desire to learn and change, the will to purify, spiritual endurance, willpower and the energy to overcome stalling, disillusionment, false refuges, distractions or losing awareness in smoking weed. Then one also requires a strong karmic merit from previous incarnations, a certain dose of Grace and support from the Higher Powers and a certain degree of tenacity, combined with healthy detachment from the world of human affairs and a willingness to refine character and spiritual understanding.

The demands, disciplines and rigours involved in transcending the easier path of mysticism in favour of philosophic integration offer long term results and a delayed gratification, and only then, after extreme effort, and thus few people walk the path so high up the mountain of consciousness for there is nothing there that pleases the ego.

Yet for those who come so far, there are the many hidden fruits of the inner worlds that go far beyond the distractions, pleasures and vices in the human world, that are the rewards of doing the inner work, the fruits of the life that exists beyond duality and the karma of the human worlds.

For me it was not possible without the culmination of the Twin Process, changes in diet, grounding in brahmachariya and a 20 year perseverance and determined will.

What tends to happen is without a strong enough will and a backbone from focussed and strong intent, one can either succumb to distractions (false refuges in Buddhism), binge on the excesses of the standard human life or in some cases if one gets too far off track one has to learn through karmic events or outer trouble and as I have seen in many others a stripping away of a lot that they have created and manifested (something to be aware of and tends to happen more when one uses the material world to hide from the spiritual work).

One will find that without the iron will and the backbone from conscious set intentions and the renunciation of distractions one can stall and be tempted to plunge back into the human life full-immersion (alcohol, weed, meat, lots of sex, etc) which can be very damaging.

Something for people to consider and bear in mind. Fortunately I always had the strong will to not fall into that trap and I have never really found the human world and its vices appealing anyway.

Most students that became grounded in the teachings of VOYAGER attained a degree of Earthly Mastery assisted with the descent of Grace into the Human Form by way of being strongly grounded in brahmachariya (leaving the sex away) in order to understand Eternal Love free from emotional and karmic distortions along side the practice of fasting (predominantly Intermittent Fasting) to purify their bodies of attachment to excessive food and to be partially or perhaps fully if that is one’s intention, to be sustained on Prana.

It is not possible to attain such grades on Ayahuasca, one can see the potential of the grades, but to live them in a body one must do the purificatory work and without grace (the descent of Source Love / ET Love into the human form) it is borderline impossible.

It will be necessary sooner or later to turn one’s awareness and contemplations to matters of heart opening and grace to stay adrift of the false refuges, distractions and vices of the human world.

It is the truth as one works to integrate a philosophical understanding of one’s mystical experiences, one must decipher and discern how to live on the Earth with what one has seen, glimpsed and experienced in the other worlds.

Philosophical Grounding requires strong conditions on Earth, meditation, spiritual study and reflection, a strong body, an inquiring mind, a right mind toward the Higher Powers, a strong intent of will to understand Ultimate Reality and a humble ego in order to endure its disciplines and rigours and to attain some of its fruits.

The Philosophical Path is built on the premise of delayed gratification and the bigger karmic fruits yielding over time as karmic merit accumulates. Its benefits are that once one has deciphered how to live on Earth with Higher Awareness, one’s access to the other worlds is more permanent and non-dependant upon any adjuncts.

The path of Philosophical Integration appears dull, uncolourful and austere but that is only a transitory perception from an ego that on many levels may want instant results.

Mystical Union with Source is often instant, but at the price of transience. It passes.

Philosophical Union with Source is the ultimate stage, the price for perserverance is permanence and a deeper awareness of Source/God, in the body – and a deeper awareness of Eternal Love, in the heart. The truth is that integrating mystical experiences and leaving the psychedelic path does not show its fruits until one has persevered and done more of the Earthly karma purification / integration of lessons (spiritual work), whatever they may be for each person.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit


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