December 2021 Solstice Reflections

Once one is strongly Source Aware and attuned to the astral planes, one can return to Source and see a clear reality of a future reincarnation as a higher-dimensional being (free of a physical body) in another ET Planet aligned with one’s origins or ET Star Being group beyond the realms of karma. Simultaneously one can have the ability to inhabit or access multiple dimensions beyond ordinary reality and then know Eternal Love of Source direct.

Astral Spheres and Special Sorcery Powers

In spiritual practice, the energy of those dimensions or worlds can be channelled into the human form on Earth appearing as an Astral Sphere in one’s Power Base with an Astral Sphere representing concentrated astral energy at an extreme level, those few beings who have manifested an Astral Sphere in their energy will have to tune into their own Source on how to work with it and understand the principles of Sorcery as well as what they are perceiving.

They will then be well advised to learn impeccability in sorcery matters as one becomes an Astral Mage or Wizard with special abilities and unusual powers and can sometimes then be assigned by one’s Star Beings to various ‘astral jobs’ related to maintaining the energetic purity and sanctity of the astral planes.

Someone with an Astral Sphere in their energy (only possible with many years of spiritual work, a lot of brahmachariya and a strong Star Being Access) has an accumulated and anchored astral energy many thousands of times greater than a normal person and simply having one incurs a responsibility to manage the energy and to live by the rules of the astral planes. Understanding what those rules are is work and without impeccability in spiritual practice, in brahmachariya, anchoring in such a great energy is impossible. Those at this stage will ideally have a Sorcery Mentor in the same way Carlos Castenada had Don Juan and as he also taught (as well as I) the relinquishment of the human form and its self importance is the portal to spiritual knowledge and access to the astral worlds.

One also ‘inhabits’ the astral planes to a much greater degree whilst on Earth and has a power in that realm by way of humility and surrender to the astral power. Special Powers are often misunderstood but in essence one does not ‘get’ special powers as such but one is a channel for them, or one ‘receives’ them as they are necessary for one’s path.

Such powers may include clairvoyance, foreknowledge, precognition, remote viewing abilities, ESP and the ability to do White Sorcery and White Wizardry in the astral planes.

One also then becomes incompatible with the energy of the human race once one is carrying an Astral Sphere in their energy and advanced level contemplation is to understand why that is whilst understanding accumulated awareness-energy, astral power, the importance of being brahmachariya (leaving sex away), the nature of positive karma merit of ascending beings and the teachings of white and black karma stones as sometimes those on the path of White Wizardry and Sorcery become astral arbiters in astral energy wars of which there are many raging in the metaphysical realms.

Ascension out of Earth Karma

The Earth supports beings on a certain vibrational bandwidth – there is a lower and upper limit. If one descends below the lower limit – one dies and then reincarnates. Beyond the upper reaches – one begins to vibrate out of the Earth continuum. At first – this will be a vibratory movement out of denser vibrations within the collective. Later some beings may well cross over into another parallel reality more aligned to where they are going. One will usually still be here on Earth in a body but will be vibrationally invisible to those not aligned. To all intents and purposes – from the perspective of conventional 3D reality – these beings have already ascended.

I have found in recent times as I am able to share less and less though conventional means without generating disturbance, I am naturally phasing out of the awareness of the human collective as there is less and less common ground.

For many energy-ascending beings the Monastic Lifestyle (aka a lifetime retreat from the human race) becomes somewhat mandatory in order to advance on one’s Path and to avoid energy pollution.

Energy pollution is a big problem in this dimension or simply in incompatible subset collectives within the human race. 7 billion humans on a small planet can create a serious amount of psychic muck that floats around in the lower astral and will look to hook in on some unsuspecting being. Many times life’s misfortunes are considered random or without a deeper meaning – but most of the time the cause is psychic pollution that has invaded your energy field. The trouble is that humanity has a coalescent will of its own with 7 billion individuals pulling in different directions trying to get out of a karmic knot. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time (usually because of a failure in discernment or the art of non-intervention) – you can end up being snagged in a dense knot that had nothing to do with you in the beginning.

Your work is to ease yourself out of the karma without snagging and then the Monastic Lifestyle becomes the only sensible option at the Higher Astral Grades. You can still have the love for the human race – but it will no longer be an energetic interaction for you as the human form has been partially abluted off and it is the human form that spins the karma wheel in tandem with others.

Students making serious progress toward Ascension will therefore find that the majority of
humanity vibrates out of one’s life (once one has resolved one’s karma with the human race).

This is a natural and normal process that does not need to be resisted and then the Monastic Path becomes obvious and it becomes possible for oneself in order to deepen one’s spiritual practice.

Integrating oneself into the human collective is not required in order to complete one’s spiritual work – however, integration of oneself with Source Awareness within is required, as is extraction from karmic stories. Once one becomes aware of the vastness of the reincarnational cycle and the prospect of being born as a baby again (on Earth) and born many times over into all kinds of uncertain and unfamiliar 3D worlds – one begins to take things seriously into understanding what karma is and why we are incarnated in the physical form on a biosphere with a short time span to collapse. There is then no longer time for any bullshit as life can end at any instant, taking away with it the current opportunity for spiritual development and nobody wants to reborn on Earth 50 or 100 years from now in an era of full on biosphere collapse, ice sheet collapse, sea level rises, overpopulation and an extreme ramping up of humanity karma.

For those wondering whether I will ascend – unless you are aligned with my Path where I am at energetically – it would be impossible for you to ever know, for I would disappear from your
awareness-energy long before any ascension were to happen. Thus for those ready to ascend (either in energy or physical form) – this necessarily means resolving one’s relationship with the human race and understanding the illusion / transience of the human form (which is advanced level).

Astral travelers who plumb the depths of inner space will find at the end of their quests the experience of an ever present Source that bears a witness to millions and millions of reincarnational cycles throughout billions of worlds throughout the Universe.

One has an experience of then being an ‘Earth Visitor’ and just ‘passing through the human race’ and then one can find one can be on the Earth but not of its karma. Advanced teachings involve understanding the relationship between the human form and karma, the less karma one has, the less human form one has and one becomes more ‘astralized’ on Earth.

Coronavirus Comments

On coronavirus mandatory vaccination, those who found my message in 2012 to leave the cities and the matrix, to detox from pharmaceuticals and find the higher path from the mainstream humanity, should be well established in a situation where they do not encounter the mandatory vaccination issue and would be karmically-isolated from the situation.

If for some reason you have to have the vaccine, it could be seen as karma.

As said in 2020, the coronavirus matter is a huge mechanism for the moving of karma stones and for becoming aligned with a much deeper inner work (with Source and Star Beings) which for wise ones that use the opportunity and see it for what it is – accelerates spiritual progress immensely and purifies the remainder of one’s karma.

Those that spent much time in silent retreat in nature away from the distractions of the outer world will not have been disturbed by lockdown protocol and apart from wearing a face mask in the outer (a mild inconvenience) everything else in their lives would have continued to evolve without chaos and disruption as one would already have been socially distanced anyway.

Paradoxically those on the advanced spiritual paths will notice the coronavirus matter is actually an ascending/enhancing force in their lives, using the outer situation as a mirror to refine oneself and to purify karma in the face of outer chaos. In the great moving of karma stones planet-wide, those that did the work in the long run (ascending out of collective karma of collapse) tend to manifest the fruits of the effort, being spared trouble, loss, contraction, ruin, etc that is ravaging the planet, and instead manifesting the opposite showing up as refined awareness, abundance, increased energy, freedom from karma and the transcendence of opposing forces.

The greater one is aligned to the inner power, established with a spiritual anchor and a grounding in awareness, in nature, combined with an understanding of the causes for outer chaos, the less one will have been affected by the coronavirus matter.

Those that spent many years doing the inner work will find the moving of karma stones generates much stronger conditions, earthly and spiritually, and thus the many years of concentrated meditation, practice, study and reflection bears fruit.

Most students who followed the advice in 2011 and 2012 of myself and many other seers at the time to leave the cities and get grounded in nature will have found the coronavirus matter does not impinge on their lives in any way. Spiritual awareness and accumulated merit gives karma immunity to outer chaos and disadvantageous conditions that might otherwise ensue, in the end one’s spiritual destiny (aka one’s journey of ascension) is all down to one’s positive karmic merit and the end balance of white karma stones.

Advanced spiritual work is using the astral energies that are channelled through the equinox and solstice gateways to purify and/or swap out one’s karma black stones in favour of white ones.

Integrating Star Being Energy

Many people do not perceive Star Beings (ET’s) in their energy and others experience it very uniquely and strongly over many years. Those that do have the Star Being (ET) access often have visions of the ascent out of 3D Earth collapse timelines, future lives on Ascended Worlds or receive unique downloads, guidance and instructions on how to live on Earth at the end of an Earth Karma Cycle.

Some will then find these Star Beings acting as benevolent teachers to assist in the transmutation of Earth Karma and some become channels or teachers on Earth as a result of the access. Those that have the Star Being access can investigate in self-inquiry what the phenomena actually is, the events in one’s life leading up to the access, the spiritual meaning and purpose of Star Being access, how the access has changed one’s life and how it relates to one’s current human incarnation.

One can reflect upon the downloads and messages received and what the bigger lessons are. In many cases there are lessons about becoming aware of one’s Astral Nature beyond the Earth Body, understanding the Karma Wheel and understanding the phenomena of why one sometimes has experiences of astral travelling to other dimensions and worlds beyond the Earth.

Reflections include the advantages of not being reborn on Earth, what Ascension might mean or represent for oneself whilst incarnated in the human form, who the Star Beings actually are, where they are from, the different kinds of Star Beings one may encounter, why they are appearing in one’s energy, why they sometimes return later in life and why only some people perceive the Star Beings at all in their lives. Then it can be useful to do some contemplating on matters of how to anchor, utilize and work with the Star Being energy in one’s Earthly Life.

The wise do not interfere in the affairs of humanity or seek to try and change its evolution.

In the same vein as Star Trek Prime Directive – an ET Starseed incarnating on Earth should ideally see oneself as being on an ‘observer mission’ here – ie living on this Earth without getting involved in karma which on Earth is everywhere and thus Voyagers live in retreat from the human race. This not getting involved includes not getting caught up in karmas any kind. These karmas are just stories that seek additional souls to enter the karmic fray. Non-intervention means that if something is not your karma – one stays out of it and minds one’s own business.

The exception is when foreign karma is brought into your field and in these instances a response and intervention IS warranted as it was invited, wise students will understand the teachings of returning karma energies that does not belong to one in order to become immune to karma.

One must then return the foreign karma back to its point of origin and one can do so without ill-effect for as long as one’s intentions are pure. To absorb the karma will make additional karmic baggage for oneself and again wise people will understand the cause and the dynamics of the Santo Daime Ayahuasca Church karma stone wars (caused by those who would aim to pilfer and/or steal other people’s white karma stones) and a gargantuan energy war and a set of legal disputes that they all lost.

It resulted in an energy ascent out of a huge collective of ayahuasca drinkers, being excused from a Twin Flame soul agreement and for less understood reasons being energy ascended into the Central Suns at every equinox and solstice gateway since 2017.

Refined Engagement and Sharing

By and large my work in the outer human world is done save for some spiritual work with some rare and unique aligned old souls, those that read VOYAGER or followed my journey or reflected upon the experiences of my life, will have a deeper understanding of the matter of remaining outside of the human karma world and how that ties into losing the human form and the path of Physical Ascension / Non Returner / Voyager Path – all of which entail being reborn on higher dimensional worlds beyond the Earth.

Advanced work is contemplating the nature of awareness and the phenomena of the descent of astral energy into the physical vehicle manifesting as an Astral Sphere gateway in the base chakra followed by the return of ET’s in one’s energy which enables the ‘seeing’ into the other worlds and gives the energy for big astral travels at solstice and equinox gateways.

One can also contemplate also the ‘ascent’ out of karma in general and reflect on the relationship between awareness-energy and eternal love and reflect upon what both of those things actually are and how they tie into Spiritual Ascension and Mastery.

Advanced work is also reflecting on the teachings about white and black karma stones and what happens to ones astral energy and awareness when all the black stones are gone and one is still incarnated in a body. One can then perceive huge energy, merit or vibrational rifts, and in my case a strong refinement of my worth and an application of the higher-dimensional rules on engagement in the karmas worlds, those that wanted free talks or consultations lost an extreme amount of money (and thus energy), nobody bothered me for free talks again.

As written in April,

Between all beings are flows of energy, energy exchanges, karma stones and on the path of Spiritual Ascension huge rifts in merit appear and then it shows as nobody really having the merit to have any kind of “free interaction” or “free friendship” with me. It left a handful of balanced friendships balanced out with the energy exchange of service along with a very small handful of people having the financial merit to have me as a Mentor.

Ultimately every Voyager will find they have decisions to make (and thus lessons) on who they want to share their energy with, who they want to work with on the spiritual path and what the terms of energy exchange (aka merit exchange) are, wise students will realize the high price tags on engagement represent ‘merit rift’, if you have the merit to have me as a Mentor the money is a non issue.

Wise spiritual teachers also price themselves out of the karma fray or set the rules so that people respect the Mentor, wise spiritual teachers also realize ending a mentoring arrangement for reasons of insufficient energy (and thus merit) exchange is not conducive and thus only take on well paid spiritual consultation work.

Those that walk in my footsteps and approach / go into the Source Portals to the degree I did including the many journeys to the Central Galactic Suns will be very wise indeed to take things very seriously, remain out of the human world and go deeper into the inner work, in monastic conditions, integration of my work (which can take many years), understanding awareness and energy, refining astral mastery, understanding impeccability, transcending the ego and its karma, and ultimately looking with awareness and wisdom at what lies beyond the human form (and thus the human condition).

Maintaining Brahmachariya

Prevailing belief is that finishing brahmachariya with one’s Twin Flame facilitates Ascension but the inverse is far more likely to be the truth, as shared in a previous post the way to Eternal Love is through the practice of Brahmachariya (leaving sex away) and the wise Masters always advised all Twin Flames to be Brahmachariya and consecrate the energy.

Sometimes Ascending Twins can have the challenge of their counterpart trying to manipulate them into finishing brahmachariya against the Divine Rules of the Ascending Twin by way of causing a lot of disturbance on their energy and generating endless nuisance in their lives to try and force or manipulate the consent (grey free will) – but ultimately brahmachariya over a long period of time purifies the disturbance.

Suffice to say those involved in trying to unsuccessfully coerce me into finishing brahmachariya (and thus to share my energy without my agreement and consent) to try and gain advantage in this power war lost. Sometimes those holding brahmachariya can have the experience of huge energy disputes that are won simply by maintaining brahmachariya. With brahmachariya comes refined impeccability and the immunity to being energetically manipulated and an immunity to serious level astral disturbance that comes when one channels a greater power into the Earthly Vessel, those ayahuasca collectives that tried to harness my energy non-consensually for power in ayahuasca ceremonies paid a very heavy karma price.

Those who have done a lot of advanced spiritual work on their path and made a lot of progress will find the concept of finishing brahmachariya impossible or untenable, for some students that may be an issue they have to give a lot of serious awareness to, those that choose the spiritual path over finishing brahmachariya ascend in their own energy and maintain their spiritual ascent trajectory. Put another way, being true to one’s own spiritual path and one’s vows with Source.

Those that believe they would want – or think they would want me – to finish brahmachariya with them – in essence only want access to the Sorcery Worlds and/or an Astral Anchor in me, for their own ends and in Divine Law its absolutely forbidden for a Spiritual Master to finish brahmachariya in service of anyone, Twin Flame or anyone else, for reasons explained here.

Some students may find brahmachariya becomes mandatory for them and the balance reward for retaining and channelling the sexual energies in brahmachariya toward one’s own Ascension Path is a deeper understanding of what Eternal Love is and a stronger access to the Sorcery Worlds.

Those aspiring to be brahmachariya or to maintain brahmachariya will find a Mentor useful in that area, for many being brahmachariya is either beyond them, or impossible, but when the energy is balance and well anchored it becomes very easy to hold a state of brahmachariya.

There is usually a stage in life where people experience the sexual and emotional interactions in intimate relationships, once these lessons have been integrated and learned, one becomes intimate with Source in brahmachariya in a deep and sacred way.

Understanding Eternal Love

It is for each person to find an understanding of what Eternal Love is in themselves – reflecting on concepts such as immunity from karma, resistance to karma, divine grace, emotional integration and transcendence, balancing of divine feminine and masculine as well as also understanding Eternal Love as the ruling force in the Universe, the Supreme Power. Some may see Eternal Love as a benevolent and eternal wellspring of energy in themselves or in their Heart Centre, or others may perceive it as ET love from Star Beings that serve as teachers to one’s spiritual evolution.

One might also reflect on the nature of the metaphysical element of fire (sacred fire / inner fire), those that can integrate the energy of fire element can pass through many astral walls of extreme fire and then enter into another different reality of existence (on the other side of the astral fire walls) knowable to perhaps only a handful of mortal human beings.

That reality beyond the astral fire walls is the astral abode of Eternal Love (where fire empowers, nurtures, loves and sustains one) and is the immunity from karma and the energy for the transmuting of the human form prior to an Ascension. Many will have had feelings or mystical experiences of Eternal Love, such experiences are glimpses of the real deal and have value as they start the spiritual purification process to become grounded in white karma stones.

Seeing, feeling or understanding Eternal Love is one thing, entering straight into the raw undiluted power of Eternal Love is another matter. One has to go through the astral fire walls to enter into the abode on the other side and that is advanced, difficult and extreme to do. Eternal Love is the strongest mirror available to mortal humans – purification by astral fire in order to be able to work with the the energy.

Advanced practice is working with the astral fire element that purifies one’s higher-dimensional body of karma imprints or energy cords to the karma worlds. The fire element channelled in the base chakra, by way of brahmachariya, burns off roots to Earth Karma and gives one a grounding in the Astral Power.

Those that can be brahmachariya and hold the brahmachariya energy can develop immunity to Earth Karma, negative intentions and have a stronger access to the Sorcery Worlds, such worlds are invariably difficult or impossible to access outside of brahmachariya.

Why only a few people appear to have Astral Spheres in their base chakras and what the ultimate purpose of having one there is (beyond being able to have astral plane experiences without leaving the body), is an advanced set of reflections that requires a strong understanding of the astral planes, chakras, energy, metaphysics, sorcery, the fire element and higher-dimensional reality with a grounding in advanced level mysticism and philosophy.

What can be said is there is a strong relationship between having a strong karma purification and having an understanding of Eternal Love, ultimately being a Benevolent Energy or Force existing beyond the Karma Wheel. In the words of John C.Lilly

The centre of the cyclone is that rising quiet central low-pressure place in which one can learn to live eternally. Just outside of this Centre is the rotating storm of one’s own ego, competing with other egos in a furious high-velocity circular dance. As one leaves centre, the roar of rotating wind deafens on more and more as one joins this dance. One’s centred thinking-feeling-being, one’s own Satoris, are in the centre only, not outside. One’s pushed-pulled driven states, one’s anti-Satori modes of functioning, one’s self-created hells, are outside the centre. In the centre of the cyclone one is off the wheel of Karma, of life

Some students will see the relationship between Eternal Love, the cyclone described above and what The Eternal Heart Centre anchored in me actually is, advanced level reflection is understanding astral energy and power wars for access to the Eternal.

Those who use psychedelics such as ayahuasca, weed and LSD without sufficient grounding can be tempted to seek shortcuts or to attempt to force an access on the Spiritual Master without entitlement or merit and then come the severe karma curses. The ayahuasca churches who warred against my energy, on ayahuasca and weed, lost, and why a prophecized series of fires burnt down a bunch of ayahuasca retreat centres involved many never be fully understood.

Most people on the Voyager Path will find psychedelics limiting and over time useless for making further advanced progress, hence in 2016 my Star Beings had me leave ayahuasca behind.

More so because anyone trying to become a Sorcery Master or Mage on psychedelics will have near to zero chance of handling the extreme energy and the powers of the forces in those worlds.

Those who made the most progress with my work took on the teachings, applied them in their lives and evolved beyond the use of psychedelics, which has a place on some people’s path but invariably wisdom dictates it being a very transient stage in the bigger picture.

Those who spend decades smoking weed and taking psychedelics will end up destroying their merit and their morality or and/or frazzling their energy fields in the astral planes. Beware!

Understanding the Philosophical Path

Philosophy is ultimately about using accumulated awareness-energy, self inquiry and wisdom in order to understand the purpose and meaning to one’s life and earthly experiences, as well as the mystical experiences one can have. The more intense or prolific one’s mystical experiences are, the more one requires a grounding in philosophy in order to have the balance of multiple perspectives. Some experiences one has may never be truly understood, but philosophy enables one to grasp a deeper logical, sensible and more lasting meaning to bizarre experiences that do not fit any ordinary model of spiritual understanding.

The work of philosophy is to maintain spiritual awareness backed up with wisdom and humility to the Source, sooner or later the advanced paths will call one out of the ordinary world to do a deeper self-inquiry within and to explore the other worlds. In other words, being ‘in this world’ but not of its karma, using the experience of an Earthly incarnation to explore the reality beyond the 3D world, whilst in a body and using the accumulated awareness-energy and wisdom one has on hand.

Philosophy is a work of spiritual balance, harmonizing ordinary awareness with non-ordinary awareness, and in the balance of the two, at the Heart Centre, is one’s access to the Eternal, some may find the solstice gateways attenuate and enhance the awareness to the Eternal and facilitate some deeper insights and understandings as to their own spiritual journey.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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