Santo Daime defeated in the European Court of Human Rights

To follow on from the Ascent Article (January 2022) – and to conclude the outcome of a very ill-conceived war of Santo Daime aggression and hostility toward me – resulting in continental level empire collapse (aka “race waste”), the Santo Daime Church organization has been DENIED Article 9 religious freedom rights (as foretold in 2018) and the European Court of Human Rights dismissed their complaint.

Legally, the judgment of dismissal (that was not even communicated to them for over 3 years, so it would appear) can be summarized as, the European Court of Human Rights denied Santo Daime Church right to appeal against the cancellation of their Article 9 rights and reinforced the authorities decision to enforce the criminalization of ayahuasca.

On October 30th 2023 ICEERS published on their website lengthy legal reports and commentary on the criminalization of Ayahuasca in the Netherlands and the result of the case involving their Article 9 religious freedom rights.

The legal decision is deeply “couched in the report” but it is there. The European Court of Human Rights declared the Santo Daime’s complaint inadmissable without further reasoning.(ECHR September 24, 2020, no. 15226/20, ref.67)

This Church (starting in 2016) interfered in my Article 9 rights and legal affairs in bad faith and as foretold, they cursed themselves with the ban on the sacrament “aka stripped of Article 9 religious freedom rights” – which follows on from the August 2023 article of mine commenting on the matter of my Article 9, and theirs.

I am also not, nor have I ever been, a member of Santo Daime Church.

The deeper issue that was on trial (behind the scenes) was whether my Article 9 and free will was worth more that the Article 9 and free will of an empire of several hundred thousand ayahuasca people. The spiritual implication of the judgment can be interpreted as my Article 9 was of greater worth – the meaning being – Divine (aka Karmic) Law supersedes Earth Law and that my Article 9 rights isn’t something to be interfered in.

In Earth Law it appears as an absolute (aka inviolable or sacrosanct) Article 9 right for me.

The Article 9 rights of several hundred thousand others are not absolute, and the authorities can interfere in them (and make a prohibition on ayahuasca), and the illegal status of ayahuasca is not really my problem and it is a problem they have had that predates the dispute with me.

As said in August 2023 – it can be useful to reflect on when the “needs of the many do not always override the needs of the few” – and ultimately karmic law decides the issue. It could also be said my free will is sacrosanct appearing on Earth as an Article 9 absolute right – and appearing as a large organization of several million ayahuasca users without any legal authority to interfere with it.

Nor am I responsible if the Higher Powers favours me over them and makes divine reparations for interference in my energy and work including making karma white stones transfers to cancel “rope magic”. The legal facts are these people had many advisories explaining that I was not interested in servicing their religion and information related to the issue of “not wanting the rope“. which is in essence interference in Article 9 and free will, and this Church refused to accept I had free will (the root cause of the dispute).

All “rope magic” is (aka hex magic, voodoo, witchcraft or soul binding magic), is interfering in free will and making a non-consensual rope on someone’s energy (aka a soul binding made someones astral body with ayahuasca withcraft magic), and in this case planting the other end in (to use Borg terms) the “Central Command of the hive-mind” which was the root chakra (aka the power base) of the Mother Church of Santo Daime Amsterdam and a lot of ayahuasca retreat centres that then burned down in these foretold fires.

Wise people will see “the rope” was root cause of this Santo Daime “Sorcery War”, the fires and the criminalization of Santo Daime – and being free of the rope (that I never agreed to have) and being free of legal persecution karma that was not mine to start with – has far more value than the religious freedoms of several hundred thousand ayahuasca people, a position strengthened by the decision of the European Court of Human Rights. 

Those that understand the story of “the rope” can attain a Mastery in the understanding of free will, and that the free will of the individual has more value than the interests of any collective hive-mind consciousness.

Sometimes the needs of the few (the spiritual freedoms of the few) outweigh the needs and the spiritual freedoms of the many, in this case the needs of the few (me and around 7-8 other people) outweighed the spiritual freedoms of several hundred thousand ayahuasca people.

Those with a moderate amount of awareness and philosophical intelligence will see through the ethical problems and the moral fallacies that come with the mistaken belief that the majority always rules and the minority must be subservient to the majority rule. In this case the majority lost.

They will also see the serious karma consequences of hubris, if one smokes large amounts of cannabis and drinks ayahuasca without ethical or moral awareness, one will become hubristic very quickly and “hubris races” are vast hive-minds that use ayahuasca and cannabis to access the astral planes and attempt to claim a “supreme dominion” over all that is – human history is full of tales of destroyed empires that have fallen to the karma of hubris and ill-conceived wars.

The Dangers of Hubris (from December 2022)

Wise individuals will be aware of the dangers of arrogance and hubris, as in Greek Mythology and the tale of Icarus who flew too close to the sun. One can then combine it with the modern day tale of an ayahuasca church totally destroyed in merit as a result of weed hubris induced wars and the prevalence of false arrogation rights (the serious error in belief that the Spiritual Master can be forced to serve a race of ayahuasca drinking and weed smoking junkies, combined with the stubborn refusal to take no for an answer on finishing brahmachariya).

On deeper reflection -it would appear that several million ayahuasca and weed users wanted me to have all of their black karma stones, and then they have all my white stones, for themselves, from hubris, without any just justification or merit to have them.


Then comes the astral stone wars and a bunch of destructive energy, karma and legal curses on the entire ayahuasca collective.

There are also strong lessons on the extreme karma consequences of smoking large amounts of cannabis, drinking ayahuasca and then interfering in my free will and my legal business, whilst declaring war on me, my energy and my work. in the name of ayahuasca. The extreme karma consequences in this instance being – the Santo Daime Church criminalized, stripped of energy (aka power) and stripped of legal status, which was their intentions toward me.

Those who believe it is allowed to use intimidation and legal persecution in an attempt to force me to finish brahmachariya in service of Santo Daime, in fair comment, have a very serious hubris problem and the legal condemnations all over Santo Daime Church are in part a divine punishment for the offence. If one is brahmachariya one has a lot of energy and power (and a lot of Higher Power back up), messing with brahmachariya people is ill-advised.

The organization involved has basically been totally destroyed in continental level Astral Planes Sorcery War and the European Court of Human Rights came down on our side (the needs of the few over the many).

It should be noted that The European Court of Human Rights has found that a person cannot be forced to demonstrate views or behaviour associated with a particular religion, and that means in this matter my Article 9 is clearly absolute, in Earth Law as well as in Divine Law and the European Court of Human Rights has ruled on the matter.

I am also not responsible for these peoples intentions (including the effects of cancelled “rope” or “hex magic”) or the legal status of the Santo Daime. It should also be noted as a legal comment that if people interfere in my legal affairs and my energy – I am not then responsible for the resultant effects when they do not go as people intended. Put differently, people are responsible for their intentions toward me, and the karma consequences.

Its not the Santo Daime substance that is being criminalized but the people supplying it. It means at bottom they are not ethically or morally responsible people and thus are not ready to be granted legal freedom by the authorities, and the Divine Powers do not like their attitudes. *

*(On the point of their intentions – the attitude being Free Spirit is going to be assimilated into the Ayahuasca hive-mind, serve us against his will and suck up our nasty legal persecution karma, and if he wont serve us we will defame him as a criminal and on fair comment my Star Beings disagreed and cursed them (and not I) with the legal persecution – aka renewed Criminalization of Ayahuasca/Criminalization of Santo Daime).

Legally, Google also came down on my side and as a result of the dispute, my reputation was totally purified of abuse, defamation, hostility and threats posted by Santo Daime Church.

For the legal record – I also have a clean criminal record and have not been charged with or convicted of any offense, there is also the documentation on hand to prove it if need be.

On the point of legal status, the Santo Daime isn’t legal and the Santo Daime routinely pick ill-conceived legal fights and tussles with the authorities, behave arrogantly and defiantly toward the authorities, the courts and culminating with “boldly attacking me with malice” in front of the judges at the European Court of Human Rights, which in fair comment triggered the Court to dismiss their complaint.

Their story is they are perpetually “fighting for their rights” and once that “fight for their freedom” challenged my freedom, it was the end for the organization, compounded by the fact that for several years a large number of ayahuasca people kept drinking ayahuasca, smoking weed, attacking me, my energy and my work, and they persistently continued, until their own end (“end” defined as “karma de-merit” aka loss of energy).

The Santo Daime (Ayahuasca) Amsterdam Church in the European Court of Human Rights were DENIED relief and any remedy from restrictions on their Article 9, the Court came down against them, and in favour of (me) as well as the Dutch authorities and the Supreme Court ban on Ayahuasca of October 1st 2019, meaning the criminalization of the sacrament stands, and the Church lost (without any right of appeal or legal remedy to overturn the ban).

In brief, I won, and they lost. It would be fair to say the Santo Daime are bad losers, they started the ill-conceived war, and my Star Beings finished it and in the end malicious and repeated trangressions toward me that are unatoned for, are paid for, by way of merit stones transfer and the de-merit of those involved. 

It can be said that balance, justice and restitution is an integral part of Karmic Law.

It could be said I won 2.5 million of white karma stones as earth planes compensation to use to sell my work as merit stones compensation for the Santo Daime dispute and there is a lesson in it for me in not degrading my energy or selling myself out cheap on white stones – and Santo Daime had to have back the energy (and the karma) of degrading legal persecution energy they tried to shove over to me.

Whatever PR spin the ICEERS Ayahuasca Defence Fund (or the Santo Daime Church) want to put on it, it is no doubt the worst possible legal outcome for Ayahuasca (a landmark defeat ruling impacting the whole of Europe), the organization has been totally dissolved and outlawed, and the Santo Daime Church has been cursed with a (foretold) continental level criminal ban on Ayahuasca. They also have no legal rights, dominion claims, or power, over me whatsover and that appears one of their key lessons.

From 2018 – the lesson for the Santo Daime Church and its leaders is that the Spiritual Master cannot be overthrown in favour of the advancement of hubris against awareness, the Spiritual Master and indeed the authorities as well, this also explains the misfortunes in the Santo Daime and the adverse rulings in the Courts against them. The Courts in all the cases ruled that Article 9 of the Human Rights Act (freedom of religion) can be overruled by the State in matters of public safety, their lesson is that the State have the final say. As they see the State as tyrants or controllers, their victim-hood is reinforced and a century old story of persecution comes up for healing, as I was not alive 100 years ago, clearly the problem is not me but their karma.

To say the organization has lost in Sorcery War would be an understatement, and “race waste” is a more fitting term to describe the carnage. 26 countries criminalized ayahuasca, the root chakra of the organization has been totally dissolved, at least 18 Santo Daime retreat centres burned in the foretold fires and wherever this now dissolved “rope” was in the organization (aka everywhere) – are astronomical energy losses, burned out ayahuasca retreats, closed down businesses and centres, dissolved legal entities, disappointing Court judgments for ayahuasca, and an extreme amount of other collateral damage.

No matter how bad the legal transgressions were against me, the war on my energy (with this “rope magic”) was far far worse (in energy effect on the organization) and there are strong lessons for people smoking cannabis, drinking ayahuasca and making claims of “dominion” over my energy. In summary, a failed assimilation war on my energy combined with “persecution war” and “Star Being Intervention” is what caused this Santo Daime “race waste” and the destruction of the organization.

As someone else posted (and I would concur), all over Europe since 2016, its the curse of bad legal outcomes, criminalisation of Santo Daime, empire collapse, energy strippage, organization shrinkage, root chakra destruction of a church of many thousands of people, the cancellation of everyones religous freedoms and what was a once a powerful organization on the cusp of celebrating their legal victories has been turned into a condemned, criminalised, downtrodden and persecuted race (by consequence of their own intentions toward me).

Discerning people will see the legal problems in Santo Daime also started in 2016/2017 showing up over time as a reinforcement of legal prohibition of Ayahuasca throughout Europe (aka criminalization of ayahuasca) and they will see through the Santo Daime lies perpetuated by the Santo Daime organization, and the background story of the fires (which is certainly extremely advanced level understanding).

Wise people will see the fundamental root cause of this “Santo Daime war” was the consequence of an attempted and ill-conceived “power grab” on my astral energy, karma stones and merits in a (failed) “attempt” to become powerful on my energy for ayahuasca – and the adverse intentions this Church and its members had, backfired on them.

The end result of the dispute is a strong and deep peace for me (as the legal decision acted to dissolve the Santo Daime Church power base, enforce the peace and the astral compensations, bestowing long term immunity to this “rope magic” and making me the winner).  

There is a salutary lesson for powerful organizations with a rotten ethical base wanting to gain some type of superior advantage or to become more powerful on my energy, power and merit, such intentions never end well as this story demonstrates and the end result was Santo Daime power base collapse.

The spiritual lesson that can be derived in the matter is that one has to win any dispute designed to derail one’s own spiritual ascent or deeper peace – that is if one is to prevail over the forces of karma (aka opposing forces) that can make their presence known on the Advanced Paths and sometimes such disputes are spawned from others with adverse, concealed or masked intentions, and intelligent readers will understand in this Santo Daime dispute what those intentions actually were.

Wisdom teaches that in a dualistic world spiritual reality isn’t always love and peace, nor can it be, even if we may want it to be, and pacifism has its limits when confronted with hostility, unjustified interference and malice on the path. If one is to ascend from karma and live in spiritual peace on Earth, one must be able to defeat and overcome the causes and manifestations of outer hostility and/or any adverse intentions that other humans may have toward one.

Those who have the intelligence to understand the story are also most suited for deeper advancement, learning and understanding. Ayahuasca is NOT used in my centre and we do not work with people who use the substance, and as said elsewhere, the fires story and the legal story is required entry level understanding for would be students.

As said also in August 2023, wise readers will also see that I am also not energetically compatible with ayahuasca (and the ayahuasca hive-mind) having left the path many years ago nor am I blueprinted to teach a lot of people, serve large collectives or be of service to any kind of organized religion or any other type of hive-mind. It also follows that anyone wanting to learn from me is karmically obligated to be of service to me, and not the reverse, with the high prices acting as a mandatory service of me, in this reality.

Wise people will see my work and mentoring is aimed at well grounded and energetically powerful (financially grounded) individuals with clear and pure intentions (including toward me) working on their own deeper spiritual paths (aka Ascent) and who have made a conscious choice in themselves to finish their karma with the human race.

Put differently, ideal long term students are done with ayahuasca and weed, done with karma involvement with lots of other human beings and “light-worker karma”, you are working predominantly on your own Ascent/Inner Path in this life, you also want to learn about Star Beings and the Karma Wheel, can invest a lot of money in the mentoring (to the tune of between 1-2.5 million) and you intelligently understand the key teachings of the Path I walk and the importance of a strong energy-exchange.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit 


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