December 2022 Solstice Reflections

Those attuned to the energy of the astral planes can see the Equinoxes and Solstices as Ascension Gateways to otherworldly or hyper-dimensional forces emanating from beyond the Earth Plane. The purpose of such energies is to enable one to transcend the human world of karma by way of integrating Source Fire Energy from the Central Suns into the Earthly vessel.

The Path of White Sorcery is to understand the otherworldly energy, use the energy wisely and then accumulate white karma stones whilst avoiding black stone ingress from the human world of karma by way of Mastery of Energy/Impeccability (aka – the wise use of energy).

Those on this Path appear to receive white stones of karma every 3 months at Equinoxes and Solstices by way of a cyclic descent of Astral Energy from the Galactic Central Suns into the human form, to the extent they did the necessary work in the preceding time-frame.

Put differently, those on Ascension Paths tend to receive downloads, dispensations, energy and upgrades – every 3 months – ongoing. The more advanced the process becomes, the more necessary it becomes to understand the importance of Energy Mastery and Impeccability, more so when one has an Astral Sphere in ones base chakra.

It would appear that only several thousand humans on the Earth have such an Astral Sphere anchored into their energy, as a pre-requisite for the transmutation of the human form.

Central Galactic Suns Fire Energy

From insight and personal experiences, having an Astral Sphere in one’s energy appears to be the result of astral travelling into the fires of the Central Galactic Suns – and then downloading and integrating the energy into the human form for several years afterwards.

Astral Sphere

The result of this – is that one has a very strong and intense access to the astral planes without the need for adjuncts like ayahuasca.

One can do a thousand or so ayahuasca journeys (if one is called to walk that path) but one will come to a limit in the astral planes (as I did in 2016) where one can only advance further in understanding and in energy – without ayahuasca – for the reasons that Advanced Sorcery is to be able to access the astral planes without leaving the body, and ayahuasca induced astral plane access is always temporary.

Ayahuasca in the right contexts has its uses and value, but those on the advanced paths are wise to understand its limitations, as it does not lead to a permanent ascent off the Karma Wheel.

One of the purposes of White Sorcery is to refine one astral body to be able to approach the fires of the Central Galactic Suns and integrate the energy without getting burned – aka integration with the Fire Element present in the primordial energy of the Universe – and from which all sentient awareness came from.

Self Inquiry Practice is to find one’s Source and understand one’s true nature, first many spiritual seekers experience radiant astral light (in the same way there is daylight on Earth from the Sun) and that for many is sufficient illumination in this lifetime.

It can be said not many can handle the intense purifications that come from going beyond the diffuse astral light into the astral fires of the Central Galactic Suns.

Those who can go beyond the astral light and access the portals of the Central Suns can have an experience of the astral fire energy that is the source of the astral light and the gateway out of the human dimension into other dimensions and worlds accessible only in Sorcery.

Then one is working with undiluted, fierce and intense Source Fire energy alongside Astral Fire Beings (from within those Central Suns) that not many people will be able to integrate and/or work with, unless the energy impurities are purified out.

Some may see those Fire Beings (or Star Beings) as the Guardians of the Ascension Portals, ones Ascended Guides or Masters, or benevolent and powerful Immortal beings from beyond the human world that one can have a direct spiritual experience with.

From them, Eternal Love originates, as a benevolent fire energy, and advanced work is understanding and working with that energy, which tends to show itself in one’s energy at the approaches to the Equinox and Solstice gateways.

It can be said alignment to the Central Galactic Sun Energies is far more conducive at those times, the ultimate purpose of working with this type of energy is to ascend oneself from the energy and karma of the human race and thus to attain (and maintain) a karma-immunity.

It can also be experienced that beyond a certain stage, that one no longer has an energy cord to the human race, as a result of journeying to the aforementioned Central Suns aka Source.

That process and its reasoning is easily understood from the White Sorcery / Voyager Path perspective, from the perspective of the human world, is unknowable and impossible to attain and/or comprehend – and hence Voyagers do their work in retreat conditions and follow the rules of the Higher Worlds (Mastery of Impeccability) and keep out of the human karma by way of necessity.

When one no longer has an energy cord to the human race (aka the world of karma), reality is very different, the astral energy is very refined, and one is then advised to be wise with one’s energy and where one goes with one’s energy.

Advanced reflections include understanding the importance of energy independence from the human race, how to work with other human beings on the Path without making adverse or negative energy cords with them, and the dangers of black karma stone ingress from the world of karma, if one does not Master Impeccability. It is possible to absorb the negative karma of the human race or from various energies and/or groups if one is not mindful.

As said previously,

Each person will have karma to live through until one makes a breakthrough in their incarnation where one’s black stones are worked out and white karma stones remain.

In the end, all that matters when one’s current incarnation ends is the balance of white and black karma stones and how much awareness-energy one has, the way I see it is if one makes the higher astral grades (by having enough awareness-energy and karmic merit) you can be reborn on or ascended to, another planetary level far more evolved than Earth, with ET’s.

The aim of advanced practice is thus to become karma-immune by way of being purified of karma black stones and then maintaining that position, should one have any karma black stones remaining, one may well have to reincarnate back into 3D to purify them out.

Karma Stones and Merit

Advanced souls on the Earth will then invariably live and operate in monastic conditions to maintain and uphold the energy level, to make a good accumulation of white karma stones and to avoid black stone ingress from the energy of the human world.

The more purified one becomes in one’s energy, the wiser it is to be in retreat from the human race outside of cities and many people. For the majority of people on the spiritual path, their own karma is the formidable obstacle and the enemy to spiritual freedom. Once one only has white karma stones remaining, then the karma of the human race is the biggest adversary.

For Voyagers, one will in the end have to understand that teaching (or to descend back into the world of human distractions, karmas, stories and vices (and hence the Wheel of Karma turns and turns).

Simultaneously, they can also understand that Merit (aka White Stones) is the currency to leave the Karma Wheel – accumulated white karma stones translates to Merit and Merit leads to Ascent – and wasting Merit and/or Energy, leads to Descent.

The work of Spiritual Mastery and to be a Voyager is to walk the path of Ascent, not to waste awareness or energy – not to court Earth karma and its many vices – to accumulate white karma stones – and to extract oneself from the world of human karma – to avoid rebirth in the physical form and the grind of the reincarnational cycle (being reborn and dying, many times).

In the end, one’s greatest ally on the Voyager Path, is an iron fast and strong unbending intent to leave the Karma Wheel and maintain the drive, and by way of earned and meritorious dispensation, absolution of one’s karma with the human race (the opposing force) then follows.

In Advanced Sorcery, if one no longer has an energy cord to the human race (by way of purifying one’s karma in relation to the human race), one is not bound by its karma, and there lies the understanding of the divergence of Paths (souls who are karma-bound to return to Earth and souls who are not obligated to return).

From this perspective one is in the human form and the human world, but not energy-bound to it, and there lies the key to freedom. Most intelligent readers will then realize if one is a non-returner, one cannot be making energy cords with returners, or with the human race.

Some Starseeds are also not inherently human in their core essence, but are visitors to the human world, from other worlds, and are well advised not to get caught up in human karma.

Some Starseeds also work with the energy of the Planetary Grid and/or to do other unseen work relevant to the planet and its energy. Other Starseeds show up here to teach others of their kind, to do special missions of various kinds or to tidy up past life karmas related to Earth.

Those who can be brahmachariya and have a large accumulation of white karma stones can also become immune to karma-energy cords with the human race as well as to become immune to black stone ingress (absorbing the black stones of others and/or the human race as a whole).

It would be fair to say that being brahmachariya is a pre-requisite for leaving the Karma Wheel, those wishing to move toward Energy Mastery can work with leaving sex away.

Those who are brahmachariya for long periods of time can find their energy bodies become altered, reconfigured and more aligned to the Central Sun energy.

Then one has an immunity to being degraded by Earth karma and karma energy, of which the world is full of it, with karma being almost everywhere and in almost every place.

Accumulated white karma stones gives one Spiritual Merit which then translates into far more advantageous conditions on Earth as well as a stronger access into the other worlds.

Then one must also be aware of the dangers of astral stone wars where other collectives or groups wish to assimilate, or take, karma merit stones, that does not belong to them.

Some Voyagers may be able to do their work in relative peace, others may have the experience of huge disputes caused by the intention to manipulate energy and power in the astral planes for dubious motives, which by way of Energy Mastery and Impeccability, one can, and must win.

Often in the astral planes is a lot of energy manipulation, energy and merit stealing, power wars and other forms of energy manipulation, that one would be well advised to understand and become immune to the karma of. For some, spiritual freedom must sometimes be fought for, if one is not to lose one’s white karma stones and spiritual merit to those not really entitled to them.

The Dangers of Hubris

Wise individuals will be aware of the dangers of arrogance and hubris, as in Greek Mythology and the tale of Icarus who flew too close to the sun. One can then combine it with the modern day tale of an ayahuasca church totally destroyed in merit as a result of weed hubris induced wars and the prevalence of false arrogation rights (the serious error in belief that the Spiritual Master can be forced to serve a race of ayahuasca drinking and weed smoking junkies, combined with the stubborn refusal to take no for an answer on finishing brahmachariya).

On reflection it would appear that several million ayahuasca and weed users wanted me to have all of their black karma stones, and then they have all my white stones, for themselves, from hubris, without any just justification or merit to have them – then comes the astral stone wars and a bunch of destructive energy, karma and legal curses on the entire ayahuasca collective.

It would appear that Divine Intervention from the Source, defeated their intentions.

Wisdom dictates leaving the weed away, those who smoke their lives away with weed and fail to integrate the ayahuasca properly into their lives, can easily erode the power of Intent (see below), and destroy any accumulated merit they have along with their ethical conscience.

From Wikipedia

They will then have a tendency to develop hubris (coupled with the karma of the impossibility of further learning and progress), then if you can get close to the Central Suns (on ayahuasca and weed), one can then get burnt by the energy of the Fire Suns as this story illustrates.

Hubris can be summarized as defiance toward the Divine Laws (and it is prevalent to varying extents in ayahuasca drinkers and weed smokers) and then comes the fall, beware!

Wisdom also in the end thus also dictates leaving ayahuasca away to make further progress, most people can have a strong journey and have some intense visions or access the other planes in the journey – but what is more important is whether you can do it without the adjuncts.


Accumulated energy produces accumulated energy and merit which then equates to a concentrated force of Intent. Then one’s intentions and focus is everything on the spiritual path, those with a greater power of focussed intent have a greater immunity to the karma of the world.

Intent is mustered up by way of careful use of energy, being mindful of energy cords, where one puts one’s energy and then by refraining from energy wasting or awareness degrading activities.

The intent to extract from human world karma when combined with action shows as greater energy, deeper insight (which is needed to discern the complexity of karma and its workings) and a deeper understanding of non-physical reality.

One also needs a certain level of karma white stone quotient to be able to begin the ascent/extraction process, then one must be able to understand the force of intent and the power behind it. Intentions produce karma, black or white, and thus it is advantageous to have enough awareness-energy to avoid making adverse decisions or negative karma in life.

The less karma one has, the less one is driven by unconscious karmic conditioning and the karmic pre-disposition to keep re-creating karma situations. It can be said the more karma one has the less free will one has (in that karma will run one’s life), if you have only white stones, one has a purified free-will (and thus spiritual freedom and freedom from the Karma Wheel), and true free-will (as opposed to the illusion of free-will whilst driven by karma-conditioning) – is the power to be free of the Karma Wheel.

Focused intent gives one a free-will to operate independently of the forces of the karma worlds, and the result is a larger amount of accumulated energy that can be utilized for accessing, and integrating, the energies of the Central Suns (the gateway off the Karma Wheel).

Intent is ultimately the Power and The Force within one that enables one to attain Mastery and to attain Ascension out of the Karma Wheel – the more white karma stones one has – the more Intent and Power one has as a result. Therefore the key to a strong Intent is to stop generating karma and turning the Karma Wheel, for karma is the force that opposes Intent.

Working with the Unknown and the Unknowable

Carlos Castenada wrote extensively about accessing the unknown and the nature of the unknowable in Sorcery by way of moving one’s focus of awareness (assemblage point).

The unknown can be described as what is ordinarily unknowable to human consciousness, but can become known if one has enough energy to perceive and see the other worlds of radiant luminosity and the fires of the Central Suns. The unknowable is what lies beyond the unknown, if one has had the glimpse of the unknowable and what lies at the core of reality beyond the fires of the Central Suns, then one has seen the Source itself.

Its unknowable nature appears to lie in the extreme amounts of concentrated awareness-energy and intent required to perceive. In the face of the energy of the unknown and unknowable, one can have the experience of being purified by astral fire and then being granted the wisdom from Source to understand and know Truth.

Those who understand the mechanisms of the Equinox and Solstice Gateways and who are prepared in their Energy and in their Impeccability, can have the chance to be infused by the Source Energy and/or to have strong visions of the other worlds from within the body (without having to leave the body with ayahuasca or any other adjunct) at those times.

Attuned Starseeds will notice in the few days either side of the Equinox or Solstice the energy of the Central Suns can show itself in their practice, to the extent they have done the preparatory work in the weeks before. The Ascension / Voyager Path calls for one to align, harmonize with, and use, the awareness- energy and then continue to ascend in vibration, in a 3 monthly cyclic fashion, using the energy of the Equinox and Solstice Gateways as an accelerating force.

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