Spiritual Master Free Spirit is a Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor offering High-Fee Online Consultations, and High-Fee Life Mentoring Programs – such mentoring is designed and priced for financially grounded clientele looking for unique perspectives into their karmic life stories or who wish to invest in Long Term Spiritual Mentoring. The expertise of the Spiritual Master is most suited for those working on the area of Life and Spiritual Mastery, winning big disputes, those with spiritual entrepreneurial endeavours, big life changes and those wanting to extract from complex karma stories.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit is 49 and lives in the Eternal Heart Centre in Portugal, a modern retreat centre in nature, in a private location, suited for individuals aligned with his awareness and teachings.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit (during 2024 and onwards) offers High-Fee Life Coaching and/or Spiritual Mentoring at 3 price levels.

Entry Level Mentoring Option – a 20 x 3 hour Call Package with 90 days of email Mentoring (investment GBP 50,000)

His Complete Life Work – including his Merkabah Art Collection, Literary Works, and 1 Year of Mentoring (investment GBP 1 million*)

Spiritual Mentoring for Life (investment GBP 2,5 million*)

* plus applicable taxes

About Spiritual Master Free Spirit and his Life Journey

Spiritual Master Free Spirit has been a Spiritual Teacher for 12 years and writes about Eternal Love, Star Beings, Transcendence of the Karma Wheel and White Sorcery – as well as many other spiritual topics.

He is the author of six literary works including Keys to Immortality, The Life Story of Spiritual Master Free Spirit and The Voyager Masterpiece and he has published some public discourses on YouTube.

Alongside teaching he is also a Merkahah Artist who creates complex mathematical and geometric sculptures.

After 25 years of intensive spiritual purification, for some years following, he received many insights from higher-dimensional ETs in the Universe in relation to how to work with the matter of biosphere collapse and how to ascend out of the human condition.  Free Spirit was able to journey beyond time and space, to the furthest reaches of the known Universe and beyond, and in those experiences he was transformed and healed of everything in this world by the love of Source and his Star Beings..

He came to understand the true nature of reality, the transience of the human condition, the truth of life after death, as well as the truth that human beings can evolve into higher-dimensional Star Beings (ETs) at the end of their karmic journey.

By doing so, they are spared the collapse and instead ascend out of the Reincarnational Cycles of death and rebirth in 3D. His rare books are a sharing of his deep experiences with higher-dimensional ETs and are suited for those who sense they are at the end, or close to the end, of their journey through the Reincarnational Cycle (aka The Karmic Wheel). They are also deeply instructive for those who have the ethical grounding as well as the respect and openness in their hearts to receive these pure teachings.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit experienced the love of ET’s from other planes of reality and through that contact, became healed of many things in this world and was able to travel throughout the Universe in his astral body, and to see the reality beyond the collapse of the biosphere – an Immortal reality, immune to death, degradation, sickness and suffering – populated by loving ET’s that can enable some people to physically ascend prior to the collapse of the biosphere or in other instances ascend out of the Karma-Wheel at death.

He understood that the love of these ET’s was the key to an Ascension, either in spirit or body, and how ET Love can enable an ascension out of the karmic human condition once one has integrated astral reality into the physical reality. His work is a set of teachings and perspectives on the matter of the collapse that have become refined over time with a focus on Karma-Immunity.

Brahmachariya Mastery and Leaving the Karma Wheel

His work is suited to advanced and evolved souls who understand they are at the end of their journey through karmic reality and who are called to the Path of Physical and / or Spiritual Ascension.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit writes also about Brahmachariya as an Ascending Force.

Many people do not perceive Star Beings (ET’s) in their energy and his work is suited for those who do have a connection with Star Beings and who are able to handle the strong lessons that they bring.

These Astral Star Beings offer Spiritual Ascension (ascension off the Karma Wheel after death) or Physical Ascension (ascension without death) for karmically purified individuals able to integrate and receive the love – and wisdom – of these ET’s, ultimately, with the aim of transcending the Karma Wheel of death and rebirth.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s Life Work is a sharing of his multi-year contact with Highly Advanced Immortal Loving ET’s from other planes of reality, who offer opportunities for human beings to physically and/or spiritually ascend at the end of their karmic journey. His Life Work is a sharing of journeys into the astral worlds of Loving ET’s and sojourns to other dimensions beyond the human form from where he channelled astral energy, power, wisdom and ultimately realized the nature of Eternal Love.

For those who make it their life work to work with the teachings and who are open to the truth that Loving ET’s from other realities exist, they can be healed of everything in this world, understand what immortality is and is not, transcend the karma of reincarnation and enter into a deeper understanding of who they are, their place in the Universe and their relationship to Source. The Voyager Path or the Path of Ascension is the path laid out for individuals aspiring to ascend out of Earth-Karma, become a non-returner to 3D and becoming reborn on worlds of Higher Dimensional ET’s that Free Spirit visited in his many journeys.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit experienced benevolent love in the form of Loving ET’s from Higher Dimensional Worlds, seeing the future as of being an Ascension out of the Karmic Wheel by way of Transcendental (Eternal) Love from ET’s and Source.

That Transcendental Love from a wide array of benevolent and loving beings from many Higher Astral Worlds is the underlying energy and theme of his Life Work.

It is the truth that there are Higher Worlds and Higher Beings, those attuned to such truths and aligned to Eternal Love, can perceive them, work with their teachings, their love and ultimately integrate it all into Earth Life. Eternal Love is the answer to all that troubles the human race and those who work with healing their ego into the Higher Love can find forgiveness for karma and a deeper understanding of themselves, their hearts, their spiritual paths and the secrets of the Universe.

Those who forgive themselves for being in separation from love or being in their egos, those who ask for healing from Source or their Star Beings for their karma and open themselves up to the possibility to receive forgiveness from karma through the power of Eternal can be healed of many things that keep them trapped in the cycles of death and rebirth. They can then have a more balanced and integrated awareness of the inner loving light of Eternal Love having purified and worked off the karmas of the ego. 

The Voyager Masterpiece, a seminal work related to Physical Ascension, was completed in 2017. 

Voyager is an Advanced Level Masterpiece for those who can handle strong truths and who are ready to purify themselves in the presence of Source. Voyager offers a glimpse into spiritual reality as seen from the perspective of a Spiritual Master and is the product of many years of intensive spiritual purification.

In the presence of deeply loving Star Beings from Source, Free Spirit came to understand how the human race is in serious trouble and that it is only a matter of time before catastrophic climate change triggers  a massive human die-off.

His ongoing relationship with Star Beings and the Source has revealed to Free Spirit that it is possible to leave a dying biosphere as a fully-realized Voyager and not have to bear witness to the collapse of human civilization.

Voyager contains some of the purest and most refined spiritual teachings available anywhere on Earth in relation to Physical Ascension, Upper Astral Reality and the Truth about Loving ET’s.

Voyager is most suited for advanced souls with interests in either Physical Ascension and rare esoteric works, or for rare book collectors.

Philosophical Integration

Spiritual Master Free Spirit is also a writer about the Twin Flame Phenomena and its many facets. Twin Flames can also bring one back to Eternal Love as it did in Free Spirit’s case after many challenging, extreme and very unusual metaphysical experiences involving astral-energy, ayahuasca, energy cords, fire energy and karmic stone moving that led him to ascend out of the energy of the karma-worlds.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit has published some insightful introductory articles about topics that include Ascension, Ayahuasca, Awareness, the Central Galactic Suns, Forgiveness, Healing the Ego, Unconditional Love and Karmic Healing, as well as articles about the nature of reality and understanding the Twin Flame phenomena.

He left the Ayahuasca Path behind in 2016 after seeing the limitations of the Path and then pursued Philosophical Integration and White Sorcery instead.

There are also some introductory free to access discourses on his You Tube about loving ET’s, perspectives on the collapse, forgiveness, awareness and other introductory topics.

Free Spirit’s Complete Life Work including 6 rare esoteric works, 121 Discourses and the spiritual experience of his life is the product of an ongoing relationship with Loving ET’s from Higher Astral Planes of Existence. His Life Work is suited for ethically purified and 3D-Matrix retired individuals who are old-souls here on Earth who have interests in Physical Ascension / Spiritual Mastery – who wish to understand the many experiences he had with Loving ET’s and work with the teachings of Spiritual Master Free Spirit in their lives.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit is also married (since October 2012) to Alexandra. One of the spiritual lessons on Earth for many is to be able to do an earth-marriage. Those that want to be successful and well grounded in their work and businesses are well advised to have the marriage and relationship lessons well integrated. Free Spirit also offers relationship and/or spiritual business mentoring as part of his Life Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring Services.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit is also a Merkabah Artist creating large, rare and unique artworks made from the principles of dimensional and mathematical geometry designed to enhance astral awareness and dreaming.

The Voyager Merkabah

These Merkabahs are very complex and align one to the Higher Intelligences within the Universe. They are an Advanced-Level Dreaming Technology designed to enhance dreaming awareness and the experience of astral travel.

Free Spirit’s experiences with Star Beings in the Upper Astral, inspired the designs.

Advanced dreamers and meditators will find these structures can facilitate nocturnal OOBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) that can include journeying to other worlds and planes beyond the Earth – for those vibrationally aligned to this kind of inter-dimensional travel.

The Merkabahs were inspired by contact with Intergalactic Beings from the Higher Astral Worlds of Source after having travelled through the Galactic Central Sun in the astral body. The Beings spoke to Free Spirit deeply and explained to him how to make the structures to channel in the energies of the Galactic Central Sun and Source.

Free Spirit’s experience of creating these Merkabahs triggered major astral journeys into far out regions of the dream-time where he had the experience of contact with loving ET’s who gave him much wisdom in relation to the nature of reality, the Universe and the future of life above and beyond the human condition.