Brahmachariya Mastery and the Karma Wheel

Those that master Brahmachariya (as in do at least several years of it and then maintain it) can then understand philosophically and through direct insight-experience what Ascension off the Karma Wheel actually is. Mastery of Brahmachariya (abstinence from sexual activities and the subsequent consecration of the retained sexual energies in favour of spiritual advancement) is certainly the most efficient way out of the Karma Wheel.

Then one can have the energy, insight, power and wisdom to perceive and understand directly the indivisibility of Awareness (and then to become indivisibly at one with the Source) and how that all translates into inseparable Union with the Source/Higher Forces beyond the human form and human worlds.

Many spiritual seekers may find Mastery of Brahmachariya impossible or unattainable (although partial Brahmachariya and/or aspiring to be Brahmachariya has some benefits), and then one can understand and see that the sexual compulsion (compelling force) is the prime puller into the Karma Wheel and the creator of all karmas.

Thus the sexual force (when not consecrated) is in essence the direct cause of reincarnation (by recreating human forms through sex) and thus Brahmachariya Mastery is the way out of the Wheel, the Reincarnational Cycle and immunity to its karmas. That is more so when the energy and power is concentrated and consecrated over time, backed up with Mastery of Energy. It can then appear as an incompatibility with, or a vibration out of, the energy of the human race.

Understanding Ascension out of the Human Race

Advanced practice is to understand what the human race is and its deeper transience, those with deeper understanding will see all humans are energy beings, and beyond a certain threshold of energy one vibrates out as the human race is not the only race one can be incarnated into. It is possible to be reborn into ascended races of ETs or Higher Beings and then be free from the karma of the Earth and reincarnating into the human race and its cyclic stories of overpopulation and collapse, cycles that have repeated throughout history.

Some may find the concept of Ascension out of the human race and the Karma Wheel more favourable in the bigger picture when they understand the limitations of the physical form, the disadvantages of death and rebirth (repeated many times), the truth of the Karma Wheel and the disadvantage of being reincarnated into the energy of karma – more so when it is backed up with an inner spiritual impetus to leave the Wheel (that ultimately only Brahmachariya gives).

Wise people will also understand the truth that at the root of the Karma Wheel it is sexual force that turns the Karma Wheel, the same force that created humanity, that has caused over-breeding and overpopulation (over 7 billion humans) on a planet with finite resource.

Some may think slowing down the breeding rate of humans (by a degree of voluntary brahmachariya) would have been the answer to avoid collapse, population overshoot and ecological degradation of the Earth – except the human race is driven by the sexual force – and by and large is compelled to act on it.

Those who understand environmental science will see it is too late to implement that solution even if there was enough interest in it. Some students will think they will want out of the collective human karma and then it can be realized that to come out of a karma of a collective, one must understand the driving forces and then disassociate from them, and find a different vibratory path (even if one is still incarnated in the human race).

There is a lot to be said about understanding the truth about the human form and recognizing that behind the human form is really a non-physical energy being clothed in a human body. The less karma one has, the more one is aligned to one’s non-physical energy and less attached to the human form, the Karma Wheel and its many pitfalls, snares and vices.

In the end one must choose between oneness (unity) with the Human Race (and thus making a tacit spiritual agreement to reincarnate back into it) or Oneness (Union) with Source and there lies the divergence in paths. Those who choose unity with the human race must then accept the many energy cords and karma entanglement followed by the inevitable rebirths.

Wisdom teaches leaving the Wheel requires having few energy cords to the human race to avoid energy pollution and a whole host of other troubles caused by the energy of other peoples black stones (karmas). The work of Spiritual Mastery (and White Sorcery) is to become immune to such adverse magic, black magic, curses, energy manipulation, energy pollution, black karma stone pollution, soul manipulation, and any kind of spiritual tampering. In the end, ascending beings become immune to everything.

Once one has become an One with Source in brahmachariya it is not possible to become one (or made to become one) with anyone else, or any collective, or group, on the truth of the Indivisibility of Awareness (beyond a certain point one becomes inseparable from the Higher Power or Energy) and thus one becomes immune to karma manipulation, energy manipulation or any kind of binding magic, energy or etheric tampering or any kind of interference in one’s path.

Accumulated Brahmachariya Power is immunity to external karma energies, as said in 2019 on karma immunity – one becomes karma-immune in this reality by purifying one’s relationship with sex, money, power and control as well as doing the inner work impeccably which is a major work of self development, brahmachariya is useful in this regard.

Divergent Paths

One can also reflect upon what drives some spiritual people to desire oneness with the human race, to spread and/or to radiate light, what those paths are, and what one’s own spiritual choices are when presented with the choices. Some people may have karma contracts to serve humanity or do particular missions, others may just think they have such missions and others may simply be at a different point in the Reincarnational Cycle and have not finished with human-world karma and do have missions or karma contracts with the human race. There are differences between authentic missions and false missions, so it is very important to get a strong awareness and understanding of the truth of one’s own path also and what one’s real mission and purpose is.

It is normal on advanced paths to vibrate out of the energy of a lot of people and there are various kinds of energy divergences at work within humanity, within more spiritual people and even between members of similar soul groups.

Brahmachariya Mastery (and thus leaving the Karma Wheel) by way of its difficulty appears to be reserved for a small handful of souls, then the work is in monastic conditions with similar energetically and spiritually aligned people.

It would also be fair to say that if you master Brahmachariya (sexual retention) everything else karma-related will then purify out and/or balance out over time, but at the same time, one needs a certain karma merit to hold Brahmachariya. Thus it is a dual work of working on the conditions for Brahmachariya, and the Brahmachariya itself, for those that start Brahmachariya working on the conditions is more important than the practice itself, and then later the reverse is true.

On reflection some many find oneness with the human race (or identification with the concept of human oneness) does not lead to Ascension off the Karma Wheel (or a deeper self-realization) and it can be seen that Oneness with Source in spiritual practice, and in Brahmachariya is the Higher Path, for those that choose to walk it.

Those that practice Brahmachariya will also see it as consecrating energy and light – and radiating it inwardly – rather than outwardly – and there lies the key to the access to the ordinarily inaccessible Inner Planes.

Those that do not stop radiating energy outwardly will never have the energy and power to maintain Brahmachariya (or to attain any Spiritual Mastery and thus will be energetically and spiritually impeded from attaining the Higher Paths (then people will see why I do not entertain serving light-workers and let them walk their own paths).

Wisdom can show one that one must then choose between the concept of service to the human race (or continuing to work with its karma) or the concept of making the choice to deepen one’s own relationship with Source and to work to leave the Karma Wheel.

Those that aspire to be Brahmachariya may also first need to spend time resolving karmas around relationships, human love and sexuality before being able to fully walk in Brahmachariya.

It would be fair to say many will need to experience sexuality and its lessons before being able to transcend them in favour of Brahmachariya, it is also necessary to transcend attachment and sentimentality (the aspect of human love and the gluing force that binds one to the human race) to understand Eternal Love as a force from Source and reality beyond the human form.

Brahmachariya Mastery gives one access to a huge reserves of spiritual power (white karma stones) and a soul anchoring into Higher Planes / with Source (and other astral planetary spheres) that is otherwise very difficult and/or impossible to access, then over time Brahmachariya produces immunity to karma and karma ingress from the energy of the human race (aka karma ascent) once one has understood, integrated and applied the different rules that apply to people who are Brahmachariya.

One of the key aims of Brahmachariya is to end up with only white karma stones, those who are Brahmachariya for many years can witness a huge ‘energy and/or karma whitening’ at work, the product of long term Brahmachariya is being purified of black karma stones.

Those who are not brahmachariya can also end up taking other peoples black stones – beware!

Those that have been Brahmachariya for many years will then see it is mandatory to continue (and more often than not in monastic conditions) to maintain the white karma slate and the advanced spiritual fruits of deeper wisdom become more manifest after many years of the practice, and it thus becomes a self-sustaining path, one can then become stronger in one’s energy.

Brahmachariya Practice will also give on the edge on understanding and making sense of mystical experience – and then integrating in philosophy the meaning of those experiences, then comes the wisdom on how to live and how to work to attain freedom from the Karma Wheel.

Brahmachariya, Central Suns and the Fire Energy

In some cases people with interests in astral travel and exploring the Higher-Dimensional Planes may find Brahmachariya energy enables one to travel into the centre of Stars, and become at one with the energy of Immortal Fire-Beings.

Those who keep being pushed back from the Central Suns (aka Ascension Portals) by fierce fire in the astral planes, may find accumulated Brahmachariya energy enables the access later on in life.

Advanced understanding is to comprehend why some people can astral travel into the centre of the Sun (or other Stars) and to become one with fire beings, and what the significance of that is.

Those with interests in astronomy and spiritual matters can also ponder upon the mysteries of Stars, Star Beings, aliens, the big distances between Stars and what the Star cores actually are.

Source Kelvinsong –

Once one has astral travelled into the hot centres of the Sun (or the Central Galactic Suns) and experienced the Inner Fire (that burns off karma), strange and bizarre things can happen to one’s energy and then one can become a conduit for other-worldly energies. It would appear that it is necessary to be Brahmachariya to be able to access the Central Suns, experience reality beyond the human form and then channel that into the Earthly Form.

It could be said that by being Brahmachariya one can become at one with Loving ETs in the Centre of Stars and have one’s karma burned off, and that Brahmachariya gives enough energy to make the journey.

In Brahmachariya the Inner Fire Energy can become very nurturing and loving when otherwise it may be very steely, repelling and too intense to handle, it could also be said the Ascension Portals are guarded by fire and if you have enough energy and the dispensation from Higher Beings, you can access the other worlds whilst on Earth.

As said in December 2021 then one will have an Astral Sphere in one’s energy (filled with Inner Fire Energy from the Central Suns).

Someone with an Astral Sphere in their energy (only possible with many years of spiritual work, a lot of brahmachariya and a strong Star Being Access) has an accumulated and anchored astral energy many thousands of times greater than a normal person and simply having one incurs a responsibility to manage the energy and to live by the rules of the astral planes. Understanding what those rules are is work and without impeccability in spiritual practice, in brahmachariya, anchoring in such a great energy is impossible.

Astral Sphere

Those at this stage will ideally have a Sorcery Mentor in the same way Carlos Castenada had Don Juan and as he also taught (as well as I) the relinquishment of the human form and its self importance (the ego and its karmas) is the portal to spiritual wisdom and the path to knowledge.

When one has a Union with Source then one can start to comprehend the origins of ones awareness, consciousness, energy and where it all comes from – some may see that one originates (reincarnates out into physical form) from some inner dimension from within the Central Suns and then one can journey back and comprehend where one returns to, after this incarnation is over.

Within the fires of the Central Suns appear to be Ascended Masters / ETs / Star Beings that direct one’s reincarnational path (and/or decide whether one can leave the Karma Wheel), hence having some understanding and connection with them appears very fortuitous.

The truth is Brahmachariya unveils more veils than anything else does and in a far more useful and integrated way. The Universe tends to show itself to people with some Brahmachariya behind them simply because to have pulled that off – one would have had to have done a lot of karma clearing prep and done the groundwork to be able to see.

It would appear that to know Eternal Love and to understand Source (from where Eternal Love comes) in a deeper way, I had the unusual experience of astral travelling into the centre of stars and visiting the Central Galactic Suns, having karma burned off, and then having experiences in becoming immune to ayahuasca black magic and witchcraft and then finding a deeper understanding of Eternal Love as a benevolent force of Star Beings existing outside of the Karma Wheel.

It seems a very unusual and rare awareness to have of the Inner Fire, like some Inner Star in my Being. Not blazing with light as such – but something deeper and more mysterious than that.

It comes from beyond the light. An awareness of another reality in the Void.

It seems the Primal Reality, the Root Awareness – an awareness of Eternal Love in its own nature, existing without form, without attachment to karmic root, just as is. Instead of the awareness of a Karmic Wheel there is the awareness only. An awareness that comes from beyond the Stars, beyond time, a profound energy and intelligence from beyond the Central Suns.

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