What I Learned on my Legal Journey

In a nutshell – to only sell my Life Work for a million and a Life Mentoring Arrangement for 2.5 million – and then as a result of realizing those lessons, to then become purified of the energy of malicious legal persecution and interference energies, by way of realizing what my blueprint and deeper lessons actually were and then to embody it on Earth.

It may not be everyones blueprint to present oneself as a super-expensive mentor, and each Starseed may have their own unique blueprints to be authentic to and their own personal beliefs and stories about abundance – and there is a lot to be said about being in ones own truth and operating from that space.

By learning these lessons expanded upon below, then having the experience of becoming immune to malicious legal persecution and having my reputation restored to a pristine purity including legal victories at Google, in every place people degraded my reputation maliciously, it was wiped clean.

Some Starseeds can incarnate on Earth and then have the issue of hostility, interference energies, malicious energies, opposition and in some cases malicious legal persecution.

When one figures out the root cause of what that is, and the lessons, all those issues then disappear/heal and then as a Starseed one becomes immune to being degraded by the karma-energy of the human race and one can then operate in enduring peace and from a space of authenticity with ones own unique blueprint.

Legal Persecution

Legal persecution is defined as using the legal system to attempt to sue someone with bad motive, or to attempt to inflict damage or harm on someone with malicious motive, to then obtain money one is not karmically entitled to, to then damage, degrade, harm, ruin or malign the reputation of a Starseed and their work (when the one doing or backing up the legal persecution is at karmic fault).

In this case an ayahuasca church with a well documented history of legal persecution that tried it on lost a huge amount of energy and merit, lost in astral planes sorcery war and had their legal freedoms cancelled out appearing as criminalization of ayahuasca in all of Europe.

At the same time it appeared for me as ascending out of “legal persecution”, wise readers will see such “legal persecution” came from them to start with and they had to have the karma back. The lessons for ascending Starseeds is not to absorb, or be made to absorb, the karma of others that does not belong to one and its an error to believe Spiritual Masters have to have your karma.

As said in 2019, Karmic Immunity is the Holy Grail. Not many can attain this level, but it IS possible to become karma-free by which point it will be impossible for you to suffer for you have nothing to suffer for. If you are ethically pure enough – bad karma that does not belong to you cannot ‘stick’ and thus you have impunity to deal with it backed up by being karma-immune.

One becomes karma-immune in this reality by purifying one’s relationship with sex, money, power and control (the lessons translating for me as be brahmachariya, set high fees and then win an astral planes stones war and hold a balance of white karma stones) and then refuse to sell my work to anyone unless they put a very large amount of money on the table at the start. 

Karma Immunity and Legal Immunity

Karma Immunity manifests doing the inner work impeccably – aka Root Chakra Purification to Ascension Mastery / Karma Immunity Level which is a major work of self development. Brahmachariya is useful in this regard. If the lessons are fully integrated and one is purified enough in those areas – you cannot possibly lose to the hand of external karma and the tables will turn in your favour.

In 2016 and 2017 a company that in fair comment was involved in nefarious “legal persecution” against me tried to sue me for a million, the day I said my Life Work was a million (back in August 2016), it set in motion a chain of events that led the intentions to become neutralized and the company failed in their endeavours, took a million in loss, and later closed down.

The deeper lesson in that area appears that my work or my teachings was never intended to be sold to many people in the human race for small amounts – and instead only to be sold to a few, for large amounts – and realizing that lesson, and living it on the Earth, resolved the story of “legal persecution” and it would appear that once I said my work was a million, the root cause of the curse of legal persecution against me was dissolved and then appeared in Santo Daime – back on the side from where it came from originally.

In addition if one is brahmachariya and not swapping out white stones for black (by underselling oneself) nobody in the karma world has any edge or power over one, including any kind of legal power, as one has extreme amounts of energy and power in the base chakras that non-brahmachariya people do not have. Thus being brahmachariya is therefore the Master Practice to become immune to the karma of the human race by way of dissolving one’s energy cord that one has with the human race, whilst remaining on Earth in a body. For as long as Starseeds have energy cords with the human race, trouble will come from somewhere.

If you are a Starseed you do have the free will to refuse to serve the human race and ascend out of its karma. One can then work with non-degrading energies in more conducive energy exchanges, outside of the energy of the mainstream human race that can lead to a lot of “black stone ingress” and/or “energy pollution” that then has to be purified back out. Those that believe they are “obligated” in some way to serve the human race and swap out their white stones for black stones can examine what that sense of obligation actually is.

Some will have a naturally authentic blueprint to serve the human race and others do not, and wisdom is to realize what one’s own authentic blueprint is.

Others may have an authentic blueprint to serve the human race for a certain part of their lives (for me it appeared as many years of various kinds of altruistic, charitable, humanitarian or other types of human race service- such as working in care homes) – later on in life – their soul contracts to serve the human race may well then become fulfilled and then one’s path moves on.

Those that believe I am obligated to serve the human race can also reflect on where that comes from and what the motives are. On my legal journey I realized I had no obligation to serve the human race and wise people will realize what that is and why it is that way, as well as to understand the story of high prices on my work and why it has to be that way.

It can be said based on my legal journey and personal experience – to become immune to “legal persecution karma” and to “neutralize a million dollar lawsuit bearing the hallmarks of legal persecution” – the lesson was simply not to sell my Life Work for less than a million.

To understand my legal journey requires a lot of wisdom and intelligence to discern and understand (free from any prejudicial bias) – those who can understand it along with the concept of black and white karma stones, can attain a degree of Mastery and then are suited students to the teachings.

Wise readers will see one cannot leave the Karma Wheel and be of service to the human race at the same time, the two are mutually incompatible, once one does not have an energy cord to the human race one is then by consequence immune to its karma.

Some people on Advanced Paths will come to the point where they must choose between two opposing paths – prioritizing the service of others over oneself (which implies a tacit agreement to reincarnate) or prioritizing their own Ascension out of the Reincarnational Wheel (and thus choosing not to reincarnate). Many will find on the spiritual path they are blueprinted to do a “certain quota” of service to the human race (as I was also) – and once one has done that outer service to the many – one can then honour one’s own journey in a deeper awareness and work with a fewer number of other souls on the path.

Advanced reflection also involves reflecting on how an energy cord to the human race is made and the causes of incarnating on Earth, and the path of extracting out of Earth Karma and the requirements of the Path. It can also be said that my work is only suited for individuals (free from hive-mind consciousness, see below) and for who is finished with, or wishes to be finished with, the karma of the human race.

Reflections on Astral Planes Witchcraft

Those that can understand my legal journey and how I got to where I am today, and understand all the above sharings on legal persecution, can then reflect on the more complex and advanced lesson of “The Rope”. When you understand both then one can attain a degree of Mastery by way of understanding what Mastery (Ascent out of Karma) entails.

The two parts (the legal story and the rope/fires story) are necessary entry level understandings (in addition to the money filter) for potential long term students – in that those who believe the rope was allowed and/or who have a resonance with the Santo Daime and/or with historical attempted (and failed) legal persecution of me – will be unable to learn anything from my work, or integrate the wisdom of it.

Hence the story filters out unsuited students at the outset and those who understand it in detail will have the necessary discernment and spiritual intelligence required.

The forbidden rope

From September 2016 until June 2021 (in a cyclic fashion starting from the 1st-8th day of the month preceding the next equinox or solstice and then being dissolved at that equinox or solstice) – I had the very bizarre experience of being non-consensually bound (aka roped) to another in the astral planes in a way that “mimicked Twin Flame soul union”.

Yet on deeper analysis and reflection bore the hallmarks of a combination of love magic, voodoo binding magic and Pagan witchcraft done at certain times of year showing up as a non-consensual astral planes “rope – aka energy cord” to my energy. I certainly at no point ever agreed to have the rope and in this case the rope was forbidden and an entire community of ayahuasca people believed I was obligated to have the rope and serve their energy, which is false.

As shared in September 2021 the experience showed as two astral bodies or souls non-consensually fused as one on the astral planes and an induced limerance (aka made to be in love with another against ones free will) and not related to any common ground on Earth. Such a soul fusion appears (at first glance) to mimick an astral Twin Flame soul union, but in truth it is very different. It bore the hallmarks of “being made to be in love with someone” using intimidation and witchcraft to use my energy, without consent, for ayahuasca.

It is possible they were a Twin (with extreme opposition issues) or appeared to be as one (and the belief she was saved me from the worst effects of the magic). In the experience of the rope, the intent was to fill me up with black stones, and they have the white, and my Star Beings reversed the intent (and the magic).

The truth about “love magic” is that it is ethically unsound as fundamentally it is tampering with one’s free will (and/or cancelling someone’s free will) to then try and make them serve you when you otherwise would not – and no type of love magic is really recommended.

Beyond the level of simple “love magic” or “bewitchment” lies astral planes voodoo binding magic using the dark forces to make a soul binding, such spells CAN be undone but it takes an extreme amount of energy to do it. If it is done to you, you absolutely HAVE to come off the rope and become immune to the witchcraft, and you will need Higher Dimensional back-up.

The signs of “witchcraft bewitchment” as opposed to a standard energy cord – appear as cyclic astral planes limerance not relared to anything on Earth – that coincides with the Pagan cross quarter days (and then cancels/wears off at equinox or solstice), or the experience where it appears you have no free will to have someone (ie your free will has just vanished (but it comes back at equinox or solstice), and that is what the magic does) – and/or the appearance of inexplicable fires or other bizarre paranormal phenomena.

Fundamentally – such witchcraft comes under energy manipulation, or merit stones theft, or using someones energy against their consent, using the dark forces summoned in ayahuasca rituals to bind someones soul to your energy – and then the collective involved can end up losing vast amounts of energy to counteract and dissolve the magic.

When “the rope” was made (it was made by members of the ayahuasca community posting threats of violence before ayahuasca ceremonies, often just before the 8th), I then had many visions of fires destroying ayahuasca retreat centres, and such foretold fires then happened as I foresaw either days, weeks or months later – at the centres involved in posting threats of violence (once the centres burned down in these foretold fires that burned people to death – they quickly stopped).

Fire Suns

Those who understand the fires story and my connection with the Central Fire Suns will see the the fire curse (star beings intervention) dissolved the anchor points of where the non-consensual rope was made.

It then – as elaborated upon in the ASCENT blog – it took the energy of an entire hive-mind of ayahuasca (as in several hundred thousand people) and an astral planes sorcery war to then cancel the aforementioned rope – and I then became immune to this “rope magic”.

Advanced understanding comes to those who will see that my Star Beings interfered to negate the magic and to dissolve the astral planes bind that would otherwise have always been there.

Those with an understanding of the legal journey at the start of the blog and this story will understand how the person that made the rope was also the same person that interfered in my legal business in 2016 and 2017, and it cursed the legal status of their organization and not mine.

It will appear that I was “saved” by “Star Being Intervention” from some extremely adverse intentions against me, and this “Star Being Intervention” reversed the effect of the rope and gave back adverse intentions back to the points of origin.

The Star Beings then pulled the white stones out of a hive-mind of ayahuasca (Santo Daime) as astral planes compensation for a non-consensual rope explaining the bizarre effects of being filled up with white stones at equinox and solstice. Whether there was at base a pre-existing soul agreement that the person bailed from – or whether it was only the effect of the magic – one can never know whilst on the rope, and that explains the predestination paradox of the magic.

When one has had one’s free will manipulated with witchcraft, one will never resolve the confusion until one is “off the rope” and has one’s free will back, when one is off the rope one has free will and then the paradox does not even arise as one can see the magic for what it is.

In this particular story the “appearance of a soul-agreement” only appeared “whilst on the rope” and “off the rope” one did not appear – and Twin Flame soul-agreements do not appear and disappear in one’s energy in alignment with Pagan Cycles.

In this story “the dissolving of the rope” dissolved “the appearance of a soul-agreement” and thus the phenomena bears the hallmarks of magic.

In the light of free will and being “off the rope” I was not able or energetically suited to serve them and ayahuasca (as I finished my work with ayahuasca in 2016), and they were not compatible with service of me and my work for various reasons, and there wasn’t common ground on Earth or aligned blueprints.

There lies the consequence of “rope magic” or “witchcraft” on people that one is not really compatible with on Earth – anyone that believes that can “use my energy” in the astral planes and not serve me and my work on Earth – or “become powerful over my energy by interfering in my legal affairs” can reflect deeply on the story and the karma consequences of negative intentions.

The karma consequences being – the Santo Daime Church criminalized, stripped of energy (aka power) and stripped of legal status, which was their intentions toward me. 

It can also be said in terms of advanced sorcery understanding that the side effect of becoming immune to “astral planes witchcraft – aka soul binding magic” appears as immunity to the karma of the entire human race – by way of being filled up with white stones and purified of black stones – appearing as legal whiteness (see the White Stone Revelation blog) that has a Christian perspective – but the underlying themes are the same.

It can also be said the ascended worlds are inaccessible if you do not have enough white stones, or have too many black stones – and if one wants to ascend out of 3D dualistic reality (where there are an equal amount of black and white stones throughout the human race) one must have only white – and then be sure not to absorb the black stones of others.

Advanced understanding is to see the deeper purpose of “soul binding / rope magic” is to impede someone’s Ascension Process and/or to interfere with – or take – peoples stockpiles of white karma stones and/or put black karma stones in their energy. It can also be said the fires followed by being filled up with white stones and energy was a type of “Star Being intervention” to cancel/undo the magic and then provide astral planes compensations in white stones for the trouble of the aforementioned rope.

Those who have had the experience of being “bewitched” or any type of “astral planes magic” then I have the expertise to help, having experienced perhaps the strongest and longest lasting witchcraft known to the human race, and then ascended out of it.

Advanced Level Sorcery Wisdom is to understand any soul binding or soul fusion magic, spell, rope (energy cord), or witchcraft (which is at base manipulating someone’s astral energy) can be cancelled out and dissolved with sufficient energy (to counteract it), and the aforementioned rope was cancelled out using the won energy from this Sorcery War.

The strangest and final “effect” of this rope – is that once I realized the right price for a Life Mentoring Arrangement was 2.5 million I was absolved (freed) from the rope (or a perceived predestined soul agreement) the very same day, and by becoming “free of the rope” I became “free of legal persecution” and then my reputation became restored to pristine purity.

It could be said I won 2.5 million of white karma stones as earth planes compensation to use to sell my work as merit stones compensation for the Santo Daime dispute and there is a lesson in it for me in not degrading my energy or selling myself out cheap on white stones – and Santo Daime had to have back the energy (and the karma) of degrading legal persecution energy they tried to shove over to me.

Takeaway Lessons and Reflections

In summary – on the Higher Paths – the free-will of the individual (the needs of the one) take precedence of the needs of the many in any type of hive-mind/group consciousness / group (or religion) – and if one is to evolve further and leave the Karma Wheel – renouncing hive-mind consciousness becomes mandatory beyond a certain point.

Put differently becoming part of a hive-mind/group consciousness (or religion) implies a necessary sacrifice of one’s own free will and an expectation to “service that collective” over the needs of one’s own individual path and indeed it can be noted that free will is enshrined in Earth Law (Article 9) – with the key point being –

The European Court of Human Rights has found that a person cannot be forced to demonstrate views or behaviour associated with a particular religion.

which explains why the Santo Daime is in the European Court of Human Rights on Article 9 as a direct karma consequence for interfering in mine, and wise readers will see that “rope magic” at base is interfering with free will (aka Article 9) – and cancelling the aforementioned “rope magic” comes at the price of the loss of Article 9 of the many.

Put differently – the Higher Powers in the Universe value free will of the individual over the needs of a large ayahuasca hive-mind where many thousands of individuals have surrendered their own free will into an an Astral Planes “Borg style hive-mind consciousness”.

It can be useful to reflect on when the “needs of the many do not always override the needs of the few” – and ultimately karmic law decides the issue. It could also be said my free will is sacrosanct appearing on Earth as an Article 9 absolute right – and appearing as a large organization of several million ayahuasca users without any legal authority to interfere with it.

As mentioned previously – it should also be noted that I do not make the laws on earth or in the divine realms and it would be fair to say the prohibition on ayahuasca (aka Santo Daime) has little bearing on the users of the substance (those who attend ayahuasca retreats) and instead impacts the suppliers of ayahuasca who have a long and well documented track record of blatent defiance against the authorities and the legal system.

Often spiritual seekers think laws (both Earthly and Divine) are something to be rebelled against, but it would be fair to say that the conditions and laws in place on Earth, and in the Astral Worlds, are surprisingly conducive to spiritual evolution. Those who investigate the issue of what Santo Daime call “legal persecution” more closely will understand the root cause of the problem.

This explains why indigenous shamans using ayahuasca in the respected, traditional and sacred ways are immune to the curse of legal persecution (and interference from the authorities) that afflicts Santo Daime Church. The problem with the adverse legal status of Santo Daime (the loss of Article 9 religious freedoms) is only in part the classification of the substance itself (in the UK ayahuasca is classified by the authorities as a prohibited Class A drug), but also the karma of the people carrying and supplying the Santo Daime, manifesting as interference by the authorities in their Article 9 rights.

The teaching is everyone has free will to make the choice for themselves whether to merge one’s consciousness into a collective mind or to refine one’s consciousness as an individual or smaller intentional group, and if a collective or group mind violates the free-will of another, or makes transgressions in divine (aka karmic) law – there is an inevitable karma consequence as explained in 2017 and 2018 – and at root all actions and intentions have consequences.

It would be fair to say that the combination of interference in my legal affairs and my free will together is the combined root cause of the cancellation of the Santo Daime’s Article 9 in Earth Law and any type of “astral planes rope magic” or “soul binding magic” can be cancelled out with sufficient energy. There is a deeper lesson in the importance of not misappropriating energy merits of white stones of another in the astral planes.

Wise readers will see making an “energy cord” with another using “ropes magic” against someone’s free will in the astral plane is not free in money either. The deeper intention of “rope magic” is to use energy and merit of another – without agreement and for free – and without any Earth service either – explaining a 2.5 million hole in the energy of Santo Daime and the 2.5 million of stones referred to above can be seen as “divine restitution”.

Wise readers will also see that I am also not blueprinted to teach a lot of people, serve large collectives or be of service to any kind of organized religion or any other type of hive-mind.

The 2.5 million story

Most Spiritual Mentors in a lifetime can make 2.5 million units of income spread over 20 years or so if they have some financial intelligence and the self worth figured out combined with a strong and pure root chakra (aka power base).

One can either teach 2.5 million people for life for 1 unit of currency each (through mainstream book royalties, You Tube advertising, talks, tours and workshops) which can be somewhat energy intensive and may water down the value for each individual.

Or one can teach only 1 person for life for 2.5 million units of currency.

I went through my own somewhat extreme, expensive and intensive process with it (in energy, time, money and the number of years in process) and I came to the latter conclusion of working with 1 person for life for the 2.5 million is the more suited model for my mentoring.

It also takes a lot of energy and time to give one individual the right amount of attention, care, energy and time to their process (for life) and getting the energy-exchange (aka merit exchange) right at the start makes for a far more conducive progress.

Wisdom can also come for some spiritual entrepreneurs and/or mentors when they realize the concept of charging for the number of years taken to create their products, the monetary value of their energy, time and wisdom and the time taken to refine their wisdom, then asking themselves how much their karma white stones are worth in money terms to avoid selling oneself out on merit and karma stones (aka depleting one’s white stone stocks).

I figured selling my work to the mainstream humanity, like books and discourses at mainstream rates, would attract far too many negative or unsuitable energies, so there are far more refined ways to serve the planet as a Spiritual Mentor than to give away or sell cheaply nuggets of gems of spiritual understanding that few will understand or be able to use at this time.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit


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