Liberation from a Predestined Soul Agreement – Freedom from Karma

There are no words that can fully summarize what I went through in my awareness and experience with my Twin Flame before I was released (excused) from what I saw as a predestined soul-agreement (a very rare scenario) and then I was energy rammed into the Galactic Central Suns in a one-up/one-down Twin Flame diverging pair energy-scenario on the Spring Equinox of 2020. At the end of the Twin Flame journey for me came freedom and being excused by the Gods from taking my Twin as a Chela.

Usually such things are predestined and obligatory (or at least appear to be at first appearance, for more insight into the appearances and causes of what appears as predestination, read this later article), those that rebel against the path laid out by the Gods can generate a lot of disturbance and ultimately bring about their own fall from the Path.

Beyond a certain point the so called stayer Twin (the one that does the work) can be excused from such an arrangement (or what appears as one), if you have a real Twin, then it is generally obligatory to do the work unless the runner does too much sabotage.

Most Twin Flame set-ups are actually Predestined by God but do not think that they are sabotage-proof, runners can be hell bent on ruining it bad, then the so called stayer Twin can be excused by the Gods from what would otherwise be an obligatory soul-agreement.

In such cases of so called stayer Twin’s being excused from Twin Flame soul agreements they receive vast amounts of astral-energy restitution, white karma stones and the soul experiences of all the lifetimes along with the Higher Dimensional Bodies of the descending Twin are rammed into the ascending Twin before the final separation process in awareness.

The restitution on Earth was vast amounts of astral energy shoved into me at every equinox and solstice by way of karmic stone moving and astral merit transfers.

Stayer Twins are thus undamaged and in the Twin Flame process become karma-free, sometimes they can then work with so called stand-ins or soul rays (aka others from one’s soul group), if appropriate for them, or enter into direct loving Union with God-head/Source in meditation.

Service to the Spiritual Master is often misunderstood, but there is no precedent in Divine Law where the Spiritual Master serves the student, it is always the reverse. Those who rebel against the Divine Laws and the Grace of the Gods, fall, and then must go through the reincarnational process again.

In truth, as an Ascending Being, I fell in love with a mortal who fell from the Path of Immortality. There were many times I almost fell back in the Wheel with her, because of my strong love for her. But my Source was always present in the background, never letting it go so far that such a thing could happen.

Sometimes looking back, I saw myself as some semi-ascended Being going into the Wheel with my awareness in this life to go in and see her and invite her to leave the Wheel and to be in the big love beyond. But in the awareness of that love she chose to affirm the Karma Wheel and in the end, I had to accept she was lost in there to her karma.

Yet somehow in a very unusual manner the Higher Part of her complied with her soul-agreement, mirrored back to me the lessons of light-worker karma so that I could find a deeper transcendent love in myself and enter into deeper loving Union with the Higher Power, then I was absolved of light-worker karma and bondage to Twin Flame karmic energy cords, when I regained my energy from her karmic story and the Santo Daime Church I was excused from my soul-agreement to accept her as a Chela.

Unconditional Love for Twin Flames as an Ascending Force

It is the truth that following the truth of my heart, was a shield in the many astral-energy wars (for unearned merit) and that love (eternal love) ascended me out of the story undamaged. Eternal Love cannot be damaged as anything that is eternal must endure, by its very defining nature, otherwise it is not Eternal Love. Whatever others think about the Love of the Master for one’s Twin Flame matters not, those that despised the Love of the Master for their Twin Flame can look at their own hearts and do some healing.

The Gods spared me from suffering and the karma of collapse, in Twin Flame power wars only one of the pair can ascend.

I was ascended (in astral-awareness and merit) as I followed the truth of my heart and was authentic to my own feelings. I forgave my Twin for trying to swap places with dubious intentions and I received vast amounts of astral-energy restitution, white karma stones and the soul experiences of all the lifetimes along with the Higher Dimensional Bodies of my descending Twin, all were energy-shunted into my energy before the final separation process in awareness.

Before I was released from my soul agreement I was energy shunted with a lot of astral energy and then I was cut loose from her karma (and witnessing the karma) to be free and liberated.

People often think the Holy Grail is Twin Flame Union but in many pairs such a thing is not favourable, nor does it lead to Union with the Divine. The so called stayer-Twins generally come out of the matter karma-immune (spiritually free) and are in essence ascended / energy-rammed upwards and then excused from any soul-agreements.

Those who integrate Twin Flame Love into their awareness will have the most pure, and highest grade, mystical experiences, and ongoing. They will be able to know their unbroken connection with Source, perceive loving angelic beings, and Star Beings, and may glow from within, or see the Inner Suns, or even journey to the Central Galactic Sun.

People can utilize the sharings and writings to prepare themselves for any potential Twin Flame process that manifests in their lives and navigate the lessons. The awareness of one’s (real) Twin only becomes manifest in one’s last life, on Earth, prior to Ascension (whether that be Ascension after death, or Physical Ascension)

Video SharingTwin Flames – Eternal Love and Freedom from Karma

Video DescriptionSpiritual Master Free Spirit shares some perspectives on the Twin Flame Phenomena (April 2020). Understanding Eternal Love and Forgiveness for Twin Flames, diverging Twin Pair dynamics, Karma Stone Moving, Transcendence of Light-worker Karma and the importance of following the truth of one’s own heart to become liberated from Twin Flame karmic-disturbances/stories and to be purified of all karma.

Gratitude for Twin Flames and Enduring Immortal Love

Regardless of what my Twin Flame has to go through on Earth, always I am grateful for the love her Higher Self put into me in the astral, because that love has been concentrated into the awareness of a Spark of Love that lives on in me.

It contains all the love I had for her and at the same time acts as an awareness of the Immutable Principle of Love that is the Universe. It seems to be both.

Because I followed the truth of my heart I found healing and release from attachment to her karmas of light-worker karma and as a result, her love lives on in me in an enduring and immortal manner, making many good things for me in this realm, dispelling away disturbances and ultimately filling me with the Love and Grace of God that her love was a mirror for. It is an awareness of the Primordial Love of the Universe, the love that is the Supreme Reality, in all things.

It turned out to be the Ultimate Sustainer and the energy of that love pushed out of me (in relation to light-worker karma) all that was perceived to be ungodly, unholy and bearing the energy of death.

It seems in so many ways she was the Divine Instrument of my somewhat fortuitous restitutions from Source. First, she presented the most intensive karmic lessons, then by way of a deeper love and forgiveness, I found healing and redemption from light-worker karma, and her karma. Then all the black stones and white stones were moved around, and I ended up with the white ones as Source originally intended.

I found when I integrated compassion and forgiveness for her in the bigger picture, my love for her was not diminished, but instead took on a different form, so that it would live on in me, my life and my work, for all eternity.

Criminalization of Ayahuasca and Sacred Fire Energy

My energy is of the concentrated Fire Element, raw Source energy concentrated in the base chakra, power from the Central Suns in the Earthly Form, the fire aspect of Higher Love, ethical purification, mirror of intentions, giver of karma. energy of justice and balance.

In 2016 a bunch of people in the Ayahuasca Santo Daime Church tried interfering in a lawsuit designed to make me go to prison for crimes I did not do and criminalize me based on lies, and then wanted to profit from all the sales of my rare books, building many ayahuasca retreat centres with the profits.

Then I burned all the books in a big fire (now reprinted) to avoid them being taken and misappropriated, those that wanted me to lose a million lawsuit took the loss, I paid nothing.

Then I foresaw in visions fire after fire burning centres in the Santo Daime in Portugal.

Then at least 21 centres in 2 years were gutted by big firestorms, centres of Ayahuasca totally destroyed and gutted as I foresaw many times, an astral curse.

Intentions toward the Higher Powers and Source can be magnified back many times, more so when Ayahuasca is involved against those who have concentrated its astral power in the Earthly Vehicle, or when there are intentions to criminalize my work for profit (attempted merit-theft), or if my energy is debased in Ayahuasca Ceremony for dubious intentions.

All the energy from all the centres of Ayahuasca that burned out was shoved into me in what became regular energy-rammings from the astral counterpart of my Twin Flame in the run up to the Spring Equinox of 2021, not only that then the Santo Daime got criminalized in all the Courts throughout Europe.

Santo Daime (Ayahuasca) was criminalized (as I foresaw) in 8 countries between 2017 and 2019 including in the Dutch Supreme Court in 2019.

I drank Ayahuasca 1,000 times between 2009 and 2016, people tried drinking Ayahuasca to cast spells but I left the Ayahuasca away and thus became immune to bad intentions.

Astral Power from Ayahuasca comes from abstinence, especially after 1,000 journeys. In abstinence from Ayahuasca, the energy of fire burned everything in the worst Ayahuasca disaster in history, those that wanted astral war with me had it bad.

The plot to criminalize me and live from the merit of my work was unsuccessful, people had to experience the intentions they wished for me, all the light-worker karma I ever had was burned off in the fires, because I unconditionally loved and forgave the offenders, they lost everything, including the legal liberty for Ayahuasca.

Not only that, but then the energy of burned out and destroyed retreat centres was shoved into my awareness, showing up as a retreat centre for me. The Fires of the Central Suns can be very nurturing on the Advanced Paths, but if one tries to hi-jack or shortcut to Source, or gets it wrong with Ayahausca, one can get burned in more ways than one.

Fire either destroys or nurtures, intimacy with Source Power allows one into the energy of Fire Element, when one integrates Fire properly, it burns off karma, gives power, sustains and ultimately is the gateway to Immortality, becoming a Fire Being.

The cause of the persecution of various Ayahuasca Churches including Santo Daime is less about the substance itself being subjected to being criminalized but more of a collective karma stemming from past lives involving ancestral curses, conquistador karma, energy abuse, ego and hubris problems combined with impure intentions and ethical standards in the Santo Daime organization compounded by egocentric leaders smoking too much weed and declaring war on spiritual authority.

Add to that a tendency for Ayahuasca Churches to advocate psychedelic disobedience and rebellion against the State, then the recipe for trouble starts.

Once an organization (in this case the Santo Daime Church) rebels against Earthly and Divine Laws, and the Courts, and the Spiritual Master as well, a curse of collapse, criminalization and a loss of legitimacy – on a continental or even planet-wide scale is inevitable. The Higher Powers (aka Star Beings) tend to intervene when an organization has too much power and too little ethical awareness, those organizations that tried to consume the awareness-energy and merit of my work (against my interests) were cursed to fall.

The end result of the Santo Daime Church turning on the Spiritual Master is a planet-wide curse of prohibition (criminalization of Ayahuasca) from the authorities, its leaders were warned to expect to lose the freedom for the sacrament in at least 26 countries !

Intentions are Everything on the Spiritual Path

Intentions in general are very powerful on the spiritual path, as are intentions toward the Spiritual Master, positive ones generate strong upward movements and progress on your own paths, negative ones the opposite. The resultant effects of intentions toward me and my work as a whole can range from ascending/being a non-returner, or starting the reincarnational cycle all over again, or anything in between, depending on the gravity of transgressions or the grace that comes from service in combination with the current state of one’s karma.

Intentions and Impeccability (ethics) are interlinked, ethics are often overlooked but if the ethical foundations are weak then one is prone to making serious mistakes in intentions and then being cursed with backslide or other unfortunate consequences. High energy exchanges on my work act as a safety, those that ask for my work to be spread amongst the wider humanity do not know the resultant chaos and the many disputes that would ensue.

As commented previously, when one has more awareness that fact can trigger many disputes and wars until the awareness is extracted from the karmic worlds and astral peace is established. As the peace of a Spiritual Master in spiritual practice is sacrosanct, those disturbing it generate karma and become losers in energy disputes, forced by circumstance to look at their own lessons for respect of awareness-energy.

In some cases, spiritual war is necessary when their are intractable disputes around awareness and energy, inviolable core values, or disputes with what is right and wrong, or if one is threatened with serious suffering for no just cause. Sometimes one must defend one’s spiritual values and fight for spiritual peace and grounding.

The winners in spiritual dispute will manifest sublime peace, in the case of the Ayahuasca energy-wars my Star Beings intervened as peace-makers, to enforce the peace on war mongering Ayahuasca Churches turning against my work, showing up as profound astral, and earthly, peace for me.

Non-duality and peace is the end result of the Spiritual Path. Those on the advanced paths in some way or another will have to face the opposing forces of darkness, death and perceived evil or maligned energies in some way or another to understand non-duality and to find balance at the end of karmic disputes. Those that win disputes experience advancement on the spiritual path, deeper peace, astral awareness-energy restitutions and enhancements in Earthly Conditions.

It would be very wise those wanting to work with my teachings to have pure intentions, ethical grounding, ideally having transcended the Ayahuasca Path. In the astral worlds or indeed on Earth there are no short cuts to enlightenment, nor are there short cuts to energy, power and superabundance – one has to earn it by way of merit – mistakes can cause one to have to go through another 26,000 year Ascension Cycle to start over.

Those that study my work must accumulate their own merit, by way of impeccability and doing the spiritual work, following the Earthly and Higher Laws, with pure intentions, there are no short cuts to be had on ayahuasca and weed, one must do the work on Earth to avoid karmic collapse.

I came out of light-worker trouble and the associated disputes by respecting my awareness-energy, my work and its worth, those reading my work can reflect on my journey out of light-worker karma, meditate on intentions, keeping them pure.

Attaining the Higher Astral Grades

It is the truth that the attainment of the Higher Grades of Astral Awareness (aka Ascension out of Karma) is work. It is almost impossible, but not quite.

It is possible with effort, grace and in many cases with assistance of Higher Beings.

One can make some intermediate grades of awareness with less effort, but Astral Mastery to the Highest Levels requires the most extreme effort and work across the board.

The demands and disciplines of Higher Awareness are extreme on those that wish to attain the peak of Astral Awareness, one needs a strong 10-20 years of spiritual practice behind them in order to have a chance to make the Higher Grades, expect then to spend 5,10 or 20 years integrating Astral Awareness.

Sooner or later the serious students will realize it will require all of their life-energy, effort, karmic merit, willpower and vision to make the Higher Grades. It is reasonably easy to get glimpses into the Higher Worlds, but integrating the energy and power in the Physical Vehicle is another matter, it will take any human being decades (the remainder of their lives) to accomplish and thus require Mastery over one’s Life Stream Energy.

The latter certainly requires leaving ayahuasca away, as well as Earthly distractions and frivolous pursuits, being grounded in brahmachariya, monastic conditions in a Sanctum, disciplined in physical purification and Mastery of the Body, along with Mastery of Earthly Lessons and overcoming the opposing forces that exist in the Astral Worlds (requiring becoming a Spiritual Warrior) to make the Higher Grades, then one must also master the Earthly conditions as well.

Only the most disciplined and driven individuals (produced by having a strong anchor and backbone, a character forged by life experience and an integration of Sacred Fire Energy) can avoid succumbing to disillusionment or distractions (of which there are many in the Karmic Wheel) or being pulled into lower karmic energies by a myriad of unconscious or semi-conscious forces.

In the end each individual is the Master of their Destiny, it is for each person to choose in themselves how far to take the spiritual work.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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