How to Manifest an Amazing Life in Alignment with your Soul Purpose

Understanding the Law of Attraction will enable you to create the life that you want that is in alignment with your highest vision and potential. The Law of Attraction is a set of understandings with regard to how reality becomes manifest. There is not one secret or mantra that will magically give you everything you want at the drop of a hat but rather it is a combination of understanding the energy of the Universe and the rules of creation combined with Life Mastery and an alignment with one’s own Soul Purpose. To become aligned to what you want to manifest will involve many processes or stages of getting aligned. This process comes under the label of self development work, the refinement of one’s energy and then making the outer changes.

Thus understanding the Law of Attraction in full is a life-work, a journey – once you are almost through with the life-work of understanding it – you can then attain a state of Life Mastery. It can be helpful to understand that having the ability to create your reality and to be able to Live in Alignment with your Soul Purpose without impediment is the end reward of doing the bulk of your personal clearing.

The more clear you become in yourself – the easier it is to get aligned to consciously creating your reality. The closer you are to attaining this state – the more harmonized your life will become as you start to live from an integrated, harmonious and conscious state. This is good karma at work (the accumulation of white karma stones and the expunging of one’s black karma stones). By clearing away the negative karma – the positive has a space to become manifest.

There is no set blueprint as such for an amazing life – for each person has the freedom to create their own unique manifestation of living and each person has a unique path. However, there will be common themes that will appear as a result of applying the wisdom of the Law of Attraction into your own life. You will be healthier and happier, you will have more clarity and purpose, you will enjoy your life, there will be more money, your relationships will be loving and life-affirming and you will find Alignment with your own Soul Purpose.

Writing this as a Spiritual Master as well as Life Mastery Coach, I can share that success in the Law of Attraction requires a fundamental understanding of energy management as well as some understanding of Spiritual Reality. To create anything – you need sufficient energy (vibration) in order to attract it. Thus the foundation of any useful Law of Attraction teaching must be a set of instructions for enhancing one’s own energy and extracting oneself from all situations that consume energy and divert one from one’s own Soul Purpose.

The Law of Attraction works best when one is living and creating from a place of inspiration. The same inspiration is a natural result of aligning yourself to your True Purpose (aka ‘soul purpose’). Once you understand this – you will find that creating your ideal life can be a more joyful, light and expansive endeavor.

Joy is a barometer of being on the path that is in alignment with your Higher Self. Check to see if the path you are on right now is joyful and energizing. Life is meant to be fun and enjoyable. 

It is also important to distinguish the pursuit of an amazing, healthy and strong spiritual life (in pursuit of spiritual attainment and the fulfilment of one’s own Soul Purpose) – with wisdom – from the desire for an amazing life intoxicated with the sensory experiences of life (fun addiction, self-seeking pleasure, aka hedonism, for ego satisfying ends) – without wisdom.

Beware of the differences and in the end one’s spiritual intentions, or absence of them, are everything and hedonism will not lead one out of the Karma Wheel, hence knowing one’s Soul Purpose is the core tenet of conscious manifestation with pure intent. With wisdom comes non-attachment, contentment, peace, equanimity and remaining true to one’s Spiritual Path.

Here are various things to bear in mind when it comes to manifesting your ideal life..

Find Your Soul Purpose

Before doing, creating or manifesting anything – take some time to find out what your Soul Purpose is. Use dreams, meditation and spiritual practice to access your Higher Self (Soul Essence) and to discover your Highest Vision, Your Soul Purpose and/or True Potential.

Whatever label you ascribe to your Higher Self (Universe, God, Soul, Source, etc) – the process is the same. Go deep within yourself in spiritual inquiry to find your own deeper purpose and life meaning and there one will find the energy of creation and manifestation. Find out what is in alignment with that energy and create from there. Make sure you are doing what you want to be doing on a deep level.

Doing what you are aligned to doing, doing what resonates with you and doing something you believe in. The abundance will then naturally follow suit once you respect and value your Higher Self, your own self-worth, follow and honor your own spiritual rules and then channel and integrate the inspired wisdom that follows. In simple terms – be authentically true to yourself.

Know What You Want

Before you can have an amazing life you need to have a good idea of what an amazing life means for oneself and to know what one actually wants. We all have different definitions of what constitutes a good life and ideas of what one might want or think one wants. Do not embark on the journey of creation until you have enough information in this area. One needs to know oneself spiritually sufficiently enough so you have the wisdom to be able to discern what manifestation aims and objectives are going to be conducive to your soul blueprint.

Creation works best when you are conscious of the blueprint that you want to work from and working from a spiritual intention rather than an ego-driven one. Moving through life in random directions and allowing yourself to be carried by random circumstance on the whim of the ego-impulses will not be so fulfilling. The attainment of a degree of Life Mastery and a degree of Mastery over the Ego go hand in hand and are mutually conducive. To be able to take command of your reality, a strong degree of vision is also required (short, medium and long term).

Do not go out into the experience of life without some kind of plan or vision. The more you are clear on what it is you want, whilst working on the karma-blocks, the easier it will be to attract it into your life. Make knowing what you want part of your daily practice.

Do not be afraid to change your intent if that is in alignment with your new truth. Life changes and so will you. Stay attuned to your own truth so as to stay in the flow of creation.

Stay attuned at all times. If you really have no idea what you want – this is the area to work on right away. Take a sabbatical, a spiritual retreat or a vacation in conducive surroundings and set the intention to discover yourself on a deeper level and to illuminate the path.

You may have to make some space in your life to engage with this journey on a deeper level. Make friends with yourself and become okay with being in silent dialogue with your deeper self. Here you will find your answers and your clarity.

Master Self Love

Make your life about yourself first. After all, it is your life and no-one else’s. Be true to yourself, your callings and your passions at all times. The right people will then love and respect you – you will also naturally be of greater service to these people and you will be contributing something to the world. Love yourself and know how to put yourself first and do not be afraid to do so. Then love for others or service to the world from love follows on naturally.

When you get tied up in the opinions, expectations and beliefs of others – before you know it you will be living their life and not yours which brings the risk of karma entanglement. Others may not consent on a deeper level to what you want and thus they may hold you back. Thus Life Mastery comes with a degree of refinement of who one engages with so that you are in harmony with others in your own soul groups, being clear on what your rules of engagement are and becoming fully self-autonomous (spiritually free) in relation to one’s own destiny and cognitive liberty.

This also implies transcending the push-pull karma dynamics prevalent in the human race and on a spiritual level resolving one’s own karma with the human race (whatever that may be) and becoming Matrix-Extracted. On the advanced spiritual paths (to ascend out of the karma of the human race) this becomes a tall order and requires a degree of Karma Mastery to become free of the Matrix energies (the mainstream humanity). Self-love is also about not allowing yourself to be degraded or pulled out of centre by anything in the external world.

Everyone wants out of what appears a big and bad Matrix, but the Matrix (and the associated rat-race) is ultimately only the karma-conditions one has been incarnated into. If you are in the so called ‘rat-race’ in the world of work – it can help to reflect on the fact that if you get to the top – you will still be a rat – so one is advised to choose one’s career wisely and one that has spiritual meaning. Becoming ‘karma-free’ and manifesting the freedom to live on your terms may be a massive undertaking that can take many years.

Thus make sure you do not lose any time wasting energy in the wrong places or the wrong work. This is ultimately why many people find themselves needing to leave their jobs in the ‘Matrix’ in favour of their spiritual paths – simply because it is too expensive in terms of lost time and deferred self-development. One is always responsible for your life, where you are at and thus your relationship with the Matrix (Karma Reality).

The Matrix (Karma Reality) is there because you ‘thought it’ into reality. The Universe is in reality totally fair and cannot give you something that has no relevance to your evolution. You cannot control the Matrix itself or rebel against its conditioning but you can self-extract and what Matrix-Extraction means for oneself is a useful exercise in contemplating spiritual freedom.

Regardless of what kind of work you do – do not forget that your life is your life and Life Mastery is ultimately about working on your own terms and by your own rules which leads to freedom. Create rules for your life that promote sustainability, growth, spiritual development, self nurturance and the time for things that matter (your spiritual practice, your spiritual family and your own path) whilst respecting the energy of life as a whole. 

Self Love also comes with being authentic to your own truth and then living it in your life. As you have the potential to become your own Master of your own Destiny – the way to realize this is to be authentic to yourself. Do not be concerned about what others may think, what people want you to wear, what people want you to be like or worry about getting permission from the outside to be who you want to be. Just be yourself and live life on your own terms.

Create Strong Intentions

Manifestation is assisted by the power of strong and focussed Intent (or Intention). So one needs to be very clear as to what you want and most importantly why you want it – the purpose of the manifestation. Understanding your purpose is a way of focussing and clearing your own energy field so that you get vibrationally aligned to the manifestation you seek and then you can channel Intent. Take it upon yourself to be extremely clear within yourself and to the Universe as to what your Intent is and naturally make sure it is ethically sound.

In many Law of Attraction groups there are pictures of flowers and sunshine, along with pictures of other similar things that invoke feeling – and these are very popular and useful to stimulate the feelings which seed creation. 

However invoking feeling (heart) is only the first part of the process of manifesting. The second part is the affirmation to do action from a place of strong clarity and Intent.

Manifestation aims based on emotions or sentimentality soon get lost in the ethers without a grounding in action and Intent. There is a lot to be said about harmonizing within one’s energy the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies in this regard to become centered and grounded. Then comes the greening up of one’s Intent.

Learn how to manage and integrate your emotional energy and direct it with a strong Intent. Your emotions are very powerful when one has done one’s own emotional work and then they can be a useful force in manifesting one’s Soul Purpose and realizing one’s Intentions. They can enable you to create all kinds of conducive scenarios with ease once the ability to direct them is in place backed up with strong Intent which is the anchor. By all means dream and imagine what you want whilst invoking emotional positivity (being anchored in the Heart Centre).

Action and Intent are two efficient ways of grounding the emotional vehicle into the process of Earthly Creation. But be sure to follow through with Intent so that the emotional energy invoked does not go to waste. One’s emotional energy is also a very strong and powerful resource of energy and where (and with whom) one invests emotionally in life is also a big energy decision that influences outcomes and one’s Life Path in the bigger picture.

Financial Mastery

Money is not everything but it goes a long way. Think of all the amazing things you can do when you are abundant and the extra time you can have. The fastest way to attract money is through Mastery of Energy as money is simply one form of a manifestation of energy. Then one makes an Earth Anchor for it by channelling the energy into strong energy exchanges in work or service agreements aligned with where one is at with energy. One can generate larger amounts of monetary abundance by managing one’s energy, making mutually beneficial energy agreements, purifying out one’s karma, refining one’s worth and honoring one’s own Soul Purpose whatever that may be.

Money is also an extremely versatile energy that can positively enhance your life in many ways and in the end, as with power, money is a clean and neutral energy. What matters are your feelings toward it and your Intent as it can be used for good or bad. Money Power can be utilized and integrated with those who have a strong self-worth and who can ascend out of the karma stories of the mainstream. This enables one to be of greater service and those who have an abundance of money can do a lot of positive good in the world.

Invest in yourself. You are your greatest asset. Invest in yourself, your learning, your development and your long term well-being. Self development is expensive in terms of time and money but money well spent and then appears later in life as positive karma and fortunate conditions. Give yourself the edge by knowing when and where to support your own expansion backed up with strong intentions. These decisions create positive feedback loops that pay you back many times over in the longer run.

As you value yourself more – you will gravitate into new work, new agreements and new ways of working that reflect your new state. As you choose a life of greater abundance, who you work with will change and you will find yourself becoming an expert and more energetically-refined in your particular profession – whatever that may be.

Anchoring the Power Base

The Power Base is the vital foundation for the experience of an amazing, working and fulfilled life on all levels as well as being the anchor for all of our spiritual understanding. Your Power Base is your own conduit for grounding in all of your spiritual gifts, talents, skills and understandings here on Earth in a body and manifests after proper grounding and balance in the physical plane.

Thus the ultimate aim of any spiritual understanding or manifestation objective is to develop a strong grounding in the experience of one’s life here on Earth – and that brings one to the matter of Power. You will need a degree of Power in order to create anything in your life.

Once you have spiritual / manifestion / mojo power (you can call it whatever you like but it is the same energy) – it will be like having a star within the core of your being (the activation and the anchoring into one’s energy body the fire element in its creative form).

You can then use this energy to build upon your Power Base – like a pyramid reaching upwards towards where you want to be. In the same way a tall pyramid needs a wide base – a strong spiritual life requires a strong earth grounding.

Power is defined as the ability to be able to act, be or do without resistance. The degree to which you can direct your life is directly relational to the amount of power that you have.

Many people may not have heard of the term ‘Power Base’ – however understanding the importance of having a strong one can make a huge difference in your life on every level. Your ability to create, manifest and direct your own life will increase greatly. You will have more clarity, confidence, energy, wisdom, understanding and inspiration. You will become the Master of your own manifestation – ie – you create what you want and you get what you want.

A stronger Power Base (as a result of base chakra purification) will also assist you to manifest more money in your life. Purifying one’s relationship with sex, money, power and control as well as doing the inner work impeccably (in order to develop Karma Immunity) – which is a major work of self development – gives Power. Power in itself is a strong and pure force that can direct the energy flow of our evolution and in the end power is only Concentrated Intention.

One’s ethics, intent and degree of impeccability determines to what extent one can be spiritually powerful (any other concept of power is an illusion of the ego) without making karma. Humility to the Higher Power (being harmonized with one’s Source of Soul Essence) gives Spiritual Power in the Human Vessel when the karma is worked off showing as Karma Immunity.

The difference between a weak and a strong Power Base is like the difference between an earth (soil) pyramid and a crystal pyramid. The former can be knocked down with ease – whereas the second is much more resistant. This is the ideal state to attain – a state where your Power Base is immune to any kind of external influence and Brahmachariya can be useful for some people to enhance the base energy (concentrating and harnessing the sexual energies).

As you become stronger in the Power Base your ability to self-actualize will be much greater. As you become energetically strong – you become immune to outer interfering influences. Once you never lose energy to anything on the outside or in the karma worlds – you then have a lot of Power, which can then be channelled into the experience of your life to create the life scenario that suits you and those you wish to work with. Energy management, understanding the energy of creation and immunity to external energy interference are things I teach my clients to perfect so that they can create a strong Power Base in their life to assist their manifestation objectives.

Attaining Spiritual Mastery

Spiritual Mastery is defined as the perfection of the spiritual process and an understanding as to the nature of reality. What Spiritual Mastery is, is a matter for deep contemplation and reflection in spiritual practice. The most fulfilling life comes from the harmonization of one’s spiritual and earthly aims working in unison combined with clear Intent.

The benefits of Spiritual Mastery are extensive but include the ability to direct one’s destiny in this lifetime, choose one’s future higher-dimensional incarnations, transcend the Karma Wheel, attain Insight into Higher Reality, have a strong access to the spiritual worlds and to be able to live in alignment with one’s Soul Purpose. Compounded onto those benefits – one can also achieve a state of Life Mastery on Earth (abundance, health, well-being, perfection of the use of energy and having a strong immunity to karma).

Life Mastery on Earth can be defined as being in full command of your own life in a positive and aware manner in authenticity to your spiritual path. In the outer life – it will reflect itself as a state of balanced emotional and spiritual integration.

All key areas of your life; work, relationships, health, abundance and your relationship with Source will all be working harmoniously and in harmony with one another. One of the spiritual lessons on Earth for many is to be able to do an earth-marriage. Those that want to be successful and well grounded in their work and businesses are well advised to have the marriage and relationship lessons well integrated. In the inner life Life Mastery will appear as spiritual peace and harmony with one’s Source and a stronger understanding of one’s own spiritual journey.

A state of Life Mastery can also be anchored and enhanced by an understanding and application of the main Universal Laws that govern reality, namely – The Law of Karma, The Law of Balance, The Law of Non-Intervention, The Law of Free Will and The Law of Attraction.

Life Mastery is the foundation that gives you the energy to perceive Spiritual Reality. Part of the work of Life Mastery is about living in the here and now with awareness, integrity, wisdom whilst living in alignment with one’s Soul Purpose, from there on follows Spiritual Mastery when it is all combined with a strong spiritual Intent.

Ascension out of the Karma Wheel (aka Matrix Grind) on Earth gives one the experience of a strong and grounded life necessary to anchor the spiritual power that manifests on the advanced paths. It can be summarized that one can have an amazing and strong life on Earth if one does all of the spiritual work (karma clearing and lessons resolution) and it is useful to realize that Life Mastery and Spiritual Mastery are ultimately two sides of the same coin.

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