101 Secrets to an Amazing and Abundant Life (Author Signed)

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101 Secrets To An Amazing and Abundant Life is a Law of Attraction book by Spiritual Master Free Spirit. Teachings on how to have a grounded and abundant life whilst maintaining one’s spiritual direction.


101 Secrets To An Amazing and Abundant Life is a Law of Attraction book written from the perspective of a Life Coach and Spiritual Master who has integrated the money/spirit duality prevalent within the collective consciousness of humanity.

This book is a definitive guide for those wishing to create their own reality in alignment with their own inner calling, and how to use the Law of Attraction in a clear manner, using 101 self-help lessons/areas of working.

This book dispenses with a lot of confusions, and presents the truth about the Law of Attraction, in 101 easy to understand segments, suited for spiritual people working with abundance.

Free Spirit shows the reader how to balance money abundance with everything else that is important in our lives so that we can live from a space of awareness, balance, truth, wisdom and integrity.

In this book he offers valuable insights and tools for creating abundance in your own life from a space of deeper awareness as well as how to stay empowered and connected on the journey of life.

This book shows the student how to balance spirituality and abundance, a difficult work to achieve, but possible – with serious work, effort and awareness, as well as with a commitment to self-development, healing energy dynamics that cause losses and ascending out of contractive thinking patterns.

He explains how awareness and money are related, and applying all the teachings in the book can make one a spiritual millionaire, if that is one’s path.

He also shares how to balance material wealth with awareness, so that one is not degraded, or loses spiritual awareness as a result.

High quality Author Signed Paperback.

3 reviews for 101 Secrets to an Amazing and Abundant Life (Author Signed)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Joseph Walker

    I have been integrating Your Abundance wisdom for a few weeks now and the shifts are amazing. I have manifested a 24,000 dollar vehicle (eco friendly and fully paid off without having to lift a finger, and many other pleasant luxuries that I never thought I’d have deserved in the past so thank You.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Kathy Wescoup

    I read the whole book through first now I’m studying it thoroughly chapter by chapter such powerful messages will blow your mind instead of complaining about external circumstances you can improve your life in a great many ways

  3. 5 out of 5


    Just completed reading your 4th book 101 Secrets to Manifesting an Amazing and Abundant Life and would like to say thank you. It has put things into perspective for me and it has confirmed a lot of things I’ve been doing already. It is good to get an idea and clarification where I am currently at and there is a few things I will be incorporating.

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