Brahmachariya and Energy Mastery

Those who can be brahmachariya for long enough can experience a lot of upgrades to ones astral body and a bolstering of ones energy, along with a soul anchoring into the Central Galactic Suns. The fruits of a difficult practice when mastered manifests as soul union with Star Beings from within the fires of the Central Galactic Suns. The accumulated, absorbed, consecrated, integrated and transmuted sexual energy into the astral body over many years -appears within as an upgraded astral body capable of astral travelling and entering other dimensions with ease.

One can experience ones astral body full up of the retained and absorbed life force of brahmachariya practice, the enhancement in energy then gives one seeing powers.

If one wants to have a lot of visions and a strong connection with ones Star Beings or Ascended Masters, being brahmachariya for many years will do it. The product of ongoing brahmachariya means having a permanent energy cord with the Central Galactic Suns and a soul communion / soul fusion with Star Beings and Source, and a deeper understanding of what Eternal Love from Star Beings is.

What that is like is for people to explore and experience in their own practice – for those who are called to go deeper into brahmachariya and master the sexual energies in favour of astral planes understanding and spiritual advancement. Brahmachariya can give one a huge amount of karmic white stones and enable one to complete ones journey through Earth karma, and not have to return. The result of ongoing brahmachariya is the dissolution of energy cords with the human race, and thus its karma. Then one can access a very strong conduit of other-worldly energies and develop an intellectual understanding as to what Ascension off the Karma Wheel is and that the way out of the Karma Wheel lies in a Mastery of Energy.

Brahmachariya and Connection with Star Beings

In that Energy Mastery one can realize one no longer has an energy cord to the Karma Wheel, or the human race, then ones Ascended Masters or Star Beings can show up very strongly in ones energy – sometimes as glowing beings, other times as a concentrated energy or power, and other times as the experience of Oneness with Eternal Love from these beings. From experience Mastery of Brahmachariya deepens the connection with them and purifies out anything else in the way of a strong connection with Source.

In the earth planes brahmachariya manifests as a purification of ones physical body, restored and superior health, a stronger life force manifesting as more clarity, energy and intent, as well as the ability to go deeper into intermittent fasting supported by brahmachariya energy.

Reducing food intake and being brahmachariya are practices that support each other both ways, both practices give one a strong access to Star Beings and the astral planes. The practice of brahmachariya also gives a karma immunity from trouble in the outer worlds and gives one an edge in astral planes energy disputes, if you can remain in brahmachariya, you can become immune to everything in the karma worlds. If one has interests in astral travelling, sorcery or shamanism, ifone is brahmachariya long enough one can manifest in one’s energy an astral sphere (aka an interdimensional astral planes travelling energy body).

Then one can move between the physical and the non-physical world with ease, one can also experience the human form as being more airy, less dense, lighter and then the astral boundaries, blocks, impediments and veils that usually prevent one seeing into the other worlds – are permanently removed.

Most people will find brahmachariya impossible or too advanced, or not be able to tolerate the long term returns on the practice (in that for many months, or longer, not much may appear to change) and thus the benefits appear obscure or unattainable.

Realistically from when one starts experimenting with brahmachariya – to attaining a Mastery (and the fruits) – one is looking at many years of serious spiritual work backed up with a lot of other modalities and an ongoing extraction from the energy of the mainstream human race to support the work.

Some will also have a necessary learning in earthly relationships or in the sphere of human love to complete first, its fair to say if one has not experienced sexuality first, its difficult to then transcend and transmute the energy.

In the end the choice that many spiritual people will be faced with is whether they want to return to the Earth / 3D, or not. If it is the latter, brahmachariya can become mandatory or one can lose access to the Star Beings / Central Galactic Suns energy. Some Starseeds can find a lot of benefit in being in life long non-sexual relationships- over time brahmachariya becomes second nature.

Brahmachariya and Energy Rewiring

For those established in brahmachariya, the sexual drive can be totally re-wired into ones spiritual practice, and then one is free from what would otherwise be a huge distracting force that can lead people to lose a lot of energy or get entangled in the karmas of others in sexual relationships.

From personal experience the more real and meaningful connection with the energy of Star Beings, rather than temporary visionary experiences, showed up after several years of maintained brahmachariya – coupled with retaining the energy of the Star Beings themselves. It became untenable to be brahmachariya and then sell cheap books about the experiences with Eternal Love and Star Beings that manifested from brahmachariya at the same time – hence the lessons on the price of the Star Beings works – followed by immunity from outer karmic energies.

Put differently, once one has mastered brahmachariya its impossible to degrade oneself in other ways, some may find sharing energy or esoteric knowledge in the wrong places as harmful as not being brahmachariya. Sometimes the karmic effects can appear as various forms of energy interference, hostility, nasty energy persecution, legal persecution or opposition energy – retain the energy and wisdom – be true to one’s own path and Source – and all that resolves.

If one is brahmachariya there wont be many spheres in the human worlds where you can be with your awareness-energy and its normal.

Brahmachariya and Different Energy Bands / Ribbons / Hubs

The more one is in ‘communion with one’s Star Beings’ – the more one would be advised to retain the awareness, energy, and wisdom. One can from certain astral grades – teach a lot of people in the outer world, or share one’s energy and insights with a lot of people, without ill-effect – once one has attained higher grades – it becomes less tenable as (using the Carlos Castenada notion of energy bands) one’s astral body enters different vibratory bands or ribbons of awareness-energy – using Voyager terminology, changing energy hub.

It can be said that long term brahmachariya permanently alters one’s energy in many non-human ways (including the dissolving of the binding force of “sentiment” that causes reincarnation into the human race) and one becomes more anchored in otherworldy non-human realms of awareness-energy, manifestating as a deep shedding of ones attachment and identification with the human form. It becomes readily apparent one is just ‘moving through’ physical plane Earth reality on a longer term voyage through different dimensions in the Universe. It can also be possible to step outside of the stream of human-life in awareness and see the truth of what lies beyond death, the human form and the physical plane.

Then one can see the destination of one’s soul is not to be reborn on the Earth as the awareness-energy band emanates from a higher-dimensional realm, planet or Sun, different than the Earth and our own Solar System.

If you have a lot of seeing energy, one can have a portal or stargate to those worlds on Earth.

Eternal Love (which isn’t sentiment) is in truth, the energy of those other worlds, and one experiences it to the degree one is aligned. It can be said that Eternal Love, is being loved by one’s Star Beings, they are mirrors for love in a very non-human way and the lessons are somewhat different. Eternal Love is also the energy that is everywhere outside of the energy of the Karma Wheel, from an external vantage point off the Wheel one can see almost 8 billion people incarnated on the Earth densely meshed into each others karmas, going through a myriad of experiences, many totally consumed by Earth karma, going round the cycles of death and rebirth.

If one has a strong constitution in one’s awareness-energy and a lot of seeing power, one can be anchored in an awareness distinct from the energy of the human race and one can find oneself anchored intro an other-worldly band not of the human realm. There is the space for advanced souls to contemplate who they are, where they are at on their path, why they are on Earth, what their future destination is and what their story is with the human race (and its karma), whether they want to reincarnate again in 3D and to decide where they are reincarnating into next.

It can be said Mastery of ones Energy (which brahmachariya gives by default) gives one a Mastery to decide ones next reincarnation, otherwise it is invariably decided for one, by one’s karma, it is fair to say that Brahmachariya gives one a greater spiritual power to decide for oneself ones destiny and make one’s ascent out of the Karma Wheel.

Put differently – Brahmachariya gives one the power over karma, and thus in the brahmachariya space maintained over time, there is the freedom from karma, where new karma cannot accrue, and thus one can attain and retain, spiritual freedom, and the freedom from the karma of returning to Earth.

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