The Voyager Masterpiece

Voyager offers a glimpse into spiritual reality as seen from the perspective of a Spiritual Master and is the product of many years of intensive spiritual purification. In the presence of deeply loving Star Beings from Source, Free Spirit came to understand how the human race is in serious trouble and that it is only a matter of time before catastrophic climate change triggers  a massive human die-off. 
His ongoing relationship with Star Beings and the Source has revealed to Free Spirit that it is possible to leave a dying biosphere as a fully-realized Voyager and not have to bear witness to the collapse of human civilization. 
Voyager contains some of the purest and most refined spiritual teachings available anywhere on Earth. It is also a candid, detailed and open sharing of Free Spirit’s experiences and journeys with Higher-Dimensional ET’s in the Upper Astral Worlds. 
Free Spirit shares how his relationship with the Star Beings and Source has become refined and purified in recent years – as well as how to integrate spiritual knowledge into the awareness of the body in order to ascend and be free from the karma of suffering and death.
Voyager is an Advanced Level Masterpiece for those who can handle strong truths and who are ready to purify themselves in the presence of Source. It is also one of the most expensive books on Earth, for reasons of the extreme value of refined spiritual awareness.
Limited Rare First Edition Hardback (Casewrap Hardcover – 8.5 x 10.75 in) – 297 pages – Author Signed – Collectors Item
The Voyager Masterpiece

Extract from the Introduction

Voyager is a high-level transmission straight from the purity of Source and the Central Galactic Sun aimed at those who believe it is possible, and know that it is possible, to leave this planet and ascend to another more advanced sphere of Being without having to die (full physical ascension). 
I find myself incarnated here on a dying world. For the last 10 years I have always known in the depths of my being that humanity will experience an earthly end in my lifetime. The biosphere of the planet that has given rise to the experience of my life has become degraded to the point where I will in all likelihood not see old age. 
Before my life reaches what would otherwise be its ordinary and expected natural end, I may be a witness to the death of humanity and the loss of the planetary biosphere. The collapse stands to dissolve the very fabric of 3D existence and very little may remain, save for a planet in need of a 10-50 million year period of rest. 
Such an awareness is very strong to be a witness to. I am of the Stars. I have no doubt I am a Star Being just passing through immune to death.
Yet I am also on some level part of a race that will most likely soon become extinct and cease to be. I appear as a human too and thus ordinarily would have to accept that I would have to experience the same fate. After several years of such awareness and deeper reflection, I understand why the collapse must be.
In that awareness, I found myself having to plumb the depths of my being to find grounding and peace. It is a very strong teacher to realize that one’s world is dying, yet such a mirror is undoubtedly a very powerful teacher indeed, for I realized that it is actually possible to leave this world.
In the realization of humanity’s imminent end, I became witness to a different and transcendental reality. I find myself outside of time – an intergalactic observer – able to see far into the future. I see humanity from the heart and mind of a Star Being. In that awareness, it is as it should be.
As a witness to the end of a karmic cycle, I found Truth in the form of ET Love from Beings in other realities. These are Star Beings – alien intelligences – that act as caretakers at the time of planetary transition. 
In my earlier times, I sometimes doubted their reality. Yet in later years, their guidance has been most invaluable and prophetic. It would be impossible to imagine a relationship of that depth. The healing, the visions and the understanding are testament to the truth of their existence. 
By opening to that depth of love from them, I became healed of everything in this world and received the fruits of that love – full insight into the nature of Spiritual Reality.

Extract from Voyager - Loving ET's and the Void

I found my awareness floating just above the corona of a hyper-massive blue star at the centre of the Galaxy – the Central Galactic Sun. From this celestial body came renewal, knowledge, awareness, intelligence, wisdom and a deeper understanding of my place in the Universe. It was a star so large that the full circumference was not perceivable. 

In terms of size, this star is billions of times bigger than our own Sun. It was not just a star, but a portal of intense cosmic intelligence of almost unfathomable magnitude.

The awareness of my life on Earth was but a distant memory, like a faded dream.

Deeper and deeper into the Star I went as the wormhole rapidly spiralled in all directions at extreme speeds.

Then I was in space again – but space INSIDE the star. Behind was the coronal membrane that from this perspective was similar to an atmosphere of raw plasma energy containing within it an inner space dimension.

I then understood what it meant to live from the Source. It meant to be able to integrate the energies of the Star that matches our soul frequency and then to become fully intimate with that energy in order to become strong and pure on the Earth plane.

For in reality, we all come from some Sun or another as all souls enter this galaxy via the Central Sun. I perceived an increase of velocity and was then propelled directly toward the core of the Central Sun – entering a gap between the spinning rings and entering into a deep silver-violet energy which would dissolve into rainbow streams of energy containing colours not known to the human eye.

I was enveloped in a great sense of love, knowing and reunion with the Source of All Things.

There was a complete understanding, nothing left to search for, nothing left to understand – for all that needed to be understood was present as an energy of enduring and indelible Truth. There was no body or ego or any need for one.

Then there was blankness, a Void, an all knowing Void, a Void that had existed forever and without beginning. It was the Primal Void, undifferentiated, without form or size, without concept, without thought, yet all-pervading and present. There was only the Void and nothing other than the Void.

There was no Universe, no stars, no galaxies, nothing other than a sea of quiet.

There was nothing other than the quiet. I then wondered how the Universe had come into being.

In that very same moment out of the Void an energy began to pulse and vibrate – birthing a tiny golden speck that birthed itself out of the Void. The Void appeared to birth Beings that surrounded the speck momentarily before it exploded with immense energy and velocity (The Big Bang).

In all directions there was a loud roar, a dazzling light, a maelstrom of energies, explosions and reactions. 

Out of the Void was birthed the beginning of the Universe.

I found myself on the leading edge of a rapidly expanding bubble of white hot energy condensing itself into spiralling diffuse clouds which over the timescale of many millions of years or more of Earth time began to crystallize into galaxies containing myriads of Solar Systems containing planets that in time would give rise to the manifestation of sentient human (and non-human) corporeal life-forms and a wide array of higher-dimensional life.

I witnessed a Universal Mind pulsing and breathing for want of a better phrase and in each pulse many thousands of new galactic clouds were formed. Over aeons of time, planets were formed and gave rise to the beginnings of life.

I saw life seeding itself in millions of locations in each separate galaxy.

On some worlds, plants became the dominant species – on others it was hominids of various forms.

Some were tall and slender as the gravitational fields of their planets was much lower than that of Earth, so these beings lived long, were more aligned to the Source and were naturally able to evolve into higher-dimensional space-faring civilizations. 

On other worlds, life formed around the physical density. Beings here lived and died like beings do in the Earth plane. 

As time moved forwards, older Star Systems died as their suns went supernova, casting elemental debris into space that in time would give rise to second and third generation Stars (our Sun is a third generation Star – meaning that its elements were formed as a result of two previous stellar supernovas).

Beings that were evolved enough were able to survive the destruction of their own Suns and learned how to live in the ethers of the Universe in non-corporeal form or were able to master space travel to the point of being able to travel to another star system in order to colonize new regions.

Many of these races were ancient, in that their evolution started early on in the history of our Universe. These races are what people know as the Ascended Masters, the Pleiadeans, the Sirians and similar.

From time to time,  vast hypernovas irradiated and destroyed vast tracts of space containing many hundreds of systems. Thus many non-corporeal Star Beings found themselves incarnated onto physical worlds throughout the Universe (the Fall from Grace) retaining some awareness of their higher-dimensional origins and some of those Beings are us now here on Earth. Humanity came much later (13-14 billion years later!) and thus our existence as a species occupies the smallest and most insignificant amount of cosmic time.

Many other of these evolved Higher-Dimensional Beings make themselves known to those who are attuned to Higher Dimensions. 

These Loving ET’s assist ascending humans at the time of planetary upheaval, those attuned to Source (ET) Love have the opportunity to transcend the human condition and Physically Ascend, if that is ones Path.

The root cause of karma is attachment to the Karmic Reincarnational Cycle which causes souls to circle through the rounds of death and rebirth in the Physical Density – hundreds, thousands of times, as they seek to discover their true nature which is Oneness with the Immutable Love. 

Many can understand all is One on some level or another, but freedom from ALL karma in this life and liberation from the rounds of death and rebirth comes from healing one’s ego in the presence of the Immutable Love.

This can be a work of many lifetimes, but even a partial healing of some of the karmas of the egos can make one happier, lighter, more abundant and aligned with the Love of Source (God). Others may find in this healing they discover the truth of Loving ET’s in the Universe from other worlds, as I did. 

For those who can heal their egos and fully integrate the strong nature of Transcendent Love into their awareness – it is also possible to be purified of all karma and healed of everything in this life.

The truth is that in the transcendence of the ego (which is the real spiritual work – anything else is superfluous) one can know real love, not just a transient love, but the enduring love of the Immortal Source and those who can receive this love on the deepest level can be healed of all their karma.

Once one has healed all of one’s karma from many lives, realized the Immutable Love behind karmic reality and then integrated that in the awareness of one’s Earthly body, one can either Ascend (either partially or fully) or become a Non-Returner to 3D.

The Love of Source is the love beyond all mortal forms that offers healing to those who work with themselves and their egos to discover the deeper truth about life, love, reality and the Universe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orders of the Voyager Masterpiece include The Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit which consists of the entirety of his teachings in discourse and written form. The package includes 111 Private Video Discourses and 7 rare author signed books, including Meeting the Star Beings, Love on the Shores of a Distant World, The Life Story of Spiritual Master Free SpiritKeys to Immortality, Impossible Ablutions and his Voyager Masterpiece.

His Life Work shares his experience of being transformed by the love of Higher-Dimensional ET’s from other planes of existence over many years, and what spiritual wisdom was imparted to Free Spirit as a result of that contact.

Also included is a large selection of the Merkabah Structures.

The Investment / Energy Exchange required for his Complete Life Work is Euro 1,000,000 

Includes Retreats and Mentorship with the Spiritual Master – for Life

Interested Persons can use the form below to contact Spiritual Master Free Spirit or enter one’s details in the webstore.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s teachings cover a wide amount of topics related to spiritual awareness, further evolution beyond the human condition and the Reincarnational Cycle / Karmic Wheel.

A lot of the wisdom and knowledge was imparted to him by loving ET Star Beings from Source, and relate to how to integrate the Love of Source and Star Beings into one’s human life, so as to burn off one’s karma and potentially be spared witnessing the collapse of 3D human civilization.

His books and discourses cover areas such as Astral Travel, Awareness and Energy, Biosphere Collapse, Healing the fear of Death, Emotional Healing, Karma, Immortality, Life, ET’s / Star Beings, Physical Ascension, Pineal Detoxification, Prophetic Awareness, The Dangers of being a Light-Worker, The Reincarnational Cycle, The Illusions of Time and Space as well as how to attain Spiritual Mastery in a human body.

He also shares his experiences with ETs / Star Beings in the astral worlds and beyond.

The Twin Flame aspect of his Life Work offers deep teachings in terms of love, and how this love can enable one to be forgiven for all karma, and be spared the collapse, because of Source (or God’s Love). Most people on a serious Ascension Path will have a Twin Flame (whether they are incarnated or not), and are mirrors for Source Love.

His Life Work is intended for individuals to work with in silence and in their spiritual practice. In truth, it will take a lifetime to work with, reflect upon and to integrate the awareness into their lives. His work is only suited for non-returners and those who understand that they are at the end, or close to the end, of their journey through the Reincarnational Cycle. 
It will be necessary to have a high degree of ethical grounding, respect for spiritual awareness, healthy in body, fearless in Spirit as well as a grounding in earthly abundance (3D Life Mastery).
It is also necessary to have a strong emotional grounding so as to be able to work with the matter of being incarnated onto a dying world.
Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s work is not suited for those on the Light-worker Path.
You would naturally be free from alcohol and tobacco addictions, as well as established in plant based diets and be free from The Matrix enough so that you have plenty of time to work with Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s teachings.
His work is a very rare and refined work of spiritual understanding / wisdom and is suited to advanced souls on Earth who respect its extreme transformational value.
Enter your name and email address into the form, along with the delivery address including full postcode and telephone number, and await contact from Spiritual Master Free Spirit.
Customers of his Life Work will be invoiced for the sum of € 1,000,000 and payment can be made by Bank Wire or Transferwise.
Once cleared payment for Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s Life Work has been received, The Voyager Masterpiece (and the other materials) will be dispatched to you by Priority Airmail with full tracking. 
All books are author signed, his latter works are not mainstream listed nor available to order via bookstores.

Interested Persons can use the form below to contact Spiritual Master Free Spirit or enter one’s details in the webstore.

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

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Testimonials for The VOYAGER Masterpiece


The Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit will find its way to those of the right vibrational frequency and purity in the most synchronistic of manner, in this unique timeline of our 3D physical incarnation in Earthbound reality. If you are here reading these words, and they resonate – this offering is for you.

This work serves as a very specific, detailed instruction manual – to deprogram a lifetime(s) worth of conditioning of the mind, body, ego complex – off the Karmic Wheel of Gaia at this vantage point in linear time. The wisdom is crafted in such a unique manner & the contents immaculately detailed in such a way to offer the reader powerful multi-layered, interdimensional awakenings & realisations to our true nature as beings of source.

The words themselves are not the only lessons the reader can expect – they are the keys, the blueprints & foundations to be sequentially unlocked within the readers mind. The subtle & hidden access codes to break down the human conditioning. The words are constructed in such a manner that regardless of the readers individuality, nature & perception of existence shaped by interactions & experiences of this lifetime(s) – discreet seeds of subtle awakening are planted in the thoughts, indexed memories & archived experiences subconsciously catalogued in the readers mind.

The work is substantial and powerful. It will take many months, even years to initially work through – and the wisdom contained within will be integrated (both consciously & subconsciously) over the succeeding period of the readers life. The reader will undergo and experience incredible transformation, learning to access higher spheres of awareness through the pineal gateway (previously unknown & inaccessible). The reader will find that this work will break down the subtlest conditions of the mind. It will bring to the surface awareness of complex subtle areas of belief, conditioning & energetic vibration – which can be later realised as limitations holding one back. It will give the reader the tools to correctly address and process emotional baggage & traumas, past & present life karma, instructing the reader how to conduct oneself in the highest manner, impeccability and many other esoteric wisdoms.

It will reveal the misleading nature of thought. In the end the reader will learn how to renounce the ego mind, after first understanding its complexity (at the most subtle energetic & vibrational level) and the many means of deception the mind has played against humanity during this age.

I have not come across this immense depth of wisdom teachings from any other source.

We are at a unique crossroad in the sphere of 3D incarnation on Gaia during these last moments of linear time. The end of an era of enslavement. Spiritual Master Free Spirits life work will prepare the reader for a new outlook on Humanity and Mother Earth, by contemplating, biosphere collapse, rapid environmental changes, collapse of the system – allowing the reader to process and work through any shock or associated fear with such extinction level events.

Voyager – A Gateway to the Stars – will prepare the reader with the understanding to realise the very nature of Ascension in this cycle. It will provide an understanding of the readers own unique ascension pathway – and describe how to leave planet Earth, with or without the need of a body. By the time that the reader is working with the Voyager Masterpiece, much of the learnings and wisdom will be coming from within. The Voyager Masterpiece serves as a means to allow the reader to unlock access to their own ascension wisdom from within.

What if everything you thought you ever knew about being a human being was wrong? Shrouded and tainted by misleading false truths for your entire lifetime(s) & unknowingly reinforced by others surrounding you, part the system that by its very design is in place to keep humanity from awakening to this reality.

For some it is too confronting to look behind the veil. For others that is what we are here to do.

This life was chosen for a reason; for some perhaps it has been a long journey throughout the reincarnation cycle to experience and learn the many lessons of duality. For others perhaps it is only a single incarnation, here to observe and bear witness to the great Ascension and liberation of Mother Earth. And for those who heed the calling, perhaps it is more than that – perhaps this incarnation was chosen for a very specific reason by you, and known only to you… to play a key role in this grand cosmic event.

Gaia needs our help. There is important work to be done before this Ascension cycle will complete.

Free Spirits life work will give you the keys to hidden chambers of perception & unlock access to the eternal wisdom which lies within you. This work serves only as a method to access that doorway and it is you who must walk through that doorway.

There is a reason you are here now reading these words, what comes next is up to you…

Mark, QLD – Australia