Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions / Legal Disclaimers 


All customers and clients of Spiritual Master Free Spirit, visitors to his website and those who have any dealing with Spiritual Master Free Spirit in any other way, shape or form, agree to the following terms and conditions / legal disclaimers. 

Limitation Of Liability

In no event shall Spiritual Master Free Spirit, or his directors or admins – be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental or special consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s work.

By ordering his work, you agree to absolve Spiritual Master Free Spirit of all legal liability in relation to any consequence of any kind incurred or experienced by accessing or reading the material, howsoever caused.


Payment for Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s Life Work or any other product or service must be paid for by bank wire, for which full details will be provided. No items will be dispatched until the full cleared payment has been confirmed as received.

This can take up to 3-5 days.

Customers are recommended to use Transferwise to save money on wire fees.

For Paid Discovery Calls (priced at GBP 2,000) card payments are accepted, in which case the Client receives a Business Banking Payment Link to make a secure online payment.

Spiritual Consultations

Clients are ultimately responsible for the choices and decisions they make in their own lives as a result of the mentoring of Spiritual Master Free Spirit. His Consultations should be seen as an opportunity to gain some perspective which the client then uses for themselves to make their own decisions. Payment for Spiritual Consultations are for the energy and time investment along with the spiritual perspectives offered and not for guaranteed results (for example to win the lottery, get my ex back, win a lawsuit, etc).

Clients ultimately have the free will to make choices and decisions right for them and no guaranteed results of any preferred outcomes in life are made nor should be inferred.  Any insights shared as to foretelling the future of an individual should only be seen as a perspective and again no guarantees of future outcomes or predictions should be inferred. 

No refunds are permissable on unused Consultations in a Consultation Package in the event the Client wishes to abandon the process, however calls can be rescheduled in the event of emergencies or other situations requiring a reschedule.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit never offers medical advice and when people consult with him on legal matters the Consultations should not be seen as a replacement for legal advice.

Right of Decline and Suitability Issues

Spiritual Master Free Spiritreserves the right to decline to sell any of his work, or to sell Life Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring packages, to anyone deemed not suited, which includes those who cannot verify their identities satisfactorily or those who reside in countries where package deliveries cannot be assured. In such instances his decision is final.

In relation to High End Mentoring (the sale of his Life Work or the Life Mentoring Arrangement) interested Clientele would in the first instance be directed to the Entry Level Consultation Package (GBP 50,000).

Customer ID Verification

Customers submitting orders for products and/or services will be required to verify their identities before invoicing to ensure customs clearance, for accounting and taxation purposes of Spiritual Master Free Spirit Ltd, to ensure shipping to the correct address and to prevent fraud. Customers will be required to supply scans of government issued ID, proof of address (dated within the last 3 months) and provide a verifiable telephone number and email address, along with a short selfie video to match the photo ID.

Such information is safeguarded under the provisions of GDPR.

Those who fail ID verification will not be able to purchase products or services from Spiritual Master Free Spirit.

Recommendations Disclaimer

The self-worth and the price of the Spiritual Master’s mentoring services has become refined and increased over time. Some recommendations are from historical clientele and customers who paid lower prices for his work in the past.

Damaged Products / Delivery Issues / Returns

Products damaged in delivery or declared lost in tracked transit, or that are proven to be defective, will always be replaced at Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s expense.

You will be required to show full evidence of the damage in order for replacements to be shipped.

Packages are deemed lost in the post after 90 days of tracked dispatch. Packages awaiting customs clearance cannot be considered lost in transit, and in very rare instances, can take some weeks. Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s admins will ship products with proper customs declarations and will assist with documentation if necessary.

EU Consumer Rights Directive – Right to Return 

According to the EU Consumer Rights Directive customers can return goods or ask for a refund without any cause within 14 days of receipt. This does not apply to the following exceptions: audio, digital and downloadable material, e-books, author signed (autographed) books and art once assembled (built) from supplied components or tailor-made personalized artwork or any other product personalized for the particular customer.

Customers will be made aware of such an exception, if one applies, before the completion of sale.

Should you be legally entitled to a refund under the provisions of the distance selling regulations covered by the EU Consumer Rights Directive and the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015 – you agree that as part of the stated terms and conditions of doing business with Spiritual Master Free Spirit you will be required to return the goods in the manner specified (before receiving a refund) and must be returned with reasonable care and diligence.

You agree to supply any reasonable information requested to assist in the return.

Note that such returns must always be pre-authorized by way of a simple contact with Customer Service in order to arrange return labels and instructions which include how to make use of a trackable service, return postage is reimburseable by Spiritual Master Free Spirit when the correct procedure is followed. 

If you choose a different method of return you agree you will be liable for the difference and if you refuse to use a trackable service the item will be deemed to have not been returned.


By ordering the Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit or any other study package and making payment, you agree that it includes online digital access to a large digital archive of discourses, and thus once access has been given/books signed and dispatched – no refunds will be given (save for in the case of defected or damaged product).

By ordering and paying for such content (digital MP3’s, access to discourse material and similar, also incorporated within the Complete Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit package), you understand that once any such material is accessed (and thus used) via MP3 download links and/or by way of a Private Membership Access to the Discourses hosted on this website you automatically waive your statutory 14 day right of cancellation) under the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the EU Consumer Rights Directive.

Customers will be made aware of such an exception before the completion of sale.

Where a refund is legally due it will be paid in full within 14 days of receipt of returned goods.

Copyright Issues

All contents of this website and all downloadable material as well as Members Area discourses are protected under copyright law. Redistribution, re-transmission, republication, or commercial use of the contents or images on this website are expressly prohibited without the consent of Spiritual Master Free Spirit. All rights reserved.

All of Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s work including articles, artworks, books, blogs, images, photographs and similar is copyrighted material, and may not be distributed, reproduced or copied in any way without explicit permission from him.

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any of Free Spirit’s articles, artworks, books, blogs, images, photographs and similar on any of his websites or in any other way, shape or form (beyond the exemption of fair use) without his express and written permission is strictly prohibited.

Licensed Images

Images licensed for use by Spiritual Master Free Spirit (from other artists licensed for his use by websites such as AdobeStock or DepositPhotos) in articles, blogs and other media may not be copied or used elsewhere under any circumstances, scraping images from the articles for use elsewhere (which then can render the scraper to legal liability) is explicitly forbidden.

Unauthorized distribution, duplication, replication or unauthorized use of the content may render the infringing party subject to civil or criminal proceedings and/or financial penalty for copyright or trademark infringement. Unauthorized duplication or distribution of any copyrighted material can be treated as copyright theft, which can attract heavy civil and criminal penalties in the Courts..

You agree that any violations of copyright or intellectual property rights against the work of Spiritual Master Free Spiritare legally actionable, if in doubt whether something would constitute a violation, ask first.

Data Protection and Privacy / Cookies

For detailed information please read the GDPR statement.

Business Calls (Recording Policy)

Business telephone calls may be recorded to assist in the provision of high quality customer and client service, such recordings will only be used as far as necessary to assist in that process, after which recordings would be erased.

Force Majeure

Spiritual Master Free Spirit  may, without liability, delay fulfillment in relation to the fulfilment of sales on account of force majeure events or other circumstances beyond the control of Spiritual Master Free Spirit , including, but not limited to, strikes, epidemics, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and similar Acts of God or occurrences of societal disruption including lock-downs, curfews, states of emergency, and similar.

Dispute Resolution / Court of Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising out of the use of this website or of the products and services provided via the website shall be arbitrated in accordance with English Law and that the High Court of Justice in England shall be the sole court of jurisdiction

Other Legal Disclaimers

Spiritual Master Free Spirit does not advocate illegal activities and encourages all people to respect the laws of their nations, including laws related to Ayahuasca. If in the event that any activity mentioned within his Life Work, website or on any blog is illegal in your country – by doing the same, the reader assumes full responsibility for their actions.

Readers agree that they are fully responsible for their lives, actions and decisions – whether inspired by his work or otherwise.

No guarantee of Physical Ascension or Immortality should be inferred. His work should be interpreted as a unique perspective and set of life-experiences, students are responsible for how they interpret the work and integrate the teachings into their lives.

Nothing mentioned within his articles, books, blogs, postings, videos or his Life Work should be construed as medical advice or as a replacement for medical advice.

Any statements made in any of his works are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any kind of detoxification plans or dietary changes should always be discussed with your healthcare professional or a doctor.

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