Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions / Legal Disclaimers 


All Customers of Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s Life Work (including Voyager), visitors to his website and those who have any dealing with Spiritual Master Free Spirit in any other way, shape or form, agree to the following terms and conditions / legal disclaimers.

Limitation Of Liability

In no event shall Spiritual Master Free Spirit, or his directors or admins – be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental or special consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s work.

By ordering his work, you agree to absolve Spiritual Master Free Spirit of all legal liability in relation to any consequence of any kind incurred or experienced by accessing or reading the material, howsoever caused.

You agree his work is a strong and concentrated body of wisdom and may trigger all manner of inner processes, and may present to you difficult issues including existential crisis and/or fear of death because it deals with the collapse of the Earth’s biosphere and the potential end of the human race.

Those who work with such matters can have powerful healings, realizations and understandings that are not so common in humanity – and his work can enable contact with Higher Dimensional Loving ET’s and facilitate all kinds of unusual metaphysical phenomena / big shifts in understanding reality.

You agree to take full responsibility for any and all effects of any kind (including ethical purification processes, facing fears, major life upheavals, karmic metaphysical healing crisis or similar) that may arise – caused by reading / integrating the work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit.


Payment for Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s Life Work or any other product must be paid for by bank wire, for which full details will be provided. No items will be dispatched until the full cleared payment has been confirmed as received.

This can take up to 14 days.

Customers are recommended to use Transferwise to save money on wire fees.

Right to Decline

Spiritual Master Free Spiritreserves the right to decline to sell any of his work to anyone deemed not suited, which includes under 18’s, in such instances his decision is final.

Damaged Products / Delivery Issues

Products damaged in delivery or lost in tracked transit will be replaced at Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s expense. You will be required to show evidence of damage, if requested, in order for replacements to be shipped.

Products awaiting customs clearance cannot be considered lost in transit, and in very rare instances, can take some weeks. Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s admins will ship products with proper customs declarations and will assist with documentation if necessary.


By ordering the Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit or any other study package and making payment, you agree that it includes online access to a large digital archive of discourses, and thus once access has been given/books signed and dispatched – no refunds will be given.

Should the work be disagreeable, or you no longer wish to study the material, no refunds or part refund can be given.

Copyright Issues

All of Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s work is copyrighted material, and may not be distributed, reproduced or copied in any way without explicit permission from him.

This includes the discourses, and unauthorized duplication or distribution will be treated as copyright theft, which can attract heavy civil and criminal penalties.

You agree his work is non-mainstream listed and his books do not carry ISBN’s, and thus may not be resold. Creating fake ISBN’s to resell books is fraud.

By ordering his work, you explicitly agree not to resell all or part of the material, in any way, shape or form whatsoever, and to keep the material within your own household, unless otherwise agreed.

Sharing his work with other less suited people can have very serious metaphysical consequences, and Spiritual Master Free Spirit, under no circumstances, will be held liable for any consequence of doing so.

His work is intended for the sole use of the student and their spouse/life partner.

Due to the strong nature of the message – readers are requested to be mindful of who they expose his work to. This work contains truths that many are not yet ready to be exposed to.

Copyright Statement Articles / Blogs

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any of Free Spirit’s articles on any of his websites (including Blogger) without his express and written permission is strictly prohibited.

Data Protection and Privacy / Cookies

For detailed information please read the GDPR statement.

Important Abuse/Respect Disclaimer

Insulting or disrespecting those on the Master Path or abusing the work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit with ill-intent is unwise and is likely to incur extreme karmic consequences which may manifest as sickness, heavy losses, lawsuits, insolvency, life misfortunes, early manifestations of biosphere collapse such as hurricanes or big fires, ruination, and in severe cases death.

Attempting to abuse, bully, cheat, defame, defraud, harass, insult, intimidate, interfere with, injure, ‘poke fun at’, stalk, steal from or to threaten to inflict any kind of suffering onto Spiritual Masters with evil intent is not recommended.

Those who act as such, or are a party to the above – and ignore the above disclaimers are fully responsible for their conduct and any magnified healing crisis (karmic mirroring effect) and any and all resultant effects that may occur in their lives – either at the time or later – and no legal claims for damages will be entertained in these instances.

In cases where damage has been done to his work, you agree that you will be billed fully for the detriment caused.

In the words of the late philosopher and spiritual teacher Paul Brunton:-

“It is not every day that an Avatar or Adept appears amongst men..

Tremendous forces are centered in the teacher and use him. Whatever you give him you will receive back a thousandfold. Not because he personally wills it but because the forces centred in him give back a thousandfold the good or evil that you send him.

Should you hurt or injure him you will bring terrible physical suffering upon yourself, because by spontaneous reaction you have to get back from him infinitely more than you gave him – and in the same coin.”

Those who disregard the above warnings, do so at their own risk.

Other Legal Disclaimers

Spiritual Master Free Spirit does not advocate illegal activities and encourages all people to respect the laws of their nations.

If in the event that any activity mentioned within his Life Work, website or on any blog is illegal in your country or entails risk of any kind – by doing the same, the reader assumes full responsibility for their actions.

Readers agree that they are fully responsible for their lives, actions and decisions – whether inspired by his work or otherwise.

No guarantee of Physical Ascension or Immortality should be inferred.

Nothing mentioned within his articles, books, blogs, postings, videos or his Life Work should be construed as medical advice or as a replacement for medical advice.

Any statements made in any of his works are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any kind of detoxification plans or dietary changes should always be discussed with your healthcare professional or a doctor.

Updated October 2018