Merkabah Art-Works / Dreaming Merkabahs

Spiritual Master Free Spirit is the creator of unique Merkabah Art-Works/Dreaming Merkabahs, created to enhance awareness and dreaming to the level of the Upper Astral as well as opening inner gateways to contact with Higher-Dimensional Star Beings (Benevolent ET’s/Spirit Guides).

These art-works are very complex and align one to the Higher Intelligences within the Universe. They are an Advanced-Level Dreaming Technology designed to enhance dreaming awareness and the experience of astral travel.

The Voyager Merkabah

When these designs are placed in the sleeping area, or suspended above the bed (with care!), or integrated into a meditation area, they act as conduits for Upper Astral energies that enhance one’s multi-dimensional awareness, trigger extreme dreaming processes and open up gateways for individuals to travel into the astral.

Free Spirit’s contact with Star Beings in the Upper Astral, inspired the designs.

Advanced dreamers and meditators will find these structures can facilitate nocturnal OOBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) that can include journeying to other worlds and planes beyond the Earth – for those vibrationally aligned to this kind of inter-dimensional travel.

The Merkabahs are apt to trigger cleansing processes, conscious awakenings and dreaming breakthroughs thus being well grounded is vital.

One would have a spiritual practice, meditate and do physical and emotional detoxification alongside.

For the best results, one would be abstinent from eating meat/dairy, drinking alcohol and tobacco smoking – ideally mercury dental fillings would be removed as well (safely of course via a holistic dentist).

The finer details of how to make the Voyager Merkabah (pictured) were channelled to Free Spirit one day in the mountains in September 2015 after an experience with higher-dimensional beings from the Sirius star system (8.4 light years from Earth). The white/blue star of Sirius represents vibrational purity, the energies of the Upper Astral Worlds and also contains portals to other regions of the Universe.

Those who work intimately with the structures – coupled with Pineal, Karmic and Emotional Cleansing, will be able to expand their astral / dream journeys into regions far beyond the Solar System where other forms of life exist and conscious dreamers can make contact with ET Star Beings.

Some may be able to do Physical Level Ascension Transmutation work in the body to aid in moving away from heavy diets. Free Spirit sustains on 500-700 calories a day, and hikes for hours on prana alone on sunny days and the structures can assist some to integrate high level energies emanating from our own Sun as well as other stars as explained in Keys to Immortality.

These Merkabahs are suited for well grounded highly evolved souls who know they can physically ascend at the end of this 26,000 year cycle, who will thus have experience in lucid dreaming and journeying into the astral worlds – who can handle having 20, 30 or even 50 dreams in one night.

The intensity of dreaming is triggered by the geometric energies of the Merkabahs which enable the dreamer to access multiple layers of dreaming that exist on other temporal (time) frequencies.

Those with sufficient awareness will be able to retain memory of a lot of the experiences and to bring them back into the body for processing and deeper integration.

Free Spirit’s experience of creating these Merkabahs triggered major astral journeys into far out regions of the dream-time where he had the experience of contact with loving ET’s who gave him much wisdom in relation to the nature of reality, the Universe and the future of life above and beyond the human condition.

The Merkabahs were inspired by contact with Intergalactic Beings from the Higher Astral Worlds of Source after having travelled through the Galactic Central Sun in the astral body. The Beings spoke to Free Spirit deeply and explained to him how to make the structures to channel in the energies of the Galactic Central Sun and Source.

In his many journeys he travelled to Higher Dimensional ET-Worlds and experienced the Universe, receiving many downloads from Loving ET’s that translated into spiritual understanding, transcendent experiences and healing on Earth.

In one experience….

“..The disk than began to spin much faster and appeared to bi-locate. At an incredible speed it propelled itself toward a globular cluster of stars and before I knew it I was on the surface of a strange but beautiful world.

Vast cities had been constructed out of a crystalline material and the entire planet sounded like a Tibetan singing bowl that had been struck. Many of the structures towered high above the surface of this world and had spherical protuberances. Within these spheres, many of the tall and slender Beings could be seen looking outward.

Astral Travelling Gateways

Crafts emerged from spinning port-holes, extremely advanced in appearance – and rippled as they moved as if the entire craft was made of a liquid jellified substance. They would shape-shift into a needle like form and then disappear in an instant, leaving a faint golden trail behind them.

The entire vibration of this place had a strong crystalline aspect to it. There was a powerful feeling that it was a storehouse of knowledge and those within these cities had unlimited powers. Within the towers there appeared to be vast elevators moving at incredible speeds transmitting energy between different spheres. The spheres themselves behaved like plasma balls and pulsed out streams of multi-dimensional lightening that occasionally struck the surface of the planet – resulting in a surface rippling that would create luminous bubbles, which would then float up into space.

Vast streams of plasma surged down from space itself and charged the entire structure. Gazing into the plasma resulted in one being enveloped into a powerful wave of energy carrying one deep into the core of the planet itself where one had the sensation of being inside a huge latticed crystal. The energies of this crystalline core were harnessed to create temporal and dimensional portals to other places within the galaxy. There was a huge spinning device, consisting of spheres within spheres – that would emit plasma bursts into the entire structure of the crystal itself. With each burst came a deeper knowledge of this advanced world. This Core Portal harnessed the energies of the entire galaxy and it was from this energy this civilization lived.

The spheres slowed down and a walkway appeared. Several of the Beings emerged and I was motioned to step in. The interior surface of the sphere looked like the inside of a flawless crystal sphere. The reflection from the intensely smooth surface peeled away a denser layer of the Galactic Light Body, which was then temporarily held in some strange stasis chamber.

The Beings surrounded me in a deep love and told me to prepare to enter the star-gate. A dazzling splash of light then spilled forth from the surrounding sphere and there was a crystalline humming. Many different stars appeared as the internal sphere began to spin at high speed. I heard strange languages and felt the vibration of numerous collectives of advanced alien races. In less than a millisecond of Earth time I was able to see all of these worlds flash before my eyes. Then I found myself hurtling toward one particular star and the star itself opened up to reveal a deep and vast wormhole.

The sphere then plunged deep into the heart of this star and the surfaces of this wormhole revealed a new dimensional aspect. There were civilizations existing within the fires of the star itself and strong powerful Beings of Source showed themselves. They were made out of the fires of the Stars themselves, whilst giving the impression of being very loving. The surfaces of the wormholes rippled in a peristaltic fashion and in a flash of light found myself in a vast ocean of stars, nebulas and planetary systems.

Plasma storms raged across this dimension, accelerating the craft to an insane velocity. The sphere reached a certain threshold where the spatial boundaries collapsed and I was inside the heart of multiple stars at once. The portals of each star within the Galaxy had opened and this craft was free to re-emerge in any system at will.

Everything seemed to slow down with a sensation of time itself dilating and in an eerie experience of slow motion I saw a strange bluish light that enveloped me deeply with another welcoming energy of love, before taking on the form of a long tunnel. I was inside the heart of a blue star, rising to the surface as the familiar backdrop of space appeared once again. Vast blue flares erupted into space as the craft emerged out of the corona of this blue sun. It was a vast star, for it was almost impossible to perceive the stellar curvature.

I looked to the star again and witnessed vast flares of incomprehensible sizes blasting forth, serenely and quietly, from the surface of this vast star. The Beings said that this was the Central Galactic Sun – the heart of the Milky Way. The star is invisible to Earth science for it hides within the ‘apparent’ black hole that astronomers detect on Earth within the Galactic Centre in Sagittarius. The surface itself appeared to ripple and occasionally vast coronal tsunamis would reform the surface appearance of the star. Deep vortices appeared, spilling forth new material from the depths within into the seas of plasma.

The Beings opened their minds again, in deep telepathy – to encourage a deeper remembering. I remembered them many times – how loved and accepted I had been by these Beings – and how over millions of incarnations we had shared lifetimes on worlds. I experienced the deepest possible experience of love as I awoke again to my Intergalactic Self….”

He experienced the love of ET’s from other planes of reality and through that contact, became healed of many things in this world and was able to travel throughout the Universe in his astral body, and to see the reality beyond the collapse of the biosphere – an immortal reality, immune to death, degradation, sickness and suffering – populated by loving ET’s that can enable some people to physically ascend prior to the collapse of the biosphere. He understood that the love of these ET’s was the key to a Physical Ascension, and how higher dimensional ET love can enable an ascension once one has integrated astral reality into the physical reality.

The full sharing of Free Spirit’s experiences in the other worlds with these loving ET’s, assisted by the energies of the Merkabahs, are shared in his Voyager Masterpiece as well as in his earlier books.

Full video assembly instructions are provided and buyers of his Merkabah structures can enhance their astral travel and dreaming processes, as well as serving as unique and rare art-works for contemplation, meditation and enhancing astral awareness in the waking world.

Dreamsphere Merkabah Mach II

For those that work with the Merkabah energies an interesting foray into the Higher Dimensional Universe awaits.

Receptive individuals using these Merkabahs will be able to traverse the galaxy with their higher dimensional astral bodies and access multiple star systems, once their light body has assimilated these structures into its blueprint.

The Light Body can assimilate all kinds of geometries – and once it has done so, it then retains the ability to travel to that particular Star System and one is then connected with the loving ET Intelligence of that particular system.

Those that become competent at this astral travel will activate their Rainbow Body of Light and in due course, their higher-dimensional Star Body and will become conscious interstellar explorers.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s written works and discourses – provide a framework for enabling the student to understand the nature of these mystical experiences generated by the use of the Merkabahs and also assists Voyagers to integrate the love of ET’s into their Earthly life (for grounding such astral experiences is vital), to make sense of the karmic reality on Earth and how to deal with the matter of the collapse.

Inception Merkabah

These Merkabahs can trigger intense dreaming, OOBE’s, major chakra realignments and strong dimensional shifts within one’s Consciousness.

The energy that these Advanced Merkabahs amplify requires a strong grounding, supportive conditions for spiritual practice and the ability to work with intense blockages on the path. Those working with the structures will realize the nature of astral energy gateways and will be familiar to some extent with regard to how to integrate astral energy into their awareness and spiritual practice.

Through my own work as a Merkabah Artist – he discovered that these structures have the power to instigate dimensional journeying. They appear to amplify the energies of the cosmos into this dimension, opening up portals within space-time that are accessible to those of a high enough vibration, acting as hyper-dimensional astral star portals.

Inception Merkabah – Blue

Contemplation and the meditation upon such Merkabah Geometries allow one’s consciousness to connect with our higher dimensional energy and can create powerful conscious gateways into other spheres.

Stars throughout the Galaxy contain various geometries at their core, creating quantum gateways into higher dimensional spheres and linking different star systems together. Each Star tends to have a unique higher-dimensional portal within that embodies the geometry of the Archimedean Solids, explaining how intrepid astral travellers can visit other Star Systems and alien worlds.

Receptive individuals using these Merkabahs will be able to traverse the galaxy with their higher dimensional body and access multiple star systems, once their light body has assimilated these structures into its blueprint.

The Astral Body can assimilate all kinds of geometries – and once it has done so, it then retains the ability to travel to that particular Star System and one is then connected with the ET Intelligence of that system.

Those that become competent at this will activate their Rainbow Body of Light and in due course, their Higher-dimensional Star Body and will become conscious interstellar explorers. Advanced Astral Travellers can then travel beyond the Astral Worlds into further regions of Universal Consciousness and have some of the experiences shared in Voyager.

These Merkabah Artworks are an inclusive part of The Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit, those who invest in his Life Work can build many of these structures as part of the experience (with some complex compact structures being shipped whole).

Astral Travelling Gateways Image Licensed to Free Spirit by Shutterstock