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The Teachings of Spiritual Master Free Spirit (in discourse and literary form) including VOYAGER are suited for those who are well grounded in the Earthly, interested in the experiences that he had in the Higher Astral Planes and in his Earthly Life, and who respect the value of his awareness and the teachings – reflected in the cost of his work.

Author Signed Collectors Items.


The Complete Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit consists of the entirety of his teachings in discourse and written form. The package includes 121 Private Video Discourses and 6 rare author signed books, including Keys to Immortality and his Voyager Masterpiece which are not mainstream listed and a large array of very complex Dreaming Merkabahs.

Those who invest in his Life Work will be able to build many of them (a large house will be required for 10-15 large structures) in order to explore astral awareness, dreaming and meditation with the structures, other structures are shipped whole in large padded boxes.

The Teachings of Spiritual Master Free Spirit (in discourse and literary form) are suited for those who are well grounded in the Earthly, who are grounded in truth and integrity and are interested in the experiences that he had in the Higher Planes and in his Life with Loving ETs, and who respect the value of his awareness and the teachings – reflected in the cost of his work.

Students will need their whole lives remaining on Earth to assimilate and integrate the material.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s 6 author-signed rare literary works including The Voyager Masterpiece  (Mint Condition Author Signed Collectors Items*) and the 121 Discourses constitutes his Complete Life Work and Teachings.

They serve as a deep, unique and personal sharing of his many experiences in the astral worlds with loving ET’s, and how a 10 year+ experience with such beings changed his outlook and Earthly Life.

Keys to Immortality and Voyager are Hardback.

His Life Work is most suited for those well-extracted from Earthly karma, established in plant based diets, retired from the Matrix, healthy in body, heart, mind and spirit – and with few (or no) energy cords to the karmic worlds.

VOYAGER offers a glimpse into spiritual reality as seen from the perspective of a Spiritual Master and is the product of many years of intensive spiritual purification. In the presence of deeply loving Star Beings from Source, Free Spirit came to understand how the human race is in serious trouble and that it is only a matter of time before catastrophic climate change triggers a massive human die-off.

His ongoing relationship with Star Beings and the Source has revealed to Free Spirit that it is possible to leave a dying biosphere as a fully-realized Voyager and not have to bear witness to the collapse of human civilization.

Voyager contains some of the purest and most refined spiritual teachings available anywhere on Earth. It is also a candid, detailed and open sharing of Free Spirit’s experiences and journeys with Higher-Dimensional ET’s in the Upper Astral Worlds.

Free Spirit shares how his relationship with the Star Beings and Source has become refined and purified in recent years – as well as how to integrate spiritual knowledge into the awareness of the body in order to ascend and be free from the karma of suffering and death.

Voyager is an Advanced Level Masterpiece for those who can handle strong truths and who are ready to purify themselves in the presence of Source.

His work is a product of many years of profoundly transformational experiences with loving Star Beings from other worlds and is suited to those who believe in the existence of Higher Dimensional ET’s and are aligned to a Physical Ascension in this life. His work speaks of a love from Higher Worlds that acts as a gateway beyond the human condition.

His Life Work and the Mentoring are most suited for Starseeds on advanced paths, for those well-extracted from Earthly karma, established in plant based diets, retired from the Matrix, healthy in body, heart, mind and spirit – and with few (or no) energy cords to the karmic worlds, who are called by their Source to study and work with the advanced level teachings of the Spiritual Master.

ONLINE SPIRITUAL MENTORING  The Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit also includes access to him for 1 Year of Spiritual Mentoring by way of Video Conferencing Calls (via Skype, Zoom or similar) for those wishing to share their spiritual journey in great depth and benefit from the wisdom of the Spiritual Master and able to invest the necessary merit exchange in the mentoring arrangement.

The Calls are also useful to facilitate the discussion of the most challenging, serious, life-changing, important spiritual and/or earthly matters. The expertise of the Spiritual Master is most suited for those working on areas such as winning big disputes, those with spiritual entrepreneurial endeavours, big life changes and those wanting to extract from complex karma stories.

Investment –  £1 million

+20% VAT (total amount invoiced will be £1.2 million)

5 reviews for Voyager / The Complete Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit

  1. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Dittmann

    “Voyager – A Gateway to the Stars” by Spiritual Master Free Spirit is an extraordinary book. It explores in detail the philosophical aspects of spirituality, offering a fascinating, unconventional perspective on how we, as humans, experience the world, why we are here and what we are doing here.

    What I love most about “Voyager” is its practical approach: Far from being “only” an interesting read for people interested in philosophy and spirituality, it offers insights and tools for the hands-on kind of spiritual work a person must do in order to evolve and grow. For example, the book presents clear and simple instructions on how to access, perceive and release karmic blockages. I have worked with the chapter on karmic healing intensely and can, therefore, attest its effectiveness. “Voyager” is a guide to self-empowerment, self-realization and, ultimately, ascension – understood as the pinnacle of human evolution (the actual ascension of the physical body, not only a gradual moving up the vibrational levels).

    I also was very intrigued by the detailed description of the higher-vibrational worlds the book offers – very, very vivid and fascinating. I surely can recommend this work to everyone who is interested in a serious study of the spiritual realms and in doing the inner work it takes to access them, and, perhaps, even ascend.

    Alexandra Dittmann, Germany

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have studied a lot of Free Spirit’s work and Voyager is very insightful. To me, it feels like Free Spirit was able to take all of his life work, mystical experiences and understandings and ground them into the physical manifestation of Voyager. The book felt well-rounded and complete, covering topics that relate to spiritual reality, Ascension, biosphere collapse and how to ascend off of the planet and not experience a standard collapse-death.

    The process of reading it can be intense, if one is serious about these understandings and still learning on this Path, the book will trigger one to look deeper into one’s being in order to purify one’s relationship with Source. The book is very clear. Voyager can benefit one for life and post-life. The book gives insights into how to burn off karma so one can ascend or at least direct one’s next physical incarnation to be as favorable as possible. It provides ego purification practices to assist in one’s process. Voyager has some profound insights on dreaming, waking dreaming, deep sleep as well as all manner of spiritual reality.

    It was useful for me, for example, to understand Free Spirit’s insights into matters such as how it is possible to hold awareness when one goes into the after-life so one can consciously direct where one goes from there. Upon finishing the book, I look back and I understand that I now know myself more on a deeper level. I feel illuminated. The book is a guide and I know it will continue to be an asset for me as long as necessary.

    The book is well worth the money in my opinion.
    Thank you for the book Free Spirit.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Mark, Australia

    The Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit will find its way to those of the right vibrational frequency and purity in the most synchronistic of manner, in this unique timeline of our 3D physical incarnation in Earthbound reality.

    If you are here reading these words, and they resonate – this offering is for you. This work serves as a very specific, detailed instruction manual – to deprogram a lifetime(s) worth of conditioning of the mind, body, ego complex – off the Karmic Wheel of Gaia at this vantage point in linear time. The wisdom is crafted in such a unique manner & the contents immaculately detailed in such a way to offer the reader powerful multi-layered, interdimensional awakenings & realisations to our true nature as beings of source.

    The words themselves are not the only lessons the reader can expect – they are the keys, the blueprints & foundations to be sequentially unlocked within the readers mind. The subtle & hidden access codes to break down the human conditioning. The words are constructed in such a manner that regardless of the readers individuality, nature & perception of existence shaped by interactions & experiences of this lifetime(s) – discreet seeds of subtle awakening are planted in the thoughts, indexed memories & archived experiences subconsciously catalogued in the readers mind.

    The work is substantial and powerful. It will take many months, even years to initially work through – and the wisdom contained within will be integrated (both consciously & subconsciously) over the succeeding period of the readers life.

    The reader will undergo and experience incredible transformation, learning to access higher spheres of awareness through the pineal gateway (previously unknown & inaccessible). The reader will find that this work will break down the subtlest conditions of the mind. It will bring to the surface awareness of complex subtle areas of belief, conditioning & energetic vibration – which can be later realised as limitations holding one back.

    It will give the reader the tools to correctly address and process emotional baggage & traumas, past & present life karma, instructing the reader how to conduct oneself in the highest manner, impeccability and many other esoteric wisdoms. It will reveal the misleading nature of thought. In the end the reader will learn how to renounce the ego mind, after first understanding its complexity (at the most subtle energetic & vibrational level) and the many means of deception the mind has played against humanity during this age.

    I have not come across this immense depth of wisdom teachings from any other source. We are at a unique crossroad in the sphere of 3D incarnation on Gaia during these last moments of linear time. The end of an era of enslavement. Spiritual Master Free Spirits life work will prepare the reader for a new outlook on Humanity and Mother Earth, by contemplating, biosphere collapse, rapid environmental changes, collapse of the system – allowing the reader to process and work through any shock or associated fear with such extinction level events.

    Voyager – A Gateway to the Stars – will prepare the reader with the understanding to realise the very nature of Ascension in this cycle. It will provide an understanding of the readers own unique ascension pathway – and describe how to leave planet Earth, with or without the need of a body. By the time that the reader is working with the Voyager Masterpiece, much of the learnings and wisdom will be coming from within. The Voyager Masterpiece serves as a means to allow the reader to unlock access to their own ascension wisdom from within.

    What if everything you thought you ever knew about being a human being was wrong?

    Shrouded and tainted by misleading false truths for your entire lifetime(s) & unknowingly reinforced by others surrounding you, part the system that by its very design is in place to keep humanity from awakening to this reality.

    For some it is too confronting to look behind the veil. For others that is what we are here to do. This life was chosen for a reason; for some perhaps it has been a long journey throughout the reincarnation cycle to experience and learn the many lessons of duality.

    For others perhaps it is only a single incarnation, here to observe and bear witness to the great Ascension and liberation of Mother Earth. And for those who heed the calling, perhaps it is more than that – perhaps this incarnation was chosen for a very specific reason by you, and known only to you… to play a key role in this grand cosmic event. Gaia needs our help. There is important work to be done before this Ascension cycle will complete.

    Free Spirits life work will give you the keys to hidden chambers of perception & unlock access to the eternal wisdom which lies within you. This work serves only as a method to access that doorway and it is you who must walk through that doorway.

    There is a reason you are here now reading these words, what comes next is up to you…

  4. 5 out of 5


    I always had a strong interest in ET matters, death, and what lies on the other side of it. It was during further researching esoteric knowledge and practices so as to advance into higher realms that i came across Free Spirit in 2015.

    Throughout the path i also had dreams of mass flooding and apocalypse scenarios with fires ravaging the surrounding and portals from ET’s opening leading to salvation. I can attest that the ET energy/theme, matters of death and transcendence, other worlds and the collapse of this world seem to have been driving forces in my life that have led to the exploration of things which have catalyzed deep healing in my life.

    Im very grateful to have had our paths cross, and to have been a match to it and the work, i do feel very fortunate indeed and have immense gratitude for everything you’ve done with the work and facilitated, our deepest thank you Free.

    It has all been very reaffirming to all of my deepest wishes for deep truth and knowledge and knowing that its indeed for me, and im forever grateful to creation for the journey and all its blessed us with.

    Matthew, USA

  5. 5 out of 5

    Kyle Steinle

    Over 7 years ago, I began reading Free Spirit’s books, listening to his guided meditations, and watching his discourses on nearly a daily basis. Since I received his teachings, I feel that I have made incredible progress on my journey as a human being. I now feel love in ways that I have never felt before. I have had experiences of truth and wisdom that I never thought were possible. I have healed relationships with my family, with myself, and have grown closer to loved ones more than I ever have experienced in my life. I have learned to accept, to forgive, to love, and to heal.

    Additionally his teachings have helped me to acknowledge and work on healing addictions to alcohol and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. These things can only be achieved if you really want them for yourself, but without the help of Free Spirit who knows how long these understandings would have taken me.

    During my time reading, watching, understanding, and integrating, I have had many back and forth communications with Free Spirit. Every direct communication with him has been respectful, polite, considerate, genuine and honest. He gives me a sense of comfort as he explains the processes of life and spirituality, and I always feel encouraged by his words.

    If it weren’t for Free Spirit’s guidance, I feel that I would still be hung up on some fear based conspiracy theory or sitting in a bar wasting my money on alcohol. I would not have had the courage to work through healing the deepest traumas of my life, and I would not have achieved the deeper understanding of Life and Love as I now have.

    There is still more learning ahead for me, so I am forever grateful to have Free Spirit’s teachings to guide me along the way. I truly believe that he is a man of pure integrity. In my eyes his practices have been nothing but ethical and in the spirit of highest Love. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it were not for him.

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