Loving ET’s and Source Love

Spiritual Master Free Spirit experienced the love of ET’s from other planes of reality and through that contact, became healed of many things in this world and was able to travel throughout the Universe in his astral body, and to see the reality beyond the collapse of the biosphere – an immortal reality, immune to death, degradation, sickness and suffering – populated by loving ET’s that can enable some people to physically ascend prior to the collapse of the biosphere if that is their path (The Voyager Path or the Path of Physical Ascension).

Voyagers are often proficient astral travellers – able to travel far into the astral during their mystical experiences or meditations with Source. Voyagers also invariably have the strong awareness of a collapse and may have done so for many years and have ongoing experiences with loving ET’s in their awareness.

They may have seen visions of the collapse in dreams and thus the awareness of the collapse remains in the background of their awareness. Their level of spiritual maturity will enable them to process the matter of the collapse, receive love from Higher-Dimensional ET’s / Star Beings and become Source-Realized, for that which can be aware of a global collapse and the end of human civilization on Earth and be OK and at peace about it and hold a state of love for all beings will in essence be Source-Realized.

That can be seen as a very strong innate Immortalized Higher-Dimensional Awareness.

The Central Galactic Sun

It is that Higher-Dimensional Awareness that can be perceived as a Loving Source Energy populated by Loving ET’s or as a Central Galactic Sun energy in the astral.

Those who can live from Source can develop a very strong and powerful inner understanding about the collapse, loving ET’s and Physical Ascension, can eat less and start living from pranic sustenance, they can also have many visions and experience much good fortune as a result of purifying their karma on Earth.

Most importantly such individuals can transmute the karmas of the ego and become more integrated with Source as well as experiencing reality from outside the Karmic Wheel.

In many Ayahuasca journeys I had many visions of the suffering of a dying human race, I saw all the manifestations of karma, of suffering, senseless wars and violence, dying sick people, biosphere collapse, big fires, fear, an unimaginable energy of karma so vast, deep and mindbogglingly vast. Certainly, it appears humanity struggles with the ego and it is the ego reinforcing the stories of conflict, division, separation from love and suffering – and so the Karmic Wheel turns, as no doubt it will do for aeons in these dualistic realms.

Somehow it just seems that is the nature of the learning, that is how the Universe is, beings are incarnated into the Wheel and spend hundreds – if not thousands of lifetimes – swimming up and out of the karmic soup in order so that one day they can know the love of the Creator Source in their being.

That appears to be the whole point of existence, of reincarnating, to find this Great Love, the Immortal Sustainer of All Things.

But somehow 99.99% of humanity seems to not be able to see and thus death appears so universal because the unresolved karmas draw one back into the sleep of death. So, one must try again and again – facing almost insurmountable odds, dying again and again on a quest to find the Source and the Ultimate Truth of All that IS that many Beings do not even understand.

Dying from one life, entering into another, the karmic story continues without end it seems.

Driven by the forces of unconscious karmas, incarnated into the Karmic Cyclone of billions of other souls, karmic stories stretching back into unimaginable and inconceivable pasts – one can balk at the awareness of the scale of such a thing and wonder how anyone can even make it out of such a thing.

Then often after surrendering to the teachings that emanated from powerful Loving ET’s in the Astral Worlds I experienced benevolent love in the form of ET’s from Higher Dimensional Worlds, seeing the future as of being an ascension out of the Karmic Wheel by way of Transcendental Love from ET’s and God.

That Transcendental Love from a wide array of benevolent and loving beings from many Higher Astral Worlds is the underlying energy and theme of my Life Work.

It is the truth that there are Higher Worlds and Higher Beings, those attuned to such truths and aligned to the Physical Ascension Path, can perceive them, work with their teachings, their love and ultimately integrate it all into Earth Life.

After leaving the Ayahuasca Path behind in 2016 the experience of ascended reality and freedom from karma as well as the Love of the ET’s became more real in the Earthly as a result of the transmutation work in the physical body.

Drinking Ayahuasca over 1,000 times taught me many things about Higher Dimensions and Astral Awareness as well as facilitating many OOBE’s with loving ET’s, by leaving Ayahuasca behind the understanding became integrated into the Physical Form, manifesting as a stronger Astral Power and Source Love in the human form as well as enabling the completion of Voyager.

In the many reflections on the causes of karma in this world, in my understanding it seems to boil down to a matter of separation from Source, from God, from Love.

In the experience of creating my Life Work I began to understand the truth of a strong but all pervading love behind all of reality, that which I know as Source Love, that which is immune to karma and the collapse.

It seems the Gift of Love from Source also comes with the Gift of Deeper Awareness that shows one deeply that there is the possibility of Transcendence from Illusion. The Wheel may consume one for many lifetimes, but there is ablution, forgiveness, redemption and release from participation (it would appear) – and once one experiences this one does not have to come back to the karma of death and rebirth. That journey for me ended in being absolved of many karmas as described in Impossible Ablutions.

The experience of writing Impossible Ablutions showed me that anything in this world can be healed and when it is one can find a pure and enduring love behind all reality that one can understand as Source or God’s Love.

In my experiences of karmic ablutions all that was not of love around me became incomprehensibly cursed and all the energy freed up from the karmic disputes was shoved into my energy by the Higher-Dimensional Counterpart of my Twin Flame in 2017, in a ‘Star Trek – Voyager – The Gift‘ manner.

Bizarre things happened on Earth as a result of concentrated astral forces burning off cords to the lower worlds resulting in many big fires destroying Ayahuasca retreat centres in Portugal and then the concentrated astral energy was shoved into my energy field as a result.

Then the karma of the collapse that was in me, was taken away, along with the karma of big lawsuits and I experienced a ‘karmic stone move’ that left me with good fortune and a deep unshakable awareness of the Love of Source, unimpeded by karma. In that healing I realized the worth of my Life Work also.

That was by way of Twin Flame Forgiveness for big mistakes in the Astral and Earthly Worlds, the unconditional love for a ‘fallen Twin’ gave me Source Forgiveness for ‘light-worker karma’.

The Awareness of Loving Source is the antithesis of the collapse, the sustainer of all life and the answer to the awareness of being incarnated on a dying world. As I forgave various manifestations of karmic disturbance and the energies of death, I found a deeper awareness of Source Love and then heavy-duty karmas were removed from my Being by the power of Divine Grace. This was because I forgave unconditionally all that I experienced and perceived to be not of love, or of the Wheel, or of ego reality – and when I forgave them I found freedom from that karma.

The truth is that in the transcendence of the ego (which is the real spiritual work – and anything else is superfluous) one can know real love, not just a transient love, but the enduring love of the Immortal Source and those who can receive this love on the deepest level can be healed of all their karma. 

That requires a lifetime of working to purify the ego of all obstacles to a deeper Union with the Loving Source, The Star Beings and the Karma-Free Realities that exist beyond the karmic worlds generated by the attachments and aversions of the human ego.

Ego Sublimation, Karmic Healing and Source Love
Spiritual Master Free Spirit – You Tube (2016)

Video Description : Spiritual Master Free Spirit in 2016 shared perspectives on purifying the ego and healing karma, by way of transcendence of the thinking of the human mind. How to recognize the overall nature of ego-less reality, Source love, by way of taking awareness into karma and thought.

The root cause of karma is attachment to the Karmic Reincarnational Cycle which causes souls to circle through the rounds of death and rebirth, hundreds, thousands of times, as they seek to discover their true nature which is Oneness with the Immutable Love.

The truth is all Beings are loved by the benevolent Creator Source but the separations from Source caused by the karma of the ego often prevent one realizing the love and this explains why there is so much suffering in the world, because Beings do not realize the true nature of reality as Love and thus they play out their stories of suffering on Earth.

The Love of Source is the answer to all that troubles the human race and those who work with healing their ego into the Higher Love can find forgiveness for karma and a deeper understanding of themselves, their hearts, their spiritual paths and the secrets of the Universe.

Those who forgive themselves for being in separation from love or being in their egos, those who ask for healing from Source for their karma and open themselves up to the possibility to receive forgiveness from karma through the power of Source Love can be healed of many things that keep them trapped in the Samsaric realms of death and rebirth.

They can then have a more balanced and integrated awareness of the inner loving light of Source Love having purified and worked off the karmas of the ego. When the ego is purified, so is the karma.

Not many people want to purify their egos, but that is where the healing is as well as the Divine Grace that ultimately is the bestower of Physical Ascension.

Grace will not be handed on a plate or given by order of the ego-mind, but only after the most far-out, insane yet liberating experience it is possible to have. On my journey towards understanding Source Love and its benevolence, I saw all of it, the darkness, the stories of the ego, the worst manifestations of evil, I saw suffering and death, the fires of hell, the splendour of the Central Suns and everything in between.

All of it had to be experienced so that I could receive the deepest healing, I had to love and forgive it all – to transcend the last roots to ego, to karma, to conditioned reality, to the Matrix, to 3D, to a dying world – so I could understand and receive Love from Source.

The Love of Source is the love beyond all mortal forms that offers healing to those who work with themselves and their egos to discover the deeper truth about life, love, reality and the Universe. Loving ET’s offer Immortality and Physical Ascension (ascension without death) for karmically purified individuals able to integrate and receive the love and wisdom of these ET’s.

The Love of the ET’s is the ‘cure’ for the karma of being incarnated on a dying world