I and a handful of my soul group members are the few ascendants and winners in an Ayahuasca Sorcery War waged in the astral for control of the energy and power of the Spiritual Master for non-consensual anchoring in ayahuasca ceremonies involving several hundred thousand people planet-wide, a Sorcery War (and a set of legal disputes) that the ayahuasca community lost.

It resulted in a huge curse that appears to have been cast from the Higher Powers and then channelled through me and served upon a vast collective of ayahuasca users smoking weed and then claiming false arrogation rights to (unsuccessfully) attempt to assimilate and enslave the Spiritual Master (me) into forced service of the organization (against my free will) – reminiscent of the Voyager-Borg assimilation wars in Star Trek Voyager.

In this case resistance was not futile.

The resultant carnage is the biggest ayahuasca energy and judicial disaster in history, at least 10 countries criminalized ayahuasca and hundreds of thousands of people lost a lot of energy and merit in a huge astral power war in an attempt to assimilate my energy into the core of the organization to become powerful. The end result is a total curse of disempowerment and energy collapse on the organization appearing as irreversible judicial and legal defeat.

It is a salutary lesson of the consequences of ayahuasca and cannabis induced defiance and hubris to war for energy and taken to extremes. It is the most dangerous pitfall from those that use such substances like ayahuasca, cannabis and LSD for many decades, in that the spiritual-awareness is lost and then people can make grave spiritual transgressions and/or claim false arrogation rights on others in an attempt to manipulate or control energy.

Then come the power wars.

In Sorcery Wars involving the Spiritual Master and others who have transcended such a path (using ayahuasca to access the astral planes), those needing ayahuasca to access the astral planes lose such Sorcery Wars. For the reason being that no-one using ayahuasca and/or cannabis really has a chance to handle the extreme level sorcery forces existent in the astral planes, the chances of being burned to death by the Astral Fire is far greater !

Those who believed they could overthrow the Spiritual Master on ayahuasca, whilst trying to criminalize the Spiritual Master with malice, failed in their endeavours and the entire organization was defeated in energy, merit and in legal standing.

The attempt to criminalize and maliciously persecute the work of the Spiritual Master (with malice) as a punishment for refusing to serve the ayahuasca community with his energy was unsuccessful with the intentions appearing in the Santo Daime Church as a curse of energy collapse, a curse of bizarre and catastrophic paranormal fires attributed to black magic and sorcery wars with ayahuasca.

Astral Sorcery Wars

The ever present duality between light and dark, good and evil, black and white magic and the wars for merit balance and redistribution (based on past and current life karmas, both on a personal and collective level) have raged, and rage, in the astral planes for aeons and the cause of such struggles is a war for dominion over control of the Astral Power and the ones who are grounded in Brahmachariya ultimately win as a result of power in the base chakra invincible to being overthrown or defeated.

Invariably ayahuasca users conglomerate into large collectives and then attempt to gatecrash the astral planes (or Shamans and Spiritual Masters who have a stronger energy) for power and supremacy (pushing for a short cut to spiritual ascension) whilst being improperly grounded in brahmachariya, ethics, karmic purity, morality and spiritual practice.

Over time the result is a huge imbalance that then spills over into the astral planes and in extreme cases requires a high-level Sorcery War to tidy up the energy pollution, restore the purity of the astral planes and prevent access to Astral Portals to those organizations misusing the astral energy with malevolent or impure motives to gain astral supremacy and power. In some cases Sorcery Wars have huge earthly consequences and can appear on Earth as destructive curses on the offenders involved.

Those with some Sorcery Understanding will realize the Astral Ascension Gateways are guarded by the Astral Fire Element and then can understand how in the opening stage of the Ayahuasca Sorcery War at least 18 ayahuasca retreat centres were burnt to the ground, understanding the cause of such fires (and why they were foreseen) is entry level understanding for those wishing to understand Sorcery and the results of Astral Sorcery Wars on Earth.

Medieval Conquistador wars from long ago involving Christian Missionaires slaughtering the first wave of Ayahuasca Shamans from long ago can also find balance in this life in the form of big astral energy disputes to make karma correction and remedy for past life karma. History is filled with tales of religious persecution and bloody wars in the name of God, in the Santo Daime Church dispute the organization had to take back their own curse of religious (and legal) persecution – that had nothing to do with me.

The winners in such Astral Sorcery Wars gain karma (and legal) immunity and Ayahuasca Churches that try to push through the karma of their own persecution for others to take – lose. In this case the Santo Daime Church attempted to shove their own karma persecution stories on me in favour of their advancement and failed as a result of Divine Intervention from God.

It is rooted in false arrogation claims (the right to claim without agreement the energy of the Spiritual Master) and attempts to take the merit of the Spiritual Masters without permission.

The cure for false arrogance is the dissolution of the power base of the Ayahuasca Church and the law did not help the Santo Daime to achieve its goal to overthrow the Spiritual Master.

It’s a lesson in never to interfere with the cognitive freedom and self determination (Article 9 rights) of the Spiritual Master and the severe consequences of attempting to force arrogation rights on the Spiritual Master in defiance of Divine Law. Karmic Immunity (Eternal Love) is immune to being overthrown (and immunity to being legally persecuted with malice) and the whole organization is energetically and legally cursed (with defeat and huge energy losses) as a result.

Sometimes such disputes have to be fought out in the Astral Planes, defeated adversaries forfeit their karmic merit in favour of the victor, the one with less karma and more spiritual merit behind them. The danger of ayahuasca hubris is it leads people to fight on long past the point rational people would accept defeat, medieval history is filled with stories of arrogant kings in hubris making reckless decisions cursing their people with mass slaughter in one last attempt to win a forlorn war, such dynamics reincarnate in modern times and in this instance an army of ayahuasca users that tried to bring me down lost and the collateral energy and legal damage was extreme.

Extreme in this instance defined as being – the restitution from the losing side is all of the astral energy from the organization accumulated over 90 years or so since its inception in the 1930’s, all the merit energy from hundreds of thousands of ayahuasca drinkers within it, many legal defeats for them everywhere in Europe including an inevitable defeat in the European Court of Human Rights bringing an end to the legal freedom of ayahuasca and the widespread criminalization of the organization for some decades to come.

There are lessons in collective karma and the dangers of sacrificing one’s individuality or investing one’s energy and merit into a large collective energy, if something goes catastrophically wrong somewhere in it, the whole organization takes the hit and everyone takes a share of the karmic descent.

From Wikipedia – hubris is usually perceived as a characteristic of an individual rather than a group, although the group the offender belongs to may suffer collateral consequences from wrongful acts.

Wise individuals will see disputes and energy wars, and medieval wars, as vast mechanisms for the transfer of energy, karma stones, merit and power between two opposing sides, forces or collectives, the winners end up with the white karma stones and ascend out of the dispute.

Conflict and dispute is part and parcel of walking the Advanced Paths unless one is prepared to forgo one’s merit and to have one’s position in the Reincarnational Cycle forced downward by external forces against one’s own Sovereignty. Once one gets to the periphery of the Reincarnational Cycle and reaches a higher level of astral awareness (astral ascension by way of karmic virtue), some kind of large scale energy dispute is an inevitable part of the process.

Thoughts and Perspectives

In terms of the bigger picture of my work, it seems that Higher-Dimensional Forces / God / Source may use me as a Prophet to speak to the human race at an undetermined hour. What the message is and at what hour remains to be seen.It seems that organizations opposed to my work are totalled by prophesied Category 5 hurricanes, tsunamis, fires and/or are crippled with lawsuits and adverse court judgments, huge financial losses and then they undergo a curse of organizational/empire collapse to the point of utter destruction.

It appears a protection from Source and my Star Beings that appears to deliver curses on those opposed to my work and then the organizations (and individuals) involved run into massive karmic problems. In the case of Santo Daime all the forfeited astral merit and white karma stones sucked out of the organization resulting in organizational collapse appear in me to then be used to expand upon my own organizations, perhaps for a wider dissemination of teachings, or to deliver an important message, or perhaps to deliver messages from the Star Beings if there is a huge cataclysmic event on Earth. Sometimes why one is on the Earth and for what purpose and reasons are not always known in its fullness but it could be said that Santo Daime Church sacrificed their energy and karmic merit for my work. Whatever that work is must be significant, more important than an international organization of ayahuasca users totalling hundreds of thousands of people, work that appears to require a serious amount of energy and power.

It also appears to require many years in private and silent spiritual practice as preparation for being a strong channel for Star Beings. It could also be said I inherited the energy of the entire organization of ayahuasca in order to become a spiritual teacher to the human race free from the karma of malicious interference or opposition as well as becoming immune to hatred.

As Brunton wrote in his Notebooks ‘Their Roots in Ego

62 As that esteemed Indian yogi and philosopher, the late Sri Aurobindo, more than once mentioned, those who are working for the survival of Truth in a truthless world thereby become targets for powerful forces of hatred wrath and falsehood. Whoever publicly bears a deeply spiritual message to humanity, has to suffer from evil’s opposition.

63 These are warped minds who, fumbling on the lower levels of human existence, spit venom and spill hatred over the man who declares the existence of higher ones.

64 These hostile manifestations invariably make their appearance after the teacher has made an appearance anywhere. Light must inevitably cast a shadow. Yet on the credit side they served a useful purpose. They help him and they help his probationers. They remind him that he must not stake a claim on any part of this earth’s surface or in any human heart. They test the intuition and keenness of the probationers. When these have survived all the tests, he may accept them and begin their real inner work together; thereafter God himself cannot prize them apart from their teacher, for then they know with whom they are dealing.

I had the experience of many years of malicious hatred, nasty persecution energies unseen and seen opposing forces and what can be described as venemous interference in my work, since 2016 (by way of leaving ayahuasca away and entering into Source in Brahmachariya), became immune to such interference. It could also be seen that by drinking ayahuasca I originally inherited a curse of persecution energy that the organization then had to have back by the means of the Sorcery War previously mentioned and then I ascended out of that collective.

It can also be derived from the matter the Gods tend to favour those who refine themselves beyond ayahuasca (and weed) and enter into closer understanding with Source/God, direct, without any adjuncts but that appears a side lesson. It is probably the truth that those who have had contact with my work over the years on an individual level are advanced level in terms of the reincarnational cycle. It is possible to advance significantly with my work and hold the spiritual level and attain much understanding from my work.

People would be wise to remain humble and strong in their energy, most importantly opening up to the Eternal Love of the Higher Power (benevolence and divine protection), which would appear to be the main part of any message. Each reader can also reflect deeply on the nature of Source, Source Love (or Eternal Love) the antidote to the karma of participation in the potential collapse of the human civilization and the associated loss in awareness.

The degree to which one understands and is aligned with this Eternal Love is the degree to which one is assisted by the benevolence of the Higher Power on their spiritual paths.

My Experiences of Ayahuasca (in summary)

When I drank Ayahuasca 1,000 times or more between 2008-2016 I had many visions of the suffering of a dying human race, I saw all the manifestations of karma, of suffering, senseless wars and violence, dying sick people, biosphere collapse, big fires, fear, an unimaginable energy of karma collapse so vast, deep and mindbogglingly vast.

Then often after surrendering to the teachings that emanated from powerful Loving ET’s in the Astral Worlds I experienced benevolent love in the form of ET’s from Higher Dimensional Worlds, seeing the future as of being an ascension out of the Karmic Wheel by way of Transcendental Eternal Love from ET’s.

In the experience of creating my Life Work I began to understand the truth of a strong but all pervading love behind all of reality, that which I know as Eternal Love or ET/Source Love, that which is immune to the karma of the collapse.

Eternal Love lifted me out of the karma of an apocalyptic ayahuasca catastrophe – and the aftermath of the worst kind of astral energy war imaginable and thus Eternal Love saved me from the karma of (aka ascended me out of) that particular collapse scenario.

Those that went into my work over the years can reflect on how this ayahuasca catastrophe was, or may be, a dress rehearsal (aka a dummy run) for being ascended (by Eternal Love) out of the collapse of humanity as a whole and ponder upon the matter of what Eternal Love from Star Beings / ETs / Source actually is (and that is advanced work), discerning it from human love, light-worker love and other kinds of love and then meditating on the importance of ultimately approaching Source without ayahuasca for grounding in the Eternal.

Some will also realize that by me not sharing the Star Being messages cheaply or widely (and thus degrading the message of Eternal Love in the wrong settings or with the wrong soul groups) there became an immunity to outer interference and it may be it is a set of messages that are not intended to be shared with many.

Earthly and Divine Laws

The wise ones on the spiritual quest for spiritual freedom will tame the ego and purify the characteristics of disobedience and rebellion. Anarchy, defiance, disobedience and rebellion does not lead to spiritual freedom but instead to chaos, descent into the Wheel / ego-reinforced karma as well as hubris problems that ultimately lead to karmic degradation, retardation and downslide.

One will then invariably transgress against spiritual (divine) laws and be disadvantaged in attaining the Higher Grades of Awareness and then comes the karma downfall. There is a lot to be said for ethical grounding (respect for ethical, legal and moral laws), inner child healing (that purifies rebellion), not going too much into plant medicine/ayahuasca (that fosters psychedelic disobediance) and developing a strong and healthy respect for spiritual awareness.

Once one wants to attain the Higher Grades of Awareness, there are strong laws and rules of Awareness, without purification of the ego (renunciation of arrogance, defiance, disobedience, haughtiness and rebellion) and respect for awareness (a grounding in impeccability), access will be impossible. It then leads organizations with such attributes to try and force the overthrow of the Spiritual Master with intimidation, threats and malicious interference in the work, the end result being the merit destruction of the organization involved.

They also invoked upon themselves a widespread criminal ban (of prohibition) on the Santo Daime and legal defeat in at least 10 countries throughout Europe for the legal status of Ayahuasca. The Santo Daime Church then had to revisit, own and take back responsibility for their own stories of false persecution and their defiance issues with the authorities.

As stated in 2018, the lesson for the Santo Daime Church and its leaders is that the Spiritual Master cannot be overthrown in favour of the advancement of hubris against awareness, the Spiritual Master and indeed the authorities as well, this also explains the misfortunes in the Santo Daime and the adverse rulings in the Courts against them. The Courts in all the cases ruled that Article 9 of the Human Rights Act (freedom of religion) can be overruled by the State in matters of public safety, their lesson is that the State have the final say.

Often spiritual seekers think laws are something to be rebelled against, but the conditions and laws in place on Earth, and in the Astral Worlds, are surprisingly conducive to spiritual evolution.

The organization involved, Santo Daime, lost their legal Article 9 religious freedom rights after trying to (unsuccessfully) force (with intimidation) the Spiritual Master to be enslaved in service of ayahuasca against his free will and in legal proceedings monastic (retreat) lifestyle choices and Brahmachariya choices (Article 8 and 9 respectively) were ruled sacrosanct and immune from interference.

Article 9 also gives privileged spiritual freedom rights for those wishing to leave an ayahuasca church and walk a different path, the organization involved spent several years opposing my own ascent (maliciously) and as a result lost their own Article 9 spiritual freedom rights as a karmic consequence. The lesson in this case is one can never obtain spiritual freedom by forcing ones adverse karma onto the karmic virtue of another.

There are not short cuts to spiritual freedom and there lies the danger of weed based confusion, ignorance or plain rebellion against Source, Source being the source of all freedom and the way to spiritual freedom is to follow the Divine Laws, and align with Source Integrity in personal spiritual practice rather than to oppose or rebel against it on ayahuasca and cannabis.

An attempt to use the legal system to coerce me with bad motive to end brahmachariya against my free will and to coerce me back into a soul agreement I was absolved from (under threat of malicious prosecution and manifestly ill founded lawsuits) was also unsuccessful on the grounds that Article 8 covers monastic privacy, privacy of spiritual practice, free will in relationships and sexual choices (including the choice to be brahmachariya – sexually abstinent).

The legal claims of the organization were struck out and they lost, several members of the organization were handed down injunctions by the Courts banning them from interfering with my Article 8 and 9 rights. They also had to remove the entirety of the offending defamatory content about Spiritual Master Free Spirit from the internet and were ordered to pay damages.

The resulting lesson in the story is the Spiritual Master has free will (including free will to exit what appeared as a predestined soul agreement) and cognitive liberty rights to self determination, the ayahuasca organization involved that opposed my own free will and spiritual ascent lost their own Article 9 rights, their freedom and went into karma descent.

Brahmachariya Energy, Free Will and Source Sovereignty

Brahmachariya, Free Will and Source Sovereignty are 3 sides of a 3 sided coin if such a thing were to exist, it goes without saying that those that choose to retain and transmute their sexual energies into spiritual practice have the free choice and sovereign right to do so. Nobody really wants to be attempting to interfere and/or rebel against with the sexual freedoms and choices (Article 8 rights) of the Spiritual Master, in the case of Santo Daime rebelling against any and all boundaries is the norm and then the authorities have to step in, the rules straight and impose some discipline.

Those that have been Brahmachariya for many years can be seen as astral power stations or anchors or sources of energy that can be (attempted) to be hacked into in ayahuasca rituals in Sorcery War, however the Brahmachariya Masters accumulate and consecrate the Brahmachariya energy for the Higher Path and for Divine Purpose, then come the fire curses turning ayahuasca retreat centres into piles of blackened stones. Those that are Brahmachariya have the edge in energy and power wars involving Ayahuasca, then they inherit the white karma stones.

Those who are Brahmachariya for long periods of time become karma-immune (as well as becoming immune to energy vampirism) and it becomes impossible for people to ‘screw around’ with them, those that try lose all their energy in the attempt.

The concentrated life-force energy of Brahmachariya causes an instant karmic reaction in anyone that is attempting to and thus is a very useful method of spiritual self-defence without the need to actually fight. In the bigger picture, people do not bother messing about with people in Brahmachariya as if the other side is not, they are losers at the start.

In work with ayahuasca, manipulating energy and the astral powers, or attempting to bend the free will of another with magic is commonplace and without pure intentions causes negative karma effects and is the forbidden path of black or grey magic, hence the opinion without the 10-20 years grounding in spiritual practice and ethics people should not really go near Ayahuasca as the substance reads peoples intentions and then produces the karma in their lives.

The ayahuasca craze that has certainly passed its heyday has cheapened the experience into something far more accessible and commonplace instead of being confined to the experienced shamans in the Amazon. What was once doing ayahuasca with skilled shamans has become a large mass of inexperienced cowboy shamans degrading the sacrament and the sacred way.

It could be said the organization who brought it out of the rainforest in the 60s and introduced it to the West, with dubious motives, made a grave error in judgement and defied the Divine Law because of a drive to bring it out of the Amazon to the West (and then adding weed smoking to the rituals to make it popular to Westerners and thus distorting the sacred way).

Someone (me) was then assigned by Source to correct the imbalance and the criminal ban on Ayahuasca is simply a sign of the sacred way of Ayahuasca being degraded and distorted by organizations violating the sacred codes of ritual for their own ends whilst purifying out some ugly persecution karma hanging around for resolution in the astral planes.

There is a set and setting with Ayahuasca and the recommendation is approaching it in legal settings, with right intentions, in brahmachariya and then to integrate properly afterwards the wisdom into one’s life about how to live. Advanced Practice is knowing when to leave the path behind (to gain additional and external perspectives on ones experiences), there also becomes a point where Ayahuasca will no longer serve, as said before the way to Eternal Love is by approaching Source in sincere spiritual practice, in Brahmachariya and without Ayahuasca.

In the end being true to one’s spiritual path requires being true to one’s calling and one’s own sense of self-determination and surrendering one’s individuality to a large collective or hive-mind (of any kind) is not the way of attaining one’s highest spiritual potential.

Passing through such religious and spiritual collectives is normal as a part of one’s journey, be aware that some collectives are not so happy when it is simply passing through and then one’s attempted departure can generate the power struggles and the battle of wills. Ascension into Source Energy is ultimately peace but peace is something one sometimes has to fight for, after all one’s own energy and spiritual sanctum is one’s own abode, advanced spiritual work is defending one’s accumulated spiritual energy, merit and peace from unwarranted intrusions.

In this case it was necessary to fight my way out and resist assimilation into the Ayahuasca collective to walk my own path in deeper spiritual practice, having seen what being tethered to the Ayahuasca ‘hive-mind’ was like, being ‘assimilated’ into it was not my path or my choice.

It can be summarized the organization involved tried to oppose my own Article 9 religious and spiritual freedom rights (and thus tried to enslave the Free Spirit), they lost, and then forfeited their own Article 9 religious and spiritual freedom rights in favour of my own spiritual ascent.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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