Understanding Spiritual Ascension Cycles

There are repeating yearly Spiritual Ascension Cycles that can be utilized for creation, manifestation and spiritual work, that exist in alignment with the Earth seasons, equinoxes, solstices and the mid-points between them. Some may discover on deeper inquiry and through direct spiritual experience that there are 4 key points in the yearly cycle that combines astrology, the earth, spiritual energy the seasons and the galactic energy with the cycle starting at the mid point between solstice or equinox, and ending at the solstice or equinox.

Those that can detect, perceive and understand the energy of the cycles with the correct alignment and a clear and conscious intention can make more progress on their spiritual paths and then as a result use their accumulated awareness and life energy more efficiently to further their life purpose and spiritual aims.

Working in alignment with the energy is knowing how to be in each part of the cycle, when to go within and when to go outward, when to create and when to retreat, when to rest and when to work.

The 4 key cycles in my understanding and experience begin on Feb 1-8th (awakening and creation), May 1-8th (further creation and expansion), Aug 1-8th (harvest and integration) and Nov 1-8th (inner retreat and rest) and these times mark starting points of the next phase of the Ascension Cycle, with each cycle then running until the next equinox or solstice gateway (being around the 21st or 22nd of March, June, September and December).

There are clearly some roots in Paganism as there is Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain for the beginning of February, May, August and November respectively.

The idea of integrating the energy of the cycles is to harmonize oneself with the inbuilt energies and cycles of the Earth, the Solar System and the Universe (some may find other bigger cycles running in their lives with some lasting several years at a time). Those that are attuned to the spiritual energies may also find unusual astrological, numerical and other synchronous cyclic blueprints or codes imprinted into their life scripts running on longer time frames that then tie into the 4 main cycles, or have the experience of being boosted with downloads of energies at the commencement and the end of each of the cycles.

Making the most efficient progress in one’s spiritual journey involves knowing when to retain (accumulate energy) in the inner work and when to invest (create) with energy into the outer world, doing the most conducive things in each stage of the yearly cycle. The idea is to do the right kind of earthly and spiritual work in each cycle.

Feb 1-8th (Awakening and Creation)

The early spring cycle is about seeding (sowing the seeds of positive karma now) for fruition in later cycles, so as to reap a strong harvest in the late summer cycle. Early spring and the return of the light is about channelling fresh and strong intentions, then sowing the seeds for what one wishes to create.

So it is an intermediate stage between winter rest and late spring full outer action.

Early spring is a good time for lightening up the diet, intermittent fasting, earlier rising and more meditation and outdoor activities whilst channelling in fresh energies into one’s work.

Spiritually, early spring it is about emerging from deep retreat in the winter months (the best time of year to do the inner work) and the using of the insights of that inner work to sow the seeds to do outer work. In spring one would become more grounded in the earthly body – whereas winter for some individuals may be more of an inner astral retreat mode.

Spring brings more dreaming energy also, as well as an additional amount of spare energy for body detoxification and cleansing. In terms of business and creation it is the time of year to set one’s intentions in motion by sowing the seeds for new ventures.

May 1-8th (Further Creation and Expansion)

Late spring and early summer is about a fuller expansion of one’s spiritual energy in the earthly form and entering into a fuller engagement in the outer world (for the season) and thus the time from May into the harvest cycle is the most fruitful time to do spiritual work (hence I only do retreats between May-September). On the physical cleansing front it is a much easier time to drop the calorific intake, go deeper into the liquidarian diet and sustain intermittent fasting for longer periods free from the obstacle of winter chill and damp.

Astrally and in terms of visionary mystical experiences this time of year is the peak season for shamanic journeying, exploring the other dimensions and merging with the Inner Source Energy whilst being well grounded on Earth. Those who are well grounded in Brahmachariya (sexual retention and transmutation) can focus the Beltain energies on the inner spiritual work and anchor in the fruits of a deeper Source Union in the outer world in the form of abundant and meaningful work in alignment with one’s personal journey.

Spiritual wisdom may guide people into the usefulness of working at certain times of year only and then retreating (or integrating) at other times – in order to accumulate and retain the spiritual energy for the journey. Any outer work that involves year round effort should ideally be transcended into something far more conducive and harmonized to the inner work, more important if one lives in semi-monastic or monastic conditions.

Aug 1-8th (Harvest and Integration)

The August-September cycle is the ideal time for ,moving toward the later stages of completing one’s yearly spiritual work (whatever that may be) and then integrating the energy of the work done in preparation for the Autumn and Winter retreat mode. The astral energy of the Earth is still very strong and there is a lot of useful energies to be integrated at the time of earthly (and spiritual) harvest.

It is the time where one reaps what one sowed in the February-March cycle, on the spiritual path there is a lot to be said about delayed gratification and the return of merits invested in one’s work in the Spring often return in fullness at the point of spiritual harvest.

Nov 1-8th (Inner Retreat and Rest)

The late autumn and early winter season (those who live in conducive climates may not even experience a late winter season as such) is most suited for doing the personal inner work in more solitary or small-circle like settings. Ideally spiritual work for the year is fully completed at that time and one can devote oneself to one’s own personal and spiritual work, doing the deeper karmic purification within, or using the Solstice approach for shamanic work or preparing to release out what needs to be released in preparation for the following spring.

Useful practices include fire gazing, there is a lot to be said for cleansing the spiritual energy by spending several hours a day during the darkest time in front of fire whilst working with smudging, saging and burning resins to do the deeper psychic clearing that can often be necessary during what can be perceived as Dark Passage (the last few weeks in the approach to Winter Solstice).

In the outer world, exercise and work (if one has to work at that time) that utilizes the daylight hours to the maximum is the most conducive, those that seek to manifest their own retreat centres should be mindful of how much winter sun the place will actually receive, something often overlooked. The ideal spiritual retreat location has the maximum winter sun exposure free from blocking hills, mountains or other landmarks.

Sunrise around the Winter Solstice 2021

Sun gazing in winter (at sunrise or sunset) is also a very conducive activity and there is a lot to be said about settling down in fairer climates away from deep freeze or long and damp winters whilst avoiding climates that are too dry which then do not provide enough earthly (and thus astral) greenery in spring.

Living in the desert may have value for a short time (for example Arizona) as may living in volcanic climates (often being arid and fiery) as I did on my spiritual journey, however longer term earth connection tends to work better in more temperate and green conditions in the absence of extremes.

The winter cycle is a perfect time for a total root chakra and energy body overhaul, purify and reset, using the time of introspection and going within to refine one’s longer term aims and goals, in preparation for spring expansion. One can use the wisdom of the cycles in relation to doing the right earthly, entrepreneurial and spiritual activities in the most aligned times of the yearly cycles. Those that understand the cycles, the energies and who can utilize the energies with clear, pure and strong intentions will find they can make a greater progress in their earthly and spiritual lives which ties into the theme of karmic burn off and transmutation (living from the energy of Source) in a pure and healthy way.

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