Perspectives on Wisdom for Starseeds

For many Starseeds being incarnated into the human race gives an unusual experience, for we are often deeply aware we are not of the Earth but yet find ourselves incarnated on the planet. Having an experience of the human world and the human race undoubtedly is a karmic learning spiritual experience that one has chosen for a variety of unique reasons, and to become wise would be the ideal intention for any Starseed incarnated on the Earth.

Often wisdom comes with age (in Earth Years) and for some Starseeds they find themselves having a deeply human experience for a large section of their lifespan earlier in life (that give various lessons) and then later in life they may find their Earthly lessons (in the outer world) complete and resolve – and then they can have a more grounded and deeper connection with their inner Starseed essence having worked through the lessons of one’s earlier years.

This can be seen as a returning back into a deeper awareness of one’s Source in spiritual practice and for some can manifest as being in a deeper space of integrated awareness, astral energy, peace and wisdom in retreat from the human world. Deeper understanding and wisdom as to what those wisdom lessons are for Starseeds can be extremely useful and enables one to be more aligned to one’s interstellar origins – in conscious awareness – whilst still on Earth in the human form.

There is much to be said of the value of being incarnated in the human form with Starseed awareness and in the end integrated and grounded wisdom is the aim of any spiritual practice. Much benefit can be gained by spending long periods of time in silent contemplation reflecting upon the experience of one’s life and integrating the wisdom from it into a Higher Awareness.

Human World Lessons

Ultimately wisdom is to understand the reasons for one’s existence, the deeper meaning of one’s experiences and life lessons, the purpose of incarnation into the human form, and how that relates to completing one’s karmic journey through the human world.

The ideal aim for any Starseed is not to have to reincarnate and those who are able to successfully learn their life lessons, embody them (in awareness) and then be in that state of integrated wisdom for the remainder of their Earth lives, in order to maintain the balance of white karma stones, have that option open to them. It can be said as Starseeds one incarnates with a more refined state of karmic merit (a larger stockpile of white karma stones) and deeper wisdom is to understand the differential of karma stones that can exist between Starseeds and people incarnated in the mainstream human race, and to learn to work with that awareness and understanding in wisdom.

One incarnates with a very strong, powerful, unique and refined energy, undoubtedly the biggest challenge for Starseeds is to avoid being degraded by the general karma energy of the human race and to retain one’s Starseed awareness in what can be perceived as a dense 3D vibration compared to where one has originated from. That must then be balanced with the reality of incarnating here to have a human experience as a Starseed, then the work is to use awareness and wisdom to discern the lessons one needs to have in the human world (and to engage with them) in contrast to getting caught up with unnecessary entanglement with human world karma that does not concern one. For many Starseeds one’s life journey can be an experience of ascent in awareness and resolving one’s karma stories with the human race.

Starseeds will have human world lessons that enable them to evolve as Starseeds and learn their deeper spiritual lessons, whatever they may be, and thus the experience of the human race is a mirror and a teacher for then ascending/evolving out of the cycles of rebirth into human form.

Invariably some Starseeds may believe they are here to anchor a deeper healing into the human race – or to raise the vibration of the Earth – and deeper wisdom is to understand 3D dualistic reality in the human world of karma will always be dualistic, as that is the fundamental hallmark of the reality. It can thus be useful to reflect deeper on what one thinks one’s mission is, or might be, and reflect on it with deeper awareness and wisdom to arrive at a deeper truth and work from there. Starseeds can indeed sometimes have soul contracts to serve the human race for a portion of their incarnations, or to fulfill a particular purpose or lesson, or to have particular experiences,

Some may indeed be here to anchor in a different energy (but sometimes not into the human race itself but into the planetary energy grid for various complex reasons), but once those experiences or missions are completed or resolved, one does have a deeper freedom to fulfill one’s deeper spiritual aspirations and aims in a deeper retreat from the human race – to avoid the otherwise inherent danger of “karma black stone ingress” from the karma energy of the human race.

For older Starseeds (older as in Earth years) who have purified their Earth karma in this incarnation, that can become more necessary and then one’s spiritual journey becomes more inner-orientated. For some there can be a deeper value of reflecting on the importance of maintaining a strong energy as a Starseed and keeping out of the world of human karma – given that karma is almost everywhere and there is so much of it.

One can then reflect on the awareness, energy and wisdom one has and meditate as to where that awareness, energy and wisdom has the most use, and where it is better not to share it. The more concentrated one’s awareness-energy is, the stronger is one’s astral energy, and then the more vital that is to understand.

For many Starseeds their are lessons around Awareness-Energy Mastery, Earth Plane Grounding, Use of Energy, completing learnings around human world relationships, purifying out any kind of “light-worker karma” and becoming more aligned with the energy of Eternal Love from Star Beings (the end result of resolving one’s human world karma and then the access becomes much stronger).

Advanced stages of the Starseed Voyager Path revolve around purifying one’s karma with the human race and becoming a non-returner to the human world.

Ascension out of Human World Collapse Timelines

One can also find over time one becomes more incompatible with the general energy of the mainstream human race and/or different soul groups and/or collectives within it (which is normal).

The journey of Ascension as a Starseed is also to understand what that process is and why that is, the phenomena of changing ones vibratory band of awareness-energy (ascending out of the karma energy of the human race and/or collapse timelines) and to realize where there is a differential of who is reincarnating on Earth again and who is not – there is a separation of ways (showing as the 3D/5D vibratory rift) described in some of my earlier writings, and there can also be (for example) 5D/6D or 7D/8D vibratory rifts as there are a large number of different Earthseeds and Starseeds, along with various different soul groups, sharing the same planet at once.

In my personal experience of writing VOYAGER in 2016 and at the end of my path with Ayahuasca (also in 2016) I found myself having large numbers of visions of the collapse of the human race (of various kinds such as asteroids, ecological collapse, economic collapse, overpopulation crashes, sea level rises swamping all the coastal cities, etc) in the astral planes to the point it was the predominant theme of the last ayahuasca journeys which resolved itsaelf in a deeper understanding of my non-earthly origins as a Starseed and realizing the possibility of transcendence from the karma of the human race.

From a previous blog –

“In many Ayahuasca journeys I had many visions of the suffering of a dying human race, I saw all the manifestations of karma, of suffering, senseless wars and violence, dying sick people, biosphere collapse, fear, an unimaginable energy of karma so vast, deep and mindbogglingly vast.

I am no longer in the temple space. I am in a stark and desolate version of Earth. Everywhere, the biosphere is dying. There are fires, floods, droughts and pestilences. An intense wave of acrid, burning and toxic death energy is everywhere, moving across the face of the planet.

Everything is being purged from the surface of the Earth. Humans are holding onto the remnants of their lives in fear. I am a witness to wretchedness, despair, pain, decay and death. Death is everywhere, people are killing each other in a state of madness. Vast fires burn unabated and the atmosphere is clogged with a dense grey choking smog. It is hard for people to breathe and many fall. Leaves are falling off dying trees and nature is silent. There are no birds, no insects, nothing. Something has killed them all.

There is water in many cities of the world sloshing around. The sea is rising at a shocking rate. There are dying fish in the seas and a terrible smell. Elsewhere, there are relentless storms or unforgiving droughts. There is little to eat. Billions of people in the Monsoon Belt are in serious famine.

The rain that feeds the agricultural needs of four billion humans somehow just stopped. Half a continent is baked, dry, shrivelled up and bearing nothing of sustenance. The great Asian rivers are either not flowing at all, or are choked with toxic liquids and sludge. The searing sun shows through a dark red ruddy haze. It is incredibly hot.

Humanity is dying on a continental scale. Nothing or no-one can stop it.

There is the presence of an overwhelming love. I am in space, outside of my body, in a blue-star system, far from Earth, post-collapse, surrounded by loving Star Beings and in that experience, they bestowed onto me, the wisdom that became The Voyager Masterpiece.

They say that soon I will see in the outer the signs. There are visions again.

In all the cities of the world there is much water. I do not know exactly how it came to be there so fast…

In the many experiences I had in the astral planes with Star Beings (who often showed me such visions), then in many astral planes journeys my astral (or soul) body then travelled into the Central Galactic Fire Suns, with these Star Beings, into a different kind of reality (where I perceived other worlds beyond the human world populated by Ascended Star Beings), where I became unified with their energy – and purified by their strong and powerful energy – found myself purified of having to witness the collapse by way of some very deep and otherworldly experiences with these Beings (that bore the hallmarks of Eternal Love of Star Beings from other dimensions beyond the human world).

Then as a result of understanding my lessons on Earth (partly as a result of having those experiences and partly though resolving my lessons around light-worker karma), became purified of my karma, found myself filled up with white karma stones, and then became spiritually reborn back on Earth, in my human form, free from the energy of collapse visions and free from being karmically tied to the collapse karma of the human race.

Respecting the Value of Starseed Wisdom

In summary it was a “timeline shift” and even to the present day in awareness I continue to reflect upon and understand the experiences I had in the Central Galactic Suns and with these Star Beings. Above all else it appears I had a transcendental healing about the value of my work and how much sharing all this Star Being wisdom in the Earth Planes would be, and by understanding that key lesson became purified of “persecution karma” from the human race.

It can be said for some Starseeds the appearance of hostility, persecution and similar energies simply teaches one to remove one’s awareness from the collectives where such energy exists, and the consequence of wishing to share a transcendental healing with the human race can attract to one the worst opposites (persecution, hostility, sickness, disputes, and a whole host of other external troubles that can disturb the peace). I have also witnessed a lot of other Starseeds having similar issues (but perhaps not to the same intensity) and there are some lessons in wisdom for readers to reflect on (why is this all happening?)

In the end I found deeper healing and resolution from such karmic energies from the human race – by withdrawing my teachings from the mainstream human race, holding the energy of those teachings and its body of wisdom – and all of those issues resolved. I became healed, healthy, purified of black karma stones and purified of the karma of interference energies and legal persecution karma and found myself in a totally different renewed and revitalized energy.

Wisdom can also teach one that sharing one’s wisdom and insights on the later stages of the Path can be less conducive to one’s own spiritual path and there can be some value for Starseeds to reflect on the value of their wisdom (how much are their spiritual gifts really worth) so as to be completely purified of degradation karma and to become healthier and stronger in their energy.

It can be said Starseed wisdom is a somewhat rare and valuable gift – respecting (or disrespecting) its value can have consequences for Starseeds either way, those that master such lessons (along with key lessons around sex, power and money) become immune to Earth Karma which then ties into the themes around Financial Mastery for Starseeds. The human race teaches Starseeds that in the end everything is an energy game, one must learn the rules of the game, and win. The same applies to the money game and some Starseeds will have lessons in that area too.

Experiencing one’s Positive Karma

For some Starseeds there is the message of allowing oneself to experience one’s positive karma too and it is not so well understood that for one’s karma to be fully balanced, one is obligated to experience the fruits of one’s white karma stones too.

That also means allowing oneself to live from the energy and grace of one’s connection with Starseed Energy, being well grounded in the Earth Planes in conducive conditions, being strong and healthy in a body, and living in nature, such things manifest as a result of learning one’s life lessons and then living from one’s Merits (white karma stones) whilst being mindful of what type of energy exchanges one is making with others.

One would be well advised to closely question philosophies that promote transference of merit, which is another way of saying, transfer any and all good karma attained unconditionally with the human race (a recipe for endless rebirths). This counters Advanced Level Starseed Wisdom which generally mandates retaining a balance of white karma stones as they are required in order to manifest conducive and grounded conditions on Earth, and later to leave the Karmic Wheel, which implies Mastery of Energy and retaining ones “Merits” (aka white karma stones).

In the end, for each and every Starseed, it comes down to recognizing one’s own unique lessons and blueprints, living authentically from that place and being mindful one’s balance of white karma stones. It can also be said that each Starseed has their own unique lessons and blueprints, what may hold true for one, may not hold true for another (and thus this article is presented as perspectives gleaned from the wisdom of my life experience and spiritual journey), and the deeper lesson is finding one’s own truth in the wisdom of deeper awareness.

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