Awareness-Energy Mastery and Superabundance

Karmic Process taught me the lessons in respect for Awareness and the Energy of my work, not to degrade the Love or Wisdom of Star Beings. My Life Work is the result of many experiences with Higher Beings/ ET’s from other Worlds and what wisdom was imparted through 15 years of contact with them.

By and large it would appear that my work is not for human eyes, save for those with a lot of accumulated karmic merit, old souls in their last physical incarnation, able to understand advanced teachings in astral matters, showing up as those that can make strong energy exchanges in this world to the tune of having a spare million to invest in spiritual teachings. That was my karmic lesson, to respect and value my work properly, the Holy Grail of understanding karma-transcendance and freedom from light-worker karma.

All those diametrically opposed to the cost of Voyager who turned on the purity of the message were cursed and lost the equivalent of a million euros, pounds or dollars in various ways within a year, clarifying its true worth.

Organizations with impure aims to steal the work and become millionaires themselves on the profits of Voyager (aims that were not successful) fared the worst and came to understand defeat, downfall, loss and ruination for their cause as well as what appears the wrath of Upper Astral Forces bringing Divine Retribution to the karmic transgressors showing up as big fires, continental-level misfortunes, defeat in the Highest Courts, destructive hurricanes, losing lawsuits, million euro, pound or dollar losses (or more), floods, mudslides, tsunamis and other forms of karmic catastrophe.

Then I understood the investment of a million for my Life Work is the only sensible level of energy exchange for a strong concentrated body of understanding channelled from Higher Beings beyond Earth, selling Voyager and my Star Being Messages for less is forbidden by my Source.

My Life Work appears an extremely strong and purified work of spiritual awareness created over many lifetimes alongside an extreme path of purification and carries a Star Being energy of an extreme Upper Astral / Central Galactic Sun nature manifested into Physical Form, commanding a strong energy exchange.

It also takes a lot of energy and time to give one individual the right amount of attention, care, energy and time to their process – and in lifelong mentoring – getting the energy-exchange right at the start makes for a far more conducive progress.

Spiritual Abundance, Financial Mastery and Merits

Back in the day of being involved with many different spiritual people, friendships never felt balanced (once the energy of Star Beings showed up), it seemed I had an incredible knowledge from the Stars, something so valuable and pure, to share it openly or freely seemed to degrade it.

Even if I increased the fees for sharing the knowledge, in the end, it seemed, it was the karma of others not to be able to afford the friendship of a Spiritual Master (as always friends would want access to the informal mentoring that would otherwise be beyond their means) – which in the end is only a reflection of having insufficient concentrated awareness-energy – aka insufficient white karma stones (merit) to be able to continue to maintain the connection with the Master.

Whether there is ever such a thing as a workable “free friendship” with a Spiritual Master is debatable. Though friendship with many people is of human love and kinship, somehow, as an Ascending Being and as a Spiritual Master, clearly my experiences showed me I had to evolve past “free friendships” as it was harmful for my energy and merit stocks.

Between all beings are flows of energy, energy exchanges, karma stones and on the path of Spiritual Ascension huge rifts in merit appear and then it shows as nobody really having the merit to have any kind of “free interaction” or “free friendship” with me.

Understanding Merit and Abundance

Merit (Spiritual Currency) and Money (Earthly Currency) are closely and intricately related to one another and understanding the interplay of the two can be useful. Spiritual Merit (white karma stones) can buy money (in various ways Merit can be converted into money), but money, although it can buy many things, cannot buy Spiritual Merit (aka White Karma Stones).

It can thus be useful to see that ultimately the currency of Merit (and not money) rules supreme on the Earth and is the Master Currency in the Earth (and Spiritual) Planes.

As concentrated awareness is the most valuable currency in the Universe, those that respect concentrated awareness can become immune to karma, financially abundant and spiritually powerful – if balanced with inner humility and an integration of Star Being Energy.

From life experience I can share that the relationship between Awareness, Eternal Love and money is very intricately linked, Earthly Grounding of Astral Power coupled with Grace are the fortuitous karmic conditions that work in unison manifest as enhanced super-abundance.

Anyone with enough spiritual interest and intentions can muster up a reasonably sized pile of astral-awareness via various means but to concentrate and integrate it into one’s Earthly life is a difficult feat. As spiritual awareness is often perceived or seen as unquantifiable in Earthly terms (it is of a non-physical reality so therefore must have nothing to do with Earthly abundance) almost everyone undervalues and degrades it. The truth is that spiritual awareness is either worthless in Earthly terms or priceless beyond measure – it can only be one of the two.

Light-Worker Karma

It is the truth that a light-worker can never be a spiritual millionaire and it is also the truth that my work is not really suited for those on a light-worker path (although it details my ascent out of light-worker karma) and thus the price tag of a million pounds for my work is the master filter, master your energy and your financial life and only then can you have my teachings.

The intentions of light-workers toward me are rarely altruistic and pure, ranging from wanting to glow bright on my energy or work, or be rich on the profits of my work, or wanting to become teachers of my work (after picking out the bits that do not please the ego), or who want me to serve them and/or their people to my detriment, or who wish to ascend first.

The list of variations of the light-workers stories toward me are extensive but suffice to say my energy does not mix with light-worker circles, groups, karmas, missions and stories, usually the pre-occupation to be the biggest and brightest shining light-worker or to be at the centre of attention on my work, or energy (aka white stones), or both. Then the disputes, energy (karma stone) wars and power struggles began as the light-workers will often say they are entitled to my work, my energy, my white karma stones, my teachings, or my time, and often for free.

It can be said that light-workers are basically changing out their white stones for other peoples black stones (and thus self-degrading) and what most light-workers would at base want from me is a karma stone exchange that leaves them with a fill up of white karma stones and me with their black (an exchange impossible to entertain) as Ascension and Spiritual Mastery is about accumulating white karma stones.

My process was to refine my own self worth as a spiritual entrepreneur, do a lot of forgiveness for self and others and then have nothing to do with the stories of degrading spiritual energies.

Once I realized selling my work for less than a million was a bum deal not to be entertained I became the winner in all such disputes.

People no longer give me any aggravation on price and those who want my energy, time or teachings from me for free can examine in themselves what that story is.

Financial Mastery in the material world is a mandatory requirement to buffer oneself against outer trouble, partial economic collapses/contractions and ultimately to secure grounding in the Earthly Vehicle in conducive and strong conditions for deeper spiritual work, free of the need to do excessive or unsuited work for years or even decades.

Of course, one needs to have healed one’s relationship with money abundance to the Master Level also IF one wants to manifest a strong and grounded spiritual sanctuary in nature, free from the need to do excessive work. Because in this reality the money-abundance is the tool for the creation and one of the tools for the service.

It is possible to balance spirituality and abundance, a difficult work to achieve, but possible – with serious work, effort and awareness, as well as with a commitment to self-development and to honoring one’s own truths. If one does not like money-energy or does not want to work with it, then it is a personal choice and in the end people are responsible for their choices.

However, nobody will get far on any mission to serve the human race or do any greater good without money grounding, those who wanted me to serve their missions and have my work for free – on my money – collectively lost many millions and what was once a very powerful organization (of light-workers) lost a very big dispute with me.

I figured selling cheap (at mainstream rates) my work to humanity, like books and discourses, would attract far too many incompatible energies, so there are far more refined ways to serve the planet than to give away gems of spiritual understanding that few will understand or be able to use at this time.

It seems that it is only a good use of my energy to serve the human race when it is focussed on the planetary energy-level rather than on the needs of the many individuals, advanced students that followed my journey will understand the deeper lessons and why that is.

As commented in June 2022,

“It took as many years to integrate the energy of the Voyager Book as it did to prepare and do the work of writing it, once I channelled the book, then came many bizarre and unusual experiences, and life lessons, that took many years to philosophically integrate and make sense of culminating in the understanding of consecrating white stones in spiritual practice and making Anchor with Source.

Put another way, allow 5 years to integrate a bunch of astral journeys to the Central Suns, integrate the lessons and then harmonize the energy into the Earthly Form. That is on top of the 20 years of spiritual work one may need to do to even be able to accumulate enough merit to journey to the Central Suns.

Wise people will see it takes at least one whole life, if not more, to accumulate enough merit to attain an understanding of what is beyond the Karma Wheel, and most Voyagers no doubt have incarnated with a huge pile of merit from previous lifetimes behind them.

Wise people will also then see the Voyager Book is worth at least 25 years worth of life merit and then understand the priceless nature of karma-free awareness.”

Wisdom can also come for some spiritual entrepreneurs and/or mentors when they realize the concept of charging for the number of years taken to create their products, the monetary value of their energy, time and wisdom and the time taken to refine their wisdom, then asking themselves how much their karma white stones are worth in money terms to avoid selling oneself out on merit and karma stones (aka depleting one’s white stone stocks).

Rare paintings sometimes fetch millions whilst many books are available for little more than the cost of the ink and paper, those that degrade high-level wisdom by selling it at mass consumption rates will not attain Awareness-Energy Mastery.

Many healers and other spiritually interested individuals do not understand Awareness-Energy and thus degrade the same spiritual awareness that is the source of a deeper abundance if respected. Because ultimately money reflects concentrated life-energy (because it can enhance life) and thus it carries an energy of The Source.

People can have lots of money without Source Awareness or being spiritual at all, or they can have little money with lots of spiritual awareness. But neither are balanced and integrated states.

Spiritual Abundance combined with Spiritual Anchor to Source Awareness, is also about respecting the energy of the Source and making the right energy exchanges.

The 2.5 million story

Most Spiritual Mentors in a lifetime can make 2.5 million units of income spread over 20 years or so if they have some financial intelligence and the self worth figured out combined with a strong and pure root chakra (aka power base).

One can either teach 2.5 million people for life for 1 unit of currency each (through mainstream book royalties, You Tube advertising, talks, tours and workshops) which can be somewhat energy intensive and may water down the value for each individual.

Or one can teach only 1 person for life for 2.5 million units of currency.

I went through my own somewhat extreme, expensive and intensive process with it (in energy, time, money and the number of years in process) and I came to the latter conclusion of working with 1 person for life for the 2.5 million is the more suited model for my mentoring.

Awareness and Energy Exchanges

Clearly pure spiritual sustenance is about respecting The Grade of Awareness – where one is at – and not doing bad energy exchanges. The latter will always degrade one and come with a heavy energetic, karmic and vibratory price – but the former will properly sustain one.

That appears to be behind the notion that selling my work for less than a million seems a bum deal not to be entertained.

The truth in this reality is that the collective does not care a whim about one’s higher sustenance – thus being overly loving, kind and generous to the collective is unlikely to bring you deeper sustenance.

To understand why this is so, one can imagine that as one ascends on whatever spiritual journey one is on (up the mountain) – one’s life energy and spiritual experience becomes ever more valuable.

Imagine those who do not do the spiritual work as holding a balance of predominantly bronze coins, those who begin have silver coins, those higher up the spiritual mountain have gold coins and those close to the summit have platinum coins and diamonds.

These coins can symbolize accumulated energy and thus the gold and diamond coins are obviously worth more than the bronze ones. In reality, one does not have a spiritual balance that can be measured in earthly terms such as through coins, but the analogy can help readers to understand the point. In this writing these coins represent units of energy and as a rough approximation – a bronze coin equates to one unit, a silver coin to ten units, a gold coin to one hundred units and the platinum coins to one thousand units!

What this means is that if you continue to make energy exchanges with people on a different vibratory level than you – in essence one is trading silver or gold for bronze and giving oneself a bum deal. One may then think, ok – let’s just up the energy exchange so that a silver coin is traded for ten bronze coins.

However, invariably those with the bronze coins will not have so many because they have not accumulated enough energy and in reality no amount of bronze coins can match a silver one as they are made of different substances (in the same way that different vibratory levels contain totally different and incompatible frequencies).

Thus certain people will not be able to energetically afford to benefit from your vibratory spiritual expertise. This is a crucial point to understand and to be totally OK with if one is to master the art of spiritual sustenance and financial abundance.

Many humans – almost all of us – rely on the outer for sustenance of some kind. The setback of this is that it is rarely karmically pure and thus the cost of interaction with the collective is the accumulation of karma.

Contrary to popular belief – helping many people willy-nilly as a teacher does not bring karmic merit to them or to their followers. I have heard enough spiritual teachers testify to the fact that large numbers of cords are consuming their life force to walk a different path. I know teachers that are dying in degrading conditions because they answered too many free questions from those who did not value or respect the teacher.

When I got forgiveness for – and extraction from – light-worker karma I became super-healthy, blessed and free from the karma of energy-wars, deeper peace.

As for the platinum coins and the diamonds – readers may wonder what these represent. They are the tools for alchemizing Ascension Level Awareness into Physical Form. In my experience, as one ascends the path that one is on – one at some point will have the experience of discovering incredibly valuable spiritual insights and understandings that many in the world do not have.

These are represented by the platinum coins along with the diamonds and represents a disparity in Awareness-Grade caused by a differential between number of lifetimes remaining.

The lesson was to only sell my work to karmically meritious non-returners, or those close to the end of their journey through the Reincarnational Cycle.

The Glow of Awareness

One must also be aware of one’s own glow of awareness as mentioned by Carlos Castaneda in his works. Each individual’s energy field glows brightly or dimly depending on their current energetic state. Those who create too many cords will lose awareness through the same cords and thus will experience depletion.

For famous spiritual teachers – it means that their glow of awareness is dimmed by millions of small tendrils that feed from this light energy, those teachers that sell their work to a few people for a million+ a go can transcend that problem.

What this also means therefore is that some knowledge and understanding is not meant to be shared with all (at least if one does not want to experience adverse karmic effects) and especially with regard to what one finds near or at the apex of the mountain.

It is for this reason that I do not share my deepest experiences of Source with anyone or talk every day on You Tube (talking burns up vast amounts of accumulated life energy) and what I do share from these altitudes is expensive to ensure my own sustenance.

The answer to Karma-Immunity and thus Spiritual Abundance is thus to accept and respect Source Awareness as the Sustainer and by affirming that truth, accepting any processes or lessons that may then unfold. It also means integrating Love into the Power (Divine Feminine) as well so that one does not become an energetically steely millionaire, or a millionaire without love, without feeling or compassion for others, although that love for others may work in more unseen ways,

Integrating Love Awareness into the experience of Source Power means transcending any sentimental attachments to karmic entanglement in karmic stories.

I can now understand why I had to have the experience with my light-worker Twin to integrate the lessons of compassion, forgiveness and love.

So often spiritual people do not look at death in their awareness, so their lives are imbalanced, because deep down they have a dread and fear about death that eats away at their spiritual power base. One may not think healing the fear of death can make one monetarily abundant but that is a fallacy, as the fear of death can cause one to make big mistakes in a vain attempt to hold on to the energy of awareness and life – without processing and reflecting upon the opposite (using Death as the Advisor).

Sustaining from Source energetically and monetarily to the millionaire level requires purifying a lot of death karma, attachments to decay, degradation and death, and the stories around spirituality and money. Even if one cannot purify it all, one can purify enough to have a strong and sustaining life on Earth for the bulk of a lifetime.

It could be said the main spiritual work for any being wanting to sustain from Source is to purify their own ‘Elixir’ (aka alchemizing one’s own energy field) to distil out of one’s Channel the karmic poisons (black stones of karma) of death, fear, separation from love and all manner of other karmic attachments to anything that does not represent a stronger and more sustaining form of life to leave only white stones of karma left.

There is Extreme Power in the astral when handled properly (building one’s own Astral Sphere of Power (aka Merkabah Vehicle). It can enhance one or degrade one beyond measure. It is all in the intentions. If one wants to live from Source one had better be sure to have strong and pure intentions to avoid being ‘blown out’ and ‘repelled’ by its extreme power, grounding in impeccability and spiritual practice.

Astral Spheres

Source (and/or the Central Galactic Suns) will let you in if you are humble and pure, but if you want to ‘gate-crash’ Source for power and abundance – the consequences can be extreme as the Santo Daime people learned.

The teaching is always to accumulate and integrate power in humility, transcendence of hubris, the root problem of all those who were cursed by not wanting to pay for my work.

Humility to Source always, never to let the power of the astral corrupt one’s ego or to inflate questionable intentions or life decisions.

Humility and Respect for Source is the Pathway to Grace and Abundance. That which is opposed to humility is of ego and ultimately it is the ego that takes one away from Grace, from real Power, from Life and into the Karmas of Death.

Ultimately what many readers will be doing is alchemizing their own egos, transmuting their own karmas, turning them into instruments of humble surrender to Source.

Having the wisdom to check themselves and their egos with a balanced and grounded awareness. Humility is not optional in this life if one wants to live from the Creator Source free from the karma of the Matrix. Always keep in mind that in the bigger picture, with the Universe in mind, we are small. In the bigger picture, we are one being on a space rock with 7 billion others in an insignificantly sized Solar System orbiting a tiny Star, one out of hundreds of billions.

Galaxies as Karmic Wheels for Sentient Beings

We may know things, think we know things, may even attain grace, power and much good fortune – which are always only ever means to an end in any case (creating fortunate conditions for spiritual practice). But all of that can all be taken away in the blink of an eye, with one mistake, one error, one descent into hubris.

Without a strong and humble acceptance of and an unconditional surrender to – the Source within, our chances at staying strong, pure and out of karmic trouble here, are almost non-existent.

Source is the refuge, the sanctum from karma, humility is the gateway – leaving the ego at the door to the Inner Sanctum within. The real abundance and power in this life lies within that Inner Sanctum – a place where ego and thus karma does not dwell and where only Source in its pure form exists. That is the Gateway that pure and wise students can access for themselves to derive sustenance and grace outside of karma.

It dwells within at the core of our being, in our hearts, and becomes accessible when the power of Source (allowed in by our acceptance, humility and surrender) enters and can do its work, Spiritual Power also comes from transcendence of light-worker karma.

Non-Duality and Peace

Non-duality and peace is the end result of the Spiritual Path. Those on the advanced paths in some way or another will have to face the opposing forces of darkness, death and perceived evil or maligned energies in some way or another to understand non-duality.

When one has more awareness that fact can trigger many disputes until the awareness is extracted from the karmic worlds, one understands the lessons relevant to the situations and then one ascends out of opposing force energies.

Spiritual conflict and astral energy wars are teachers, mirrors to understand karma, peace and freedom from the Wheel. To know peace, one must understand its opposite, to understand the problems of suffering and what appears as darkness or evil on Earth.

To know goodness and peace, and freedom from war and from malevolence, one must understand the nature of evil and practice forgiveness.

Forgiveness for one’s adversaries tends to turn them into one’s greatest allies, defeated enemies forfeit their karmic merit in favour of the victor, the one with less karma and more spiritual merit behind them.

Thus those true to the path cannot be defeated by evil.

The end of the work of karmic extraction brings the karma-free states of grace, peace, non-duality and the vanishing of all opposing forces – inner and outer.

Spiritual Peace is philosophically grounded in awareness, supported by strong practice, fortunate conditions and a grounding in Awareness Mastery.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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