Astral Spheres, Restitution and Spiritual Peace

I write this after the experience of an extreme astral-energy war which was to recapitulate various white stones of Good Karmic Merit and one Astral Energy Sphere. The end result was a very deep and sublime grounding in peace after being restituted in the astral planes by a descending Twin in karmic descent.

Astral Energy Sphere

Once I reclaimed both (the Karmic Merit and more importantly the Sphere), several disputes and wars ended in my favour and a descending Twin lodged into my awareness was removed by way of Star Beings intervening on the Solstice alignments to cut what would otherwise be an uncuttable cord, a process that appears to have been spread over three Solstices.

The third Solstice put an end to the many disturbances, ended the war and caused the Santo Daime Church (see below) to lose badly their disputes with the State around the use of Ayahuasca after an extreme forfeiture of astral awareness-energy as restitution for the many offences committed against me and my work during the war.

Then there was balance, peace and a restoration of awareness-energy in the many astral worlds crucial to my spirtual practice, work and path. Simultaneously there was another round of being rammed with a big blast of astral energy causing a big enough rift in awareness for my Twin to leave my energy field so I could advance upwards on my own Path, to facilitate that I had to win an ugly energy-war that I was drawn into against my wishes.

When one has more awareness-energy that fact can trigger many disputes and wars until the awareness is extracted from the karmic worlds. Spiritual conflict and war is a teacher, a mirror to understand karma, peace and freedom from the Wheel. Conflict was my teacher that enabled me to find a deeper state of forgiveness for all beings – a strong state of forgiveness that cuts the karmic cords to further conflict.

In any kind of conflict one has to extract oneself first by any means necessary. Only then can love and forgiveness show itself. If people desire war with the Spiritual Masters, then they will be used as instruments by God to reflect back those intentions, and thus the Spiritual Masters make no karma in the war and the other side loses by default (as the ones with the most astral power and the least karma naturally holds the power).

In the spiritual world the word conflict can often bring up uncomfortable feelings, fear or resistance because of the idea that as spiritual people we should be more aligned with peace, love and the vision of spiritual utopia on Earth. If we are seen to fight or enter into some other kind of conflict we can then be seen to be violating our own values. Many of us on a spiritual path of some kind or another are usually conditioned to avoid conflict and usually resort to the aforementioned approach of sending love.

However, in my opinion in this reality conflict is a necessary teacher and for as long as there is duality there will always be the clashing of egos and thus the potential for conflict. We do not want to find conflict for its own sake but if it comes into our lives we would do well to know how to handle it. In some cases, that means spiritual war is necessary when their are intractable disputes around awareness and energy, inviolable core values, or right and wrong, or if one is threatened with serious suffering for no just cause. Sometimes one must defend one’s spiritual values and fight for spiritual peace and grounding. The winners in spiritual dispute will manifest sublime peace.

Non-duality and peace is the end result of the Spiritual Path. Those on the advanced paths in some way or another will have to face the opposing forces of darkness, death and perceived evil or maligned energies in some way or another to understand non-duality and to find balance at the end of karmic disputes. Those that win disputes experience advancement on the spiritual path, deeper peace, astral awareness-energy restitutions and enhancements in Earthly Conditions.

To know peace, one must understand its opposite, to understand the problems of suffering and what appears as darkness or evil on Earth. To know goodness and peace, and freedom from war, one must understand the nature of evil and practice forgiveness.

Forgiveness for one’s adversaries tends to turn them into one’s greatest allies, defeated enemies forfeit their karmic merit in favour of the victor, the one with less karma and more spiritual merit behind them.

Thus those true to the path cannot be defeated by evil, what appears evil is often only unilluminated darkness, things hiding from healing.

The end of the work of karmic extraction brings the karma-free states of grace, peace, non-duality and the vanishing of all opposing forces – inner and outer. It is the truth that sometimes conflict and warfare is necessary if all other options have been exhausted and if the dictates of the greater good necessitate conflict.

In some cases of conflict I was used by the Higher Powers to reflect back extreme lessons to those involved in unethical behaviour, or behaviour degrading the energetic purity of the Earth or indeed the sanctity of the astral worlds. In these disputes the other side always lost very badly in the end, experiencing bizarre and strange manifestations of top level environmental disturbances (fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc).

In my experiences of the story (by way of extraction from denser karmic-energies all that was not of love around me became cursed and all the energy freed up from the karmic disputes was shoved into my energy as restitution.

Karmic Immunity

Karmic Immunity is the Holy Grail. Not many can attain this level, but it IS possible to become karma-free by which point it will be impossible for you to suffer for you have nothing to suffer for. If you are ethically pure enough – bad karma that does not belong to you cannot ‘stick’ and thus you have impunity to deal with it backed up by being karma-immune. Then one can win very serious energy wars where losing would mean degradation, death and ruin, those that start the wars experience the karma of degradation. This is reserved for those on the Master Path or otherwise being karmically and ethically purified to Ascension Level, most people just suck it up.

If you are karma-immune and someone then tries messing with you in any way, they will experience the undiluted forces of karma very quickly. Anyone that then tries will then from a place of ill-intent will destroy themselves very quickly and incur catastrophic losses that will end their ability to take it further.

Be okay with being a witness to self-caused suffering. If the other side has a vendetta or any impure purpose and you are properly grounded in your I AM Presence and in a state of unconditional forgiveness – the other side will collapse very quickly and you may be a witness to extreme suffering showing up as total ruin, life changing karma and/or financial losses x10 or even x100 the original bad intent destroying the opulence base.

This is because a strong energy field (or power base) will not absorb any energy that is of karmic detriment (the karma of the other side) AND because it will then magnify the bad intent before sending it back – like a karmic boomerang.

If you are a sorceror, shaman or a Spiritual Master grounded with Source – the other side will either have to make friends with you (renounce war) or destroy themselves beyond repair (life long suffering) for the karmic magnification factor will exceed x 100 and no-one can survive that level of karmic detriment in a body for long. In all likelihood – at that karmic threshold – they will either have to meet their maker in a premature manner – or live in a very degraded state for life.

One becomes karma-immune in this reality by purifying one’s relationship with sex, money, power and control as well as doing the inner work impeccably which is a major work of self development, brahmachariya is useful in this regard. If the lessons are fully integrated and one is purified enough in those areas – you cannot possibly lose and the tables will turn in your favour.

The astral forces centred within the Spiritual Masters can manifest as all kinds of bizarre and paranormal astral phenomena explaining in part why all those who turned against the purity of my work were destroyed by Category 5 hurricanes, tornadoes and big fires (sometimes caused by bizarre lightening strikes out of clear blue skies) or were cursed with severe losses, losing lawsuits, sicknesses and in some cases death.

In every instance of conflict, once the key lessons were learned (one of them appearing to be the correct valuing of my work) as well as lessons in recapitulating astral-awareness, energy spheres and karmic stones belonging to me for my work – astral forces intervened and a serious prophecized disaster or misfortune struck them down, drawing an end to the dispute.

Those with bad or questionable intentions experienced exactly what they wished for me, and at the end of the wars the astral forces restituted all the awareness lost – manifesting as sublime peace, mystical experience, deeper closeness with Source, the end of karma and those wishing bad for me repelled by the intensity of my energy field.

Twin Flame Forgiveness

I forgave my Twin Flame for starting a big energy war for my Sphere of Awareness, of Source Energy, a field of Love presented by God to share in unity, deeper love and spiritual understanding for an Ascension of a Twin Flame Pair.

But then it got pulled into lower astral Ayahuasca Hyperspace causing a fire catastrophe (as foretold) and calamitous disturbance and it took me two years to get it back out, a strong lesson for Twins not to war over energy or power in the astral because losing means a LOT of suffering.

It is a lesson for Twins to respect the others energy, wilful offences against the other is a set of catastrophic karmic and spiritual offences which invariably curses the collective and families of the fallen Twin (as foretold).

When God brings love into the awareness of Twin Flames, it is to share and respect, to understand, to manage properly, to avoid astral catastrophes that in some cases can cause fires and all manner of other cursing forces.

Intentions such as swapping out or stealing Astral Spheres, black or grey magic, betraying or selling out one’s Twin to the ‘Devil’ for money, merit stealing and similar acts – is ill-advised, such acts cause extreme disturbances until the imbalances are reversed, in this case necessitating intervention by God by way of the fires and a war presenting lessons to all in why Ayahuasca and Hubris cause severe catastrophe.

I forgave my Twin for what appears as a bad form of Twin Flame betrayal and loved her unconditionally for a catastrophic mistake, and got all my spheres of awareness back, and was purified of all my karma, and understood the Love of God that lies beyond the Twin Flame stories, forgiveness for a Twin in descent losing everything into terrible suffering.

Maybe it was some replay of some ancient power game, a battle to control the Spiritual Master, forgiveness for an opposing Twin, to get my sphere back and an inheritance of astral white stones as restitution for being pulled into astral war that always has big effects on Earth, bringing suffering to those not aligned with Higher Love and Spiritual Purity.

The Santo Daime War was a necessary dispute to reclaim my awareness as well as some white stones of karmic merit. Representatives of the Santo Daime Church believed they could be powerful for Ayahuasca in Portugal (without legal sanction from the State) on the karmic merit of a Spiritual Master (constituting hubris) and then become millionaires on the proceeds of my work whilst trying to make me lose a lawsuit. They were unsuccessful.

Those that wanted to sue me for a million back in 2016 were denied the claim, then a prophecized Category 5 hurricane tore their island paradise to pieces.

After a series of karmic stone moving phenomena around the Solstices caused by the Higher Self aspect of an opposing Twin pushing energy into me Kes Voyager style, the collective of the Santo Daime Church experienced a lot of misfortune totalling over a million in losses revealing the bad intentions to profit from the good karma of the Spiritual Master and become millionaires on the karmic merit of my work (albeit unsuccessfully).

All those that thought my Life Work was not worth a million, lost exactly that in some form or another by way of bizarre cursing forces and bad luck.

After the Santo Daime Church was cursed with prohibition (a year after it was foretold) by the State and a million of loss showed up in the communities, families and individuals involved in the ungodly plot, a bunch of fires destroyed all of their retreat centres involved in the Santo Daime.

In 2017 and 2018 alone they lost many lawsuits in various countries, the State reinforced the ban on their Holy Sacrament in six countries (UK, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Portugal), taking away their legal grounding to import and distribute Ayahuasca.

Several leaders of the Santo Daime Church had to permanently stop serving Ayahuasca and were forced to close their operations once fires burned down many of their centres and various Higher Courts ruled against the Santo Daime.

Those that claimed to be of Eternal Love were presented with extreme reflections of their deep and unhealed divisions from God, showing up as a manifestation of a lot of unhealed darkness in their Churches ultimately showing up as problems with the State.

The end of the Santo Daime War came about by me getting my white stones of karmic merit back (in 2017) and the astral sphere back from my Twin (just prior to the June 2019 solstice) – the latter (the sphere) necessary to activate fully the white stones and extend the energy field sufficiently enough to cut cords and finally end the third war.

The Santo Daime Collective forfeited all of their astral and karmic merit showing up as somewhat degraded and disadvantageous conditions (as they wanted for the Spiritual Master), renewed persecution for Ayahuasca and the peoples of Ayahuasca in Portugal being losers in a (foretold) great war for astral energy and power. Those who were pure in their practice were spared trouble, those who were not, were karmically wiped out, many by way of devastating fires burning down their spiritual retreat centres.

Then up in the mountains my Source pulled me into the astral, shoved into me the rest of my karmic white stones (as well as many other coloured ones) and shoved into the collective of the Santo Daime the rest of their black stones setting in stone the permanent banning of the Santo Daime sacrament in the Dutch Courts predicted in around 2021-2022 (showing up as defeat in the Supreme Court and the Human Rights Court).

The Santo Daime Church wanted to degrade, debase and ruin my work for humanity (whatever that turns out to be), which was ultimately unsuccessful – but the existence of such intentions showed up as their life work to free the Santo Daime from persecution being irreparably damaged and the Courts banning the Sacrament, as was foretold.

The Santo Daime Church took the karma of losing lawsuits and losing large sums of abundance (their original intentions reflected back) and the return of the Astral Sphere ended the war.

Various representatives of the Santo Daime Church had to back off from the war after renewed Court bans, their friends being raided and banned substances were found, others were injuncted by Courts and told to behave themselves (or else) and a whole host of serious karmic curses and many other misfortunes (family upsets, separations, break-ups, police raids, fires, fights, lawsuits and many other manifestations of bad luck) striking many people down with karmic suffering.

They then lost their appetite for further conflict with the Spiritual Master and backed off.

As explained in 2018 -the lesson for the Santo Daime Church and its leaders is that the Spiritual Master cannot be overthrown in favour of the advancement of hubris against awareness, the Spiritual Master and indeed the authorities as well, this also explains the misfortunes in the Santo Daime and the adverse rulings in the Courts against them.

The Courts in all the cases ruled that Article 9 of the Human Rights Act (freedom of religion) can be overruled by the State in matters of public safety, their lesson is that the State have the final say. As they see the State as tyrants or controllers, their victim-hood is reinforced and a century old story of persecution comes up for healing, as I was not alive 100 years ago, clearly the problem is not me but their karma.

The Santo Daime Church were badly cursed as a result of turning on the Spiritual Master and it cost them the legalization of the substance throughout Europe (as was foretold).

Then the remainder of the disturbances caused by an opposing Twin Flame ended as the restored Astral Sphere rapidly filled up with energy and expanded outwards to repel denser energies creating the conditions for enduring peace.

Those involved in conflict and war against me and my work, or attempting to smear or malign it, or have me suffer for no just cause, paid a very heavy price for their mistakes, descending deep into the Karmic Wheel, forfeiting their remaining karmic merit and astral energy as restitution.

Those on the Ascension Paths, or working with the Twin Flame Phenomena, or working with so called Plant Medicines, would be well advised to maintain awareness, keep their intentions in check, maintain a spiritual practice and uphold values of integrity and impeccability in order to avoid unnecessary downfalls and wars for energy.

In the astral worlds there are no short cuts to enlightenment (in the end one must transcend the psychedelic path in favour of integration and wisdom), nor are there short cuts to energy and power – one has to earn it by way or merit or lose it – mistakes can cause one to have to go through another 26,000 year Ascension Cycle to start over.

From Keys to Immortality on Impeccability:-

Impeccability (Ethical Purity)

One of the main reasons why Spiritual Mastery is so hard to attain or to understand in the Western world is because of the unpopularity of being ethical. Many people cheat, lie, steal, delude themselves or others, engage in control dramas and violate the basic spiritual laws and principles that make a strong relationship to Source possible.

Examples include taking or abusing the sanctity of life, unethical livelihood, sexual misconduct, theft, control (violation of free-will),a lack of respect for the path and a whole host of other ethical issues.

Without ethics – whatever one thinks one knows may be false and in some cases one can become subservient to the energies of the Lower Astral – a phenomenon most notable in light-worker channelers who have not yet transcended control dramas.

In my experience of the light-worker community (and indeed many people without proper Shamanic Training and qualifications proclaiming expertise in Ayahuasca) – beneath a superficial veneer of love and light lies a dark world of shady behaviour, bad intentions, corruption, cheating, lying and a large array of other unresolved control dramas which tragically ends in victim-hood, sickness, misfortune, suffering and death – the end result of ignoring ethics.

The worst enemies of spiritual enlightenment are lying and cheating – both of which will cost you in energy terms many more times the cost of playing fair and true.

For as long as you have the tendency to lie, cheat or steal – spiritual understanding will be impossible to attain. When you cheat with intent – the karmic effect is amplified. Whatever benefit you may believe you obtained through deception and cheating – will quickly be outweighed by the subsequent depletion of energy.

Certainly one does not want to play out such intentions on one’s spiritual teacher or Twin Flame, explaining the cause of the war (theft of an Astral Sphere combined with attempted sabotage of my work) and the end of the war facilitated by reflecting back the bad intentions and extracting awareness out of a Fallen Twin.

The Santo Daime Church (with a track record of wilful defiance toward the authorities and hubris) got involved in the war and paid the ultimate price (the banning of their Holy Sacrament) pushing back their cause for freedom for many years.

Opinion – Most Twin Flame set-ups are actually Predestined by God but do not think that they are sabotage-proof, runners can be hell bent on ruining it bad, then the so called stayer Twin can be excused from what would otherwise be an obligatory soul-agreement.

In life this shows as the Twin that sabotaged wanting Union later but the other Twin is not available or interested any more, if the Twin that sabotages a Predestined Union does enough sabotage God will cut the cord, even with forgiveness, nothing can be done to restore the connection in this life.

Spells and Twin Flames

I was once asked if spells work on Twin Flames.

Never, ever cast spells on a Twin Flame for whatever intention, it will go bad.

You will invoke karmic consequences, in some cases severe.

Spells tend to speak of psychic manipulation.

It is also possible to consciously create a cord to another person but this is in the domain of black (or grey) magic. You should never use psychic means to purposely control or affect another’s energy without their permission.

There are no exemptions from this rule and the karmic repercussions are enormous!

In my experience I had the experience of a Twin Flame casting a spell on me and it backfired, in more ways than one. This is an extreme example but no-one wants to be trying any kind of astral spell, invocation or similar on one’s Twin, more so if you know they will not consent to what you intend for them. That will turn out bad.

If the other Twin is karma-immune or not at fault, repeated bad intentions against them instead appear in the collectives and families of the other Twin, cursing them with ruin, so the karma-immune Twin can reclaim the awareness and walk away undamaged.

Spell-casting with dubious intentions falls under respect for energy, you might be able to cast a spell but it can backfire as the energies get muddled up and then Higher Forces (and sometimes God) intervenes to cut cords, houses burning down is a manifestation of botched spell-casting especially when Ayahuasca is involved.

Karmic Stone Moving / Merit Transfers

But one can have Unconditional Love and Forgiveness for fallen Twins which sometimes then causes energy transfers or karmic stone moving, or other bizarre phenomena that are caused by solely astral affairs but have physical effects in reality.

One’s karmic lot is one’s karmic lot and it cannot be transferred ordinarily.

I say ordinarily because there are exceptions to the rule.

It is known as ‘karmic stone moving

Karmic stone moving is extremely rare, probably about as rare as someone physically ascending and being excused death.

One needs four things for a karmic stone move to happen.

  1. A merger of two beings in the astral plane, usually Twins.
  2. One being to have worked through their karma.
  3. Another being (or a collective) with an agreement or a karmically invoked forfeiture of astral awareness in order to swap out their karmic merit.
  4. Sanction from Higher Powers (or God) for such a thing.

In essence the karmic stones get mixed up and redistributed so fortunes change, to reflect the new karmic states of all involved, explaining how the karma of losing lawsuits ‘swapped sides’ so to speak and the bad intentions against me appeared in the losing side without deviation from the original intentions.

Those who have learned all their spiritual lessons end up with the white stones of karma after spiritual wars, the losers have to take the black stones of karma, showing up as descent and disadvantageous conditions, once the losing side has forfeited all of their astral awareness and energy the war ends.

In this case of the Santo Daime Collective, they lost an astronomical amount of astral merit disadvantaging their standing with the authorities – prohibiting their work with the Ayahuasca.

Getting legal sanction to serve Ayahuasca is fortuitous and rare even in the best of circumstances – requiring a lot of accumulated merit. In this matter many gambled away their merit in Ayahuasca ceremonies in favour of hubris and forfeited all of their astral merit to the Spiritual Master by way of rendering them losers in the foretold war.

The amount of astral-energy forfeited by the Santo Daime Collective to make restitution for the disturbances and energy wars was so vast (enough to stabilize my anchor to the Central Galactic Sun) – it first burned out many retreat centres in Portugal, sucked out all that accumulated awareness-energy and then collapsed the entire Santo Daime Church in Europe, sucking out all their accumulated awareness-energy too, cursing them with prohibition in many countries and then the energy being shoved into me to settle the karmic debts in awareness (awareness is the base currency of the Spiritual Master) and offences to such awareness is extremely expensive in terms of karmic merit.

The many astral-energy transfers simultaneously caused many thousands of individuals to forfeit ALL of their accumulated astral-energy awareness (the accumulated energy from many thousands of Ayahuasca Ceremonies over many years) to ensure a stable and lasting peace, showing up as strong mystical experiences, multi-day inner journeys (far stronger and deeper than any Ayahuasca trip) and the end of the energy disputes/wars by way of God sanctioned cord cutting and karmic merit-transfers.

The ongoing sucking out of the astral-energy from the Santo Daime Collective is simply the work of reversing an energy-cord designed to suck the energy out of the Spiritual Master and then instead providing enough astral-energy to the Spiritual Master to buffer against endless disturbances from an opposing Twin (requiring a HUGE amount of astral-energy) so he can continue on his upward path and be excused from what was originally an obligatory pre-destined arrangement.

Paul Brunton, late philosopher, explained in his work how those who offend the awareness-energy of the Adepts or Spiritual Masters, invoke a x 1,000-fold karmic-debt in awareness-energy explaining the extreme astral-energy interest paid back in astral restitution, explaining the collapse of the astral-energy hubs and the sucking out of the astral-energy batteries in the entire Santo Daime Collective showing up as bad luck on Earth, karmic curses, fires, separation from God, Courts denying them their freedom and the (foretold) downfall of the entire Santo Daime Church in Europe.

In the last weeks of the war, as well as on previous Solstices, many people from the Santo Daime Collective appeared in the astral in many journeys and visions, emptying out / forfeiting their energy fields of white stones, karmic merit and concentrated astral energy causing many Ayahuasca-like journeys lasting many days.

It was all orchestrated by Higher Beings using the Higher Self of my Twin to make astral-energy restitution for the many disturbances caused by an opposing Twin and then to fill up the astral sphere with sufficient energy to repel further disturbance, showing up as big energy boosts (Kes Voyager style), days and weeks of mystical experiences, a deeper peace and the ability to walk away from the matter to pursue a deeper path.

Sublime Peace and Silence

The energy wars with my Twin and the peoples of Santo Daime started in 2016 just weeks after I declared an intention to enter into lifelong silence with my Source.

After an opposing Twin lost the energy wars in the astral, all three of them, taking almost 3 years to deal with and leaving the Santo Daime Collective sucked out of astral merit showing up as Santo Daime Churches in 6 countries defeated by the State, burned out retreat centres across the land of Portugal and a lot of collective karma brought up for healing – there was a deeper and sublime peace that established itself in my awareness and energy field, showing up as strong health, vitality, visitations by angelic beings, deeper mystical experiences (without Ayahuasca) and sublime peace, the end of wars (a strong anchored and grounded energy past a certain point repels dispute), a deeper Union with my Source and an extraction out of karmic energy fields not aligned to my Path or Vision.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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