Twin Flames and Eternal Love – Integration of the Lessons

I made a choice in my own heart in the longer term to remember only the good about my Twin Flame, for in many ways she is a beautiful soul and the many journeys in the astral opened me up in many profound ways. It is the truth that even though all the bad energy cords were burned off, cut, dissolved and severed by intervening forces to ensure a deeper peace in silence, the Higher Aspect of my Twin endures in awareness integrated into my Being as Divine Feminine, integrated hummingbird energy for the future of my work, for a deeper understanding of love, for enduring forgiveness, and Twin Flame gratitude. When I did not turn away from my feelings within, I realized all the bad was transient, but all the good endures, as eternal as the Central Suns of Source.

Then I realized deeply in my being that I would love her for all eternity, then I ascended up in awareness, in deeper silence, into deeper mystical Union with my Source and freed from the bad energy in the story.

My Twin Flame was a mirror for unconditional love and forgiveness for, as well as freedom from, light-worker karma, after finding peace after three big astral wars with the peoples of Santo Daime and receiving many big infusions of restitutive astral energy from the Santo Daime Collective at the end of each one. I was freed from energy cords to the karmic worlds and found a deeper peace and Union with the Creator Source in silence followed by being pushed up and up on waves of astral-energy restituted from the Collectives of the Santo Daime.

Those who suffered deeply in the story and saw the Courts in many countries rule against the freedom for Santo Daime (in many countries) may wonder how the love of a Spiritual Master for his Twin Flame can cause so much heartache and suffering for many brothers and sisters of the Santo Daime to the point where the Holy Sacrament substance is banned in six countries in Europe.

Reconciling such concepts and resolving what appear intractable problems with the authorities in themselves and doing the healing work requires a Higher Awareness, transcendance of ‘Santo Daime victimhood‘, an understanding about energy cords and the importance of good intentions in Ayahuasca work as well as having an intention to understand the dangers of descending too far into plant-medicine induced hubris and most importantly being grounded in impeccability in ones work with Ayahuasca.

When impeccability (along with awareness, ethical grounding and pure intentions) are missing – Ayahuasca work can become very problematic and in this case the Santo Daime Collective was presented with its darkness to heal, initiated by a catastrophic astral-mistake by the Twin Flame of a Spiritual Master causing a big energy disaster, an astral schism and a series of karmic curses stripping out all of their astral karmic merit and causing a deep separation within the entire Santo Daime Collective from God.

They had to forfeit a huge amount of astral energy so I could extract my energy out of a Fallen Twin, those that wanted to be millionaires on the merit of my work were unsuccessful and had to experience financial degradation, terrible losses and losing lawsuits so I could have the opposite. My Twin was also a teacher in helping me valuing my work properly – dissolving the karma of a million dollar lawsuit – in essence pricing it beyond the reach of all but the most karmically fortunate (as appeared one of my key life lessons in the story), as concentrated awareness is the most valuable currency in the Universe, those that respect concentrated awareness can become immune to karma, financially abundant and spiritually powerful – if balanced with inner humility and an integration of love.

It is the truth that the unconditional love and forgiveness I experienced, as well as following the truth of my heart, was a shield in the many astral-energy wars and that love (eternal love) ascended me out of the story undamaged leaving behind a huge pile of suffering in the Santo Daime and being able to remove stuck energy from my Fallen Twin.

So often they claimed they were of eternal love and light, but yet they lost the war and not I. It was because the love for my Twin was too pure and it revealed to them their own divisions from the deeper love of God. That explains why many of them experienced separation in their family lives after turning against the Love of God.

The many astral-energy wars and various other disputes revealed a very deep state of anti-God (hubristic) states prevalent in the Santo Daime people explaining the collapse of its positive merit and its downfall as it was not in equilibrium. The imbalance was caused by ignoring darkness, chasing the light and by doing so descending into the trap of hubris (showing up as a fall from Grace and disadvantageous conditions).

As my Twin Flame was the personification of hubris representing the core problem in the Santo Daime, her downfall from the Love of God was the downfall of the Santo Daime.

Energy Spheres

That downfall shows up as bad luck in the Courts and renewed persecution by the State, forfeiture of good karma and a huge loss of collective merit.

Once the love of a Spiritual Master for his Twin Flame is mocked and humiliated whilst irremovable energy cords are planted into Santo Daime groups consecrating hubris in many Ayahuasca ceremonies, the cure to the problem is first to forgive the transgressors for the offences and then invoke the Higher Beings to remove energy cords.

If an energy cord cannot be removed from a collective or energy, astral forces intervene and curse the whole movement with collapse so it can be removed.

Collective hatred of God’s Love for the Twin Flame of a Spiritual Master is a very grievous and karmically weighty offence showing up as total collapse and ruination of the Santo Daime Church and the foretold banning of the Holy Sacrament in all the Courts throughout Europe, terrible suffering for all involved and a Curse of the Gods burning down all the retreat centres involved in the Santo Daime.

Those within the Santo Daime Church who tried to criminalize me and my work were unsuccessful, the intentions backfired and the Santo Daime Church were criminalized.

The Santo Daime Church was cursed by the Gods to reflect back to them their own separations and divisions from the Eternal Love of God and to burn off lower astral energy pollution in the leylines so I could get all my energy spheres back out, remove a stuck energy cord, leave the story behind and say no to my Twin from a place of self-respect, allowing her to find her own healing in separation from God, and from love.

Eternal Love for Twin Flames

Fortunately Higher Love, or Eternal Love, that can manifest as a deep and undying love for one’s Twin Flame is immune to the karma of despisement, hatred, humiliation and mockery explaining why I was not ultimately damaged in the war, and all the Churches serving Santo Daime in the name of Eternal Love were cursed by God, outlawed and shut down by adverse judgments in the Courts in a devastating series of disputes, karmic blow-ups and big fires culminating in the widespread criminalization of Ayahuasca.

Eternal Love cannot be damaged as anything that is eternal must endure, by its very defining nature, otherwise it is not Eternal Love. Over many months of deeper practice of unconditional love for my Twin, I realized the kind of love that it was, was Eternal Love, from God, a Gateway to understand Divine Feminine.

At the end of the wars that Eternal Love continued to shine deeply within my own heart for my Twin Flame, as it will obviously do for all eternity, and that Eternal Love for my Twin manifesting in many profound mystical experiences and deep astral journeys (many hundreds of them) was the Gateway to a deeper loving Union with my own Source and freedom from the Wheel of Karma. There were many mystical experiences into the worlds of loving ET’s, angels, astral realms and other spaces of deep inner beauty beyond the human realm, astral worlds of the Divine Feminine, angelic worlds.

It is the truth that those that experience Eternal Love for their Twins and integrate the lessons, and forgive them for any bad with all of their heart and soul will always love them, that for me was the purification of my karma, integrating of the internal Divine Masculine/Feminine opposites showing up as deeper Union with the Source and being left with only the good.

Eternal Love for Twin Flames can never be unrequited, for it is a Love of God, unlimited, complete in itself, it is transcendent of the limitations of human love, it is an Eternal Love, immune from damage or degradation, yet the bearers of such Love have the freedom to draw it back in if appropriate in the circumstances, and suffer not. That is because it is not love that brings pain, but separation from it. Those that surrender to Twin Flame processes whether they show up as Union or not, will always know Eternal Love.

Sometimes Twins find their Oneness with God as a result of the awareness of their other Twin, and whether they reunite or not on Earth, for the rest of their days, they will only know God’s love and can be healed of everything in this world.

Those that turn on their Twins bring deep pain and suffering on themselves and their families, but the one that forgives and loves unconditionally does not suffer for the karma of the others mistakes and receives astral-energy restitution from their Higher Selves, their Collectives, from God and are then freed from the story.

When I found deep unconditional love and forgiveness for my Twin Flame in the astral worlds, invariably in the run up to Solstice Alignments, ultimately all of my awareness-energy, stuck energy cords and misappropriated energy spheres were returned to me removing me from the energy of the Santo Daime and ending the war.

Many rounds of karmic stone moving and energy shoves pushed me up and out of the war, into deeper silence and freed me from the energy of a descending Twin by way of the power of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. It was because I loved my Twin unconditionally throughout the wars, no matter how bad the Earthly offences, I received all the many good stones of karmic merit and all the astral-energy of the Santo Daime was sucked out by God and shoved into me in favour of me and my work.

When I decided to remember only the good, all the marks from the bad that happened with my Twin were removed from my being and then nice energy was put back in by her Higher Self, Star Beings, and God. Then all the energy-wars ended.

Astral Journeys and Divine Feminine Integration

Always I will remember the many visions of glowing humming-birds that over almost three years made me journey over 500 times without ayahuasca into far away astral worlds beyond the Earth, planets of Loving-ET’s, ascended humans, heaven worlds, paradise realities, Gardens of Eden and Central Suns.

Sometimes I was there with my Twin, comparing notes from other lives, exchanging energy, most times I was being stuffed up with hummingbird energy so I would understand the power of Divine Feminine which translates into deep love in the heart for one’s Twins, that ends wars with those not aligned with deeper love and unity. In other journeys I went to be with my Source beyond the body-realms, to understand ascension, to draw power and energy, to receive restitution and to know Twin Flame Love.

As she obviously wanted me to go into those places many times I used the journeys to understand what Eternal Love (or God’s Love) is. It is a Gateway out of karma, of human suffering, of separation, a Gateway to the Higher Worlds. Whatever the bad intentions were on Earth, now negated, in the Higher Worlds, she was only a force for the Good.

In the journeys and the many energy disputes – there was a lot of bad but also good as well, war alongside the experience of a very deep and pure love, ultimately the choice to acknowledge the latter as truth and nothing to be ashamed of, ascended me out of karma. By cherishing the good memories and being grateful for the many astral journeys on the energies of angels, hummingbirds and other manifestations of Divine Feminine I was able to understand deeper as a male what Divine Feminine actually is, and then integrate it into my practice.

When one’s Twin appears as a hummingbird in the astral many times emanating the energy of Divine Feminine, one can receives such energies with gratitude for one’s Twin and embody unconditional love and forgiveness even in the midst of war.

When I chose to cherish all the good experiences and memories and to treasure them for what they were, first I got all my energy back, and then secondly I experienced many very strong and deep astral journeys into the Central Suns at the June 19 Solstice Gateway.

Thirdly I then realized I would always love my Twin Flame for all eternity, for such love does not ever go away, but made the choices healthy for me and my work, and channelled all that undying deep love for my Twin into my spiritual practice and inner work. There are many future lives in the Universe for the Twin Flame of a Spiritual Master to find healing, for the love for her is eternal, existing and spanning all of the many planes of beings, all times, all planes, all lives.

It is the truth in some future life she will find her way back to Eternal Union with the Loving Source, that is because the Universe is by its nature inherently benevolent and loving, all beings can get forgiveness and ascend in the end, once they have learned their lessons – for that is God’s Master Plan.

For almost three years there was a big war with the people of the Santo Daime that is now over, but at the same time I felt many visitations of the astral counterpart of my Twin showing up as a hummingbird in my energy, continuing again and again until I found a deep and integrated unconditional love and forgiveness for my Twin (on Earth) so I did not have to journey again and again on the energy of hummingbirds to realize that love in my heart on Earth and to be free from the lower karmic energies of my Twin.

Even though the existence of such a love for my Twin Flame brought about a terrible war in the Earthly Plane for energy and power, collapsed the Santo Daime and created a lot of trouble, I forgave her with all my Being and when I remained in the truth of my heart, my feelings, I was able to free myself from the story and experience a very deep and profound energy-restitution from her Higher Self and the peoples of the Santo Daime.

Integrated Twin Flame Love and Peace

It is that deep integrated love, the energy of Divine Feminine, integrated into my heart and feelings on Earth, which is the supreme energy battery for deeper astral-seeing, astral grounding, immunity from karma and degrading energy as well as being an infinite well of nice hummingbird energy to journey into the other worlds with at will, without the need for ayahuasca.

The depth of the love and forgiveness for my Twin Flame produced the opposite of nasty war – deep and sublime peace, supported with nice and harmonious energy, integrated love for my Twin Flame drawn down from the astral worlds into the Earthly Vehicle.

In the peace I was able to fully integrate the love and recognize that enduring Eternal Love for her, free from dispute and war, bad energy, leaving only an enduring and undying love in my heart that could be used as a big energy battery for my work and for my practice, her gift to me for her mistakes.

My lessons, for my ego, lessons in unconditional love and forgiveness, was not to hold on to the bad, and instead make the choice to remember all the good about my Twin, a special and beautiful soul that I will love for all eternity, Twin Flame from the Stars, for the many journeys in the astral and for all the lessons that she reflected to me.

The many good karmic stones of astral-energy were given so that I could live in a deeper and more sustaining love on Earth, an enduring and integrated love to acknowledge in myself and in my work, and to be grateful for all the gifts of the good given for the advancement of the Spiritual Master, and so he could know the deep love of God, and the power of Divine Feminine to bring one closer to the Creator Source.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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