March 2023 Equinox Reflections

The Spring Equinox approach is an opportunity for those aligned to the energies of the Astral Planes to anchor, earth, ground and integrate (ie use) the energy downloads from Source and Star Beings from the last Winter Solstice Passage. The main theme of Spring Equinox is creation, intention setting, manifestion and seed sowing of intentions focussed in spiritual practice from the end of Winter Solstice to the beginning of the Spring Cycle that started February 1st (Imbolc).

The Spring Equinox is the most conducive time of year to integrate and ground (by way of creative and outer action) into the Earthly Form the channelled energy received – the energy upgrades for the Path that one received from the last Solstice. Winter Solstice had the underlying themes of inner retreat, intensive inner work, root chakra purification, silence and working with fire energy.

The Solstices (June and December) have the theme of integrating the Fire Energy of the Central Suns and Source in spiritual practice. The Equinoxes (March and September) have the theme of planting and strengthening intentions (Spring) and harvesting the returns (Autumn).

The 2 Equinoxes are a balancing earthing and grounding energy to anchor the Central Sun fire energy of the 2 Solstices, the main theme of Spring Equinox is creation, intention setting, manifestion and seed sowing of intentions focussed in spiritual practice from the end of Winter Solstice to the beginning of the Spring Cycle that started February 1st (Imbolc).

Spring Equinox Expansion and Rejuvenation

The Spring Equinox is about expansion, astrally greening up (in alignment with natures greening up), rejuvenation (in body and spirit), renewal and becoming stronger in the human form by being aligned and in sync with the awakening of nature after winter dormancy.

Those that spend a lot of time in nature and away from the cities and the energy of the mainstream human race, in spiritual retreat, can work to a deeper degree with the Equinox and Solstice energies as the energy alignment is far stronger without the excesses of human world distractions and energies.

In a simple life, grounded in nature, one can develop over time a strong relationship with ones Source, ones Higher Self and live in deeper peace in one’s own Sanctum with one’s own Circle, free of the karma of the human world.

The purpose of working with the Equinox and Solstice energies is to use the energies to further ones spiritual evolution, whilst working with the themes of each cycle, doing the right things in each cycle, balancing and doing the inner and outer work, developing and maintaining clarity, harmonizing with the particular energy of each 3 monthly cycle, consecrating intentions and accumulating white karma stones at each Equinox and Solstice Passage (which then translates into merit and wisdom).

The idea of integrating and rooting astral energy into the Earthly form at the Spring Equinox is to become more grounded on Earth to facilitate deeper outer expansion and manifestion (in the Earth Plane) in alignment with ones’ intent and life blueprint, using the insights gained from being more ‘astral’ and ‘inner’ at the Winter Solstice.

This can be assisted by lightening up the diet (more juicing, more liquidarian foods, predominatly raw), coupled with intermittent fasting and being attuned to nature to make the best use of the energy of the awakening Earth in spring. One can also benefit from early rising, sun gazing (at sunrise and sunset), being outdoors in nature, and working with the energy of the body to do aligned, conducive and meaningful action on Earth.

The Spring Equinox is also about the crossing point into the space where the energy of light overrules the energy of the darkness, thus it is a powerful spiritual crossing point for the transition into more purified and lighter awareness.

Ideally, one purifies one’s energies in the darker season, so one is fully cleansed at the coming of the Spring. The seeds one sowed at Imbolc (seeded intentions) can then take form and leaf/sprout, in the time frame from Spring Equinox until the Summer Solstice.

Intention Seeding and Manifestation

Your thoughts and intentions are like seeds. Be mindful of where you sow your seeds. You will have unique gifts and valuable insights to share. At the same time, your gifts are not suitable for everyone. Know when and where to practice discernment so that you do not waste energy by sowing seeds in barren conditions. You would not plant beautiful flowers in a fierce, hot desert – so in the same vein, refrain from trying to create in unsuitable conditions.

Each seed you have is a manifestation of your life energy

By sowing seeds in the right places, you create conditions that will support and sustain you later on down the road through the effect of good karma.

Respect your gifts and your energies – the Universe will then respect you in turn.

Creating supportive Earthly conditions for a strong, anchored and grounded spiritual life that works for you will require you to have a Mastery over how and where you sow your seeds.

This is something that is learned through the experience of life, aka Wisdom (see below) and ties in with the concept of Life Mastery (aka a grounding in white karma stones).

Life Mastery is defined as being in full command of your own life in a positive and aware manner, it can also be said that being in Life Mastery is living in alignment with one’s Soul Blueprint.

Life Mastery is in the end the foundation, or the Power Base, that gives you the energy to perceive Spiritual Reality. Part of the work of Life Mastery is about living in the here and now with Awareness and Wisdom – however it is also well advised to retain a higher spiritual perspective which will enable you to understand that everything you do here ultimately prepares you for your journey through the non-physical planes after ones Earthly incarnation.

One of the key lessons in working with the Equinox and Solstice Gateways is where and how one uses one’s Awareness-Energy, when to muster it up for inner work, when and where to sow intentions, and where and in what settings to take ones Awareness-Energy into.

Some may find Life Mastery comes from a strong and powerful simplicity, a strong and focussed intent, and becoming Masters of their own Energy, a simple concept in theory, but in practice, a work of Mastery in itself. The lessons that the Star Beings can teach one – is that living a strong and pure life on Earth, can make one a conduit for their benevolence, and that in life, one’s intentions are everything, and have a very strong effect on our karma slates.

There is thus a lot to be said about reflecting on the purity of one’s intentions, and before sowing any seed of Awareness-Energy in any sphere, is to be clear on what the intentions are. Strong, focussed and pure intentions in one’s life produce white karma stones in the longer run.

Accumulated Awareness-Energy and Wisdom

The work of a simple Life Path of Philosophical Integration is to use the energies of the Equinox and Solstice cycles to become more aware, conscious, wise and to attain Awareness-Energy Mastery. Over time one can then become karma-purified by way of the energy downloads and dispensations from the Star Beings at the Equinox and Solstice Gateways.

In living a content and simple life in nature one can have a deeper awareness and wisdom about everything related to Awareness, Ascent off the Karma Wheel, Eternal Love, Energy, the meaning of life and the future of life beyond incarnation into the human race that one may not otherwise have. Spiritual Wisdom is a rare gift and one would be wise to respect it for what it is.

The more accumulated energy one has, the more the 3 monthly energy cycle becomes apparent as a powerful tool for Spiritual Ascent and anchoring Astral Energy into the Earthly Form.

At the Equinox and Solstice Gateways the veils to the astral worlds are the thinnest – and thus serve as a portal for access to the Higher Dimensions.

One can then be enhanced in ones white karma stone balance, and thus attain a deeper wisdom and understanding in how to live on Earth when one has a strong astral energy.

Following on from that, advanced practice is attaining White Karma Stone Mastery (the path of White Sorcery / aka Ascent off the Karma Wheel), when one has a lot of white karma stones, one can remain above the karma-energy (the black stones) of the human race and thus live in a deeper alignment with Source and one’s own spiritual path, the more white stones (accumulated energy) one has, the more important it is to remain free of the karma-energy of the human race.

The work of White Karma Stone Mastery at its core is to become fully aware of, and in complete Mastery of one’s Awareness-Energy, and to extract oneself from the Karma Wheel, and in that refined Awareness to nunderstand the causes of reincarnation in the human form, and what lies beyond the human form. Understanding reality beyond the human form and the world of karma is greatly enhanced when one has predominantly white karma stones remaining in one’s energy.

Then the work is to become wise, for many, wisdom comes with age in Earth Years, with age comes a deeper detachment from the energies of the human world and one becomes more naturally aligned to the inner work, if one has used one’s earlier years well to accumulate karma merit. Those who have done a lot of spiritual work in their earlier years can then experience the positive merits of such, later in life.

Ultimately, Wisdom is about living on Earth in a state of humble wisdom to the Higher Power of Source, it is one thing to experience Star Beings but another thing to embody their wisdom whilst in a body on Earth. Advanced reflections for Starseeds include the importance of not degrading themselves or the energy of the wisdom of their Star Beings, so as to facilitate the work of accumulating white karma stones and not swapping out one’s white stones for black.

Some Starseeds who do degrade such wisdom (sharing their energies or wisdom in the wrong places) can end up importing a lot of karma black stones from others or from the human race as a whole, or can become targets of malicious interference, hatred and a lot of other negative trouble, those that resolve this area will find all the trouble will then resolve itself by default and then one can live in spiritual peace in balance and harmony with the right kinds of energies.

Awareness-Energy Mastery also implies a wisdom on use of energy. From personal experience and karma process, it appeared my spiritual lesson was to realize my work was not intended to be shared with the human race as a whole, to respect and not degrade the energy of the Star Being wisdom, to recognize its worth – and in those lessons came an extraction from the karma worlds, followed by what appears (for me) as being shunted with white karma stones and energy at every Equinox and Solstice. facilitating inner astral journeys to the Central Galactic Suns.

Others can use the Spring Equinox Gateway to become grounded in one’s own deeper wisdom and understanding, whatever that may be for them, and to investigate their own alignment with these times of year, and to reflect on the teachings of the importance of accumulating white karma stones in order to attain Awareness-Energy Mastery.

It would appear the Equinoxes and Solstices can serve as access points, gateways and portals to one’s Star Beings or Ascended Masters, as well as times for receiving the karma fruits of one’s inner work and channelling energy into the Earth Planes from the Astral Worlds.

The astrological and seasonal cycles can be seen as an energy to understand and to be able to work with in one’s life. Those who have a connection with Star Beings can find the Equinox and Solstice Gateways are the most conducive times for receiving astral upgrades, blueprint downloads, energy upgrades and the dispensation of white karma stones.

The Spring Equinox presents opportunities to be rejuvenated in the Earth Planes, in alignment with a new turn of the seasonal wheel – thus each yearly turn of the seasons can be seen as a smaller reincarnation within one’s reincarnation on Earth – and an opportunity to be anchored in a renewed and stronger energy aligned with one’s intentions and life blueprint.

It is also a time to develop a deeper gratitude for the experience of one’s life on Earth, to one’s Star Being teachers, to live in a deeper and refined wisdom – and to expand again in a renewed manner – having shed in the winter what no longer served one.

Those who embraced the spiritual aspects of the winter shedding can by way of karma virtue – experience the Astral and Earthly Plane greenery, that manifests with the coming of Spring.

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