Spiritual Mastery and Transcending the Human Form

As Carlos Castenada wrote in his works, the purpose of Sorcery and understanding the otherwise ordinarily unknowable, is to be able to work with the energy of the Source of Awareness (aka the Eagles Emanations, The Force or the Central Galactic Suns Fire Energy) – and by doing so one can ultimately become free of the human form – to the degree one can handle and integrate the energy of “The Force”.

The Force tends to show itself around the Equinox and Solstice Gateways, and those aligned with it can make use of it – some may experience a white stones dispensation or an influx of Central Suns Fire Energy at the Equinox and Solstice gateways (the mid-points of the Solar Seasons).

Those who have encountered The Force in their spiritual journey will know The Force is extremely strong and one needs to accumulate an extreme amount of power in one’s base chakra to be able to work with the energy – and to integrate and understand the inherent benevolence and the wisdom – that emanates from that Force or Source in the human form for as long as one is in it.

Those who have read The Fire from Within will understand the Path of Sorcery and how it relates to my own teachings related to Awareness-Energy Mastery, Brahmachariya, the Central Suns, Impeccability and Transcending the Karma Wheel.

In the end the only real Spiritual Mastery that can be said to exist is in having the power to leave the Karma Wheel (aka become a Voyager) and to ascend out of the karma of rebirth into the human race and its karma (collapse timelines).

In my experience – that spiritual journey over almost 3 decades – is to become at one and aligned with the Astral Planes Central Galactic Suns (aka The Force, The Astral Power or the Primal Astral Fire Energy) beyond the world of human form, from which awareness comes, channel that energy into the human form and by doing so dissolve the causes for reincarnation in the human karma world (aka Earth Karma, 3D, or the endless rounds of rebirths).

It would be fair to say the Path is extremely advanced and consists of (firstly) the “astral journeying out of the body stage” to encounter and experience the Astral Source – followed by the second stage of the descent of The Astral Force into the human form at which point one will be anchored into the Central Suns (in energy) whilst on Earth and have thousands of times the amount of energy in the base chakra an ordinary human will be able to muster up (hence the Path being extremely Advanced) and ultimately requiring living in retreat from the mainstream human race for life – whilst being able to attain the advanced stages of the Voyager Path.

Advanced Reflections

Advanced reflection is to see how the two stages are markedly different, the first stage often requires one to have had a broad human experience, done some service to the human race (as I did for 20 years) to gather up more white karma stones, have the experience of human relationships, experience various spiritual traditions of the Earth whilst working on one’s own personal karma and life story – and for some to master Brahmachariya – to gather up a larger amount of white karma stones (which translates into having sufficient spiritual energy and power) to be able to approach the Central Suns aka The Force in the Astral Planes (advanced level astral planes journeying).

If one is extremely fortunate one can sometimes then be granted access though the guarded fire portals of the Central Suns and experience what is beyond (after which the Path then changes to the secondary “Descent of the Force stage”. It follows that Ascent out of the Human Form first requires the Descent of the Astral Power.

The Human Form can be defined as the blueprint and a set of characteristics and karmic blueprints that conditions one to be reincarnated as a human being into the human race and it can be transcended in advanced spiritual work.

The Descent of the Force into the Human Form

The secondary stage is far more advanced and perhaps impossible for many due to its requirements. Experiencing The Force beyond the human form is one thing but anchoring it into the Earthly Form and holding the Power of it is far more advanced and the Path then calls for mandatory brahmachariya, renunciation of psychedelics (for those that may have used them in the first stage) and the transcendence of “the light-worker Path” if one is on that Path.

It also involves the transcendence of “sentiment”, becoming immune to the astral planes opposing forces as well as becoming immune to hex magic, witchcraft, astral planes interferences on the Path and a large amount of other challenges that basically require a total Mastery of one’s energy and one’s karma (Karma Stones Mastery). That is in addition to understanding (and maintaining) an immunity to the karma-energy of the human race (aka immunity to black stone ingress). Advanced reflections is to understand the importance of transcending “sentiment” and what sentiment actually is (and what it is not), and how that ties into mastery of Brahmachariya.

Wise readers will see without transcending sentiment one might be compelled to share ones spiritual energy with the human race (driven by sentiment) which would then create a diversion of energy (and then cause one to import black stones from others) and thus undermine one’s Power Base and ones edge over the forces of karma.

It thus follows from that point, that mastery of Brahmachariya (the sexual force) becomes mandatory as it would otherwise draw one back into “sentiment” or “romantic love” which is something to be transcended on the Voyager Path – and by doing so one has a far stronger access to the Astral Planes and one can experience the “Eternal Love” of The Force – which is by its defining nature is eternally benevolent – and wisdom teaches that “Eternal Love of Star Beings” has nothing to do with sentiment.

The descent of The Force from the Central Suns is the power that dissolves such things for ultimately they are energy diversions and distractions and those who can transcend “sentiment” and the “sexual distractions” can become extremely powerful astrally in Sorcery – and one can then have an understanding that otherwise is perhaps impossible to attain. It then follows for those in the human world with families and human world obligations, the Voyager Path is a totally incompatible one (as it requires far more energy than they can muster up).

It would be fair to say also that many who incarnate here even as Starseeds may need to experience human relationships, sentiment and sexuality in their lives first and have a wide spread of human world experiences before being able to transcend it all later – hence some Starseeds are in the first stage – and others are in the second.

For many the concept of transcending human world distractions, evolving out of human world interactions and friendships, romantic and sexual relationships combined with dissolving all of one’s attachments to distractions and vices in the human karma-world and then being brahmachariya, whilst living in retreat from the human race for life is somewhat unpalatable.

It can be said that for all interactions in the human world that one has – there is a spiritual price to be paid in awareness-energy and life force with the key teaching being

The work of Spiritual Mastery and to be a Voyager is to walk the path of Ascent, not to waste awareness or energy – not to court Earth karma and its many vices – to accumulate white karma stones – and to extract oneself from the world of human karma

Hence the extreme difficulty and rigor of the path in terms of accumulating enough energy to be able to get adrift (and remain adrift) of the karma-energy of the human world (aka the cyclone of the Karma Wheel). For many such a state is extremely difficult or impossible to attain either by way of its lack of appeal to the ego, its spiritual difficulty or its incompatibility and impracticality with ones current human world obligations (aka karma).

The Voyager Path

The Force ultimately nurtures one in a far superior way when one is integrated with it but is fair to say the Voyager Path is only for the few aligned to it in their spiritual blueprint.

It can also be said spiritual power comes from retaining energy and not sharing one’s spiritual energy with a lot of people and by not being deeply embedded in the human race in amongst a lot of others and that being a key tenet of the Voyager Path (accumulating and retaining energy).

Most Voyagers will by energetic necessity live in lifelong retreat from the human race and the more one is aligned with The Force, the more that becomes necessary.

If one can make a lot of spiritual progress in one’s lifetime, one can be presented with the choice to make, whether to continue to ascend, retain the spiritual energy, extract out of the energy of the human race and do the Advanced Inner Work – or to be of service to the human race, with the latter implying and involving a transference of merit (aka white karma stones), and one for some time does has that free choice to make.

However, on the Voyager Path, one (if one wants to ascend out of the karma of the human race and be reborn on a more refined and Higher Dimensional World) ultimately has to renounce service to the human race (and large numbers of people on different, incompatible or opposing paths) in order to maintain one’s edge over karma and be true to one’s own Ascent.

Wise readers will see trading out one’s white karma stones without end does not lead one out of the Karma Wheel, and then they will see the deeper cause behind this dispute where a (once powerful) organization falsely believed I had to share my white karma stones with them (and serve them) and they lost a huge amount of energy (and stones) in “astral planes stones war” resulting in the Santo Daime “race waste”.

Once the Central Suns energy takes residence in the human form one has an extreme level of Divine Protection appearing as huge cursing forces (such as fires, hurricanes, legal troubles, organization collapses and similar) on anyone or any organization making false claims of rights to the use of its energy. Wise readers will understand “The Force” is far too powerful an energy to be messed with and it is for each person to make their own individual connection to the Central Suns Fire Energy and then operate outside of the karma-energy of the human race.

It can also be said if one has done a lot of ayahuasca (as in approaching a thousand doses – as I did until 2016), – The Power of the Astral Planes (aka the Descent of the Force) only becomes manifest in the human form after years of abstention from it.

Visioning The Central Suns and experiencing The Force on ayahuasca has its value in context – but ultimately- “visioning out of body” is only ever transient and there lies one of the limitations of that Path (using hallucinogens to access the Astral Planes). From personal experience leaving away Ayahuasca and backed up by several years of Brahmachariya makes one powerful in the Astral Planes and then one becomes intimately familiar with The Force in a more enduring way.

The Force then purifies in oneself the karma stories one has in one’s base chakra that then enables one to live in the Power aka The Force in a more grounded way.

Readers will see my key karma lesson in thus human incarnation was not to sell or trade out the Star Being wisdom of my work for small money if one is going to spend 20-30 years on the Path of Spiritual Mastery to experience and then understand The Force, whilst mastering Brahmachariya, one is accumulating a lot of white karma stones.

Starseeds would then be well advised to be “charging for the number of years” taken to produce their works and teachings and to dispense with the prevailing conditioned stories in the human race about spiritual teaching and money. Advanced reflection is to understand the relationship between energy, money, power and white karma stones (aka merit) and wise Starseeds will see refining one’s self worth transcends one out of Earth Karma.

Brahmachariya gives one a huge immunity to the karma of the human-world, asking a huge sum of money for Star Being wisdom, more so – the two go hand in hand. Put differently, if one is going to be in Mastery of ones energy in Brahmachariya, one then wants to hold on to that accumulated Power and then asking a huge amount of money for my work (as a balanced stones exchange) is the only sensible option there is and there was my key lesson in this life.

In the end what Spiritual Mastery is – it is attaining a Mastery of ones Awareness-Energy, integrating with the Power of The Force in one’s life and living from that energy in a strong and healthy way. For those who have had an experience of The Force I write of, this article may give some insights in how to live or where to work on in order to advance.

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