Astral Integration, Star Beings and Stellar Portals

Sometimes Starseeds or people on the Ascension Path can receive a lot of ET energy downloads, have visions, have unique astral experiences and then it is possible to experience a higher dimensional ET intelligence field in the astral planes which appears as the origin of such energy downloads.

As said in December 2021, many people do not perceive Star Beings (ET’s) in their energy at all and others experience it very uniquely and strongly over many years and there are many theories and reasons as to why that is the case and is a matter for inner reflection.

For Starseed attuned people they can meet higher-dimensional ET beings on the astral planes and then start leaving their body to experience reality beyond the human form. This becomes far more apparent and established over time when they work with the energy of the Pineal Gland as part of a spiritual practice that includes cleaning up the physical body of toxins, being more raw food, doing more fasting, purifying the emotions and karma, and doing their own spiritual work, whatever that may be.

However even with the most purified Pineal Gland and with the strongest astral visionary adjuncts – one finds there is a limit of out of body exploration as one wants the inner astral integration on the Earth and the access available IN the body.

Then starts the path of forging and managing an access to the spiritual worlds and those who add brahmachariya to their spiritual practice can develop a very refined, strong and powerful access that is stable over time and an access that does not require any visionary adjuncts.

Accessing the Astral Planes through Brahmachariya

Being brahmachariya (leaving away sex) is either not many people’s personal choice of path or can seem an impossible feat, but those who can be brahmachariya and transmute the sexual energies into a gateway into the other worlds will find they have a very strong spiritual access anchored into the physical body.

More so after many years of the practice, if you want to access the spiritual worlds and see star beings, the most powerful and superior way over time is through being brahmachariya and concentrating the sexual energies into the spiritual work.

The way to Eternal Love, and thus creating in oneself an ‘Eternal Heart Centre’ for access to the spiritual planes is to draw down the astral energy from above and simultaneously raise the sexual energies from the lower chakras (in brahmachariya), whilst leaving ayahuasca away, and reducing the food intake to a level where the body does a lot of inner cleansing.

Then in one’s own Heart Centre one can have the experience of being ‘inhabited’ by a huge astral sphere of glowing energy acting as a stargate or stellar gateway giving superior and unparalleled access to alien dimensions, the astral planes and other dimensions beyond ordinary reality.

Working with the Fire Energy and Accessing the Inner Planes

The truth of a stronger access is more so when one has cleaned up the Pineal Gland so it generates its own natural DMT, and even more so when people leave away Ayahuasca.

One can do Ayahuasca many times and glimpse many things, but you can see far, far more when you leave it away and then the hallucinogenic path to forge access can seen inferior, Spiritual Mastery comes from leaving any and all adjuncts away and then making a direct access in oneself.

One can do Ayahuasca hundreds of times to make astral travels outside of the body (as I did myself until 2016) and for some people it may be a useful stage on the path, but in the end the furthest point one will reach in the astral planes on Ayahuasca is a fiery, hot sphere of impenetrable Source Energy beyond which one cannot ordinarily pass through in OOBE’s (out of body experiences) and in my opinion there is much to be said about fasting and brahmachariya in monastic conditions and being attuned to one’s Star Beings naturally without adjuncts.

Sometimes loving ETs from other dimensions will ‘allow’ one’s spirit body a special dispensation to enter the stellar fires explaining a lot of the earlier experiences in my life of astral journeys through the centre of stars and then having many astral visionary experiences of other alien civilizations and worlds beyond the Earth inhabited by ascended beings.

There is a temptation in some spiritual circles to seek out super-strong ayahuasca and do hero doses to go and see some Star Beings, but even the strongest journey is only transient and one will keep encountering the fire element at the outer limit set against a backdrop of extreme bodily discomfort and not many people can keep down the necessary Star Being dose or do the necessary brahmachariya preparation. Those that keep pushing at the astral veils on ayahuasca will simply find themselves face to face with the inner fire and no further tools to move beyond it.

Some readers may thus conclude the Ascension Portals are guarded by the astral fire element (and interstellar fire beings / ETs) and then one may be called to work with the fire element in their spiritual practice and harmonize it IN the body, in brahmachariya, without visionary substances and in a state of strong bodily purity (through cleansing and fasting).

Alien Dimensions, Astral Portals and Forging Inner Access

After some years of accumulated merit from brahmachariya practice, one can manifest in one’s Heart Centre an access to the eternal worlds that is permanent and requires no adjuncts or out of body experiences. There is a huge advantage in doing what is not so well known, the practice of inside the body astral travel, and the same dimensions and the same ascended worlds can be accessed internally as well as externally.

Then one can see and perceive many bizarre and unusual realities, other worlds, alien dimensions, symbols related to ascension, astrological cycles, the cycles of the reincarnational wheels, the Central Suns and what reality is like beyond the physical form but all the energy of the seeing is all anchored into the Earthly form. More importantly one can understand what it is one is seeing and then one can integrate the higher dimensional energy, and use it properly in one’s practice.

Sometimes one can see using the Pineal Gland vast alien galaxies, ascended worlds, ET beings, orbs or spheres, honeycombs of vast higher dimensional intelligences or one can perceive an other-worldly energy behind all those visions of a Higher Benevolence and Spiritual Mastery is the work to comprehend the meaning.

One must be able to understand Pineal Gland visionary experiences as the astral worlds are endless, the strata vast and what one can encounter is often far beyond ordinary understanding.

Some students will find the brahmachariya becomes mandatory as with it comes astral wisdom of a much higher degree and grade coupled with the ability of access to the astral planes from within the body. Then it becomes far easier to understand the energy of the astral planes and integrate oneself with the frequencies correctly, with wisdom and with correct intentions although such fruits only come after several years of strong brahmachariya.

Brahmachariya over time is immunity to the disturbances and adverse forces of the astral planes that one may encounter and in the end it will become mandatory to progress further. It takes a few years to get fully grounded in it and some people may have to first transcend leakage (seminal retention) and then leave away orgasm as a later step, those who can retain their sexual energies can attain a special access to the higher dimensions that appears far superior.

Although one must still retain the humility in oneself (from ego purification) in the face of such extreme and concentrated astral forces that one can become a channel for conduit for, those who have a strong astral access and fail to do the ego purification can succumb to hubris or madness.

When one is walking the path of Astral Integration and Energy Mastery correctly backed up with doing all the other requisites of the spiritual work, the burning sun spheres that are encountered out of body can then be integrated into ones energy body and then one has in essence assembled, downloaded and integrated an astral portal or stargate into ones own Eternal Heart Centre. What eternal love is, is the energy (love from loving ETs) that flows through that portal from higher dimensional worlds to assist in one’s journey out of the human karma condition.

When one has little karma, the access to the other worlds is very strong and comes with ease, then one can also have a deeper understanding of what Eternal Love is, its origins and the inherent benevolence existing in the higher dimensional planes amongst Ascended Beings and Loving ETs. Then one can channel that benevolence into ones Earthly form and its energy can be utilized for one’s spiritual path and mission, whatever that may be.

The key is to be able to intergrate the peace and harmony of the energy of the other worlds whilst being immune to lower astral interferences, and in brahmachariya to forge the energy in the Heart Centre, then the energy of Eternal Love is what is the energy for the inner journeys to the degree one is aligned and harmonized with it.

One can then have the experience of the inner astral suns showing as inner astral journeys into serene seascapes, other planetary worlds or simply being harmonized with an astral energy from Source that purifies, makes one strong, anchored and grounded on Earth.

Inside the Central Fire Suns – The Wellspring of Eternal Love

The opposite of the often impenetrable burning, steely fire energies of the fire suns (that burns off ego dross and karma) is the interior of such Suns, within the well guarded fire suns are worlds of sublime peace, deeper knowing, deeper wisdom and spiritual communion with one’s Star Beings or Ascended Spirit Guides.


There was a mild sensation of intense heat as my etheric body was able to withstand the million degree+ temperatures of the stellar furnace. Then I became at one with the energy of fire itself. Billions of atoms and molecules along with all kinds of higherdimensional exotic particles were circling, colliding and spiralling around one another in a vast stellar cauldron. There was also life within the fire, intelligences that live purely in these coronal regions, intelligences that have harnessed the energy of the Central Sun so as to exist as etheric-bodied immortals.

These Beings were able to use these energies to create higher-dimensional spatial spheres within the Central Suns, within which existed large city-like structures encapsulated within vast brane bubbles. I knew these Beings too, from long ago, and there was a sense of deja-vu as I moved through their realms again.

I then understood what it meant to live from the Source. It meant to be able to integrate the energies of the Star that matches our soul frequency and then to become fully intimate with that energy in order to become strong and pure on the Earth plane. For in reality, we all come from some Sun or another as all souls enter this galaxy via the Central Sun. I perceived an increase of velocity and was then propelled directly toward the core of the Central Sun.

I was enveloped in a great sense of love, knowing, belonging and reunion with the Source of All Things. There was a complete understanding, nothing left to search for, nothing left to understand – for all that needed to be understood was present as an energy of enduring and indelible Truth. There was no body or ego or any need for one. The reincarnational amnesia had been stripped away to its core and I now found myself in the full knowing of Source absent of confusion, separation, doubt or not-knowing.

As shared previously

One might also reflect on the nature of the metaphysical element of fire (sacred fire / inner fire), those that can integrate the energy of fire element can pass through many astral walls of extreme fire and then enter into another different reality of existence (on the other side of the astral fire walls) knowable to perhaps only a handful of mortal human beings.

That reality beyond the astral fire walls is the astral abode of Eternal Love (where fire empowers, nurtures, loves and sustains one) and is the immunity from karma and the energy for the transmuting of the human form prior to an Ascension. Many will have had feelings or mystical experiences of Eternal Love, such experiences are glimpses of the real deal and have value as they start the spiritual purification process to become grounded in white karma stones.

The Path of Wisdom

It can be said those wanting to do some serious heavy duty spiritual purification may well have to go through the intense experience of being purified by astral fire and then to try and understand what that actually is and its significance. Their lies the path of the attainment of deeper wisdom, wisdom comes from the Path of Philosophical Integration which seeks to understand and brings deeper insight, meaning and understanding to Mystical Experience.

Some may find brahmachariya (making intimate Union with Source or God) gives a far deeper understanding and meaning as to what Eternal Love actually is and there is a lot of karma merit to be had from mastering the retention of the sexual energies in favour of the Ascension Path.

The brahmachariya energy also serves The Path of Philosophical Integration and overcomes the distractions that people may otherwise have, those who are immune to the sexual distraction vice are pretty much immune to all other vices, with vices being the enemy of spiritual evolution.

Spiritual wisdom is about reflection and pondering upon perspectives, and using one’s accumulated energy to become grounded, to become wiser and to attempt to understand spiritual reality to the best of one’s ability free from ‘ego dross distortion’ that serious students must work to purify out. There lies the teaching of always refining one’s understanding in the light of new wisdom and developing spiritual intelligence, which ultimately is the product of brahmachariya, hence wisdom speaks the message of not wasting one’s accumulated life force and instead using the sexual power to accelerate the inner work.

One ultimately can only understand what one has the merit to understand, glimpses of spiritual reality are rare, a stronger access is rarer still, and a fuller understanding of spiritual reality free from the mechanisms of the karma wheel is the aim of the Ascension Path if one is not to repeat the reincarnational grind of death and rebirth.

In visions one may see the Karma Wheel as a series of cogs, turning mechanisms, gears and cycles embedded in a higher dimensional frequency, one can meditate on what the meaning of the cogs are, one’s own themes on the spiritual path and what forces actually turn the cogs of the karma wheel, which is advanced level contemplation.

It really goes without saying that in order to Ascend off the Karma Wheel, one must understand what the mechanisms of the Karma Wheel are and what the reality is that exists beyond it.

Those that can perceive Ascended Realities in their own practice are well advised to recognize its value and to use one’s life on earth wisely, so as to be able to make the spiritual progress that such awareness offers and not to waste the opportunity to transcend the Karma Wheel.

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