June 2022 Solstice Approach Reflections

Those that can work with the Source Fire Energy and be grounded in karma white stones can use the Solstices (and Equinoxes) to make conscious inter-dimensional journeys through the Astral Central Suns. More so if one is anchored in brahmachariya, drops the food intake and becomes clear of the energy of lower astral interferences (aka black karma stone energy).

Such access tends to be greatly amplified in the Solstice and Equinox approaches (a few weeks either side) and the degree of access one has corresponds to the extent of the work one has done in the previous months. Some may find that every 3 months at Solstice or Equinox they get a boost of energy on their Ascension Path and the Solstice and Equinox gateways (and the approaches) serve as Portals to the Central Suns when one is attuned to the energy.

The Central Suns of Source (and the astral fire energy that emanates from it) purify black karma stones and when one becomes anchored and grounded in the Source Energy, does the required energy purification process and the inner work, in brahmachariya, one ultimately ends up with only white karma stones as a product of anchoring the Source Energy into the Earthly body.

Then comes the stronger astral visions and the stronger knowing of Source, free of the disadvantage of ‘dis-incarnating’ or constantly ‘leaving the body’ to access the Higher Planes.

One is also free of the requirement to ingest vast amounts of hallucinogens to access such realms, as mentioned in a previous article.

One can do Ayahuasca hundreds of times to make astral travels outside of the body (as I did myself until 2016) and for some people it may be a useful stage on the path, but in the end the furthest point one will reach in the astral planes on Ayahuasca is a fiery, hot sphere of impenetrable Source Energy beyond which one cannot ordinarily pass through in OOBE’s (out of body experiences) and in my opinion there is much to be said about fasting and brahmachariya in monastic conditions and being attuned to one’s Star Beings naturally without adjuncts.

Then the Source Energy enters one and is inside one, no leaving the body required, then comes the grounding in the astral power on Earth and a direct knowledge and understanding of what lies beyond the fires of the Central Suns (the gateway off the Karma Wheel).

Wise people will thus see the integration of the Central Sun Fire Energy and the doing of the associated inner work (that takes many years) is the key to purifying one’s karma black stones and burning off one’s attachments to the karma worlds in order to leave the Karma Wheel.

Then one must be aware of the karma of the mainstream human race, and the kinds of energy and merit exchanges one is making with others, and the kinds of interactions one has with others, so one is not continually importing black karma stones from external sources (aka karma energy pollution), to the point ones inner astral energy becomes white and purified by the Central Sun Fire Energy.

Then in that rarefied awareness purified of Earth Karma, one can understand more clearly the truth of the human form and what the human form actually is, and what lies beyond the human condition and the karma energy of the karma wheel.

Some may become distracted by the pushes and pulls, and vices, of Earth Karma, but those who hold the course and do the work will find the awareness of the Central Suns returns in a far more meaningful and integrated way. Then those who have this deeper access will have a deeper insight as to what Earth Karma actually is, a deeper understanding as to the relationship between Planet Earth and the Karma Wheel and why there are many billions of other planets and star systems in the Universe.

One may find on the spiritual path one is ‘shown’ that reality (reality beyond Earth / human consciousness) in out of body journeys or in mystical experiences with ETs and Star Beings.

Then much later in life that reality becomes manifest in the Earthly Form after doing the integration work (of Source Fire Energy) backed up with Philosophical Integration which enables one to understand and interpret the meaning of mystical experience to attain wisdom.

Central Sun Passage and Voyager Path Integration

From 2011 – Love on the Shores of a Distant World If one can continue the work of purification – we can ultimately become fully aligned with the fires of the Central Sun

The Central Sun is a portal into dimensions beyond the 9th, which are
beyond any kind of comprehension to most humans. This portal is the
only way out of this Galaxy (aka the 3D Karma Wheel

Purification to the 9th dimensional level is
required which enables a complete energetic transmutation of the light
body to the level of intergalactic immortality (aka ascension off the Karma Wheel).

This level of healing and vibration also permits the light body to withstand the intense energies of the Core. Even getting near the Core is impossible without the necessary vibration, and many times we can be made to turn back from the Core when we approach it ethereally in the astral planes.

However later in life one may find after many years of inner work one is able to penetrate the fires of the Central Suns in the Astral Planes and access the ordinarily unknowable.

It could also be said the integration of the Central Sun Fire energy is a personal karma purifier as well as being an immunity to energetic and karma interference from the karma worlds, or the lower astral planes, of which there is much of it.

Thus one of the aims of the Voyager Path is to be able to enter the Fire Energy of the Central Suns without being repelled by one’s karma obstacles or because of insufficient accumulated energy to be able to face the energy of the Central Suns direct. Star Beings or ones Spirit Guides tend to force one back to tidy up one’s karma or do some energy refinement if one is not ready.

Thus one of the tenets of the work of the Voyager Path and/or White Sorcery is Mastery of Energy (over many years, or even a decade or more) as without Mastery of Energy, one will not have enough energy to journey to the Central Suns.

If one is going to Ascend off the Karma Wheel, one must be totally clear of black karma stones as well as immune to the intentions of those who oppose the Ascent, for whatever reasons, then one may also have to work to clear energy cords to others in the human race that are not Voyagers.

Beyond a certain point, Voyagers can only make energy (aka merit) exchanges with other Voyagers and such a a merit exchange doesn’t involve an “energy cord” as such.

Voyagers would appear to be those able to access ordinarily inaccessible dimensions and what the reason for that is, is a matter for deep reflection and my perspectives are in the end perspectives based on my own life experience, spiritual journey and wisdom.

Those that experience ‘Eternal Love’ from Star Beings or ETs, may see it as a totally different energy compared with what is understood as ‘Human Love’. Human love is predominantly sentimental attachment with an element of sexual desire and is the glue that binds the human race together and thus incites reproduction and the continuance of the species (as well as opportunities to come back and reincarnate in it!).

Star Being Love, of the fire energy, is that which burns and purifies the energy cords to the karma worlds, and the human race as a whole, and in that Love, there are different lessons. It can also be said that Voyagers can experience Love for other Voyagers but in a less human, sentimental and attached way, and most Voyagers will be called to be brahmachariya for their path (leaving the sex aside in favour of deeper Spiritual Union with the Source or Central Suns energy).

In my experience, it was necessary to be anchored in brahmachariya for long periods of time to even be able to pass through the ‘Fire Veils’ of the Central Suns and go beyond, some may find saving their energy in brahmachariya pays off on the spiritual access front over time.

It is obvious that such a path (The Voyager Path) is a rare path and not many walk it and what the end result of the Voyager Path is does not even show itself until one has done the bulk of the work, thus to fully understand it, one has to walk it and have the direct experience of it, to understand the reality beyond human consciousness (and to understand what that ascended reality beyond the Earth actually is).

It took as many years to integrate the energy of the Voyager Book as it did to prepare and do the work of writing it, once I channelled the book, then came many bizarre and unusual experiences, and life lessons, that took many years to philosophically integrate and make sense of culminating in the understanding of consecrating white stones in spiritual practice and making Anchor with Source.

Put another way, allow 5 years to integrate a bunch of astral journeys to the Central Suns, integrate the lessons and then harmonize the energy into the Earthly Form. That is on top of the 20 years of spiritual work one may need to do to even be able to accumulate enough merit to journey to the Central Suns.

Wise people will see it takes at least one whole life, if not more, to accumulate enough merit to attain an understanding of what is beyond the Karma Wheel, and most Voyagers no doubt have incarnated with a huge pile of merit from previous lifetimes behind them.

Wise people will also then see the Voyager Book is worth at least 25 years worth of life merit and then understand the priceless nature of karma-free awareness.

The 2.5 million story

Most Spiritual Mentors in a lifetime can make 2.5 million units of income spread over 20 years or so if they have some financial intelligence and the self worth figured out combined with a strong and pure root chakra (aka power base).

One can either teach 2.5 million people for life for 1 unit of currency each (through mainstream book royalties, You Tube advertising, talks, tours and workshops) which can be somewhat energy intensive and may water down the value for each individual.

Or one can teach only 1 person for life for 2.5 million units of currency.

I went through my own somewhat extreme, expensive and intensive process with it (in energy, time, money and the number of years in process) and I came to the latter conclusion of working with 1 person for life for the 2.5 million is the more suited model for my mentoring.

It also takes a lot of energy and time to give one individual the right amount of attention, care, energy and time to their process (for life) and getting the energy-exchange (aka merit exchange) right at the start makes for a far more conducive progress.

I figured selling my work to the mainstream humanity, like books and discourses at mainstream rates, would attract far too many negative or unsuitable energies, so there are far more refined ways to serve the planet as a Spiritual Mentor than to give away or sell cheaply nuggets of gems of spiritual understanding that few will understand or be able to use at this time.

Wisdom can also come for some spiritual entrepreneurs and/or mentors when they realize the concept of charging for the number of years taken to create their products, the monetary value of their energy, time and wisdom and the time taken to refine their wisdom, then asking themselves how much their karma white stones are worth in money terms to avoid selling oneself out on merit and karma stones (aka depleting one’s white stone stocks).

Merit (Spiritual Currency) and Money (Earthly Currency) are closely and intricately related to one another and understanding the interplay of the two can be useful. Spiritual Merit (white karma stones) can buy money (in various ways Merit can be converted into money), but money, although it can buy many things, cannot buy Spiritual Merit.

It can thus be useful to see that ultimately the currency of Merit (and not money) rules supreme on the Earth and is the Master Currency in the Earth (and Spiritual) Planes.

Path Divergences

The wise will then also see that even in the best reincarnational circumstances, one needs the energy of one’s entire reincarnation freed up to attain, and then maintain, the access.

Thus for many this is an impossible path in this incarnation due to their Earth Karma attachments, personal choices and their spiritual destiny, those that feel the Voyager Path is for everyone can then see the deeper truth that it is not and the main obstacle is karma merit (aka karma) combined with having insufficient white karma stones to comprehend the Path and work with its demands.

The teaching is that it is one thing to access another dimension in mystical experience or on accumulated brahmachariya energy, but another thing to fully master the energy of it on Earth and the rules of Higher Awareness, then one must understand and apply the teachings of spiritual merit and karma stones, once one does, then comes a lot of divergence and separating out from incompatible energies in the human race.

Thus the divergence in Paths many talk about (such as 3D and 5D separations, or people ascending out of 3D, or becoming 5D), is simply an energetic, karmic and vibratory process of who in this incarnation is primed to Ascend off the Karma Wheel and who are reincarnating, in essence, it is as simple as that.

On a more complex level, each soul is destined to go to a different place after this life and there are a stack of options including returning to 3D, being born on another Earth like world, being reborn on a 5D world, a 6D world, and so on and so forth). Hence some souls vibrate out of the mainstream humanity (and its karma) as it is no longer their path to reincarnate into it.

The deeper purpose of integrating the ET energy aka Fire Energy is to be purified of the karma of the earth. to become grounded in the Eternal and spiritually anchored into whatever plane one is destined to ascend into, or reincarnate into, next. Those with only white karma stones remaining before their incarnation ends, do not have to reincarnate into 3D.

Transcending Duality and the Opposing Forces

Philosopher Sri Aurobindo once wrote that as one accumulates more and more white karma stones (or merit) one in essence ascends a tower surrounded by more and more opposing black energies for which there at first seems no answer even at the apex of the tower.

However in my experience there is a point on the path where the opposing energies recede and there is only white, to Ascend off the Karma Wheel one must become immune to black stone ingress or black stones shoved across by others in an attempt to manipulate or overtake one on energy without doing the work in themselves, and the general ingress of the lower astral energies and lower astral interferences that will appear when one starts to venture into the spiritual planes but over time purifies out as one becomes grounded and integrated in the Central Sun Fire Energy which confers karma immunity to those aligned with the energy.

The answer to the transcendence of duality and the apparent paradox that Aurobindo had is that the white/black or light/dark duality exists even in the astral planes (and even more so than on Earth).

Its overly simplistic to say once you make 5D it is all peachy, it may appear like that at first, but one has to make a hefty astral grade (as in perhaps 9D+) to clear duality and anchor the energy into the human form to then be immune to the dark forces and the dualistic astral energies.

Wisdom teaches that the Earth is a dualistic world and will always be so, some walk the Path of White Karma, others the Path of Black (dark karma) and others walk paths in between the two ends of the spectrum, their lies the causes of the separations in paths that one can experience on the Voyager Path, more so if one is primed to leave the Karma Wheel.

Those wanting to maintain a strong access and leave the Karma Wheel must become immune to the karma-energy of the human race, any opposing intentions, any kind of karma-energy manipulation and one must then also become immune to the dualistic forces in the astral planes that exist in between one and a permanent Anchor to Source, a somewhat ‘tall order’ for many.

Nevertheless, there are (in my experience of many years of astral travels) many worlds in the Universe populated by Loving Star Beings where karma does not exist, thus the possibility of transcendence of karma exists. When one has a chance to achieve it in this lifetime, then one can have the experience of experiencing Star Beings in one’s energy or having an access to the Central Suns (and beyond).

Then one can see that without the Benevolence of ones Star Beings and the Eternal Love of Source (aka Grace), the chances of leaving the Karma Wheel would be very slim, hence the importance of understanding the role of Eternal Love in assisting one to purify one’s karma and leave the Karma Wheel, and what Eternal Love actually is (the inherent benevolence of the Universe and the Primordial Essence of Spiritual Reality).

One can also reflect upon who these Star Beings / ETs actually are and why these Star Beings of Eternal Love show up in some people’s energies at the close of a karma cycle on the Earth.

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