Ego Purification and Divine Grace

Perspectives on Ego Purification and the Descent of Divine Grace. Often, I have met people saying one day “I will get my Grace from Source” – it will be this way or that way, but the truth of the matter is that one’s personal self will have no say whatsoever in how the Grace is delivered and until that personal agenda is out of the picture (ie the ego purified at root) any Grace is likely to be elusive.

The manifestation of Divine Grace (true ego-less Grace as opposed to an ego-contrived idea of Divine Grace) lies at the top end of the ego-purification scale – ego-purifications that can involve near-death experiences, dark nights of the soul, going into the deepest pits of karmic purifications, witnessing shocking disturbances and going into the depths of the Karmic Wheel in awareness to see the opposite. In many Ayahuasca journeys I had many visions of the suffering of a dying human race, I saw all the manifestations of karma, of suffering, senseless wars and violence, dying sick people, biosphere collapse, fear, an unimaginable energy of karma so vast, deep and mindbogglingly vast.

Then often I experienced benevolent love in the form of ET’s from Higher Dimensional Worlds, seeing the future as of being ascension out of the Karmic Wheel by way of Transcendental Love from ET’s and God. After leaving the Ayahuasca Path behind in 2016 the experience of ascended reality and freedom from karma became more real in the Earthly,, knowable in the Earthly Vehicle by way of integrated astral awareness.

In the many reflections on the causes of karma in this world, in my understanding it seems to boil down to a matter of separation from Source, from God, from Love.

From one experience:-

Certainly, it appears humanity struggles with the ego and it is the ego reinforcing the stories of conflict, division, separation from love and suffering – and so the Karmic Wheel turns, as no doubt it will do for aeons in these dualistic realms. Somehow it just seems that is the nature of the learning, that is how the Universe is, beings are incarnated into the Wheel and spend hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes swimming up and out of the karmic soup in order so that one day they can know the love of the Creator Source in their being.

That appears to be the whole point of existence, of reincarnating, to find this Great Love, the Immortal Sustainer of All Things. But somehow 99.99% of humanity seems to not be able to see and thus death appears so universal because the unresolved karmas draw one back into the sleep of death. So, one must try again and again – facing almost insurmountable odds, dying again and again on a quest to find the Source that many Beings do not even understand.

Dying from one life, entering into another, the karmic story continues without end it seems. Driven by the forces of unconscious karmas, incarnated into the Karmic Cyclone of billions of other souls, karmic stories stretching back into unimaginable and inconceivable pasts – one can balk at the awareness of the scale of such a thing and wonder how anyone can even make it out of such a thing.

But it is in the Wheel where death exists and not outside. Death is a mercy also in there, to give karmic breaks and periods of blissful sleep from the karmic stories. Immortality in a karmic world would be madness, beings crippled by karma but not being able to die. Clearly death is ordinarily part of the Master Plan – periods of sleep between lives – before people find themselves thrust back in (usually forgetting they were ever in before) to extract their awareness from the stories of many other billions of sentient life forms.

From outside of the Wheel it seems that many souls are scrambling around blindly, driven by karmic forces pushing them into this and that across unimaginable tracts of time and space, dictating the show, for many lives. In my many Ayahuasca journeys I saw all the many parts of the Wheel, I saw wars and deaths, sicknesses and suffering, areas of woe and grief, hell realms, Star Being realms, I saw it all.

I saw ‘galaxies’ as ‘Karmic Wheels’, one can transcend one and go into another somewhere else in the Universe, a galaxy of higher vibration than our own.

Though we are here on a dying world, 7 billion humans headed for collapse, somehow the awareness out of the Wheel is the answer, the transcendence, the doorway out of the collapse.  It seems that the matter of immortality must encompass the matter of awareness for it seems that a certain level of awareness pushes one out of the Wheel and out of the energies of karma that seem primarily driven by the processes of the ego-driven mind. From such a perspective it seems there is no real death as such, only an imaginary death of the ego (and its projected body) that may seem very real but appears nothing other than an imagined entity participating in an imagined world.

It seems the Gift of Love from Source also comes with the Gift of Deeper Awareness that shows one deeply that there is the possibility of Transcendence from Illusion. The Wheel may consume one for many lifetimes, but there is ablution, forgiveness, redemption and release from participation (it would appear) – and once one experiences this one does not have to come back to the karma of death and rebirth.

Grace is a benevolent intelligence, freedom from karma, an energy, from another dimension, from Source, God, Heaven – it can only be received and surrendered to on its own terms. One can only do it by its rules. If Source or the Higher Power has it set a certain way, it is that way, no amount of ego pushing, or thinking will make it any different. Grace cannot be plotted, conjured up, devised, it is its own thing, its own reality, that shows itself when one is out of the way, when one’s ego has stepped aside.

There is no other way to receive Grace without a perpetual surrender to the Higher Power. Grace is what becomes manifest in one’s life when one becomes a consensual instrument to the Higher Power, then the Higher Power enters one’s life here and it decides what you get.

The karmic fortune of giving up one’s ego to Source on such a deep level is the manifestation of all that is good on many levels. But it is always given on God’s (Source’s) terms. First one develops a deep dialogue with one’s Higher Self to align to its wishes and then the manifestation of grace becomes.

Energy Portals Beyond the Karma Reality

The spiritual freedom in this life is to see the fixed and enduring awareness reality behind those imprints, impulses, karmas – the awareness behind the Wheel, the spin of the mind, the karmic stories.  There is no Grace in the Wheel, only behind the Wheel, behind the ego. Where the ego stops, Grace begins.

The spiritual work is to be in those spaces of ego-transcendence long enough for that awareness to become grounded into Earth Reality and then not to degrade the awareness of Source (God) in a body that would otherwise bestow Grace. Grace is simply the result of getting to the end of one’s karmic script.

The price to pay for Divine Grace is high – namely 100% surrender of the ego, to the Love of Source, to God.

This kind of love is the ultimate manifestation of Divine Grace – it will ablute the ego at its root – but then again it is the root of the ego that is the root of so many karmic confusions and troubles, the impediment to Grace, to deeper Abundance, to Trust in Source and an impediment to deeper love in soulful relationships.

Grace will not be handed on a plate or given by order of the ego-mind, but only after the most far-out, insane yet liberating experience it is possible to have. On my journey towards understanding Source Love and its benevolence, I saw all of it, the darkness, the games of the ego, the worst manifestations of evil, I saw suffering and death, the fires of hell, the splendour of the Central Suns and everything in between. All of it had to be experienced so that I could receive the deepest healing, I had to love and forgive it all – to transcend the last roots to ego, to karma, to conditioned reality, to the Matrix, to 3D, to a dying world – so I could understand and receive Love from God.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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