Spiritual Ascension Experiences with Ayahuasca (and the Integration)

Several years of intensive spiritual practice with Ayahuasca (between 2008-2010 and 2013-2016) resulted in a series of strong and powerful experiences with Loving Star Beings from within the Primordial Fires of the Central Galactic Suns. Following on from 2016, the years between 2017-2024 was (and still is) a work of a deeper grounding and integration of the experiences in terms of integrating the energy, the insights, the wisdom and anchoring the Central Galactic Sun’s energy into the human form on Earth, without the need for ayahuasca, and as a result the “astral planes access” matured over time into a far stronger access rooted into the human form.

These intense Ayahuasca-induced OOBE (out of body experiences) followed by the integration of it all – enabled me to develop and forge a strong and deep understanding with benevolent Higher Dimensional ET’s (aka Ascended Masters or Immortals) residing in the Core of the Central Galactic Suns – where lies the “Ascension Portal” out of the Karma Wheel.

These Beings ultimately gift an incarnated human being insight and wisdom, and Spiritual Ascension to those able to handle the intensity of their energy and the planes they come from. It can also be said the integration of Central Galactic Suns astral planes experiences (and the wisdom) takes many years, as many years as taken to astral travel there in the first place.

From my experience the initiation into the Astral Fires of the Central Suns (after several years of being repelled previously) seemed to revolve around being well-grounded in raw foods and Brahmachariya, being able to handle high doses of Ayahuasca (and very rarely purging) and then doing the right things straight after the ayahausca ceremony (inner reflection, not talking to everyone else, or eating large amounts of food) in order to integrate everything fully.

I also then took to writing books at the time about my experiences with these Star Beings to channel (and anchor) the understanding into the physical form.

In my experience the journey time on ayahuasca was also often double the usual time appearing as having a predisposed enhanced spiritual ability to access ordinarily inaccessible planes of consciousness (The Unknown and The Unknowable on Carlos Castenada language) that others around me at the time appeared not to have – and the ability to endure in Ayahuasca awareness the energy of the civilizational collapse of the human race (defined as high level human die-off due to various causes resulting in a huge population crash within humanity, to the extent of between 40-90% of the global population).

As said before – in many Ayahuasca journeys (more so in the final series) I had many visions of the suffering of a dying human race, I saw all the manifestations of karma, of suffering, senseless wars and violence, dying sick people, biosphere collapse, fear, an unimaginable energy of karma so vast, deep and mindbogglingly vast.

In other experiences the planet was burning, there were big fires and water in all the coastal cities of the world, and there were visions of various types of apocalyptic disasters (asteroids, big fire, big wars, biosphere collapse, earthquakes, ecocide, fires, sea level rises, tsunamis and similar) with the predominant theme of “continental level mass collapse of the human race” during which I wrote VOYAGER. Everywhere in the journey was the energy of intense burning fires (inside and outside my body) and time and time again I was facing the same intense, strong and undiluted awareness (of which was – and is truth for me) the inevitability of some type of large scale planetary level human die-off.

The ultimate healing from these intensive experiences – culminated in the spiritual experience of being astrally and energetically purified by the astral fires and purified of the collapse karma of the human race – by way of becoming at One with the energy of Fire Beings (Ascended Immortals) from within the Central Galactic Suns, and “being loved by them”.

I had many positive experiences of being able to astral travel beyond the Earth, to other Star Systems of Ascended and Higher Races, and I perceived the reality of the Universe filled with many planets with intelligent Trans-Humanoid ET Beings – who are far more evolved than the human race. These Beings that have mastered interstellar travel and live in paradisical extrasolar planetary systems (of which there are many), have greatly enhanced life-spans and these Beings live outside of the 3D karma density of Earth.

It would also appear some people incarnated on Earth can be reborn onto these worlds once they have resolved their karma with the human race (so as not to be reborn on Earth) and Ayahuasca “has the potential” to cure one of the human condition (that being the karma of rebirth) if one can then integrate and live in the wisdom of the spiritual experiences.

Entering the Astral Fires of the Central Suns

There also seemed to be a degree of “divine dispensation” and being inhibed with “a divine or otherworldly power” by these Beings in these journeys – as summarized from this previous article in 2022 (Astral Integration, Star Beings and Stellar Portals).

One can do Ayahuasca hundreds of times to make astral travels outside of the body (as I did myself until 2016) and for some people it may be a useful stage on the path, but in the end the furthest point one will reach in the astral planes on Ayahuasca is a fiery, hot sphere of impenetrable Source Energy beyond which one cannot ordinarily pass through in OOBE’s (out of body experiences) and in my opinion there is much to be said about fasting and brahmachariya in monastic conditions and being attuned to one’s Star Beings naturally without adjuncts.

This last paragraph can be summarized as in the end it is far more favourable to have the Astral Planes Access anchored into the Physical Form, and not to (in the end) need the Ayahuasca – but as the next paragraph illustrates, the Ayahuasca induced OOBE’s were also useful for me at the time in order to make the contact with the Higher Planes to start with. It would then appear I received some type of “special dispensation” to enter the Astral Fires of the Central Suns.

Sometimes loving ETs from other dimensions will ‘allow’ one’s spirit body a special dispensation to enter the stellar fires explaining a lot of the earlier experiences in my life of astral journeys through the centre of stars and then having many astral visionary experiences of other alien civilizations and worlds beyond the Earth inhabited by ascended beings.

The predominant theme of my final journeys had a very strong theme of energetic integration with – and being infused by – the Primordial Fire Element from within these Central Suns.

Integrating the Astral Energy of the Primordial Fire Element into the Human Form is what ultimately gives the Astral Planes Access to the Ascended Worlds in the body, without the need for Ayahuasca, and the access endures (and is permanent), whereas any Ayahuasca induced astral planes OOBE is only ever fleeting.

In addition, drinking ayahuasca hundreds of times is a resource and time intensive endeavour, and until one leaves it away, one can never fully integrate the experiences in ordinary Earth Planes Philosophical Awareness (and the deeper meaning of the experiences).

In other words doing 20+ years of spiritual preparation, doing a large number of Ayahuasca journeys and having a complete Central Galactic Suns experience – to the point of being energetically and karmically purified of the karma of the human race (and being excused from being reborn) is only half the work.

What then follows for the wise and philosophically minded is integrating the energy of the Primordial Force into the body and one then becomes a Wizard or Sorcerer (a keeper of the Sacred Fire) and in terms of Astral Planes Science (and Advanced Level Sorcery), one has actually “downloaded an Astral Fire Sphere into one’s energy” – and its key purpose is divine protection by way of its otherworldy power, which then gives karma immunity to the karma energy of the human race.

At the same time one then becomes totally incompatible with the energy of Ayahuasca and wise readers will understand the story of “the rope and the fires” and expanded upon here.

It is summarized as an entire race of Ayahuasca lost a huge amount of energy in Astral Planes Sorcery War (and a lot of ayahuasca retreat centres to fires) in a failed attempt to attain dominion over this Sacred Fire energy with “ayahuasca witchcraft magic” (at base – attempting to anchor an energy cord into the Spiritual Master without agreement) and such intentions are ill-advised.

This type of magic tends to show itself in the lives of men who have a strong Astral Energy and/or who are Brahmachariya (sexually abstinent for their Inner Work). Those who have studied Carlos Castenada will also have some additional insights into what this type of magic is, what the “Inner Fire” Sorcery Force is, and will understand “initiation into the Higher Worlds by way of becoming immune to witchcraft black magic” as an educative process (for doing certain things or resolving certain lessons, ultimately cancels the magic).

Men on the Advanced Paths are well advised to be aware of this type of magic – it can appear in their lives, and how to become immune to the magic (because if you don’t, you will then have to reincarnate against your will). If you do not become immune to the magic, it can also kill you, and strip you of all of your positive karma merits (white stones), and thus this type of magic is extremely serious.

The antidote to the magic in this case was all the white stones of the collective involved (that were also unwisely using threats of violence to try and force themselves into my energy to attain astral planes dominion over it see ASCENT) and interfering in my legal business with bad motives (which also failed). A supernatural curse of fire, then destroyed the ayahuasca retreats of those involved turning the retreats into piles of black stones, and the returned intent of legal interference in my work criminalized the Ayahuasca Church involved (internationally).

In this particular case these Star Beings “Divine Intervention” and Soul Group “Intervention” cancelled and reversed this magic. It can be summarized on this Path one has a very strong “magical protection from ill-intent” and messing with people with special powers (with ayahuasca) is ill-advised. There lies the danger of Ayahuasca, the scene is filled with many people accessing the Astral Planes with all manner of intentions

Spiritually, it is far more advantageous to have the Astral Planes Access without Ayahuasca and to remain outside of the karma of the Ayahuasca communities (which is intense) and their legal story with themselves and the authorities. If one is more pure, one can also be poisoned by the karma (the black stones) of others in Ayahuasca ceremonies and then one is obligated to give back the black stones to where they came from.

Caution is advised when using Ayahuasca and in what setting.

Spiritual Purification and Rebirth

So I found myself purified of having to witness the collapse by way of some very deep and otherworldly experiences with these Beings (that bore the hallmarks of Eternal Love of Star Beings from other dimensions beyond the human world) who showed me what my lessons were.

Then as a result of understanding my lessons on Earth (partly as a result of having those experiences and partly though resolving my lessons around light-worker karma), became purified of my karma, found myself filled up with white karma stones, and then became spiritually reborn back on Earth, in my human form, free from the energy of collapse visions and free from being karmically tied to the collapse karma of the human race – with a strong Astral Planes Anchor into the Human Form (read more about Spiritual Mastery and Transcending the Human Form– which drives reincarnation and rebirth).

As a result of these experiences I was called to leave the Ayahuasca Path away (in 2016) and take up the Path of Philosophical Integration – which is at base about anchoring the energy and wisdom of mystical experience into the human form.

Living in Wisdom

Integration of such extreme and intense Ascension-Level experiences is ultimately about living in peace and wisdom whilst doing the spiritual practice of Philosophical Integration) for the remainder of the time one is still integrated in the body, being in Mastery of ones Awareness-Energy, staying out of the karma-fray of the mainstream human race and remaining healthy.

The way to deeper spiritual advancement and peace (being grounded in spiritual understanding and wisdom, and purified from the karma energy of the mainstream human race) can be summarized as living in a Sanctum in nature (as a fundamental grounding) and acting as the supporting conditions for the deeper spiritual work.

Outside of the cities, in deeper inner retreat from the various energetically chaotic and karmically incompatible energies of the mainstream human race, in a peaceful part of nature, in tune with the seasons, living with companion animals, along with healthy living and maintaining physical fitness by extensive exercise in nature (hiking or similar).

Having one’s personal karmas sorted out earlier in life (along with doing the dietary, emotional, energetic, karmic and spiritual purifications) so as to be able to live in deeper spiritual alignment and peace one’s Source later in life. Extracting oneself from the many distractions and vices in the human world, becoming immune to karmic interference, and extracting from anything or any sphere that does not bring one deeper peace and that may come at the expense of one’s spiritual wellbeing or pull one out of peace.

Being in Mastery of one’s Awareness-Energy, being well grounded (energetically anchored) in the physical body whist remaining attuned to Source (living in balance) and spending time contemplating and reflecting upon the meaning of one’s life, and the deeper spiritual picture, so as to understand the Truth. Learning how to be in Mastery of the Spiritual Forces and being strong in one’s energy and spiritual vibration, remaining vibrationally pure and being anchored in the karma-free states that exist beyond the dualisms of the Karma Wheel. Outside of the dualistic energies of the Karma Wheel are the spheres of clarity, deeper peace, grounding, serenity, spiritual understanding and wisdom and the spiritual work is to be grounded in those states.

Living from one’s accumulated Merit, being in Mastery of one’s Merit, charging a lot for one’s expertise and wisdom, being financially well grounded, not being involved with too many other people and living from a deeper space of Philosophic Integration of one’s spiritual experience. Mastery of these themes naturally leads to living in a state of deeper wisdom (and peace) and in the end the main spiritual aim of Life is to become wise.

Health in the Body

Becoming healthier as one gets older in Earth Years (the opposite of what usually happens in the human race) is a result of many years of a pure diet (veganism with intensive detoxification and intermittent fasting – with a strong focus on exercise and maintaining physical fitness).
Combined with a life of physical and spiritual purification (including Mastery of ones Astral Energy in the Physical Body) these disciplines result in Concentrated Astral Energy being integrated into the human DNA (anchored into the Physical Body) which appears as a healthier and longer life lived in Astral Awareness.

Advanced Level Practice includes living outside of the mainstream human race in peaceful conditions in nature whilst philosophically reflecting on one’s human experience (reading philosophical books and spiritual texts) and being in Brahmachariya (being in Mastery of, and not wasting one’s Sexual Energy.

These additional disciplines produce stronger results in terms of wellbeing (Physical and Spiritual), being Brahmachariya also produces rejuvenation and a far stronger health and vitality in the Physical Body – and these practices yield the fruits of Spiritual Wisdom (which also matures with age).

The capacity to become more “spiritually wise” increases as one ages in Earth Years, more so if one becomes purified from the many karmic distractions and vices within the human karma world that consume Awareness-Energy. Thus the Advanced Practice is to ascend out of the karma of the human race, and become purified of the karma of the human race – if one wishes not to be reborn here.

Philosophical Intelligence, the purification of one’s energy and karma, backed up with a deeper Integration of one’s Life Experiences (including one’s Mystical and OOBE experiences) leads to the result of Spiritual Wisdom which leads to Spiritual Mastery.

Spiritual Wisdom allows one to understand the meaning of life, the mystery of awareness, the karma of the human world and how to transcend the dark/light dualities in the astral planes that leads one to a transcendance from the Karma Wheel (being free of the karma of rebirth so one does not have to return to the Earth).

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