Source Love and Transcending Karma

The truth is that the inherent nature of the Universe is inherently loving and some students may know this reality as Source but it can also be known as Divine Love, God, Universal Consciousness or similar. A deeper understanding of the truth that the Immutable Root Reality is of love is the answer to the awareness of the collapse and for healing of karma.

The root cause of karma is attachment to the Karmic Reincarnational Cycle which causes souls to circle through the rounds of death and rebirth, hundreds, thousands of times, as they seek to discover their true nature which is Oneness with the Immutable Love. Many can understand all is One on some level or another, but freedom from ALL karma in this life and liberation from the rounds of death and rebirth comes from healing one’s ego in the presence of the Immutable Love.

This can be a work of many lifetimes, but even a partial healing of some of the karmas of the egos can make one happier, lighter, more abundant and aligned with the Love of Source (God). Others may find in this healing they discover the truth of Loving ET’s in the Universe from other worlds, as I did. For those who can heal their egos and fully integrate the strong nature of Transcendent Love into their awareness – it is also possible to be purified of all karma and healed of everything in this life.

The truth is Spiritual Mastery and freedom from Samsaric Reality (marked by suffering, impermanence and inherent dukkha which can take many forms) lies in the Transcendence of the ego into the Transcendent Awareness of Love behind all things. It is a very strong love which calls for one to give the ego into it, the more one goes through ego-death – the more one can become purified of karma and find a deeper healing in this life from their suffering.

Many seekers can find the Love of God, or meet Loving Beings in the astral, or have mystical experiences that make them feel good and that may even show them the truth of Ascension – but the deeper work is in integrating Source Love in a body on Earth which then brings forgiveness from karma.

There are many mirrors for love in this world – Earthly relationships, the love of Source (God) or in some cases the love of Twin Flames. During the journey I understood the deeper truth of the Transcendent Nature of Love as the Immutable Reality beyond the mortal condition.

When my spiritual wisdom was integrated into the awareness of the Transcendent Love, I received healing for my karma, through the power of forgiveness for my Twin Flame who reflected aspects of being that were not love on Earth yet in the astral reflected a very deep love. This process enabled me to find love and grace from God and a deeper understanding to the answer of the collapse of humanity, then I understood all karma to be products of the ego.

When the ego is purified, so is the karma. Not many people want to purify their egos, but that is where the healing is and my Source sent a Twin Flame along so I could heal my ego and experience a deeper love from my Source which then brought good fortune, healing and serenity on the Earth Plane.

It also enabled me to integrate the energy of Divine Feminine into my work for humanity. The experience showed me that anything in this world can be healed and when it is one can find a pure and enduring love behind all reality that one can understand as Source or God’s Love.

This is the antithesis of the collapse, the sustainer of all life and the answer to the awareness of being incarnated on a dying world. As I forgave various manifestations of karmic disturbance and the energies of death, I found a deeper awareness of Source Love and then heavy-duty karmas were removed from my Being by the power of Divine Grace. This was because I forgave unconditionally all that I experienced and perceived to be not of love, or of the Wheel, or of ego reality – and when I forgave them I found freedom from that karma.

Then I entered into a Unified Awareness of Source Love and experienced the deepest healing, from karma, from cords to death, from the Karmic Wheel, from light-worker karma and liberation from many other things.

The truth is that in the transcendence of the ego (which is the real spiritual work – anything else is superfluous) one can know real love, not just a transient love, but the enduring love of the Immortal Source and those who can receive this love on the deepest level can be healed of all their karma.

Once one has healed all of one’s karma from many lives, realized the Immutable Love behind karmic reality and then integrated that in the awareness of one’s Earthly body, one can either Ascend (either partially or fully) or become a Non-Returner to 3D. The truth is all Beings are loved by the benevolent Creator Source but the separations from Source caused by the karma of the ego often prevent one realizing the love and this explains why there is so much suffering in the world, because Beings do not realize the true nature of reality as Love and thus they play out their stories of suffering on Earth.

This explains wars, deaths, sufferings, sicknesses and all manner of other karmic misfortunes going on in the world because suffering is a teacher, showing one the separation from the big love, from God, from Source.

When I gave my ego to Source in the presence of a deeper love and forgave all those who did bad to me – I found a deeper compassion and love for the human race – and I was also filled up and transformed by the Grace of Source, of God – an energy that showed love as the pathway to a deeper and more sustained life off the Karmic Wheel and it is that love that heals all karma.

Anything in this world can be healed by the Grace of Source (God) when one accepts Source as the teacher, surrender of the ego to Source can give forgiveness for many things in this life. Those who receive a deep forgiveness from the Immutable Love can experience the healing of Loving Star Beings (ET’s)who come with a Transcendent Love from other realms of existence.

The Love of Source is the answer to all that troubles the human race and those who work with healing their ego into the Higher Love can find forgiveness for karma and a deeper understanding of themselves, their hearts, their spiritual paths and the secrets of the Universe. Those who forgive themselves for being in separation from love or being in their egos, those who ask for healing from Source for their karma and open themselves up to the possibility to receive forgiveness from karma through the power of Source Love can be healed of many things that keep them trapped in the Samsaric realms of death and rebirth.

The Love of Source is the love beyond all mortal forms that offers healing to those who work with themselves and their egos to discover the deeper truth about life, love, reality and the Universe.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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