Asteroids, Megatsunamis and Prophetic Awareness

After many years of experiencing collapse-like visions in a deeper awareness of Source and also experiencing an increase in Prophetic Awareness (with many prophecies coming true), I have come to an understanding that a ELE (Extinction Level Event) is highly likely for the human race.

The awareness of the collapse in concentrated Source Awareness takes two forms, the form of biosphere collapse (slow collapse/decay) but also there has always been the awareness of a more sudden cataclysmic event that comes with little warning. Often I foresaw in visions water sloshing around in all the cities of the world and a cataclysmic asteroid impact, alongside the awareness of a degrading biosphere as is already apparent on Earth.

After witnessing many previous prophecies realize themselves as true and spending many months meditating upon the prophecies from Source and the results, I understand also the prophetic awareness of the asteroid strike also to be a prophecy of a future event with an undetermined date.

In my experience dating and timing prophecies is very difficult, nor is knowing a date and time so useful anyway – but on the other hand, many events I prophecize come true sooner or later – albeit with time drift.

The asteroid visions have persisted for some years and intensified recently after many other foreseen events came to pass, clearing the awareness to ‘see’ ahead boosted by the energy of the Earth. I first had visions of an asteroid impact in my early years, saw it often by way of revelations revealed in Ayahuasca Ceremony, and after leaving that path behind, saw it more strongly and more clearly than ever before alongside the awareness of biosphere collapse.

In recent times my Source and Star Beings showed me again in astral awareness (astral awareness without Ayahuasca) the same visions and communicated the message that a cataclysmic event will one day befall the Earth

Thus in myself I believe in the short term (perhaps a handful of years) there will be an asteroid strike (with little warning) and the megatsunami* – corresponding to the visions of fires ravaging the Earth, a collapsed civilization (always I see 40% of humanity gone at the outset – so it must be a very large asteroid, over 1 km in size) and water sloshing around in all the cities of the world – with this event intersecting the biosphere collapse time-line that I also perceive and expanded upon in my works.

*Megatsunamis tend to be continental-level cleaning events, wave heights of several hundred metres or more, they can wipe out millions, if not billions of humans, in a few hours, depending on its size and where the asteroid hits.

I often saw in the awareness of Loving ET’s such things and was told by them to use the awareness of Earth Cataclysms to evolve in understanding, and to work with the visions, and to take them as truth after being shown other events that then came true – similar to the phenomena portrayed in the movie Knowing (Nicholas Cage)

This is a very humbling life-experience and gives insight into the nature as to what aspect of one’s being can prophecize events correctly, how the phenomenon can be explained and how to use prophetic awareness.

Many are averse to prophecies so it can be interpreted that prophetic awareness is useful more for oneself and one’s own soul group aligned to hearing prophecies and using them to evolve.

Those who have the gift of Prophetic Awareness and use it properly will sooner or later understand that the 3D humanity is heading for karmic catastrophe. Why that is can be revealed by one’s Star Beings, my works give some deeper perspectives on that matter.

I first received the gift of Prophetic Awareness as a result of contact with Loving ET’s as explained in Voyager and the earlier works channelled from Star Being energy in the astral. In spiritual practice I was able to use the gift of prophetic awareness to enter into a deeper awareness of the Immutable Reality beyond the visions of apocalypse and the transience of the human race.

This was by way of sitting with the awareness of the visions, integrating the understanding and the energies of the Star Beings (Loving ET’s) showing the visions in awareness and by purification of the karma of the ego.

Karmic purification is the product of working with Star Being energy and is somewhat mandatory in order to handle the awareness of the Transcendental Reality beyond collapse and death. Many cannot handle the awareness of the finality and transience of the human race, or of one’s existence on Earth, or the inevitable death of the ego-idea.

So the Reincarnational Cycle of birth and death continues for many, and for many, that is their path, so it is better they do not look at the matter of the collapse so much and remain in karmic reality and their particular lessons for this lifetime. If they have more lifetimes of karma to work out in the 3D, contemplation of the collapse is not useful.

But on Earth right now there are a group of individuals at the end of the Karmic Cycle, that have the power to Physically Ascend (or ascend at the point of death) and exit the Wheel / The Human Condition entirely. These individuals do not have to return to the Karmic 3D Worlds, for these individuals, the mirror of the collapse is a teacher and indeed a Gateway in Awareness to another Immortal Dimension of Star Beings.

Those who are karmically pure and well grounded in their energy can perceive this ‘other reality’ in the human body and use the awareness to transcend Earthly Karma, and ultimately, to ascend.

What that Path entails, including Ascension Level spiritual purification, is described in Voyager and relates primarily to healing the karmas of the ego and concentrating awareness in the right conditions. In those conditions one can have visions of the collapse, not be disturbed, receive deeper revelations and experience a deeper Union with one’s Source.

For such individuals (Voyagers or Ascendees) there is no fear that manifests as a result of the awareness of the end of the 3D existence, and instead there can be the awareness of a great love, or a strong awareness, or an understanding of Immortality, or one’s true nature, which are ultimately all aspects of the same Transcendental Reality.

Integrating that on Earth is a result of assimilating astral awareness into the Earthly Body, living in appropriate conditions and concentrating awareness to the point of being able to perceive and integrate – the other reality, ordinarily hidden.

That other reality can be perceived with psychedelics such as Ayahuasca and Psilocybin, one can get some useful insights and understandings that way, but ultimately in order to make a stronger earthed bridge to that reality, transcendence of the psychedelic path will become necessary so that the awareness is 24/7 and not dependent upon any external agent.

What one is looking to undertake is to experience what lies beyond death whilst alive in a human body without becoming degraded in the process, in order to make a bridge in awareness, but the awareness of the other planes can make for extreme karmic purifications.

This is why not all humans can integrate astral awareness IN the body in this life, one is working at the level of transmuting one’s own death karma (aka attachment to the karma of the collapse).

That other awareness can appear as Loving Star Beings, a Gateway in Inner or Outer Astral Hyperspace, a wormhole or a portal in one’s awareness, a Spirit Bridge or another reality intersecting or appearing to contain, ordinary reality – or a tunnel appearing to lead to an ascended planet beyond Earth. Often it vibrates with a high energy and power, emanates love and wisdom, can also appear intelligent, ET like, transcendent or other-worldly.

It is that other reality, that can offer sanctuary from the collapse if integrated in one’s Earthly Incarnation, the work of the advanced path is to ultimately be able to transmute one’s physical body (earthly vehicle).

Earth cleansing events are nothing unusual in the scheme of cosmic evolution, and indeed can be seen as normal.

For those without the karma of fear, and well versed in astral understanding, they can understand the reasons for being incarnated on Earth in the times of the collapse and use that awareness to ascend their awareness, and later perhaps even their bodies, in order to be spared the collapse. The only purpose of being made aware of the collapse by one’s Source or by Star Beings, is to transcend it, otherwise the prophetic awareness would have no value.

By and large, prophecies are given by Source or one’s Star Beings, in order to refine or re-direct one’s Path, and to avoid karmic suffering. Those who listen to their Source are spared trouble if they do the spiritual work.

The mirror of the collapse, for some individuals, serves as a teacher of awareness, a teacher of transcendence and a gateway into the understanding of the deeper hidden reality behind all 3D phenomena. In the awareness of the collapse, one can discover one’s deeper nature, beyond illusion, beyond karmic-reality, beyond conditioned reality and beyond ego.

One must learn appropriate love and compassion for humanity as well as lessons in wisdom, in order to contain the awareness of a mortal race, when the two are combined there is no fear of death and then death is seen very differently, and for those with enough astral awareness – death can be countermanded, although that is an extremely rare and difficult path.

It can be tough to see, but for those who have courage and strength, who want to advance on the spiritual level and prepare for existence in a Higher Dimension beyond karma, the awareness of the collapse is the mirror for transformation and healing as well as a great ‘revealer’ in relation to Higher Reality beyond 3D.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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