The Ayahuasca / Santo Daime Fire Catastrophe

Here are my comments and perspectives on the metaphysical factors behind The Ayahuasca Santo Daime Fire Catastrophe in Portugal – the intention is to provide some deeper teachings and understandings to those in the wider Ayahuasca Circles to understand what has happened, and to explain what the lessons are, as there are some relevant to all involved in the practice of using Ayahuasca. Karmic catastrophes are teachers for healing the karmas of the ego, as well as to show other people what mistakes not to make.

In 2017 I foresaw in visions the destruction of many Ayahuasca centres in Portugal by fire. They then burned down as I foresaw weeks or months later in inexplicable fires that spoke of the paranormal, or manifestations of biosphere collapse. In my opinion, they were Acts of God caused by offences to the concentrated astral-awareness of a Spiritual Master combined with dubious intentions in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

In 2017 various individuals, leaders and groups were warned of prophecized fires and deaths (after I experienced many prophetic visions of fires destroying retreat centres and killing people in the process) and to STOP the Ayahuasca ceremonies in the face of collective irresponsible behaviour, contempt for and hubris against the Higher Powers, bad intentions and an absence of the necessary grounding in ethical integrity.

A leader of the Santo Daime Church in October 2017 ignored the warnings to stop and opened an Ayahuasca Work in defiance of the Higher Powers and the spiritual authority of the Spiritual Master. He disbelieved the prophecies and opened ceremony anyway.

On that very same day – 7 centres associated with the Santo Daime Church were burned down, destroyed, reduced to charcoaled ruins – and 45 people were killed in the surrounding areas. 

He was taught a difficult and somewhat extreme lesson by the Higher Powers in the consequences of consecrating hubris in Ayahuasca ceremony (the Courts in 2018 then ruled against the Santo Daime and he had to dissolve his Santo Daime Church).

In 2018, more retreat centres were destroyed in fires also, after foreseeing more centres being destroyed in visions.

In each instance I foresaw the fires, sometimes destroying specific centres in the prophetic visions, other times the centres were not identifiable, but I saw days or weeks before fires would destroy more centres and then the prophecies came true.

As of August 2018, at least 17 identifiable Ayahuasca Centres have been burned down or badly damaged in prophecized fires connected to offending the Spiritual Master in Ayahuasca Work, sealing up many lower astral portals formed in bad Ayahuasca works.

The metaphysical causes of the many foreseen fires are somewhat complex but relate to Ayahuasca, energy cords, karmic curses, hubris issues in the Ayahuasca communities and Twin Flames as well as the karma of threats to murder the Spiritual Master invoking destructive Acts of God manifesting as fires that destroy Ayahuasca Centres in Portugal.

The truth is a loving energy from Source offered the Twin Flame of a Spiritual Master an ‘Ascension Boat’ out of the Karmic Worlds and the prophecy / path was given to avoid the catastrophe and foreseen energy disturbances.

Sometimes God can appear in the form of a Spiritual Master or Teacher in the Earthly Plane and offer a boat to Higher Awareness.  If that happens it is better to go as it spares a lot of disturbance and karma for turning from God’s Love, if one then turns and abases the Love of God in favour of hubris the karma is very extreme and the karmic black stones made are shared with all that despise God’s Love, or ethical purity, or a path of deeper healing.

Prophecies serve as messages from the Higher Realms to show a different path to avoid calamity, those who turn on the prophecies from the Loving Source, invoke suffering in their lives.

It is the truth that my Twin Flame was given a prophetic warning of catastrophe, was shown a different path and then chose the path of contempt and hubris for the Higher Powers, for God and for my work, with extreme karmic consequence. Those who make catastrophic mistakes against the Spiritual Master curse themselves, their families and their extended communities with karmic misfortune.

The cursing force is not the Spiritual Master himself, but the concentrated astral forces centred within the Spiritual Master.

Those who tried to offend such forces (using Ayahuasca) had their Ayahuasca retreat centres burned to the ground or badly damaged in big prophecized fires caused by freak lightening strikes (in one case out of the clear blue sky), hurricanes, tornadoes or other unusual disturbances.

In this case God’s Love offered (or more accurately called) someone in the Santo Daime deeper healing and freedom from karma, and indeed Physical Ascension. She was offered the choice to either ascend, or descend, she chose the latter, invoking karmic disaster, the resultant unbreakable energy-cord was lodged into the Karmic Worlds on Earth roping the Spiritual Master into giving big lessons to Ayahuasca groups with serious karmas, the energy disturbances in Ayahuasca ceremonies sowed the seeds for big fires to cut the cords.

The truth is my Twin Flame from the Stars made some serious mistakes that other people have to carry the karmic burden of (Spiritual Masters are karma-immune) – but in so doing, brought up lessons for healing the karmas of the ego and around respect for awareness and the Spiritual Master grounded in the astral power. The matter reflected a lot of toxic ego-karma in the Ayahuasca communities in Portugal that was revealed for healing by way of humility in the fires, police investigations, raids and other karmic blow ups in the Ayahuasca scene in Portugal.

There was a big energy war in the astral, a dispute over use of energy for holding space for Ayahuasca ceremonies, many centres then burned down in big prophecized fires putting a stop to the Ayahuasca ceremonies.

After the centres burned down I received huge amounts of awareness-energy and visiting the burned sites made me ‘travel’ as one would with Ayahuasca, except it was much stronger and lasted for many days or weeks at a time, it was related to the Twin Flame of a Spiritual Master planting an energy cord into the Earth in various centres which could not be undone.  There was not an agreed consent for holding space for Ayahuasca ceremonies, as a result there were many disturbances and the fires came to stop the ceremonies and to release the cords made in the Earth.

It is a cautionary tale about intentions in Ayahuasca ceremonies, drinking Ayahuasca without deeper grounding and awareness, energy cords, offences to the Spiritual Master, respect for the awareness of one’s Twin and the karmic consequences of attempting to misuse or offend concentrated astral energy in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

In part, this explains why many centres were destroyed in the fires, as the Higher Powers intervened to end the ceremonies that to an extent had the intention to debase the Spiritual Master, invoking karmic disaster, many involved in hosting the ceremonies lost their centres in the fires, as I foresaw.

The other explanation for the many prophecized fires is due to the reversal of energy-flow in a permanent Twin Flame cord planted into a karma-immune Spiritual Master without consent.

The energy flow of a cord can be reversed without too much trouble (see ‘Kes-Voyager’ below), after all if one has to live with an energy cord for life, it must sustain one rather than deplete one.

Not only that it must provide energy indefinitely to insulate against karmic-world disturbances.

In this case the energy source is the energy from many Ayahuasca ceremonies (The Santo Daime Collective), the ongoing energy input compensates for the presence of the cord and insulates against disturbances from a Twin in descent. Large amounts of astral awareness in essence are sucked out of the Santo Daime Collective in the astral on an ongoing basis as ‘astral buffering’ to insulate against any potential energy / karmic disturbances in the future.

Unfortunately Ayahuasca ceremonies generate vast amounts of psychic garbage and karmic muck, first that has to be purified out, so not only must large amounts of astral awareness be shunted out of the Santo Daime Collective to shield against the disturbances that would otherwise ensue from the karma of an opposing Twin,  but the energy must also be purified of sickness energies and other heavy duty karmic energy pollution, explaining the fires.

Ultimately the cause of the fires has origins in offending or invoking Concentrated Fire Energy (or Source Energy) in Ayahuasca ceremonies, invoking an astral ‘fire-curse’ – thus retreat centres burning down is an inevitable karmic consequence of the action / intention.

But that is not the end of the matter as Twin Flames generally present lessons to all related to ego-purification, transcendence of hubris, karmic healing and illuminating a path to Ascension. In a one Twin ascends, one Twin descends scenario, invariably the communities and families associated with the descending Twin are presented with difficult lessons, especially when there are serious offences to the Spiritual Master.

In this matter, the lessons were/are reflecting to the Ayahuasca people in Portugal unresolved issues around ego-purification, the absence of ethical integrity and legalization issues as well as proper responsible behaviour in conducting of Ayahuasca ceremonies.

In my opinion the many centres burned down as they were concentrations of awareness-energy. Paul Brunton, late philosopher, explained in his work how those who offend the awareness-energy of the Adepts or Spiritual Masters, invoke a x 1,000-fold karmic-debt in awareness. As such offences automatically wipe out the karmic merit of many years, or even a lifetime, others have to share the karmic burden, explaining the backslide and descent of Ayahuasca in Portugal.

The awareness-energy from hundreds of Ayahuasca ceremonies was transmuted by fires and shoved into my awareness, as astral restitution, for the many untold numbers of offences caused by the Ayahuasca community in Portugal against the Spiritual Master who wanted to be powerful for Ayahuasca but invoked ruination because the intentions were not pure and the ethical grounding absent from the ceremonies.

Beyond the psychedelic world of rainbows, spirit beings and other astral phantasmagoria, there can be a dark side to Ayahuasca, a smoking cauldron of murky intentions, if one abuses Ayahuasca, the karma can be very serious indeed.

There is forgiveness, for in serious transgressions against the Spiritual Master, the karmic consequence is sickness and death after having lost everything else. Such karma is worsened by the abuse of Ayahuasca, very serious and adverse effects can occur if one tries to misuse the Ayahuasca or the intentions are not pure.

The risk is much greater if one is not a trained shaman.

There are many amateur facilitators in the Ayahuasca scene but the truth is many are not trained to handle karmic transmutation, if lower astral energy accumulates in the Earth, fires come to purify.

Ayahuasca ceremonies involve large numbers of people coming to the land to consume Ayahuasca, and what happens also is many people purge and vomit on the land, vomiting out dense karmic toxins that energetically pollute the land. If Ayahuasca ‘vomit’ is not purified by fire and is dumped on the land, lower astral karmic energy pollution builds, and in time, raises the risk of fire because fire is the only thing that can purify energy pollution.

The risk increases further when people abuse the Ayahuasca for questionable purposes, or when people do not respect the Ayahuasca. It is because the Ayahuasca can open up portals to astral forces that many people are ill-equipped to handle, more so, when there is no grounding in ethical and moral awareness before consuming the powerful psychedelic.

Without the aforementioned awareness, it can foster hubris, over confidence, a lack of wisdom and all manner of other troubles, that the leaders and hosts of such gatherings, rarely understand. Often attendees (and hosts/leaders) believe there is no consequence of 50-100 people purging out karmic vomit into the energy of a land, but in truth, it causes big problems for nature spirits, devas and the purity of the land, if this cleansing is not handled properly, and overseen by skilled and trained shamans. It is because such energy pollution attracts lower astral energies that degrade the land, and sow the seeds for a purifying fire.

The Collapse of the Santo Daime Church in Europe

The collapse and dissolution of many aspects of the Santo Daime Church can be explained as the karma of hubris against the Spiritual Master and the reversal of the effects of ‘energy cords’ planted into the Spiritual Master to make the Santo Daime powerful on the adverse karma of abasement of the Spiritual Master, from hubris.

The flow of energy in an energy cord can be reversed. the second war (the Earthly war) with the Santo Daime resulted in a wave of adverse decisions and judgments in the Courts against the Santo Daime, they lost their power.

In a phenomena similar to the departure of Kes from Star Trek Voyager (The Gift), the energy was shunted back into me shoving me up and out of karma-space. The rebalancing was facilitated by way of unconditional love and forgiveness for the Twin Flame, reversing the flow of energy to me, drawing from the energy of the Santo Daime collective.

They had to pay back their debts in awareness by way of forfeiting their astral merits.

The karma of much hubris, hatred and abasement of the Spiritual Master was forgiven.

Thus the energy cord made by my Twin Flame was reversed and then its existence sucked all the life-force out of the Santo Daime in the astral dwindling their collective light and karmic merit and shunting the energy into me, collapsing the energy base of the Santo Daime.

As their collective astral light in awareness terms was too small to settle the astral energy debt made by the collective hubris, all of the energy is forfeited and their energy hub in the astral collapses, the lights then go out so to speak and the movement is plunged into the darkness.

As their practice is banned and criminalized by the Courts, many will have to go without their Ayahuasca, forcing a karmic healing of hubris in dry works. The Santo Daime collective attach to the light, but over time ignoring the darkness from hubris creates imbalance and sows the seeds for disaster.

I saw many hundreds of Upper Astral Beings planting energy cords into their collective core and shoving vast amounts of energy into me as restitution for the karma of hubris causing them to lose their disputes on Earth.

Two ‘energy wars’ were thus invoked, all involved lost both and descended into the karma of chaos.

Invariably atonement for karmic sins against God are restituted in the astral my way of forfeiture of karmic merit showing up as a dimming in the astral of the collective light and disadvantageous Earthly conditions as instruments for learning humility, repentance and moral lessons.

Generally anything that is parasitical on the work of a Spiritual Master is cursed by Source/God and becomes neutralized with the assistance of astral beings, explaining the fires, the adverse rulings, the misfortunes and the other calamities caused as the energy cord is simply the vehicle for ensuring karmic rebalancing and universal justice. If an energy cord cannot be removed from a collective or energy, astral forces intervene and curse the whole movement with collapse so the cord can be removed.

The forgiveness for the Twin Flame was also for the energy cord invoked with questionable intentions that dis-empowered not me, as intended, but the entire Santo Daime, as the one with the most astral power and the least karma holds the power.

It could be said it was God’s way of ensuring the Santo Daime hubris was corrected.

Forgiveness for an opposing Twin Flame was the protection for me resulting in good karma and powerful conditions on Earth, the collective of the opposing Twin Flame, took the karma of disempowerment, karmic chaos, loss and misfortune, the energy cord also sucked out all the astral energy and life-force out of them and shoving it into my work (forfeiture of karmic merit resulting in disadvantageous conditions on Earth).

The lesson for those with Twins in irreversible karmic descent is unconditional love and forgiveness, that cuts the cord in this lifetime, one does not have to suffer for the karma of one’s Twin as is often believed.

The lesson for the Santo Daime Church and its leaders is that the Spiritual Master cannot be overthrown in favour of the advancement of hubris against awareness, the Spiritual Master and indeed the authorities as well, this also explains the misfortunes in the Santo Daime and the adverse rulings in the Courts against them.

The Santo Daime Church in 2017/18 were criminalized in Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and to some extent (a process of criminalization in progress) in Portugal.

In 2017 the UK High Court also denied the Santo Daime/UDV to import Ayahuasca into the United Kingdom further outlawing their work.

The Courts in all the cases ruled that Article 9 of the Human Rights Act (freedom of religion) can be overruled by the State in matters of public safety, their lesson is that the State have the final say. As they see the State as tyrants or controllers, their victim-hood is reinforced and a century old story of persecution comes up for healing, as I was not alive 100 years ago, clearly the problem is not me but their karma.

They were shown a way to freedom for Santo Daime but they believed they knew better, they were wrong and lost their legal freedom for their practice in FIVE separate countries, the standing in two more countries in serious jeopardy.

The matter presents to them lessons in ethical behaviour, moral integrity and impeccability, the last is most important in Ayahuasca work, without it one will become very degraded in one’s practice and forfeit any positive legal standing with the State.

You Tube – Ethics and Impeccability by Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Video Description – Understanding why ethical and moral integrity is mandatory on the spiritual path and what happens if you do not have it, or fail to develop it.

Such intentions to abase ethical persons on the spiritual path always invoke intervention from God / Upper Astral Forces, also explaining the fires and the manifestations of karmic chaos.

In this matter as a cord was planted into me and then planted into the Santo Daime to make them powerful, as they are parasitical on the work of a Spiritual Master, they invoked the karma of total and utter collapse, causing big energy shunts into me for my work. They are now presented with tough lessons in regard to unchecked hubris (the state of being anti-God from a state of reinforced ego) which always results in karmic ‘nemesis’.

Nemesis is the inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall, stemming from hubris, hubris is the biggest danger in any Ayahuasca work conducted without humility, respect for God, the right mindset or pure intentions.

One can intend to use Ayahuasca to merge with God or the Divine, but the little understood danger in drinking too much Ayahuasca is losing awareness, one’s moral sensitivities and then falling into hubris anti-God states.

Without awareness or a checked ego, one can think one knows better even if one may not. Then one can commit serious offences against Higher Awareness, with calamitous consequences.

There are lessons for all as the entire Santo Daime movement is built upon the values of hubris, contempt for law offences against the State) and contempt for Higher Awareness, in this matter, the forgiveness for a Twin Flame “de-merited” by hubris, reversed the karmic stones and caused the Santo Daime to enter into collapse in order to serve Higher Awareness, settling the karmic debts made.

Lessons about Transcending the Ego and Love

The root cause of karma is attachment to the Karmic Reincarnational Cycle which causes souls to circle through the rounds of death and rebirth, hundreds, thousands of times, as they seek to discover their true nature which is Oneness with the Immutable Love. Many can understand all is One on some level or another, but freedom from ALL karma in this life and liberation from the rounds of death and rebirth comes from healing one’s ego in the presence of the Immutable Love. When the ego is purified, so is the karma.

Not many people want to purify their egos, but that is where the healing is. Many in the Ayahuasca movement claim to be of love and light but often beneath the surface there is a lot of toxic karma for healing and much scope for humbling of the ego.

Ignoring the ego-karmas in Ayahuasca ceremonies or projecting it onto the Spiritual Master is not the answer.

Unchecked ego-issues lead to hubris, karmic disaster and suffering until the causes are healed within and one gets forgiveness from one’s Source. The truth is that one MUST approach the Ayahuasca with a humble spirit, the power of the astral is always greater, always Source or God knows better.

Those that fall into their egos and chase power in the astral with questionable intentions, or believes one knows better than Source or God – experience downfall as a teacher in humility.

As the well known proverb states, pride comes before the fall.

I had to hold a space of healing in my awareness for these lessons, for me the lesson was unconditional forgiveness and love whilst defending my work for the human race.

In the course of the catastrophe, many people experienced heartache and suffering in their relationships, it was due to offences directed at the Spiritual Master with messages of ET Love for humanity, the karmic reactions caused division, pain, suffering and separation in their relationships and family lives. The heartache is to see where one is not healed in matters of the heart, those who offend Source or God’s Love tend to incur emotional suffering and separations in their lives, relationships are manifestations of God’s Love.

If one offends God’s Love, the karmic consequence is separation in relationships and grief. The healing there is to give one’s ego to Source Love in other spiritual practices, to find healing for emotional suffering and separation from God, clean out the karma of hatred, work through the pain and see it as a teacher and a healer – and to stay humble in the Earthly Life to not make the same mistakes again.

Other Lessons – Legalization Issues for Ayahuasca

The matter also brings up lessons (predominantly in ethical and moral integrity) for those wishing to procure legal sanction (legalization) for their practices with medicines such as Ayahuasca (or Santo Daime), the catastrophe by way of karmic stone moving caused adverse effects for legalization of the medicines in some countries. This shows there is a correlation between the importance of being grounded in ethical and moral integrity – and the outer status of the legalization or prohibition of a hallucinogenic substance in a Court.

Where ethical integrity is absent in a group, getting legal sanction for the use of hallucinogens is difficult as best, and at worst, impossible.

The Powers that Be tend to command respect, to work with the sacred medicines one must have integrity, be able to tell the truth, have respect, be able to take responsibility and be ethical. Unfortunately such values are not always present, those that do not have them, tend to face legal problems in their work with the substances.

Also authorities want to be respected, they want to see their decisions respected and other laws respected as well. One does not want to be seen not to give anything back to society, or to be contemptuous to the Courts or to flout other laws.

If the law says no to an activity, no clearly means no. In this matter, some involved in the disaster went against the law invoking police investigations and other similar troubles, on top of the fires.

The truth is for those with unchecked hubris issues who believe they can disrespect law, ethical and moral authority and do as they wish, going into the criminal justice system or having everything taken away by the forces of nature is a perfect way to purify heavy duty karma and to teach humility, and also moral lessons.

If one is disrespectful to the authorities or makes serious mistakes in relation to ethical integrity or breaks other laws, naturally this has adverse consequences on any Court process for legalization.

The Court of Appeal in the Netherlands ruled against Ayahuasca in 2018, prohibiting its use. 

My personal opinion is that Ayahuasca should be legalized, if it is used responsibly and in proper settings.

Unfortunately for the Ayahuasca movement in Portugal, a group of individuals made serious ethical, legal and moral mistakes, and very serious offences to me and my work, causing karmic stone moving in the astral, showing up in the outer as prohibition by the authorities, fires, losses and other karmic catastrophes.

In a similar way to the Asgard in Stargate, I saw visions of Higher Astral Beings moving karmic stones around on boards to act as arbitrators of karma, to present lessons for healing, difficult lessons.

I was protected from the karma of misfortune because I loved my Twin Flame unconditionally, because I followed the truth of my heart and the truth of Source, I was used as a teacher for difficult lessons to Ayahuasca groups with difficult karmas in need of healing.

Their response was to turn on my work and then the fires destroyed their centres.

I was not found guilty of any offence (and I have a clean criminal record), allegations of criminality against myself were found defamatory by Court but those who turned against my work were brought before a Criminal Court for witness harassment and threats to murder (amongst other unspecified charges), those involved were handed down an injunction from the Court protecting my work from undue abasement by those in trouble with the authorities in relation to trafficking in substances.

They also lost their houses and retreat centres in prophecized fires and had everything taken from them by the mechanisms of karma for hubris against the Spiritual Master.

The Ayahuasca groups that offended me and my work also incurred the karma of prohibition contributing to the adverse outcomes in the Netherlands and elsewhere for the Santo Daime.

It is because much of my earlier work about Star Beings and ET Love comes from integrated Ayahuasca wisdom, those who attempted to debase my work, debased their own Ayahuasca practice and cost them the legalization of the substance for the balancing out of the huge karmic debt. Forgiveness for them did nothing to cancel out the karma of misfortune for them, Ayahuasca prohibition is a difficult teacher in healing hubris and in respecting the authorities, ethical, moral and legal authorities.

The recommendation for them is to go into non-medicine work to re-evaluate the approach, to work on the ethical grounding, and try in the future to get blessing from the authorities or to go where it is legal and work there.

The so called ‘big bad authorities’ are only manifestations of the inner demons, slay the inner demons and the authorities may well become friendly and more understanding, after all the outer is a reflection of the inner.

My honest opinion is that the main cause for the persecution of Ayahuasca Churches is down to unresolved karma, insufficient ethical integrity and issues with hubris (see below) and those Churches involved in abasing people of high integrity or debasing awareness in favour of ego-hubris, whilst disrespecting the law of the land, invoke karmic misfortune.  The lesson is to heal their karmas and to take more awareness into their works, and to not fall into the trap of chasing the light and ignoring the darkness, because the latter one day then rears its head for healing.

The leaders also have serious responsibilities, some failed in those areas and became spoiled also, amplified by the ongoing karma of legal wrangles with the authorities and Ayahuasca prohibition.

In some cases, increasing the strength and dosage of the Ayahuasca can cure much of the darkness within, if done early on, in shamanic settings (dark works) and without cannabis.

But that is not the answer to everything either, spells outside of ceremonies, in meditation and self-development, grounding in the Earthly Life and clearing within one’s karma (purification) – all are important to stay in balance.

Ayahuasca and Cannabis / Hubris Issues

Mestre Irineu, founder of the Santo Daime Church was against the use of cannabis in Ayahuasca ceremonies, not least because in many countries it is illegal. But the truth is also, the combination of Ayahuasca and cannabis degrades moral awareness which in turn reinforces the ego (the opposite of the aim of the ideal Ayahuasca ceremony), if left unchecked, this fosters hubris, downfall and nemesis (karmic retribution for hubris).

My opinion as a Spiritual Master, an opinion that was voiced to the Santo Daime Church and other Ayahuasca groups before the disaster, is that the use of cannabis in ceremonies is a mistake. One then reaffirms the ego in the ceremonies with adverse consequences.

Some, with strong moral grounding, can handle the combination, but many cannot, and the dangers are subtle but insidious, ultimately degrading awareness and reinforcing separation from God. Many serious and intractable spiritual difficulties can arise from the ongoing use of both substances, manifesting as difficulties in the Earthly Life and manifestations of hubris.

The idea is to transcend medicine consciousness anyway, it is a Path, but only a Path and not the end in itself, there is more astral power when one leaves the Ayahuasca behind. What happens outside of ceremony is more important in the longer run, one always has the Earthly Life to attend to. There are dangers in becoming lost in ayahuasca and cannabis hyperspace, that path does not lead to enlightenment or transcendence.  One must also respect the founding fathers of the Ayahuasca Churches as well in relation to the prohibition of cannabis in Ayahuasca works.

Offences to my Work and Forgiveness

The offences to my work by many in the Ayahuasca Circles, including my Twin Flame, in karmic terms is severe, through forgiveness, the Twin Flame cords were cut and my work for the human race advanced, the transgressors were forgiven and went into descent to learn their own lessons.

The truth is that many abased the Love of Source that manifested in their lives and gave prophecies to avoid karmic disaster and then they committed many offences from the state of ego-hubris against the Spiritual Master, losing everything, descending into karmic density and separation from Source Love for ‘x’ number of lifetimes to atone for the karma.

The fires in my opinion were Acts of God invoked by energy-cords into the Spiritual Master, dubious intentions in Ayahuasca Ceremonies and Karmic Curses from Upper Astral Beings safeguarding my energy and work.

The truth is that the Love of Source is the answer to all that troubles the human race and those who work with healing their ego into the Higher Love can find forgiveness for karma and a deeper understanding of themselves, their hearts, their spiritual paths and the secrets of the Universe.

You Tube Video about Loving ETs and Source Love

Those who abase such love, invoke extreme suffering and go into karmic descent.

Those who forgive themselves for being in separation from love or being in their egos, those who ask for healing from Source for their karma and open themselves up to the possibility to receive forgiveness from karma through the power of Source Love can be healed of many things that keep them trapped in the Samsaric realms of death and rebirth.

The Love of Source is the love beyond all mortal forms that offers healing to those who work with themselves and their egos to discover the deeper truth about life, love, reality and the Universe.

The moral of the story is to respect the Ayahuasca, the Vine of the Dead, show the right respect and to show up for work with the Ayahuasca with pure intentions. There are also lessons in humility and respect, keeping intentions pure, respecting the laws of the land as well as balancing Ayahuasca work with common sense Earthly grounding.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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