Beyond Psychedelics into Integrated Awareness

The truth is that psychedelic substances (both legal and illegal) are often touted as gateways to awareness or higher-consciousness and to an extent they can give glimpses of the Higher Reality. Such substances include Ayahuasca, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Marijuana and other similar hallucinogens. It can be a useful path, but a path is only ever a path, a means to an end and not the end in itself. Thus those on a serious spiritual path who use such substances (including marijuana) are advised to evolve past the need for them, that is where the deeper enlightenment, integration and understanding is.

They can then go on to live long, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives from a space of spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. This bears fruit usually once one has left the ‘medicine’ behind and found a more enduring connection with Spirit outside of medicine-space. It is because many such visionary medicines show one a glimpse of Higher Awareness or Ascended Realities, but for as long as one uses the substances, there will always be a subtle yet permanent separation from the Divine that can never be transcended.

It should be noted that Enlightenment cannot be had through any ‘short-cut’ or ‘ram-raid’ into the Higher Planes without the right grounding in Impeccability and this also applies to the use of psychedelics including marijuana.

Substances such as Ayahuasca, Marijuana and Psilocybin can give one Transcendent Experiences but they do not lead to enlightenment in itself, and a deeper astral awareness will come from not using such substances but choosing a more integrated and grounded approach to spiritual awakening (philosophy and meditation).

The Medicine Path is a tool, a means to an end for some people aligned to using them, but not the end in itself, without a strong integrated spiritual practice outside of medicine-space and/or in the wrong set and setting, spiritual down-sliding, hubris problems, plant-medicine induced psychosis, marijuana addiction and a whole other host of troubles pose serious dangers.

The end result for those that do not evolve past the psychedelic worlds is a psychedelic astral-junkie – pronounced in those not properly prepared or grounded in impeccability, or who take too much plant medicine and fail to balance, integrate or apply the lessons in their Earthly lives.

Those on advanced spiritual paths will find ‘Plant Medicines’ limiting, and even not useful on any level – beyond a certain point. That is because as one progresses on the path, the integration times between journeys are much greater and once one has integrated all the understandings, further psychedelic journeys have no purpose. It is also because the deeper integration of such experiences opens up advanced paths that are more aligned with spiritual ascension, enlightenment, integration and understanding.

Many illusions and misconceptions will then be cleared up in one’s awareness, and the student that does not use any substances will access a far greater and deeper spiritual understanding, clarity, power and astral awareness (in terms of energy, and indeed visions). Certainly, anyone wanting to reach the level of Spiritual Mastery in a human body, or to Physically Ascend, will have to transcend the Medicine Path.

The Path can be useful, as in my experience of some years exploring such a path, not least to understand why so many spiritual people are drawn to the medicines.

Certainly one can heal many aspects within oneself, enter into a deeper understanding, have revelatory visions, find a deeper spiritual path and experience a degree of spiritual ascension. One may meet one’s Spirit Guides, Angels and the like, or see into other realms of loving ET’s, or go into one’s soul awareness to heal various karmas, so in many ways such a path has a therapeutic value.

But it comes with its dangers, and more importantly, ultimately, its limitations. The medicines are tools, but only tools, and not the end in themselves. One cannot ascend by ramping up the doses of Plant Medicines, nor does such a Path lead to Spiritual Mastery in the longer run.

I consumed vast amounts of Ayahuasca and other hallucinogens as part of my spiritual path and to understand why so many spiritual people are drawn to such things, but in 2016 experienced an ‘ascension’ out of that Path and found a deeper spiritual integration, awareness, understanding, power, connection with Source and Love, a deeper awareness of my Soul Group (presenting more advanced spiritual lessons) as well as a stronger Earthly grounding and the ability to integrate and understand the many experiences of ‘journeying’ in Earthly Awareness.

Then the whole notion of ‘leaving one’s body’ became transcended as there were many deeper astral journeys, but it was all internalized and integrated with the Physical Body, and thus far more useful in the longer run. The truth is that no matter how many visions and revelations one has in medicine journeys, this is nothing compared to the visions and journeys one can have in integrated astral sober space without medicine.

Many seek to access the astral through medicines, but the truth is the astral is only ever ‘peered’ or ‘glimpsed’ into and the transcendence is only ever temporary. One will have to return to Earthly awareness and back out of the ‘astral trip’ and hence the limitation, for anything transitory, is not ultimately grounding. Advanced practitioners of the Medicine Path will spend greater and greater amounts of time between journeys integrating the astral awareness into their Earthly lives, until there is so much astral awareness permanently anchored into the Physical Body, taking further medicine has no value and takes one out of Integrated Awareness.

Those who do not refine their approach on such a path, will ultimately become degraded, become lost in ‘Psychedelic Hyperspace’ and will descend, rather than ascend, for five main reasons:-

1. Most of what one sees in medicine journeys is illusory –  hallucinogenic visions are simply manifestations of the hallucinogenic bardos. The heavens and the hells of the psychedelic experiences, by and large, are illusory. One can perceive astral awareness, but from within the context of the hallucinogenic bardos without a balance in Earthly Integration, it will be distorted. The hallucinogenic bardos are a maze of karmic energies and externalized projections of one’s consciousness, one’s mind, of one’s thoughts and feelings, all of it.

One can find understanding in the astral but one can also become lost in the maze!

Anyone chasing astral visions or any other kind of hallucinogenic experience will become lost in astral hyperspace, without strong grounding and pure intentions, coupled with anchoring in a strong ethical and moral life, parts of one’s soul energy will get lost up there, in time, one will degrade and become dependent upon psychedelics, often in many subtle yet deleterious ways.

One can transcend the hallucinogenic bardos in Medicine Work but that is extremely difficult and advanced work.

2. Imbalances in awareness and multiple OOBE’s (out of body experiences) ultimately reinforce dualistic awareness and separation from Source Awareness. In the Body Awareness and Out of Body Awareness are ultimately one, it is necessary to unify them in awareness if one is to be able to anchor in true astral power and grounding in this life. Those spending decades of their life on the Medicine Path will become soul-scattered and lose energy, overly attached or dependant upon medicine experiences and then ultimately descend as an ‘astral junkie’.

The truth is that those who integrate the experiences and then ultimately ‘stay IN their bodies’ will advance much further on the Path and will enter into various higher planes of consciousness inaccessible to medicine users.

That is why I advocate that anyone using such medicines (legally of course) should only ever do it temporarily, and then integrate afterwards, and advance having left the medicines behind.

3. Separation from Source is the product of too many un-integrated journeys showing up as problems in the physical life, imbalances, unhappiness, relationship dissolutions and a general erosion of various kinds of awareness.

People often seek love in the journeys, to find a deeper love with the Universe, or in themselves, but ultimately the medicines only show what needs to be healed on Earth, if one does not do that, separation from Source Awareness is inevitable. Ethical and moral apathy is then apt to follow, one then falls from Grace and gets lost.

Some Ayahuasca groups tend to ‘over glorify’ the light (chasing the light) and then become degraded by forgetting to heal the darkness, the shadow side of one’s being, so as to enter into deeper awareness and grounding.

One cannot run from one’s darkness into the astral light or into medicine space, one has to heal it, or descend.

The truth is that one cannot find Oneness with Source through medicine journeying, one can see the possibility of Oneness with Source, but only that. It must then be forged and realized through spiritual purification, karmic healing, work on the Earthly Plane and a deeper integration of the medicine experiences.

Then one realizes one IS the astral light, the love, the healing, the Source, and then any journeys to ‘seek this’ become pointless, as there is no other place to ‘go’ without stepping out of Oneness.

4. Energy Pollution is rife in the collective psychedelic astral-field as there are vast numbers of people travelling into the same astral-energy space and using it with all manner of intentions to offload karmic or psychic baggage. This collective energy pollution will impede journeying for those more advanced on the path, this is why more conscious shamans encourage some people to journey alone and out of group consciousness beyond a certain point.

For those wanting to Ascend or realize Spiritual Mastery, one will have to transcend the group consciousness, and certainly at that point, if one does do medicine, always alone. Otherwise one will also have to expend energy in one’s journey swimming against the overwhelming forces of lower astral karmic hyperspace and all the detritus there.

The hidden danger of group work is the danger of karmic transference, the karma of the others can become a problem for those on advanced path. Group work can become energetically and karmically messy without experienced shamans on hand and the results can be extreme and unpredictable.

5. One cannot travel very far anyway in medicine hyperspace. In terms of travelling in the astral, one cannot go very far, simply because of the body. One can drink five or six glasses of strong Ayahuasca and see amazing looking ascended worlds and the like, but then the body discomfort and nausea, will be an obstacle. This tells one the body is in the way, ie, one cannot take the body into those realms. One can push and push, purify and purify, but always the body will being astral awareness back to Earth, making any experience fleeting and temporary.

One cannot stay where one goes, taking more medicine or doing more journeys, changes nothing.

If one wants to know how much further one can travel without medicine, one can reduce the food intake, practice brahmachariya (sexual abstinence), meditate, ground to Earth and work with the Love of one’s Soul Group.

The love of one’s Soul Group, whether from one’s Twin Flame, or from others in one’s Soul Group (Soul Rays) or from one’s Star Beings direct – is a very powerful transformative ‘medicine’ that can make one ‘journey’ much more than any medicine.

These journeys are far more grounding, integrating, useful and also being one closer into an awareness of Higher Love / Source Love. Once one leaves the medicines behind and is well healed, in matters of the heart as well as well detoxified in the Pineal Gland, one can have visions of members of one’s Soul Group showing up as luminous beings appearing in one’s awareness that can then trigger inner astral journeys or other kinds of phenomena that accelerate the spiritual path.

One will ‘see’ far more, integrate far more and no medicine required.  It is far more harmonizing for the body as it is not in the way of any awareness, and such journeys ascend the body as well as the spirit.

All those visions are seen from WITHIN the body, and can be interpreted through the Heart Chakra, then the process of astral journeying (in this case inner journeying) is a process of integration and Earthly Grounding (allowing the energies of the Higher Realms to descend into the Earthly Vessel).

Then, the Earthly and the Astral, are as One, and are perceived as One.

These experiences are symbolic of an actual ascension process rather than an imagined one, as one is returning into the awareness of one’s Soul Group in the Astral, those who have integrated astral awareness, can experience it all on Earth and in a body – and understand integrated astral power.

Experiencing conscious connections with one’s Soul Group, either on Earth or in the Astral, also presents lessons and opportunities for further evolution, such beings are ‘mirrors’ for further growth in love, wisdom – or both.

The astral understanding that can arise from such experiences are far superior to that which can be experienced in ‘psychedelic trips’, one’s Soul Group appears in one’s awareness as one enters deeper Union with Source-Awareness, a result of abluting the karmas of the ego into Source Awareness.

Those on a serious spiritual path who use such substances (including marijuana) are advised to evolve past the need for them, that is where the deeper enlightenment, integration and understanding is, as well as a deeper Union with Source Awareness.

It is because many such visionary medicines show one a glimpse of Higher Awareness or Ascended Realities, but for as long as one uses the substances, there will always be a subtle yet permanent separation from the Divine that can never be transcended because one is not integrating the experiences or the teachings.

Then there is the danger that such medicines are used as false-refuges and then one’s spiritual path can then regress or descend into karma rather than ascending up and out of it.

Thus those who use the substances for too long can become separated, imbalanced and degraded – this is the subtle yet real danger that lies behind any use of psychedelics. Enlightenment is a work of consecrating awareness and transcending all separations and all ego-illusions. These medicines can show one a glimpse of transcendence, but a grounded transcendence or state of integrated spiritual enlightenment only happens beyond the medicine path.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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