The Benefits (and Dangers) of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a shamanic medicine originating from the Amazon Rainforest. Ayahuasca has a powerful effect on one’s spiritual processes and can facilitate healing, awakening, understanding and the development of spiritual wisdom when used in conjunction with spiritual practice and a strong healthy life.

Those who are strong enough to be able to handle the intensity of the Ayahuasca medicine can find that their spiritual processes are accelerated to the point where a grounded state of enlightenment is possible – inside and outside of ceremony. It is important to realize that Ayahuasca is no ordinary psychedelic medicine. Anyone using it recreationally or for ‘kicks’ will find that the medicine has an inbuilt mechanism to prevent the medicine being abused in this manner and those who override this will experience trouble (in one instance a group of hosts abusing Ayahuasca invoked a series of fatal fires that burned down their retreat centres and killing people in the process).

Ayahuasca is far stronger than Psilocybin mushroom, LSD and other hallucinogens – save for San Pedro Cactus in very high doses (24 hour San Pedro experiences are not for the faint of heart) although beyond a certain point on the path toward Source Awareness one will not need the medicines.  Of course, one would never use any substance illegally.

Those who have used medicines and integrated the understandings will make far more spiritual progress in the longer run by leaving such medicines behind. This is because in the short term they can illuminate one, longer term they can degrade awareness, cause one to become dis-incarnated, ungrounded and imbalanced.

Only the most experienced shamans will be able to stay in balance. Thus the medicines can give a glimpse of enlightenment but it will always be temporary until the lessons are integrated outside of medicine-space.

It can be helpful to see hallucinogens as adjuncts (tools) for the attainment of spiritual understanding rather than seeing them as the understanding (the end) in themselves. Whatever you see and experience is down to your own spiritual and energetic make-up – and the medicine cannot make you enlightened if you are not vibrationally aligned to spiritual reality in your life as a whole. You have to do the work and the healing on yourself so that you can sustain your spiritual connection outside of ceremony otherwise one becomes degraded.

It is also a myth that people can physically ascend on Ayahuasca, any psychedelic pushes one into astral awareness but this is outside of body, thus leaving the body behind.

Ascension implies taking the body into the astral, this is advanced practice and is something that only happens when one can concentrate astral power IN the body, Ayahuasca cannot do this as it always has an astral ‘scattering’ effect. If one takes a ‘heroic dose’ of Ayahuasca one will be out of body and (perhaps) having an experience of ascended-reality but one will always come back to the body. Even big doses (half a litre or more in a work) or repeated works will not make anyone ascend.

Power comes from astral grounding obtained from integrating astral awareness IN the body OUTSIDE of medicine space. Anyone wanting to ascend will have to move past medicine work, including the use of Ayahuasca, thus these medicines are only way-stages and not the end in themselves.

Here are the five main spiritual benefits of drinking Ayahuasca:-

1. Ethical Awakening / Awareness of one’s Conscience

Ayahuasca is an intense karmic cleansing agent. If you have done things that are ethically questionable – the Ayahuasca will make you aware of them by taking you to the places where the karma lies dormant in the body. In the awareness of those karmas – it is usually impossible to hide or ignore them – thus the spiritual value of the medicine is due to the fact that the experience will make you look at any repressed bad karma and associated emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, etc – thus facilitating a healing. In the clear light of the medicine experience – one can dissolve karma by recognizing the underlying causes, practicing self forgiveness and reprogramming oneself to act from a place of higher integrity.

Thus if you cheat, lie, steal or engage in similar things – there is no hiding place in the Ayahuasca Ceremony for these things to remain. For those still attached to living a life of questionable integrity – the experience may be too frightening, but for those ready to clean up house – there is an extreme therapeutic value that can be derived from Ayahuasca.

The danger of not having a strong ethical grounding is that the Ayahuasca can in some instances reinforce ego and unethical behaviour, cutting one’s grounding to Source and trapping one in an astral illusory dreamsphere. One can then become spiritually lost and get into serious trouble, or fall into the trap of abusing the medicine, or lead others into illusions or dead-end paths. This is a common error.

This explains why the Ayahuasca scene is filled with a lot of unethical behaviour or abuse, because the desire to become hosts or guides for power or popularity inevitably comes at the expense of integrity. There is no substitute for strong ethical grounding if one wants to use the medicine to enhance awareness, for the medicines can also equally degrade awareness if the intentions are not pure.

2. Ayahuasca shows you that the 3D world is a web of lies.

Ayahuasca basically shows you that the game of the Matrix is a lie and will start to make you question the rules of the game. You may well realize who you really are and how you have spent much of your life caught up in lies that rob your energy and prevent you from attaining spiritual enlightenment. Many people also have visions of the collapse of humanity in ceremony. Here one is being reminded of the impermanence of the 3D world and how staying here is not really optional. As uncomfortable as it may be – only by seeing the truth does one have a chance of becoming a fully awakened being.

Ayahuasca also makes you look at your own lies. Whatever lies you are attached to – given enough ceremony time – will eventually come loose and be purged out or transmuted. The medicine will make you vomit if there is something that needs to be released – whether it be physical, emotional or karmic toxins. The medicine will also show you where you are being deceived externally so that you can release those attachments as well.

3. Ayahuasca can show you higher dimensional reality / the truth of ET’s

If you do not believe in life after death or that ET’s exist – after using the medicine you may see things in a new way. DMT Beings along with all kinds of other Upper Astral Beings are intelligences that exist in other realities and by using the medicine one is opening up one’s consciousness to other realities that are usually inaccessible. In my own experiences, I astral travelled to different star systems, other galaxies and had many profound experiences with higher-dimensional ET’s (described in more depth in my books). I then went on to integrate the Star Being Wisdom in my own life.

Many users of Ayahuasca find that the medicine gives gifts of wisdom  – if you surrender to the Ayahuasca you can develop a deeper understanding of spiritual reality.

Ideally – the work is to integrate these higher-dimensional experiences and cleanse the Pineal Gland so that you can access these realities all of the time even without the medicine (living a strong life). However, in the interim – the Ayahuasca can help those interested in exploring the astral worlds to develop a deeper grounding, connection and integration with those realities. If your Pineal Gland is in good shape and your ethics are in order – you can develop a strong relationship with higher-dimensional worlds and commune with angels, devas, nature spirit, Star Beings and Ascended Masters – then you will not need Ayahuasca.

4. Ayahuasca can help you to love and respect yourself

As you heal yourself more, your self worth increases as does your respect of your own relationship with Source. As a result, you will naturally love and value yourself more and stop giving yourself second best all the time. If there are any issues lurking around connected with self sacrifice, self degradation, poverty – or anything else along those lines – the medicine will help you get rid of it so that you can live a more fulfilling, abundant and amazing life. This only works if one is balanced with earthly grounding, again the medicine can degrade as well as enhance, intention and purity is key to the results obtained.

5. Ayahuasca teaches you about surrender of ego

Control issues get in the way of spiritual enlightenment and understanding spiritual reality. The medicine can act as a strong mirror in this regard. Those who try and impose their will upon the Ayahuasca become frightened (and have a bad trip) – however in this experience one usually sees where one is not ready to let go and relax.

Being able to trust and surrender to the power of the medicine can be a healing in itself. This then translates into the transcendence of control dramas in the outer world. You will not be interested in control drama and other similar crap in the world anymore because of the spiritual maturity that surrender to the medicine can bestow upon the user. Those who are able to learn the lesson of surrender can find that they are able to receive much sustenance and healing from Spirit in their lives as a whole.

They can then go on to live long, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives from a space of spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. This bears fruit usually once one has left the Ayahuasca behind and found a more enduring connection with Spirit outside of medicine-space.

Those on a serious spiritual path who use such substances (including marijuana) are advised to evolve past the need for them, that is where the deeper enlightenment, integration and understanding is. It is because many such visionary medicines show one a glimpse of Higher Awareness or Ascended Realities, but for as long as one uses the substances, there will always be a subtle yet permanent separation from the Divine that can never be transcended.

Then there is the danger that such medicines are used as false-refuges and then one’s spiritual path can then regress or descend into karma rather than ascending up and out of it.

Thus those who use the substances for too long can become separated, imbalanced and degraded – this is the subtle yet real danger that lies behind any use of psychedelics.

For more information on the dangers of ayahuasca read this associated article Beyond Psychedelics into Integrated Awareness covering topics such as Energy Pollution, Relationship Failures, Separation from Source and becoming an Astral Junkie. Then there are the dangers of misguided or impure intentions in ayahuasca ceremony to consider along with the legal issues associated with ayahuasca.

Enlightenment is a work of consecrating awareness and transcending all separations and all ego-illusions. These medicines can show one a glimpse of transcendence, but a grounded transcendence or state of integrated spiritual enlightenment only happens beyond the medicine path. Ayahuasca will not make you enlightened if you do not do the spiritual integration work outside of the ceremonies and that is where many people fall.

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