Twin Flames and Unconditional Love

The truth about the Twin Flame phenomenon is that it is a catalyst for the embodiment of Unconditional Love, which is a characteristic of the Love of Source (or God). Thus those on advanced spiritual paths, clear of the bulk of Earthly karma, can manifest their Twin Flame, either here or in the astral, so as to complete their Earthly lessons, with the practice of Unconditional Love serving as the final lesson, before full merger with Source (aka The Overself or God).

The truth is that Twin Flames are mirrors for Unconditional Love and so they appear in one’s life when one is ready to learn that lesson.

Otherwise, beings that appear are either soul mates, karmic relationships, or in some cases fake twins.

The search for a Twin Flame can never manifest one, because Source Love is the product of one’s own inner Union with the Divine within, and looking for such loving Union outside of oneself, keeps one in separation. 

This is why many people seek their Twins, but their Twins do not appear, or other karmic situations appear (designed to purify one so that ultimately, one does advance in matters of love and the heart).

One’s Twin Flame will always appear spontaneously in one’s awareness, when one was not seeking such, and more often than not, when one has cleared the bulk of Earthly karma, and when one has transcended standard human relationship dynamics that can include attachment, dependency, karmic relationship and a whole host of other lessons that must be learned first, before one could handle the purity of Twin Flame Love.

This is because Twin Flame Love presents the lesson of Unconditional Love, which by and large, is a tall order, and not possible, if one still has karma or unresolved emotional lessons connected with human love. Human love can embody Universal Love, but also, human love brings with it karmic lessons, attachments and various expectations, that for advanced beings are limiting for one’s evolution.

When one reaches the point where human love can be transcended, one’s Twin can appear, because this love, is of a different kind, from another reality. 

It can be embodied in the human form, but it is not experienced as human love, and instead, can be seen as God’s Love, Divine Love, ET Love or similar, as it comes from a Higher Realm and is a love purified of the karmic impurities that can trouble human love. This can be difficult to understand if one is not on the Twin Flame Path, but when one is, it becomes easy to understand, through the experience of being moved by the love of one’s Twin Flame.

Unconditional Love for one’s Twin Flame is often misunderstood and is not a pink and fluffy concept, and in truth, means being in a space of ongoing, unconditional love for one’s Twin, which is a deep spiritual work of karmic purification, and for many may not be easy, because it will be serious inner work that requires more than the belief in long standing mythical romantic fairy tales. It is a work, that some people, cannot do, in a lifetime and other relationships, like soul mates, or karmic relationships, are more suited fields for emotional and spiritual development.

This is why true Twins are rare, because they only appear, if one can in fact do the work, and if they appear in this life, it means one can.

Sometimes people trip up because they think that Unconditional Love is about accepting detriment, or emotional or spiritual abuse, or putting up with harmful dynamics or going through suffering for the sake of one’s Twin, but that is not true unconditional love and is instead degrading oneself, and one’s connection with God, and it does not serve the other Twin’s process either.

Unconditional Love is the product of an inner process,  that one does within one’s own Being, and is related to purifying one’s own karmic stories, in matters of love – only then, can one possibly love their Twin unconditionally, in the inner – or the outer.

If one embraces this process, one can have a very deep healing and be transformed, by the Love of Source. When one is through that process, one might find the awareness of an indestructible love for one’s Twin, that cannot be damaged, destroyed, degraded, deleted, or otherwise, from one’s awareness (in other words, one lives with this enduring love for ever in this reality).

Then, no matter what happens, one will always love one’s Twin, because nothing else is possible, because there is no separation from God’s Love within, and one cannot be damaged by this kind of love, if one does not degrade it.

This is Unconditional Love, a love that does not go away, yet a love that is immune to being degraded by karma (unlike human love). Unconditional Love, is the transcendence of karma.

One then becomes a vessel for God’s Love, and experiences towards one’s Twin, the awareness of a pure Divine Love, that is immune to duality, karmic degradation, separation, disillusionment and all manner of other things that tend to cause people trouble in matters of love.

If one unconditionally loves one’s Twin, one will find one is at one with God’s Love, and this kind of love for one’s Twin is unusual, as it cannot be diminished, or lost, and will be seen to endure.

One really, can only know this by the fruits of experience, and working in this area, because otherwise, any idea of it is only conceptual, and the true understanding of such a transformational love, can only be experienced in one’s Heart Centre.

When one has had this experience, one will know, and the end result is many mystical experiences, or beautiful visions, or soul journeys resulting in the experience of Oneness with Source Love, as well as the understanding (wisdom) of what Love really is.

One may then understand that one exists outside of linear time (which instantly takes one to Source Love, because Source Love is eternal and without beginning, or end), or travel forward in time, because love transcends linear time, and thus the experience of time dilation, time travel into the future, prophetic awareness or other phenomena related to time transcendence, usually point to the fact that one’s Twin is a true Twin, especially if it seems that the time transcendence experiences are a product of experiencing the love of one’s Twin.

Human love is fleeting, in all of its forms, but Divine Twin Flame Love is of another reality, that is enduring, and for some, such love is the gateway to a Physical Ascension (which involves a permanent departure from linear space-time).

The practice of Unconditional Love for one’s Twin Flame brings the fruit of dissolving the karmic anchor to linear time, which is of duality, and hence of separation, from a more deep and enduring love, because this process completes one’s Union with Source (or God’s) Love. In Source Love, there is no duality, nor separation, because such things are transcended, because in Source Awareness, there are no conditions for dualistic states to arise.

When this is fully understood and realized, one will understand the nature of Source Love, and will be transformed by it, and the end result, is the end of karma, and a life spent living, in Source Love, being bestowed its grace, wisdom, healing, understanding and everything else that manifests from an unbroken relationship with the Divine.

Then it is realized, Twin Flames are a gift from The Source, because ultimately, they are the mirror, that brings one back to one’s Source and out of the karmic maze of samsaric existence (that one may have endured for millions of incarnations), and ultimately, all of karmic experience, is a result of separation from Source Love and a deeper healing of everything in this world.

Thus this Love, is the way out of karma and the endless entrapment in linear consciousness.

Those who are fortunate enough to be transformed by Twin Flame Love, will not have to return to this world, or the karmic wheel, and thus the final product of unconditionally loving one’s Twin Flame, is a transcendence of the Reincarnational Cycle, and one’s Ascension.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit