Brahmachariya and Spiritual Mastery

Brahmachariya is the practice of the retention and transmutation of sexual energies for the enhancement of physical and spiritual well-being, as well as an act of a deeper act of honouring the Love of Source in physical form.

Brahmachariya translates as the way to the Godhead or Atman / the way to the Divine’.

It is well known that making serious spiritual progress involves transmuting earthly desires and for anyone serious about a Physical Ascension of the body – learning how to retain the sexual energy is a necessary step on the path.

Those who abstain from all forms of sex including masturbation and abstention from sexual orgasm for long periods of time – at least three months or more – ideally for life – in a healthy manner can have very profound, astonishing and deep intimate spiritual experiences with Source (Ultimate Reality) that defy description, as well as many other benefits too numerous to list in this blog, with the key benefit being accumulating white karma stones.

Many blogs and videos online speak of Brahmachariya and then speak of allowing themselves to have occasional ‘indulgences’ as part of the practice but in reality these people are deluding themselves in that this is not the true practice of Brahmachariya.

Their minds have defeated them. Those who work with Brahmachariya will find the most formidable obstacle will be Mastery of the Mind (and thus freedom from giving into sexual fantasy).

True brahmachariya involves a complete abstention and the attainment of mental Brahmachariya (freedom from sexual thoughts and desires). Complete Abstention / Pure Brahmachariya means no sex, no masturbation, no imagined sex, no sexual dreams, no flirting, no looking at others who may be scantily dressed – and so on and so forth. It is a very advanced path and difficult for many, yet Upper Astral understanding and Spiritual Mastery sooner or later call for Brahmachariya.

For such a path to be possible, it is necessary to have worked through all emotional and karmic relationships in the spheres of Human Love, so that one has had the integration of the emotional and sexual experiences that may be necessary in relationship evolution before being karmically able to move toward Source Love and a deeper Union with the God-head in Brahmachariya.

Some students can enter Union with God through Twin Flame purification and transcend all notions of sexual love. 

Those who attain this state – even for a short time – see in new ways and many invisible realms become accessible. Sexual desire and subsequent release of sexual energy creates ripples in the energy body and prevents the attainment of the full awareness of the finer etheric bodies described by many yogis and Spiritual Masters.

Perfected Brahmachariya is also a Gateway for Immortality.

The Voyager Masterpiece became manifest after two years of full brahmachariya,

For those who feel that giving up sex is a practice that would deprive one of pleasure – the truth is that the pleasure of a full intimacy with Source is many times more rewarding than any kind of sexual experience.

Imagine all the pleasure from all the sex you have had in your life, multiply that by x100 and then imagine experiencing all of that in the moment.

This is what an intimate relationship with Source can be like, showing up as sublime peace, powerful mystical experience and a strong knowable love of Source within as well as extreme concentrated astral forces becoming grounded into the physical vehicle.

In retrospect, on the Advanced Paths– sex is not seen as such a big deal and something that simply consumes a lot of energy whilst creating unnecessary emotional and karmic baggage that more evolved relationships do not require. Those on the Advanced Paths can also experience Astral and/or Earthly Love with their Twin Flames or Soul Rays. Such Love is invariably deep and spiritual, but non-sexual. The non-sexual aspect of the love concentrates the spiritual aspect and the astral purity of the connection.

Attainment of a grounded state of brahmachariya brings great physical, emotional and spiritual benefits – some of which are listed here:-

1.One will have far more energy. Many males will know that after a sexual orgasm there is a big dip in energy that can take many days to recover from. In reality – they are leaking away their precious life-force and hastening their death.

This is the cause of male longevity being shorter as a whole compared with female longevity.

Excessive masturbation (anything more than once a week) can do serious damage to the aura and prevent one from accessing higher-vibratory realms of consciousness. Regardless of the sexual high – there is always an energetic price to pay for sexual activity (the shortening of ones life and the loss of ones Chi energy). 

Females are not immune to the problem of energy loss from excessive sexual activity either.

Advanced level students are better advised to leave masturbation and indeed all forms of sexual activity away completely and enter Brahmachariya so as to attain a deeper spiritual awareness.

Sexual activity hastens death and thus increases the need for further procreation (a negative feedback loop). This then leads to overpopulation due to a humanity driven by sexual desires. 

The higher stage of evolution occurs when a species evolves past the need to reproduce.

The disadvantage of reproduction is that life energy is invested in creating a new life at the expense of the existing one. The existing life then succumbs to decay and death – a process so universal that any other reality does not exist in the collective awareness on Earth. There are other forms of reproduction available in the scheme of things for creating life if required (beyond the scope of this blog).

Anyone that can retain the sexual energy for at least a few months will notice that they will have access to a LOT more energy. The need for sleep decreases rapidly, one needs to eat less, one can do more physical exercise (climbing mountains, hiking, etc) and remain in a high energy state.

2. You will have more personal power and self respect. Brahmachariya creates immunity to denser karma and the energies of disrespect. People will not give you shit or try and cheat you – because your grounding in Brahmachariya will repel any kind of abusive, disrespectful or cheating energies. Those who would otherwise give you shit (if you were not grounded in Brahmachariya) will become afraid and run elsewhere.

Those who try to harm anyone in Brahmachariya will become incomprehensibly cursed and enter karmic chaos, explaining in part the strong ‘karmic cursing’ effects of the energy fields of Spiritual Masters. Those who approach the Spiritual Master with impure intentions become cursed by the amplified Source Power in the body that manifests through Brahmachariya.

In simple layman’s terms this means other people cannot screw with you.

This means you can start to exercise leadership and spiritual authority when necessary for you will have the power to do so. Gandhi achieved what he achieved through the power of brahmachariya.

3.Casual sex and masturbation is generally bad news for happiness, health and long term relationships. It fuels addiction and creates destructive patterns in the neural pathways. It can prevent people forming healthy relationships and prevent the ability to be sexually content in a long term relationship. Add to that the emotional turbulence created by stormy on/off relationships, one night stands, infidelity and unexpected pregnancies (karmic creations).

For those addicted to porn – there is the added problem of creating connections with negative entities in the lower astral which then consume the life force leaked. Vast numbers of lower astral energies feed from those who leak sexual energies in unconscious ways. Those who are able to become brahmachariya (or at least sexually stable) develop immunity from the lower astral.

Excessive attachments to sex can also cause subsequent reincarnations in the physical world. Those with sexual addictions can find themselves stuck in the lower astral worlds after death – trapped in endless lustful scenarios (the realm of the hungry ghosts as outlined in Buddhism).

4. Increased attractor factor / the ability to manifest money easily. Saved sexual energy translates into saved life force which then creates an enhanced ability to attract (and retain) money. It will be easier to attract larger amounts of money abundance.

Brahmanchariya is the Master Practice for manifestation and energy management. It will either be beyond many people (mastering the practice of Brahmachariya can take 20 years) or not in alignment with people’s free will with regard to their sexual choices.

The decision as to whether to engage in sexual activity or not is an intensely personal matter.

As a Spiritual Master I practice full Brahmachariya – at the same time it is important to note that I do not see sex as sinful or shameful. I have had sex in my life in loving intimate relationships and do not regret that – at the same time later I arrived at an understanding in more recent times that it was time to answer the call of Brahmachariya so that I could enter into a more intimate relationship with Source.

If you aspire to become Immortal and Ascend – Brahmachariya becomes mandatory.

In terms of manifestation on Earth, the practice of Brahmachariya enables one to attract more fortunate circumstances including an enhanced level of monetary abundance because of the power of accumulated life-force balanced with respect for the awareness consecrated.

5. Spiritual Mastery Those who retain their sexual energies for life (Lifelong Brahmachariya) are freed from sexual and/or lower astral distractions and then enter a faster track to spiritual advancement – in some cases attaining various special or unusual powers. Without the practice of brahmachariya – one can hit metaphysical glass ceilings as one has insufficient energy to move forward.

Dreaming is greatly enhanced as are other spiritual abilities including clairvoyance, bi-location, out of body experiences (OOBE’s), waking dreaming, multi-dimensional awareness as well as the ability to travel beyond the astral worlds in your spirit body whist you are still alive.

Brahmachariya is a strong amplifier of mystical experiences and a very powerful way to accumulate many karmic white stones.

Brahmachariya when coupled with a strong spiritual practice can burn off all of ones remaining karma – more than sufficient compensation for giving up the earthly pleasures.

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