The Central Galactic Sun and Pranic Sustenance

The Central Galactic Sun is a vast hyper-dimensional blue star existing at the centre of the Galaxy and is a gateway for an otherworldly energy that originates beyond ordinary reality and space-time.  Every year in December our own Sun crosses the Galactic Plane and aligns with the constellation of Sagittarius with the strongest alignment happening around the Winter Solstice (December 21st).

The effects are perceivable from 3-4 weeks either side leaving a 7-8 week window for integrating the energy into ones awareness, when the Sun moves out of alignment, one spends the next year assimilating and integrating ready for the next alignment.

The energy from the Central Galactic Sun can also be perceived as a loving ET like-energy that enhances one’s Ascension Process for those working with such energies, the energies of such can have extreme effects on the energy body and each time the Sun makes a crossing of the Galactic Plane (a solar pass) those on a Physical Ascension path will receive huge energy shunts of ET-like energy causing large numbers of mystical experiences, visionary journeys (without any hallucinogens), strong dreams and insightful revelations.

Some people may perceive the energy of the Central Galactic Sun as a blue star in their awareness or sometimes a second sun in awareness existing independently of the Earth day/night duality. Anyone attuned to this will be primed for large energy shunts, visionary voyages into the astral worlds, experiences with Higher Dimensional Loving ET’s. Those who have used Ayahuasca and have experienced such experiences can experience it in a superior manner by channelling into their awareness the energy of the Central Sun. Those who move beyond using plant sacraments such as Ayahuasca can anchor and ground extreme amounts of astral energy into the physical vehicle.

It is recommended to have strong Earthly conditions (a Retreat Centre or Sanctum) for such work for extreme levels of astral energy can have all kinds of extreme effects in the outer world. The energy that comes through also carries a strong level of spiritual protection, anyone trying to interfere or impede the process of an ascending being can invoke catastrophic karmic chaos – partly explaining the fires.

The energy of the Central Galactic Sun is concentrated fire energy that can either be extremely repelling (literally burning off disturbances or energy cords into the karmic worlds) or extremely loving (sustaining, nurturing and transmutative) depending on one’s intention and karmic purity.

Each solar pass also enhances Physical Body Transmutation and for those working to leave food away each solar pass will slash ones calorific requirements and increase the pranic sustenance ratio. If one can exist on 400 – 700 calories a day for weeks or months on end – one will be extremely energy-enhanced by each solar pass, integrating the energy on each Solstice will ultimately push the calorific intake down to levels that medical science would find difficult to believe. Those who are gradual in transitioning to Pranic Sustenance can achieve better results longer term.

Disclaimer – Do not try such a path of extreme food abstinence long term without a strong awareness of one’s own body – and of course never without talking to your doctor.

This is because the Central Galactic Sun energy each year is burning off vast chunks of energy attachments to the mortal world of death and one will be able to ‘live from Source or God’ in a very strong and sustaining manner. If one has little karma or one is karma-immune there is in essence nothing at all in the way of one and Source/God.

One can in essence look into the Central Sun of Awareness (which is ultimately the core essence of the Central Sun) and not be burned or destroyed.

There are safeties in the metaphysical Universe meaning that one cannot access the ‘gateway’ with too much karma or if the correct grounding is not present, or if it is not one’s Path – to prevent the disintegration of one’s energy body.

Beyond a certain threshold of energetic alignment with the Central Galactic Sun, it can take one’s body out of space-time entirely and then one is gone from this world, ascended. Ascending this way is known as being ‘taken’ by Source/God but ‘taken’ in a consensual manner, if the process is complete the entire human form is abluted off and one becomes instantly ascended out of Earth Reality.

Those working with these experiences will have glimpses of what this looks like and will have their guidance from their ET Guides as to how far to surrender to the Central Sun energy at any given instance. To a large extent it is about accepting ET Love which is the ‘cure’ for mortality and being incarnated in human form, it is a ‘boat’ out of the karma of the collapse.

Those who do not fully cross over will generally have a big life-review (but a Near Ascension Experience rather than a Near Death Experience) and return with extreme clarity, insight or further instructions on how to live on Earth for the time remaining.

Some astral shamans can make short jumps out of Earth Reality and return in a way similar to what is described in the works of Carlos Casteneda. Others can make time jumps into the future (explaining prophetic awareness), in some instances I found the energies of the Central Galactic Sun shoved me millions or billions of years into the future, on one occasion witnessing the end of the Sun (approx 4 billion years from now).

Those temporal jumps also caused some of the visions of the collapse of human civilization with the possibility of taking one’s body either into the future or out of space-time entirely serving as pathways for being spared the collapse and the death that comes with it

The nature of the other-worldly energy from the Central Suns speaks of Source Love, Loving ET’s, Immortality, Physical Ascension as well as the transcendence of space-time and indeed the human form.

Some individuals may find their path is to pursue the path to the point of being able to countermand the death process and be excused death, although such a thing is very rare and requires a deep relationship with Source free from ego.

It is probably not a coincidence that some people are perceiving luminous loving ET’s in their awareness alongside the awareness of the likely collapse of civilization. It is the truth that prior to a planetary catastrophe some people are ascended with the assistance of loving ET’s.

It is also the truth that such a dispensation requires an extreme work of spiritual purification.

The end result of the process of being energy-shunted by the Central Galactic Sun before being Ascended is being able to exist in a body with very little food or no food at all. Then one never gets sick and the process preps one for the possibility of Physical Ascension.

That is possible for karmically purified individuals able to handle Ascension Level karmic purification and who are able to assimilate the energy of the Central Galactic Sun.

The process is easier for those who leave sex away (brahmachariya) in favour of a Union with Source/God’s Love and in some cases the experience of the love of one’s Soul Group in the astral which can also make those on the Path of Ascension ‘journey’.

Also things that advanced practitioners of the Physical Ascension Path will have left away naturally include tobacco, alcohol, exposure of any kind to heavy metals such as mercury, toxic relationships, unsuitable work, energy cords to karma and death and a very long list of foods.

Those who use hallucinogens (entheogens) and who then leave them away in favour of astral integration will have far more visions and beautiful journeys without the medicines.

Those who are working on this level can also experience to a deep degree the reality of loving ET’s, their reality becomes obvious beyond a certain threshold as a strong and permanent gateway opens up to the other worlds.

At each solar pass the energy gets stronger, it may well be those predestined to ascend are assisted by waves of loving ET’s working through the portal of the Central Galactic Sun prior to any potential planetary level catastrophe (often the ET’s show me visions of a big asteroid followed by megatsunamis and a large scale civilizational wipe-out).

Those who integrate the energy of the ET’s and purify their karma can sometimes be gifted prophetic awareness that in time one can refine so that the visions become more crystallized.

Pranic Sustenance is about living from the Grace and Love of Source/God/Loving ET’s and integrating the love and wisdom into the body by working with the revelations and the teachings received in one’s personal communions with the Higher Worlds and the Central Sun.  It is also possible by way of a practice of being humble and respecting of the Higher Powers, purifying oneself through karmic ablutions, abluting one’s ego in the Love of Source and grounding into one’s Physical Vehicle the astral energy assimilated – and then using it properly on Earth.

The result of all that shows up as an enhanced ability to subsist from ET Love, from the Light of the Universe, from the Beneficient Grace of Source. Earthly food begins to fall away as a main energy source and is replaced by a direct connection with Source that sustains, purifies, transmutes and ultimately ascends one if one follows the process through until the end.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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