Twin Flame Journey Reflections

Sometimes Eternal Love can enter the heart of the Spiritual Master and offer someone a boat. People have always a personal choice to use free will to oppose Eternal Love (the boat) and with free will to fall from the path comes consequences, energy struggles, Twin Flame power wars and karma catastrophes that the boat shower wins and then the Ascending Twin has to leave the other Twin behind. It is challenging but then it is possible for the Stayer Twin (boat shower) to then be excused from a predestined soul-agreement if it is no longer healthy to do it as nobody can have an unhealthy personal or spiritual relationship with the Spiritual Master.

Then the boat-shower is filled up with the white karma stones and packed up with astral energy at the Solstice and Equinox Gateways, the result being a lifetime of big astral travelling voyages, massive mystical experiences and spiritual ascent, followed by a permanent anchor to Star Beings and Source.

In other words the Spiritual Master that showed someone a boat becomes karma-immune, ascended in energy, ascended out of earth-karma. Over time one enters into deeper union with the Eternal Love of Source itself and they become Divine Feminine/Masculine integrated within. Then one can become a channel for Eternal Love of Star Beings in a stronger and more direct form as well as being a mirror for Eternal Love in ones soul groups.

Advanced contemplations include meditating on free-will and karma, predestination and the various causes that might lead someone to think they had to have somebody (appearances of predestination – aka grey predestination), healthy relationships in soul groups, what the boat of the Spiritual Master actually symbolizes and what Eternal Love actually is.

Sometimes people do not want the boat or the person or to do the spiritual work in evolution but only to control the energy of the person for their own ends (without agreement) and then extreme-level Twin Flame power wars can begin between Twin Flames that only God can intervene to end so that the one with the boat (The Ascending Twin) can carry on going on his journey.

Anyone that has to go through a story like this and then ascends out of it will also be excused from being reborn on the Earth and then they will know what Eternal Love is. When one understands Eternal Love one becomes karma-immune. When it comes to ascension out of karma, sooner or later people can have a very serious story to extract oneself out of and that is more so on a last life scenario or if one is passing through on the Earth as part of a wider intergalactic reincarnational tour.

Sometimes people intend for me to serve their work in some way without my agreement or permission and then attempt to force the matter with hubris. Then it can be useful to reflect on the story and understand the energy and merit disputes, the danger of false arrogation claims on my energy or work, astral power wars, karma and curses, ayahuasca persecution stories, the fire energy, reincarnation and being excused from what appear as fixed soul predestination contracts.

There are also lessons in the story about Light-Worker karmas and the two opposing paths of Light-Worker and Spiritual Mastery. Wise people will recognize the differences in the two paths and why the Spiritual Masters are never allowed to serve the Light-Workers.

A Twin Flame can manifest, present some catalytic lessons and then in this life the work is completed – then the Twins separate on all the levels. Sometimes it is like that because this world is still a world of duality and it is common that some Twin counterparts cannot transcend their ego enough to make Union viable and the other counterpart can make Union with their Source.

So, there are mechanisms in place to ensure the one that does the inner work is not put out by the one that could not or would not. For those who did the work there can be more suitable loving relationships that might be better choices than being with a Twin that is not yet ready for a more evolved relationship or waiting around believing that one should wait for the other.

The Aim is not always Physical Plane Reunion

It is not always necessary or even desirable to have a Physical Twin Flame Reunion on Earth. This is only one potential outcome of various outcomes that can manifest for Twin Flames and attachment to Physical Plane Reunion may distract from the actual lesson in hand in this lifetime or prevent a better and more spiritually conducive scenario from becoming manifest.

Twin Flame Love is a healer and very enhancing when integrated into one’s awareness but ultimately it is a mirror for Eternal Love. If one Twin is Source Integrated and one is not, Union will either be impossible or unfavourable.

In my situation I received so much from my Twin in the astral, but her Earthly Karma made Twin Flame Reunion impossible for us (on Earth). Many might perceive that as a great tragedy, but for me I do not perceive it like that on any level and letting go of the idea of Predestined Union (or what appeared as Predestination) no matter what turned out to be very liberating.

Twin Flame connections are usually predestined in some way (both Twins will become aware of each other) but Union itself is not predestined without a balance of Earthly effort. Both Twins must work at that if they desire that.

If spiritual effort is not required one or both Twins could do what they like, affirm ego and then expect to be reunited anyway no matter what! It would be an open ticket for the runner to run for as long as he/she likes and the other would be obligated to stick around and wait it out.

It is also forbidden to use magical means or “witchcraft binding ropes” to attempt to force an Ascending Twin to wait for the other against their free-will whilst attempting to misuse their energy without consent. Such scenarios are prohibited in Divine / Karmic Law and then the Stayer-Twin (Ascending Twin) can be excused of a Predestined Arrangement.

Witchcraft has a lot of negative connotations but in the end the intention is everything and witchcraft magic can be white, grey or black and the intentions returned to spell-casters can show as white, grey or black effects in the karma. In this area the teaching is that Twin Flame energies cannot be harnessed, manipulated or misused with “witchcraft binding-love magic”, a path that is very definitely ill-advised. Even Twin Flames have a free-will and it is forbidden to attempt to manipulate someone’s free-will with magic to make the Ascending Twin think they have to have you (grey predestination) as that is not the path to consensual Twin Flame union.

Those that have Eternal Love for their Twins are ultimately immune to rope-magic and any other kind of adverse magic and then they can make healthy choices for themselves.

Healthy Dynamics and Healthy Separations

The concept of a fairy-tale romantic Union with one’s Twin Flame is not the Holy Grail as is often believed or wished for and for many such a desire will keep one in separation from Source Within.

Even Twin Flames are two separate individuals for as long as they are incarnated on Earth in
bodies. It is spiritual truth that many Twins do not permanently reunite on Earth but instead have catalytic experiences to balance energies, learn lessons, reflect lessons or for a whole host of other reasons that are equally as spiritually valid as Reunion – for those Twins that Reunion is not really appropriate for.

Those that believe in Twin Flame Reunion at all costs may be ‘trying to bang a square peg into a round hole’ if the other for whatever reason is not aligned or sabotages the connection, or an Earth Union would be emotionally or energetically unhealthy.

In my experience it appeared that Physical Twin Flame Reunion was on the timeline and that there was a prescribed predestination soul-agreement but my Twin Flame ‘bailing’ on Earth and making a huge karma changed things somewhat. In reflections it appeared her Higher Self conformed to the Predestination Plan – but her Lower Self did not, so the Higher Self piled her energy in me and her Earth Self descended out of Reunion Frequency, span and spoiled it for herself in this life. So, I did not lose out by not having the Physical Twin Flame Reunion and having learnt and integrated the lessons from it I am free to experience other loving relationships with members of my soul group if I choose.

The lesson for the Ascending Twins is to leave the runners behind if it is not appropriate, healthy or sensible to hold space for them. It is a myth that Twin Flame energy cords can never ever be cut – they can be (by God) once the work is complete and the energy balanced.

Of course, the absence of Physical Plane Reunion does not excuse one from embodying Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, nor should the absence of Reunion imply those two are not in place. That would be an overly simplistic concept for a very complex matter and this can trip many people up, thinking Eternal Love means trying to love one’s Twin more and more until they appear, or accepting and forgiving all manner of things without operating from healthy self-love, or having to have them anyway.

Many people in the Twin Flame arena are going around in Twin Flames “groundhog-cycles” thinking something is wrong or out of alignment when in some cases the absence of a Twin Flame Reunion is the most aligned state for those Twins at that time.

No amount of Eternal Love for one Twin can override the dualistic opposition in the other if they are not ready to heal their deeper separation from Eternal Love. This must be realized to avoid realities where otherwise Twins would spend decades in “groundhog-cycles” circling around each other in the astral planes and for Ascending Twins such a thing is forbidden. That is more so when there are opposing paths or the absence of any agreement for energy sharing.

Twin Flame Energy Cord Planting

An error that some Twin Flames can make is the assumed entitlement to use the energy of the other in the astral planes without agreement and then comes the Twin Flame power-wars. As said in 2019, when God brings love into the awareness of Twin Flames, it is to share and respect, to understand, to manage properly. It is a lesson for Twins to respect the others energy, wilful offences against the other is a set of catastrophic karmic and spiritual offences that ends in the Ascending Twin being absolved from a soul agreement.

Energy Cord Planting Image

Astral energy cords are everything and serious business. Beyond the astral visions and the desire to anchor into anothers astral energy are past life karmas, energy intentions, karma intentions, and everything else intended upon the other. Those that make energy cords cause energy and karma consequences, sometimes very big indeed.

Permission to make astral energy cords in the astral worlds is most certainly absolutely always necessary and those that do it to try and harness the energy of another can make extreme-level karma and even more so if the other is not in agreement with the intentions.

Beware of the karma of Twin Flame cord planting or planting cords in Spiritual Masters without agreement, the stronger the concentrated astral energy is in the one you plant an energy cord into, the more extreme is the karmic reaction. Concentrated astral energy also reads intentions and produces the results back. Then planting astral energy cords into the Spiritual Master is a very serious and risky matter, you better have a clear consent permission, and know what you are intending, and make sure the other is in agreement. If not then there is extreme karma.

“You force yourself into a Master’s presence and you take the consequences of the immense forces around him playing on yourself. If you are weak in character anywhere, the Black Ones will use the disturbance by directing the forces engendered to that spot and may compass your ruin. It is so always. Pass the boundary that hedges in the occult realm, and quick forces, new ones, dreadful ones, must be met. Then if you are not strong you may become a wreck for that life. This is the danger. This is one reason why Masters do not appear and do not act directly very often, but nearly always by intermediate degrees.

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton Paragraph 61

The teaching is to NEVER EVER plant an astral energy cord in a Shaman, Spiritual Master or Twin Flame (with or without ayahuasca), be aware of intentions to control astral energy or to be powerful on the energy of the Spiritual Master. Then all the intentions and all of the karma has to be given back and the energy must be fully balanced out before the cord can be cut.

When the astral energy cord is cut the ascending Twin can be karma-free but it was an extreme thing to bear witness to and a very painful experience to go through.

The lesson is before making an astral energy cord with anyone or any being (including Twin Flames) is to have an agreement on the intentions, permission, understanding and common purpose in direction both on Earth and in the Astral. Astral energy cords are always last in any soul group connection and only after all the other spiritual work is done.

When there is no common purpose or agreement between Twin Flames regarding the use of the energy between the pair, separation is healthy and necessary. The boat-shower then inherits the astral energy of the other and ascends in energy and can be excused from a soul-arrangement that is no longer healthy.

Twin Flame Projections and Eternal Love

Many Twin Flame counterparts can evolve beyond measure IF they work on their own relationship with Eternal Love and jettison the fairy-tale light-worker stories which basically say we will meet our Twins and live happy ever after and/or ascend with them and it will be the most amazing relationship ever. Merging in an unhealthy way or going into an intense relationship with one’s Twin Flame is not the way to Eternal Love nor to God and in many cases is not advised.

There is a LOT of romantic projection in those fairy-tale stories, projections of unmet needs,
separation from Eternal Love within and a lot of hankering for romance and nice sex thrown in the mix. Those who are Brahmachariya (leave sex away) can become immune to the romantic, sexual and karmic projections of others and in any case the way to Eternal Love is through the practice of Brahmachariya and the wise Masters always advised all Twin Flames to be Brahmachariya and consecrate the energy.

Anyone that wants out of an unhealthy Twin Flames power war, or their karma, will find years of Brahmachariya is the immunity to a lot of emotional and energy disturbance as some Twins can forcibly clamp to the other in the astral planes with witchcraft binding-magic and obsess about them in an unhealthy way, evade Earth process, make a lot of trouble, sabotage a boat, and then it is serious work to ascend out of the energy of the karma of the other Twin.

The direct opposite of Source Union is ‘non consensual binary soul-fusion’ aka ‘witchcraft binding magic’ to force a non consensual union between 2 souls to try and harness the energy of the other against one’s free will (aka black magic coercion or energy manipulation) to interfere with an Ascension Process or to use magical manipulation to coerce the energy of the Spiritual Master to serve another against their free will (aka black or grey predestination), or to manipulate Brahmachariya energy for non-brahmachariya aims – and then comes hefty karma consequences.

It shows as two astral bodies or souls non-consensually fused as one on the astral planes and an induced limerance not related to anything on Earth. Such a soul fusion appears (at first glance) to mimick an astral Twin Flame soul union, but in truth it is very different.

In sorcery, one must know the difference and what appearances of apparent predestination are, and on the spiritual path it is totally disallowed for any 2 souls to become fused in any capacity and then they must be un-fused (aka separated) in the astral planes (using a lot of energy to do it).

The true Eternal Love from Source is the antidote to such a binding – which if not undone – would non-consensually bind someone to the Karma Wheel and someone else’s karma.

Anyone that develops immunity to ‘non consensual binary soul-fusion’ can have a very strong and refined astral energy and anyone who does not become immune to such ‘binding or soul fusing magic’ can have very serious metaphysical problems indeed. Then people who venture into the astral planes must be aware of the perils of black magic, energy manipulation and witchcraft.

Advanced understanding is to understand this story and the appearances of outer fires, those who can comprehend and understand what ‘non consensual binary soul-fusion’ is, and who are Brahmachariya, are ripe candidates for learning White Sorcery.

Those who talk of Twin Flame soul fusion or soul mergers really talk about the (consensual) temporary merging of parts of their etheric bodies and not the complete (non consensual) fusion of the 2 soul essences. Even Twin Flames have a choice whether to share energy or not, and are not ever destined to become a single soul, the only allowed soul merger is between one’s own Soul and the Source, thus it can be seen making binding energy cords, magic ropes or spells with, or, another persons astral body or soul, is totally prohibited

God or Source / Higher Power / Star Beings then has to intervene to excuse the Ascending Twin from the soul arrangement and remove the other Twin causing disturbance from the astral energy.

In many ways she showed me how to be grounded in the love and how to balance out Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in my own awareness so that I could become a much more balanced and thus a more powerful Spiritual Teacher. There was also an integration of some lessons shared in this blog Twin Flames and Eternal Love – Integration of the Lessons.

Before the astral separation process began, in one of the strongest astral visions of my Twin by a waterfall, and she was there very clearly, and she was glowing with all this luminous love energy.

It was an energy from her Higher Astral Star System similar to mine. She said she was sorry for all the hurt on Earth and that she loved me very much. She wanted me to accept and feel the love – so I did – and then I felt filled up from Source as Eternal Love seemed to be working through her, it was like being filled up with the energy of ‘loving rainbow’.

In the vision she said ‘Free Spirit’ here is all my love for you, and her heart lit up like a bright star and then a big transfer of heart energy began – it seemed it was for me and my work for humanity. In these astral visions she said she wanted me always to feel loved by her and it made me release many things in my Earthly Heart Chakra – then I knew beyond any doubt this was a special love from another reality. It felt like, and was, a big healing for me and I was very grateful, it healed many of my hurts and I was able to be in a deeper state of forgiveness for my Twin Flame.

The love appeared to me in a vision as the form of a hummingbird as her love often appeared before and it was one of the most astonishing and beautiful experiences because in that astral awareness this hummingbird was filled with the love of Source and the love was very deep for me. Then there were many hummingbirds and I was then wrapped up in a deep and tender love that all these astral hummingbirds bestowed on me.

There were so many of these visitations and I was moved by many of them beyond measure. These experiences showed me Astral Twin Flame love (even though I never agreed to have it) and how deeply healing and transformative it can be, it also opened up the heart of a Spiritual Master – for this I will always be grateful to her.

She messed it up on Earth but pulled through in the astral in favour of my work. In myself the healing was to be in gratitude to my Twin Flame from the Stars for her love, for the many journeys in the astral and for all the lessons that she reflected to me so that I could live in a deeper and more sustaining love on Earth..

Emotions, Love and Divine Masculine / Feminine Integration Discourse (34 mins).

Video Description

Perspectives on Love, Love in Relationships, Transcending Twin Flame Duality, balancing the energies of Divine Masculine and Feminine (Wisdom and Love) internally using outer mirrors of Twin Flames or other relationships to transcend the opposing forces of emnity, hatred, fear and malignant energies maligned to one’s spiritual progress.

Perspectives on balancing, clearing and purifying one’s emotional energy. Understanding emotional purification and intense ego crushing experiences instigated by the Higher Powers (descending grace energy) as being the karmic purging force preparation for receiving grace and love from the Higher Realms. It is for each person also to feel into their hearts and emotions on the path and see where they are grace-resistant.

It is for each person in their own practice to reflect upon and understand what Eternal Love is and is not, the difference between sentimental light-worker love and Source (Eternal) Love, whilst reflecting on their lessons related to human love in order to enter into deeper loving Union with Source.

Perspectives on Twin Flame Stayers

Twin Flame Stayers (those who wanted the relationship and did the emotional work – aka the boat-showers) over time become immune to emotional suffering and heartache and thus being the Stayer-Twin is more favourable than being a runner. They are not excused from self-healing however and their work will always be around strengthening their channel to Source, practicing deeper self-love and learning their own lessons until they are excused from a soul contract when it is no longer healthy to do it. Then they are astrally and emotionally ‘greened up’.

It is a fallacy that one Twin must do the work for the other Twin (once they have done their own inner work). Always each Twin must do their own work, never is one or the other excused from their own emotional work.

No-one has to put their entire lives on hold to accommodate their Twin Flame or to hold space for them for decades – such a concept is madness because then (usually) the Runner Twin will think “I can do what I like because in the end my Twin has to take me, so I can take as long as I like as my Twin is holding all the space for me anyway” and so there are provisions to be excused from what look like fixed predestination soul-arrangements.

So, one has to develop an internal awareness and use one’s Source as the teacher as each Twin Flame process is unique and certainly not to try and overlay any standardized ‘New Age Blueprint for Twins’ onto the connection. I certainly could not find any external teacher that I felt would be useful to me and in the end, I had to trust my own Source for the answers.

I went through what I went through with my Twin Flame and when I learned my lessons in Eternal Love and Forgiveness the Star Beings came back again strongly into my energy showing as a portal in the heart centre to ET worlds and the energy of Eternal Love. Eternal Love lifts people out of karma, hate and evil, pain and hurt, the karma of Twin Flames and the energy of Eternal Love sends people on journeys into ET worlds filled with loving aliens and they can be filled up with energy from The Source.

Those that do Eternal Love in themselves and learn the lessons do not need to drink any ayahuasca either to see loving ETs and go on visionary journeys into the astral planes and to The Source. They can also experience astral greenery on the Earth as a result of living in the energy of Eternal Love from Star Beings from other worlds.Eternal Love anchored into the heart of a human being on the Earth is the gateway to astral worlds filled with loving ETs and some people can be opened up in that way by integrating divine feminine into their energy and becoming heart centered.

It is the truth that Eternal Love is immunity from all karma and all degrading energy, it is also about freedom, self-respect and maintaining the purity of one’s own path. It is the truth that I forgave my Twin Flame for atrocious and degrading behaviour and an incomprehensible amount of transgressions, some people think that their Twin’s have to have them in the end and so they can do as they like in the meantime or they think they will wave a magic wand.

It is the truth that Eternal Love is the winner in everything and the gateway out of the Karma Wheel, Ascending Twin Flames that learn their lessons end up with all the white karma stones and get energy-rammed at the solstices and equinoxes with piles of white karma stones in bizarre and unusual metaphysical experiences.

Every equinox and solstice for 5 years ongoing I journeyed for 10 or 11 days at a time to astral worlds of the Central Suns, the lands of lakes and mystical boats, other ET planetary spheres, sorcery worlds and found the resolution of the predestination paradox beyond the duality of earth-karma, and found ascent and healing there out of a painful story of leaving Twin Flames behind.

On the equinoxes and solstices I felt purified in the astral plane of all disturbance and my
awareness-energy was restored to its original pristine nature. My being shined with the luminosity of an Inner Sun, purified by a sacred and holy love, a deeper love from God – rare and unique love, free from the defilements and degraded nature of karma and then came the big astral journeys and what can only be explained as some kind of Astral Ascent.

Her love, opened up in me, the gateways to the many treasures of Source. In those astral sojourns with her, I went into jewelled realms, temples of love, ascended mystical realms, into the stars, the skies, all of the many astral spheres I went with her – in an awareness of a big and undying love. She opened the doorway into another reality, of love, and the answer to the awareness of the collapse.

Because in that Eternal Love I was already astrally ascended, off the Wheel, the only reason I am still here is to ground the love here in a body on Earth, to do God’s Work, work for the energy of the planet. When I made the many astral journeys I was purified of the hurt of leaving behind a Twin Flame on Earth. When one makes astral Union with the Eternal Love of Source the pain is transmuted and then one is healed from the emotional heartache.

Those who love their Twins eternally are shoved out of the karma wheel, Twin Flame “groundhog-cycles”, inexplicable predestination paradoxes and become released from binding soul-contracts that do not serve anymore. The lesson is that it is possible to mess things up with one’s Ascending Twin Flame and then they have to leave the other one behind.

The other lesson in the story is always to do the work in Twin Flame pairs, the one that did the emotional and spiritual work ends up with all the astral energy and the white karma stones and then the Ascending Twin decides if they want to share the energy and have the relationship on Earth or not. Many will say on the internet the Ascending Twin must serve the Twin more in the 3D karma worlds but it is most certainly the other way around, if you do not do the emotional work on Earth to make a healthy connection possible, then the Ascending Twin can be excused, that is what happened in this instance.

As said previously, Eternal Love for Twin Flames can never be unrequited, for it is an Eternal Love of God, unlimited, complete in itself, it is transcendent of the limitations of human love, it is an Eternal Love, immune from damage or degradation, yet the bearers of such Love have the freedom to draw it back in if appropriate in the circumstances, and suffer not.

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