Understanding the Root Causes of Suffering

Suffering is almost universal in this dimension – save for the most fortunate beings. However even the most fortunate cannot be totally sure that things will remain that way as we live in a shared reality sphere and the karma of others can be a problem if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (bombs, plane crashes, mass shootings, etc). Suffering does not exist in higher-dimensional spheres.Suffering is a reflection of a vibratory state that has a low and high point. At the lowest point exist the lower astral self-created hell realms and at the upper point suffering ceases to exist and one experiences a heavenly and paradisiacal reality. Thus heaven and hell do exist – but are self-created spheres. In my experience, there is no Devil or God that has any external say on where you go.

Suffering can be deep in this dimension and can be very protracted indeed and the vibratory wake of serious suffering can affect many future reincarnations and thus it can take many lives to find a way out of the karmic maze.

Sometimes events that appear to come out of the blue can seriously incapacitate one’s life for decades in this lifetime. Examples include sicknesses, disability, wars, violence, collapses and natural disasters such as tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes. There are many kinds of suffering and it takes mastery in order to stay clear of it all.

Serious students would do well to pay attention to this fact. If you go too deep into the suffering – fortunate conditions for spiritual practice are lost as one’s awareness contracts and one’s reactions to suffering can cause further additional suffering. Of course, suffering is a teacher – but if you can remain aloft of the main bulk of suffering on Earth – do so!

Be aware that there are other planets where conditions for spiritual practice are worse. If you think the 3D is hard work – humanity has it easy compared to what it can be like. There are post-collapse worlds, machine worlds shrouded in darkness for years at a time, worlds ravaged by sickness and many other hell-worlds throughout the Universe. If this planet does not whet your appetite for suffering – it can be ten times more intense elsewhere – intense enough to make spiritual practice impossible until one has lived through what one needs to live through.

The Buddha taught the four noble truths – suffering exists, there is a cause of suffering, there is the potential for an end to suffering and a pathway to get there. So we know suffering exists but many of us may not understand its cause. The root cause lies in wrong view of reality which leads one to live based on false premises about who one is, one’s relationship to the Universe and other false beliefs such as suffering is random or suffering is punishment from an external Higher Being.

Suffering is also created by living out of alignment with Higher Dimensional Laws. Suffering is therefore a teacher, a purifier and a barometer of where we are in relation to Truth.

The further the vibratory rift between Truth and ourselves – the more intense the suffering.

The end of suffering comes from an understanding of our True Nature and even to glimpse that requires working through a lot of karmic suffering even before we have the higher perspective. That in itself is a form of suffering – in that one has to suffer before one knows what the rules of living in this Universe are.

Often it can seem unfair, but in reality the Universe does not have the capacity to be peevish, unfair or judging. Given that we are ultimately the creators of our own Universe and the Universe is a perfect mirror – it can only be fair.

Accelerating the ascension out of suffering thus requires that one takes full responsibility for the state of one’s life. This is a basic requirement for any advanced spiritual work and lifts one out of any sense of victim-hood that perpetuates further suffering. The pathway to the end of suffering is predominantly the living of an ethical life. Ethics is rarely a popular concern – yet it is the only sure way of straightening out one’s own energy field enough to be able to ascend out of karma.

Living ethically is about living in alignment with the Will of Source, respecting all life (which includes respecting the life-energy of self and others) which implies refraining from causing suffering to self or another. Given that the Universe is a mirror – what one does to another will invariably bounce back to oneself.

Resistance to ethical living is invariably caused by a massive twist in one’s energy field caused by previous karma which creates an energetic deficiency as the energy of Source cannot flow freely. Those with this twist are usually deeply entrenched in control issues and trying to cheat or lie one’s way out of their situation. Energy healers can sometimes perceive this as a deep red energy vibrating with the energies of fear and control. Ethical living also requires truth, so if one often lies – the notion of ethics brings up too much resistance in the form of a psychological defense to avoid looking at one’s own deceptions.

The ethics required are reasonably straight-forward for those on a standard spiritual path – i.e. if one is happy to return again to 3D. The main ones can be summed up in the five Buddhist precepts – abstinence from killing, from theft, from sexual misconduct, from lies and from intoxicating the mind

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