The Voyager Masterpiece

Voyager offers a glimpse into spiritual reality as seen from the perspective of a Spiritual Master and is the product of many years of intensive spiritual purification. In the presence of deeply loving Star Beings from Source, Free Spirit came to understand how the human race is in serious trouble and that it is only a matter of time before catastrophic climate change triggers  a massive human die-off. 
His ongoing relationship with Star Beings and the Source has revealed to Free Spirit that it is possible to leave a dying biosphere as a fully-realized Voyager and not have to bear witness to the collapse of human civilization. 
Voyager contains some of the purest and most refined spiritual teachings available anywhere on Earth. It is also a candid, detailed and open sharing of Free Spirit's experiences and journeys with Higher-Dimensional ET's in the Upper Astral Worlds. 
Free Spirit shares how his relationship with the Star Beings and Source has become refined and purified in recent years - as well as how to integrate spiritual knowledge into the awareness of the body in order to ascend and be free from the karma of suffering and death.
Voyager is an Advanced Level Masterpiece for those who can handle strong truths and who are ready to purify themselves in the presence of Source.
It is also one of the most expensive books on Earth, for reasons of the extreme value of refined spiritual awareness and is most suited for advanced souls with interests in rare esoteric works, or rare book collectors.
Limited Rare First Edition Hardback (Casewrap Hardcover - 8.5 x 10.75 in) - 297 pages - Author Signed - Collectors Item

Extract from the Introduction

Voyager is a high-level transmission straight from the purity of Source and the Central Galactic Sun aimed at those who believe it is possible, and know that it is possible, to leave this planet and ascend to another more advanced sphere of Being without having to die (full physical ascension). 
I find myself incarnated here on a dying world. For the last 10 years I have always known in the depths of my being that humanity will experience an earthly end in my lifetime. The biosphere of the planet that has given rise to the experience of my life has become degraded to the point where I will in all likelihood not see old age. 
Before my life reaches what would otherwise be its ordinary and expected natural end, I may be a witness to the death of humanity and the loss of the planetary biosphere. The collapse stands to dissolve the very fabric of 3D existence and very little may remain, save for a planet in need of a 10-50 million year period of rest. 
Such an awareness is very strong to be a witness to. I am of the Stars. I have no doubt I am a Star Being just passing through immune to death.
Yet I am also on some level part of a race that will most likely soon become extinct and cease to be. I appear as a human too and thus ordinarily would have to accept that I would have to experience the same fate. After several years of such awareness and deeper reflection, I understand why the collapse must be.
In that awareness, I found myself having to plumb the depths of my being to find grounding and peace. It is a very strong teacher to realize that one’s world is dying, yet such a mirror is undoubtedly a very powerful teacher indeed, for I realized that it is actually possible to leave this world.
In the realization of humanity’s imminent end, I became witness to a different and transcendental reality. I find myself outside of time - an intergalactic observer – able to see far into the future. I see humanity from the heart and mind of a Star Being. In that awareness, it is as it should be.
As a witness to the end of a karmic cycle, I found Truth in the form of ET Love from Beings in other realities. These are Star Beings – alien intelligences – that act as caretakers at the time of planetary transition. 
In my earlier times, I sometimes doubted their reality. Yet in later years, their guidance has been most invaluable and prophetic. It would be impossible to imagine a relationship of that depth. The healing, the visions and the understanding are testament to the truth of their existence. 
By opening to that depth of love from them, I became healed of everything in this world and received the fruits of that love - full insight into the nature of Spiritual Reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Order of The Voyager Masterpiece include?

Orders of the Voyager Masterpiece include The Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit which consists of the entirety of his teachings in discourse and written form. The package includes 111 Private Video Discourses and 7 rare author signed books, including Meeting the Star Beings, Love on the Shores of a Distant World, The Life Story of Spiritual Master Free SpiritKeys to Immortality, Impossible Ablutions and his Voyager Masterpiece.

His Life Work shares his experience of being transformed by the love of Higher-Dimensional ET's from other planes of existence over many years, and what spiritual wisdom was imparted to Free Spirit as a result of that contact.

Orders of the Voyager Masterpiece also include a selection of geometric Merkabah Structures, unique artworks for enhancing dreaming and higher astral awareness, and any other works he may create in the future.

His Life Work does not include any mentoring of any kind and is intended for self-reflection and study.
What topics are covered in Spiritual Master Free Spirit's books and discourses?

Spiritual Master Free Spirit's teachings cover a wide amount of topics related to spiritual awareness, further evolution beyond the human condition and the Reincarnational Cycle / Karmic Wheel.

A lot of the wisdom and knowledge was imparted to him by loving ET Star Beings from Source, and relate to how to integrate the Love of Source and Star Beings into one's human life, so as to burn off one's karma and potentially be spared witnessing the collapse of 3D human civilization.

His books and discourses cover areas such as Astral Travel, Awareness and Energy, Biosphere Collapse, Healing the fear of Death, Emotional Healing, Karma, Immortality, Life, ET's / Star Beings, Physical Ascension, Pineal Detoxification, Prophetic Awareness, The Dangers of being a Light-Worker, The Reincarnational Cycle, The Illusions of Time and Space as well as how to attain Spiritual Mastery in a human body.

He also shares his experiences with ETs / Star Beings in the astral worlds and beyond.

The Twin Flame aspect of his Life Work offers deep teachings in terms of love, and how this love can enable one to be forgiven for all karma, and be spared the collapse, because of Source (or God's Love). Most people on a serious Ascension Path will have a Twin Flame (whether they are incarnated or not), and are mirrors for Source Love.

This Love enables one to hold the awareness of the collapse, in a Transcendental Loving Awareness, which is by its nature, Immortal.

Am I suited to read Voyager and to study Spiritual Master Free Spirit's teachings?
His Life Work is intended for individuals to work with in silence and in their spiritual practice. In truth, it will take a lifetime to work with, reflect upon and to integrate the awareness into their lives. His work is only suited for non-returners and those who understand that they are at the end, or close to the end, of their journey through the Reincarnational Cycle. 
It will be necessary to have a high degree of ethical grounding, respect for spiritual awareness, healthy in body, fearless in Spirit as well as a grounding in earthly abundance (3D Life Mastery).
It is also necessary to have a strong emotional grounding so as to be able to work with the matter of being incarnated onto a dying world.
Spiritual Master Free Spirit's work is not suited for those on the Light-worker Path.
You would naturally be free from alcohol and tobacco addictions, as well as established in plant based diets and be free from The Matrix enough so that you have plenty of time to work with Spiritual Master Free Spirit's teachings.
His work is a very rare and refined work of spiritual understanding / wisdom and is suited to advanced souls on Earth who respect its extreme transformational value.
How do I order / pay for The Voyager Masterpiece?
Enter your name and email address into the form, along with the delivery address including full postcode and telephone number, and you will be emailed an invoice to make the payment of US $ 1 Million  by international bank transfer. 
Shipping is from the United Kingdom.
One of Spiritual Master Free Spirit's admins will also double check the delivery address with you.
Once cleared payment has been received, The Voyager Masterpiece (and the other materials) will be dispatched to you by Priority Airmail with full tracking. You will also receive access to Free Spirit's discourses via a website login.

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