The Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit

The Complete Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit consists of the entirety of his teachings in discourse and written form. The package includes 111 Private Video Discourses and 7 rare author signed books, including Keys to Immortality and his Voyager Masterpiece.

The essence of the message that Spiritual Master Free Spirit received from his Star Beings is that it is possible to be spared witnessing the collapse of the human race by way of a deep understanding about the nature of awareness. His books and discourses share what happened to Spiritual Master Free Spirit over the years as a result of ongoing experiences with Higher Dimensional Immortal ET’s and when studied/read in sequence, show an evolution and refinement in understanding.

His work is a very rare and refined work of spiritual understanding and is suited to advanced souls on Earth who respect its extreme transformational value.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit Life Work

Book 1 – Meeting The Star Beings (2010)

Wise and loving ET Intelligences  from other dimensions of reality come to awaken humanity to a new consciousness based on love, spiritual understanding, peace and global harmony.

They invite us to move beyond our fears and our conventional belief systems.  If we have the courage to do so, we are rewarded with deep and lasting healing, freedom from suffering and glimpses into previously unseen dimensions of existence that promise Immortality and the transcendence of the human condition.

Free Spirit shares his account of contact with Immortal ET Star Beings and gives some insights into the profound unconditional love that these beings offer to humanity now in this time of global uncertainty and environmental degradation.

He also explains how through healing our fears, detoxifying our bodies and resolving our past mistakes we can begin preparation for an ascension out of the human condition into higher cosmic realms of pure love and light.


Book 2 – Love on the Shores of a Distant World (2011)

Free Spirit shares his experience of being deeply loved by Galactic Star Beings. Embraced by love on shores of distant worlds, his life has been remarkably transformed by his ongoing contact with these very advanced, wise and loving Beings.

This book is his second work and is inspired by the deepening relationship of love that he has with them.

Free Spirit illuminates the reader into the deeper mysteries of multi-dimensional reality and writes on the nature of the profound love that the Star Beings can bring to the open and fearless heart.

His writings on all aspects of healing and spiritual understanding delve into matters of cosmology, the nature of reality, pineal detoxification, transmuting fears, relationship healing  and also the possibility of humans becoming immortal..

Free Spirit also shares his profound, far reaching journeys into the astral worlds, the Galactic Center and beyond the Milky Way Galaxy – to the end of the known Universe – giving glimpses into what lies beyond.

In Love on the Shores of a Distant World, Free Spirit also explains how karma works, how Source Love and the awareness of loving ET’s can heal the human heart of pain, suffering and fear, and he also writes about forgiveness.

He shares his understanding about why he came to Earth and the nature of the worlds where he came from, before incarnating on Earth.

This book also contains channelled wisdom from Star Beings in relation to ascension, and he also explains about the matter of the collapse of humanity, and how that is an outer manifestation, of separation from love.

Love on the Shores of a Distant World was written in 2011, in Sedona, Arizona, and Harbin Springs – California.


Book 3 – Keys to Immortality (2012)

Keys to Immortality contains more advanced astral understanding, and Free Spirit explains how death is a condition that can be transcended by understanding the causes of death, becoming karma free and developing astral awareness in the body.

Free Spirit is a Visitor to this dimension from the Immortal Worlds of Source and his awareness of his origins showed him the possibility of becoming an immortal, albeit a difficult undertaking, and is the result of extreme karmic purification to the Mastery Level.

In this book – his third work, he shares profound multi-dimensional spiritual wisdom that has been imparted to him through a deep and profound ongoing loving relationship with Intergalactic Star Beings.

He was able to astral travel across the Universe, to other galaxies, other planes of being, and receive deep healings from Star Beings, ascended ET’s, existing in worlds beyond death.

He writes of the Earth Cleansing and the imminent Karmic Crisis as our planet becomes re-aligned to the Galactic Central Sun and undergoes a cleansing cycle.

This book is a call for Souls to urgently prepare to leave this dimension – so as to avoid catastrophe and death, and he shares his visions of the collapse of humanity, and how he integrated that into his awareness, and why civilizations experience collapse, and how some people can ascend by working with the mirror of death.

Keys to Immortality is a strong and concentrated spiritual work, apt to trigger extreme realizations, karmic purifications as well as a deeper awareness of Transcendental Reality.


Book 4 – 101 Secrets to an Amazing and Abundant Life (2014)

101 Secrets To An Amazing and Abundant Life is a Law of Attraction book written from the perspective of a Life Coach and Spiritual Master who has integrated the money/spirit duality prevalent within the collective consciousness of humanity.

This book is a definitive guide for those wishing to create their own reality in alignment with their own inner calling, and how to use the Law of Attraction in a clear manner.

This book dispenses with a lot of confusions, and presents the truth about the Law of Attraction, in 101 easy to understand segments.

Free Spirit shows the reader how to balance money abundance with everything else that is important in our lives so that we can live from a space of awareness, balance, truth, wisdom and integrity.

In this book he offers valuable insights and tools for creating abundance in your own life from a space of deeper awareness as well as how to stay empowered and connected on the journey of life.

Each section is a reminder to become more aware so that you can overcome the outer obstacles that get in the way.

This book shows the student how to balance spirituality and abundance, a difficult work to achieve, but possible – with serious work, effort and awareness, as well as with a commitment to self-development, healing energy dynamics that cause losses and ascending out of contractive thinking patterns.

He explains how awareness and money are related, and applying all the teachings in the book can make one a spiritual millionaire, if that is one’s path.

He also shares how to balance material wealth with awareness, so that one is not degraded, or loses spiritual awareness as a result.


Book 5 – The Life Story of Spiritual Master Free Spirit (2015)

The Life Story of Spiritual Master Free Spirit is a candid sharing of his transformative journey from the Path of the Light-Worker to the Path of the Master.

He shares how he incarnated here from another world and how he overcame the challenges of being incarnated into this karmic sphere of learning known as Earth.

He shares how he travelled the world in the name of love and healing for humanity and how ultimately he found a different path as a result of the extreme challenges that became manifest as a result.

His journey has taken him to many corners of the globe – from the Himalayas and the Andes – to Australia and the American Mid-West.  As a result he came to a deeper understanding with regard to forgiveness, love, compassion and the Truth.

His sharing is a testament to the challenges that come with speaking the Truth in this reality and how ultimately that led him to the path of silence.

Free Spirit shares how karma works, how to stay out of the karmic amphitheatre and how to make serious spiritual progress in one’s life in order to become a non-returner to this 3D reality.

Becoming karma-immune is a rare concept, but he explains in this book how to give karma back that is not one’s own, but inherited from others, how to keep one’s awareness and energy field pure, and how to manage spiritual awareness in a body.

He also shares in detail some of his intense processes on the spiritual path, how he became a Spiritual Master, and how he overcome some very serious challenges in this life.


Book 6 – The Voyager Masterpiece (2016)

Voyager offers a glimpse into spiritual reality as seen from the perspective of a Spiritual Master and is the product of many years of intensive spiritual purification.

In the presence of deeply loving Star Beings from Source, Free Spirit came to understand how the human race is in serious trouble and that it is only a matter of time before catastrophic climate change triggers a massive human die-off.

His ongoing relationship with Star Beings and the Source has revealed to Free Spirit that it is possible to leave a dying biosphere as a fully-realized Voyager and not have to bear witness to the collapse of human civilization.

Voyager contains some of the purest and most refined spiritual teachings available anywhere on Earth. It is also a candid, detailed and open sharing of Free Spirit’s experiences and journeys with Higher-Dimensional ET’s in the Upper Astral Worlds.

It illuminates the reader into how to work with the matter of biosphere collapse and what options there are for leaving Earth.

His work elaborates upon the nature of the Karmic Wheel, becoming a non-returner to 3D worlds, how Ascension works, how to sublimate the ego and how to activate all of the higher-dimensional astral bodies

Free Spirit shares how his relationship with the Star Beings and Source has become refined and purified in recent years – as well as how to integrate spiritual knowledge into the awareness of the body in order to ascend and be free from the karma of suffering and death.

Voyager is Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s most advanced esoteric work, a large 300 page book filled with a highly refined set of messages from the wisdom of Source aligned to those able to work with the matter of biosphere collapse so as to understand evolution beyond the mortal human condition and to Physically Ascend.

It is also one of the most expensive books on Earth, for reasons of the extreme value of refined spiritual awareness and is most suited for advanced souls with interests in rare esoteric works, or rare book collectors.


Book 7 – Impossible Ablutions /Twin Flame Love (April 2018)

In this book, Spiritual Master Free Spirit shares the experiences he had, after he he was catapulted through the astral at high speed, for weeks at a time, propelled by the energy of his Twin Flame in the astral, and the various experiences that happened to him as a result of these visitations which revealed much to him about the nature of Twin Flame healing, compassion, death, egolessness, forgiveness, healing, human love, karma and transcendental (Source) love from other planes of existence.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit then understood how his Twin Flame was a gift from The Source, a gift of love, that helped him to complete his karmic learning, in this world, and the indestructible love that his Twin Flame mirrored to him in the astral, opened the doorway into another reality, of love, and the answer to the awareness of the collapse.

His heart then underwent many processes culminating in Free Spirit understanding Unconditional Love, and how such Love, frees one from all karma, so that one does not have to return to this world.

He found himself in an ascended reality,  outside of time, and his Earthly Life where he came face to face with the Pure Love of Source, and his Twin Flame – and then he understood the Truth about Twin Flame healing.

It was in those states of being, in states of transcendental love, where seemingly impossible karmas were removed from Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s awareness, and then he saw reality in a different way, when that love, merged with his wisdom.

He writes about how the love of his Twin Flame burned off in him, the karma of the collapse, propelled him deeply into the Heart of Source and how he found a state of Unconditional Love for his Twin as a result of these experiences. He also writes about how this enabled him to fully understand Source Love (aka God’s Love) and how this love can forgive one of all karma and spare one having to witness the collapse.

He had many experiences in the astral, of profound mystical experiences, that healed his ego, his resistances to Source Love and also of being propelled into the Central Galactic Suns, and back to his Source, by the energy of his astral Twin Flame – and there he was filled with a big love for his Twin, and this love, freed Spiritual Master Free Spirit, from all Earthly karma.

He journeyed millions of years into the future, beyond human civilization, beyond death, beyond karma, out of Earth Time and off the Karmic Wheel itself, through the Galactic Central Suns and into a full Source-Merger.

The experiences culminated on the December 21st 2017 Solstice where he was merged with the energies of the Central Galactic Suns – which caused Free Spirit’s awareness to transcend time, to be purified of all karmic remainder and to be merged fully with his Source Awareness – and Source (God’s) Love.

He understood Immortality (Physical Ascension) to be a gift from The Source and that this Source Love can heal all Earthly karma, and open a doorway to ascend, and his Twin Flame was the mirror for this healing.

Impossible Ablutions is a testament to the power of Transcendental Love to lift one out of Earth-Karma, and is a sharing from a Spiritual Master having witnessed an Immortal Awareness outside of Earth-Time and who had an experience of Transcendental Love with his Astral Twin Flame, that changed his life forever.

Impossible Ablutions will be sent to buyers of his Life Work, in April 2018.




Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s Complete Life Work also includes a selection of extremely rare Merkabah Art-Works/Dreaming Merkabahs, created to enhance awareness and dreaming to the level of the Upper Astral as well as opening inner gateways to contact with Higher-Dimensional Star Beings (Benevolent ET’s/Spirit Guides).

These art-works are very complex and align one to the Higher Intelligences within the Universe. Free Spirit’s contact with Star Beings in the Upper Astral, inspired the designs..

Advanced dreamers and meditators will find these structures can facilitate nocturnal OOBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) that can include journeying to other worlds and planes beyond the Earth – for those vibrationally aligned to this kind of inter-dimensional travel. The Merkabahs are apt to trigger cleansing processes, conscious awakenings and dreaming breakthroughs thus being well grounded is vital.

The finer details of how to make the Voyager Merkabah (pictured) were channelled to Free Spirit one day in the mountains in September 2015 after an experience with higher-dimensional beings from the Sirius star system (8.4 light years from Earth).

The white/blue star of Sirius represents vibrational purity, the energies of the Upper Astral Worlds and also contains stargate portals to other regions of the Universe. Those who work intimately with this structure – coupled with Pineal, Karmic and Emotional Cleansing, may be able to expand their astral / dream journeys into regions far beyond the Solar System where other forms of life exist and make contact with their ET Star Beings.

This design is suited for well grounded Starseeds with experience in lucid dreaming and journeying into the astral worlds who can handle having 20, 30 or even 50 dreams in one night.

The intensity of dreaming is triggered by the geometric energies of the Merkabah which enable the dreamer to access multiple layers of dreaming that exist on other temporal (time) frequencies.

Those with sufficient awareness will be able to retain memory of a lot of the experiences and to bring them back into the body for processing and deeper integration.

Full video assembly instructions are provided and buyers of his Life Work, will be able to build several large and unique Merkabah structures, including the Voyager Merkabah, to enhance their astral travel and dreaming processes, as well as being unique and rare art-works.



111 Private Video Discourses

Spiritual Master Free Spirit also presented 111 Private Video Discourses to his students over the years, on many topics related to spiritual awareness including astral awareness, dreaming, forgiveness, karmic healing, meditation, multi-dimensional reality as well as how to work with the love of ET’s and the matter of the collapse.

Students of Free Spirit’s complete life-work will also be given access to all of these 111 Private Video Discourses to work with alongside their study of his six literary works.

Students will need a lifetime to properly integrate, reflect upon and integrate the material into their lives and thus his work should be considered a lifetime investment in one’s spiritual evolution.

His work is suited for advanced level students, who are well grounded on Earth, and who are interested in understanding how the love of ET’s and a strong connection to the Upper Astral Worlds has transformed the life of Spiritual Master Free Spirit beyond measure and who respect the value of such wisdom.

His work is also suited for those who feel the New Age philosophies do not offer a strong and clear truth and for those who sense they are at the end, or close to the end, of their spiritual journey through the reincarnational cycle – who understand intuitively the matter of impending biosphere collapse.

The Life Work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit is suited for those who are well grounded in the Earthly and who respect its value and includes the Voyager Masterpiece.

His Life Work also includes Invitations to visit his new retreat centre in Portugal – The Sanctum Retreat Centre – to open in June 2018.

The Investment for his Life Work is  1,000,000 (1 Million Euros)

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