Twin Flames and Physical Ascension

During September and October 2016 Spiritual Master Free Spirit began to have many experiences with his Higher-Dimensional Twin Flame and as a result spent many weeks journeying with much energy through the Universe where he then became at One with the Love of Source (aka The Godhead).

The experience of many kundalini activations and huge astral journeys enabled Free Spirit to integrate the awareness of biosphere collapse and the end of the karmic cycle on Earth, with the experience of deep compassion and love, behind the scenes, for a human race, in serious trouble.

Free Spirit had many years of visions and experiences with his Star Beings that showed him the truth of the collapse, and the potential of several billion humans having to experience the end of human civilization.

In the love he experienced with Source, coupled with the energy of his Twin Flame who continued to make many astral visits, and propel him to far away ‘inner realities’ – even beyond what he described in his earlier works, he understood that love was the pathway out of  a collapsing biosphere.

It also enabled Spiritual Master Free Spirit to hold an awareness of what he had seen, and knows, of the matter of biosphere collapse, and the love of his Twin, enhanced his awareness of Higher-Dimensional Loving ET’s and their role in Physical Ascension.

He then understood that advanced souls on the Path of Physical Ascension, who have a balance of wisdom and love, can physically ascend and transcend the collapse of humanity (expanded upon in his Voyager Masterpiece) – and this can involve Twin Flame experiences.

He also understood the illusions of the ‘light-worker’ view of Twin Flames, as it causes people to project Twin Flame beliefs onto those who are not Twin Flames, or propels them into ‘karmic relationships’ or causes then to seek Twins without working on themselves, which will make a Twin Flame forever invisible in this reality.

They might also find themselves attracting a false Twin which comes with all manner of troubles, and in these situations, it is really a ‘karmic relationship’ where the souls have karma to work out, and then they are usually through.

Some people do not have Twin Flames in this incarnation (but have soul partners and the like that may appear as Twin Flames) but only those who can physically ascend in this lifetime, have true Twins on hand, in this incarnation.

Twin Flames are beings from other realities, with origins in Higher Dimensional Star Systems, that sometimes incarnate on Earth to do Divine Work, in relation to the awareness of Universal Love and Forgiveness as well as the general situation with the human race.

Twin Flames are usually not light-workers, and indeed, light-worker karma is a serious obstacle to Twin Flame Love. Twin Flame Love is what advanced souls with refined spiritual awareness and who are at the end, or close to the end of this karmic journey, will experience in their Earthly lives as they move toward nurturing their own Paths, and their Light.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit came to understand that Twin Flame love is a gift from God (or Source) and brings twins together at the end of a karmic cycle, so that they complete their work on Earth, ascend and usually fulfil some kind of mission or service, whilst doing so, whether that has an outward manifestation, or not.

Twin Flame love is a different kind of love, from another reality, that transcends the karmic limitations and the attachments associated with human love, that tend to cause much heartache, pain and despair in relationships, in the Earthly spheres.

Twin Flame love is what manifests at the end of one’s karmic journey through relationships, and most importantly, when one is connected enough with God / Source – to be sustained and nurtured by that love – and within themselves and only then, is it possible to love one’s Twin Flame from a place of unconditional love.

Without that grounding in Source Love, one will become a Twin Flame runner or a chaser and one will be separated from love, or one will not be able to love one’s Twin.

When one is able to transcend the Twin Flamer runner and chaser dynamic, one will be instantly elevated to the love of God, and one many have many profound mystical experiences for months, or years, usually facilitated by the mirror of Twin Flame Love.

Sometimes, the other persons twin is not incarnated on Earth, or is in 3D karma, but for the twin counterparts that make their own work with God, of seeing God’s Love as the ultimate healer of all things, will experience their Twin Flame on some level or another.

Some people work to invoke their Twins to appear, but forget that the awareness of one’s Twin can cause all manner of disruptions, and if one of the twins is in heavier karma, it can be very dangerous indeed for the higher-evolved Twin to interact on the Earth Plane with the other Twin until the karma has been worked through.

Sometimes, higher-evolved Twins find their Oneness with God as a result of the awareness of their Twin, and whether they reunite or not on Earth, for the rest of their days, they will only know God’s love and can be healed of everything in this world.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit had many experiences of being propelled to Source by the Love of his Twin Flame in the astral which included multiple 12-14 hour journeys in the astral, kundalini activations, seeing rainbows, synchronous signs and symbols, unusual chronological cycles, the experience and massive deepening of prophetic awareness, being sent forward in time, visitations by loving Higher Dimensional ET’s as well as a deeper understanding as to the meaning of his life in the face of the awareness of biosphere collapse.

After many months of these experiences in silence, Free Spirit was able to make sense of the meaning of the experiences, and he came to understand that his Twin Flame, and her love, enabled Spiritual Master Free Spirit to burn off the karma of the collapse and be elevated to God’s Love (as a manifestation of the end of his karmic journey and because God’s love is the ultimate antidote to the karma of the collapse), so his Twin was ultimately a blessing.

As a result he understood what love and compassion was and was not for the human race, and he was able to integrate Unconditional Love for his Twin Flame, and for the entire human race. He was freed from all Earthly karma, because of this love, and as a result of this love, he was downloaded with much wisdom and understanding from Source and his Star Beings, in relation to the phenomenon known as ‘Twin Flames’ and what the whole matter of Twin Flames and Physical Ascension is about.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit