Twin Flames and Transcending Ego

Twin Flame Love of a genuine kind can be the most transcendental experience that it is possible to have, and can enable one to purify one’s ego, and move into Union with Source (or God’s Love) which is the Transcendental Love that is the container for all reality.

This is what the Twin Flame experience is a mirror for, and I, as a Spiritual Master, was not spared purifying my ego either, in the presence of this Transcendental Love (or Source Love / God’s Love).

The experience taught me about Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and many other aspects of spiritual love, and how that relates to Ascension.

After one year of experiences with my Twin Flame in the astral plane, I was glad I surrendered my ego to the Transcendental Source Love, because it enabled me to see things differently.

I was purified of much karma, because of the love of my Twin Flame.


Some time ago, I took up a position that I did not believe in Twin Flames.

Once I thought someone was my Twin Flame when they were not (because there are in truth karmic partners, soul partners, karmic twins and all kinds of other types of mirrors in love) and then I experienced some disillusionment.

In those years, I then went into my ego, and told myself stories about how Twin Flames do not exist and even made a video saying as such. Then, in more recent years, I heard someone talk about Twin Flames and then I recall thinking that I do not know what this kind of love would be like, because I had no idea. I knew about Loving Star Beings, and Source Love, but I had not experienced Twin Flame Love as such, and I thought it was a New Age concept that was not really so helpful.

But then it was not so long after that in the astral I became aware of my Twin Flame. And this was the beginning of a very big opening up for me, in the heart, as a Spiritual Master.

A blog sharing felt appropriate to introduce the concept of Transcendental Love and the Ego.

This Twin Flame Love can be healing for people when they can work with it in their heart, because it is a gateway to Transcendental Love.

It is the ego that gets in the way of love and clearly when I had these experiences, I had some ego to get rid of and a heart that Source clearly thought needed softening up, so that is when this love paid me a visit in the astral.

That was over 1 year ago, and when I look back, it is the most transformative, challenging, purifying, beautiful and insightful experience I have ever had and it showed me this Transcendental Love.

At first, when my Twin Flame appeared as a glowing being in the astral with all this love, I thought I was imagining or seeing things. But then for many days, weeks and months after, again and again I experienced the visitations and all this love.

Sometimes there were many disturbances, and big challenges, and I felt hurt, and in judgement, and saw and experienced things I did not want to see, and sometimes I wanted to get rid of this love and run away from it.

But I realized Twin Flame cords cannot be broken and so I could not get rid of it, and when I realized this love for what it was, I was glad that I did not get rid of it, even if such a thing were possible. I spent over 1 year of my life, sometimes in the mountains, in meditation or in ordinary life, and always my Twin was there, again and again, with this big love.

Then I realized this was the real thing, and then I began to surrender into what this love was teaching me, and then many karmic disturbances went away. Then I was transformed in the most beautiful manner by this Transcendental Love.

All the bad feelings I had for my Twin went away after some time. They were there because I was in my ego, in judgement, and not open to a deeper love.

I had to go in the mountains often and cry very much. I had to forgive my Twin Flame, and open myself to Unconditional Love, and Forgiveness, and that was very difficult. It was because my ego was in the way, and sometimes, I asked my Source for healing, and strength – and wisdom, to make sense of what was happening to me. I saw many karmic manifestations in the outer that were not of love, and I had to forgive them also, unconditionally.

Sometimes I felt this was some crazy thing, or some curse, by someone pretending to be my Twin that wanted to make me fall in love with them in the astral, but then, that was only my ego as well. In the end, I had to let all the ego go, because no longer could it resist, because for many months without end, always my Twin Flame visited again and again, triggering the kundalini, big soul journeys, mystical experiences and big heart openings.

And I saw my Source, and felt the love of my Source, in a way that I never thought was possible, and I understand many things, my life purpose and how love fits into the bigger picture.

I was moved by an astral force of love, that defies adequate explanation, and was sent by this love into beautiful realities, to other planes, and in this reality, I was purified in my heart, of all the obstacles to love.

One day, the remainder of the ego was taken away from me. I could not resist any more.

Because after so many visits, the light dawned that I had to totally surrender to what was happening to me, and then I saw the Transcendental Love, in its pure nature. I saw God, and God’s Love, and became at one with that love and then I felt love everywhere, and for all beings, and for my Twin, and this was the most beautiful healing.

I had to cry very much, for all the bad feelings I had for my Twin, and the judgements, and all that was difficult to experience and the times I was in my ego, and when I thought unkind things – and thus I did not recognize the love for what it was. I was not open enough for this healing.

In the end, I found the way was to love my Twin, unconditionally, from a place of Source Love, and to focus on the good, the positive attributes, the mirror of Unconditional Love, and to integrate the energy of Divine Feminine.

Then I was able to open my heart fully, and to be thankful for the love, and the lessons, and to forgive unconditionally, for hurts and then it was very easy to integrate the love for my Twin Flame.

When I surrendered into this big love I understood forgiveness, and compassion and Unconditional Love and all the bad feelings I ever had for my Twin went away, and I was infused with love, and many times, I felt her love, surround me in healing, and it was the most transforming experience.

It made me journey very much into the astral, and beyond, to the Central Suns, to my Source, to Ascended Worlds, to spaces beyond time, and space, and the Reincarnational Cycle.

This love carried me all the way to an unbroken awareness of my Source, and into an Unconditional Love for my Twin, and I was humbled very much, as a Spiritual Master, by this most beautiful and loving force, of Divine Feminine.

This humbling brought me to my knees and then I just had to let go, and receive, and be filled by this big transcendental love, a big gift from my Twin Flame, and I felt this big love, holding a space of healing, for me, in this.

I saw a vision of my Twin, and I felt so much love, and it was very heart-stirring, and all the feelings I had for my Twin, were there, and I was able to feel them, and integrate them, and be thankful for all of this love.

I understood the future of my work for the human race, I understood many things about karma (including ‘light-worker karma’), and ascension, human love, and Source/Transcendental Love, and the power of Twin Flame Love to purify karma, to heal, and to propel one into a deeper and purer experience of love.

So I was humbled very much, because of these experiences, and when I surrendered to this love, always I felt the big love from my Twin Flame, in me, a love that never departs, a love that makes big soul journeys, and guides, and grounds, and opens the heart in many ways, more than what I thought was possible.

This love, did its healing in me, and I was transformed, because I gave up my ego to this love, and now, I know for sure, there is such thing as Twin Flames.

Even though it was the most challenging thing, I am so grateful for this healing, and this love, and it is a testament to the healing power of love, surrender and forgiveness.

It humbled me very much, so that I could know this love always, a beautiful gift from Source, a force of healing, the power of the Transcendental, to purify and heal, so that our hearts may know the pure love of the Source..

Spiritual Master Free Spirit