Reflections on Twin Flame Forgiveness

Sometimes Twin Flames can have difficulties when it comes to the matter of what is known as ‘Twin Flame Forgiveness’ and of course, if one is having trouble with Twin Flame forgiveness, it is an impediment to being more open in the heart and experiencing the Transcendental Source Love.That is because Twin Flames can be powerful mirrors for this Source Love ( Love from God or the Higher Planes) being channelled through the hearts of those incarnated on the Twin Flame Path.

When one can hold a space of Unconditional Love for one’s Twin Flame then one is unified with this Source Love, and one can then feel a pure and healed connection with one’s Twin Flame, either here, or in the astral (some Twin counterparts do not incarnate, or in other cases, one Twin is ascended or half-ascended – so where they are is less relevant than the state of the connection within one’s heart).

For many this can be very difficult, so to get to a space of Unconditional Love, Twin Flame Forgiveness is the gateway, and in its simplest form, means not having bad/negative emotions towards one’s Twin Flame, and instead, only being in a state of pure love for them.

Of course, this cannot be contrived, and authentic Twin Flame Love is the product of deep forgiveness, which can be facilitated by being thankful, and in gratitude, for what one’s Twin Flame mirrors to one, which requires some deep self-inquiry and working through what one is feeling, with a deeper awareness, in meditation or deeper reflection within.

One can do Twin Flame forgiveness by practicing non-judgement, and empathizing with your Twin Flame, without affirming karmic stories, and also by seeing things from their perspective also, and drawing all that into the heart and holding a space for healing.

One might think that is not possible in challenging situations, but if one truly loves one’s Twin, it will be.

If one does not feel good toward one’s Twin Flame, one can see where the root is within oneself, and work there, and if one surrenders to that process, there will be a deeper lesson, of love. One will find one can let go of some stories, or judgements, about one’s Twin Flame, that get in the way of love, and produce states of separation.

Chasing one’s Twin or hankering after Union cannot achieve Twin Flame Forgiveness or any other kind of happiness or harmony, because always, the work is within, and forgiveness is not about affirming abuse, or other harmful dynamics, but instead, by being non-judgemental, loving and compassionate for one’s Twin, whilst also, loving and respecting oneself.

If one struggles with Twin Flame Forgiveness, always it is something inside, and not in the other.

When one can find out what that is, in meditation, or by going within oneself, or exploring one’s feelings about one’s Twin Flame, there is usually something to work through, that prevents the embodiment of deeper love.

In the end, that is the only way to feel at One with Source, and thus one’s Twin Flame, is to love them and to work through all that prevents that.

The result is experienced in the Heart Chakra as a deep and indestructible love that weathers all things.

It is beyond romantic love, and instead, is Transcendental. Romantic love in itself could never withstand the Twin Flame process, because there has to be a deeper grounding in Source Love (the product of one’s own inner healing) to hold the space for extreme process.

Twin Flame Forgiveness is not a simple wishy washy “I love you, I forgive you” without deeper authentic emotional process, but something that is grounded more deeply in one’s Being and is the product of genuine love for one’s Twin, which is serious spiritual work.

Clearly then, the more one is grounded in one’s own Source connection, the stronger is the love, and the greater capacity for forgiveness.

The main stumbling block that people can have, is having stories about their Twin Flames, and stepping out of love, and into separation, and then looking at themselves and their egos, rather than the bigger transcendental picture.

This can be purified by holding the awareness of one’s Twin in the heart and feeling into whatever prevents the arising of love, and when difficult emotions, or judgements arise, to let one’s heart expand to become bigger, than the emotion, the judgement, or the idea.

More often than not, this comes down to dissolving one’s ego into the awareness of love, and a self-forgiveness, for remaining in separation, and for feeling unloving toward one’s Twin.

Then one’s heart can soften up somewhat, and the Love of Source can then enter, expand and then dispel anything causing denseness in one’s heart, which manifests as not feeling love towards oneself, or one’s Twin Flame.

An internal self-forgiveness is the first step in any deeper manifestation of forgiveness for another and will always clarify one’s true feelings for one’s Twin.

Then, it may be appropriate to express them outwardly, simply by expressing love and saying how one feels in a suitable way, which might also include sharing what the resistance was, and why one did not feel so loving, or why one felt judgemental, or to ask for forgiveness – and instead to open one’s heart to a deeper and more true feeling – and to communicate from there.

There is nothing to be gained by not being open with one’s feelings, and authentic vulnerability in showing one’s true feelings and one’s own process, will always take one into a deeper love toward one’s Twin, and purify away any negativity, and can show the other, or express to the other, how one really feels, which can then be healing for them as well as for oneself, which clearly, can only be good.

Sometimes one is conditioned to be fearful of love, or to hold in one’s feelings, because of whatever may have happened here, then, or whenever, but then that spins the wheel of the ego-mind, and keeps one in separation from love.

Sometimes one can think that love hurts, but in a deeper grounding in Source Love, there is no hurt, and really, pain is only a product of separation, and not the product of loving. If one can love one’s Twin deeply enough, it is not possible to experience pain, because the Oneness with God’s Love is enduring, permanent and immune to emotional suffering.

That is why Twin Flame Love can be a difficult process, because it presents one with a very deep journey of purification, so one can embody a purer and more enduring love, that is beyond karma, and any notion of separation.

If one explores one’s own feelings, one can often find it is one’s mind, creating stories or ideas, about how the other Twin is, or what they have done, or do, that then cause separation from love within followed by difficult emotions or experiences.

The deeper healing with one’s Twin Flame (which is always an internal thing within oneself) always comes by opening to the process, feeling into the heart, and being able to see what is there that needs healing, and usually those are stories about one’s Twin, that are often just that – stories.

When the story is unravelled, usually one’s Twin has nothing to do with the story, and the presence of the story, stymies love, and the root of the story, is the thing to forgive in oneself, and then the outer manifestation of it, will be natural.

One can then often feel very grateful and thankful to one’s Twin, and one may see things differently, from a more heart-centered space, and then a deeper love can arise within, showing as Unconditional Love for one’s Twin, which is the key lesson in such matters.

When one can be brave to go within and go deep within one’s heart, and to clear out many older emotions, karmic stories and the like, then the end product, is a deeper acceptance, forgiveness and love for one’s Twin Flame.

One can then be transformed by this Twin Flame Love, which is a mirror for the Love of the Transcendental (Source) and is the gateway to a life free from karma, suffering, separation and all the other woes than tend to afflict the human heart.

Twin Flame Forgiveness can be a difficult path for those who walk it, but the end result is the embodiment of a deeper, enduring, Source Love, immune to heartache, suffering and pain, a Love that is indestructible and is the healing for everything in this world, and Mastery of such lessons, takes one into permanent Oneness with Source Love.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit