Inception Merkabah (Shipped Assembled)


The Inception Merkabah by Spiritual Master Free Spirit. A work of rare art and/or a unique and powerful Dreaming Merkabah.


For Crown Chakra Activations, Kundalini Balancing, Multi-Level Lucid Dreaming, Pineal Gland (Third Eye) Activations and the Integration of the Vibration of Universal Love/Presence.

The Merkabahs were inspired by contact with Intergalactic Beings from the Higher Astral Worlds of Source after having travelled through the Galactic Central Sun in the astral body. The Beings spoke to Free Spirit deeply and explained to him how to make the structures to channel in the energies of the Galactic Central Sun and Source.

Free Spirit’s experience of creating these Merkabahs triggered major astral journeys into far out regions of the dream-time where he had the experience of contact with loving ET’s who gave him much wisdom in relation to the nature of reality, the Universe and the future of life above and beyond the human condition.

An Advanced Level Design for experienced dreamers – for those who can handle strong energies and who are ready to expand upon their nocturnal adventures in the dream-time.

The Inception Merkabahs can trigger intense dreaming, OOBE’s, major chakra realignments and strong dimensional shifts within one’s Consciousness.

The energy that these Advanced Merkabahs amplify requires a strong grounding, supportive conditions for spiritual practice and the ability to work with intense blockages on the path. Those working with the structures will realize the nature of astral energy gateways and will be familiar to some extent with regard to how to integrate astral energy into their awareness and spiritual practice.

The Inception Merkabah serves as an Advanced Level Dreaming Merkabah and/or a rare work of Art for those with a life-long interest in and a passion for dream-work, or unusual art.

The Inception Merkabah is also robust and portable – size approx 98 x 98 x 98 cm

Available in Blue or White. Pre-Assembled Structure Only – Please allow up to 8 weeks for assembly, packing and delivery.

The structure is shipped whole in a padded cushioned wooden box anywhere in Europe, the USA or Australia.