How to Experience Astral Travel and Loving ET’s

Lucid Dreaming is a powerful tool for exploring reality on a deeper level including the non-physical astral planes. Dreaming is also a pre-requisite for being able to live a grounded, strong and pure spiritual life. Those who can dream well are able to become spiritually enlightened, understand themselves on a deeper level, take command of their lives, manifest positive circumstances as well as being able to explore the non-physical counterpart of the Universe. An organic approach to dream exploration through enhancing awareness will be fruitful in this respect.

Proficient lucid dreamers will be able to travel to other planets, star systems and even other galaxies. They will also be able to contact loving  higher-dimensional ET’s (Star Beings).

I had the experience of many years of contact with loving ET’s from the Upper Astral Worlds as a result of tidying up my dreaming practice, healing karma, opening to love and grounding the awareness here on Earth.

In one experience….

“The disk than began to spin much faster and appeared to bi-locate. At an incredible speed it propelled itself toward a globular cluster of stars and before I knew it I was on the surface of a strange but beautiful world. Vast cities had been constructed out of a crystalline material and the entire planet sounded like a Tibetan singing bowl that had been struck. Many of the structures towered high above the surface of this world and had spherical protuberances. Within these spheres, many of the tall and slender Beings could be seen looking outward.

The entire vibration of this place had a strong crystalline aspect to it. There was a powerful feeling that it was a storehouse of knowledge and those within these cities had unlimited powers. Within the towers there appeared to be vast elevators moving at incredible speeds transmitting energy between different spheres.

The spheres themselves behaved like plasma balls and pulsed out streams of multi-dimensional lightening that occasionally struck the surface of the planet – resulting in a surface rippling that would create luminous bubbles, which would then float up into space. Vast streams of plasma surged down from space itself and charged the entire structure. Gazing into the plasma resulted in one being enveloped into a powerful wave of energy carrying one deep into the core of the planet itself where one had the sensation of being inside a huge latticed crystal.

The spheres slowed down and a walkway appeared. Several of the Beings emerged and I was motioned to step in. The interior surface of the sphere looked like the inside of a flawless crystal sphere. The reflection from the intensely smooth surface peeled away a denser layer of the Galactic Light Body, which was then temporarily held in some strange stasis chamber.

The Beings surrounded me in a deep love and told me to prepare to enter the star-gate. A dazzling splash of light then spilled forth from the surrounding sphere and there was a crystalline humming. Many different stars appeared as the internal sphere began to spin at high speed.

The sphere then plunged deep into the heart of this star and the surfaces of this wormhole revealed a new dimensional aspect. There were civilizations existing within the fires of the star itself and strong powerful Beings of Source showed themselves. They were made out of the fires of the Stars themselves, whilst giving the impression of being very loving.

Everything seemed to slow down with a sensation of time itself dilating and in an eerie experience of slow motion I saw a strange bluish light that enveloped me deeply with another welcoming energy of love, before taking on the form of a long tunnel. I was inside the heart of a blue star, rising to the surface as the familiar backdrop of space appeared once again. Vast blue flares erupted into space as the craft emerged out of the corona of this blue sun. It was a vast star, for it was almost impossible to perceive the stellar curvature.

I looked to the star again and witnessed vast flares of incomprehensible sizes blasting forth, serenely and quietly, from the surface of this vast star. The Beings said that this was the Central Galactic Sun – the heart of the Milky Way. The Blue Beings opened their minds again, in deep telepathy – to encourage a deeper remembering. I remembered them many times – how loved and accepted I had been by these Beings – and how over millions of incarnations we had shared lifetimes on worlds.

I experienced the deepest possible experience of love as I awoke again to my Intergalactic Self….”

Extracted from VOYAGER

Here are 5 ways to start having these kinds of experiences:-

1. Detoxify the Pineal Gland of all nasty toxins – chlorine, mercury, fluoride, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

All of these things will seriously impede your ability to dream AND your ability to remember your experiences. Astral travelling has no benefit if when you wake up you cannot bring the memory of the experience back into the body. Naturally things like cigarettes, alcohol, meat, sugar, dairy and cooked food are out. Make physical (and emotional) clearing a top priority.

After several years on a pure diet free from toxins having these kinds of experiences will be easy and one may be able to experience contact with loving ET’s.

Pineal Awakening also requires a state of ethical purity if it is not to lead to a karmic disaster. Given that the throat chakra (the Truth Centre) is below the Pineal Gland – a foundation in ethics is essential to avoid opening up portals to the Lower Astral and importing energies into your life that can cause major disruptions.

If you cheat, steal, lie, kill or violate the sanctity of life in any other way forget about exploring the Higher Astral Planes until that is sorted. Ethics is invariably the cause of the biggest blockages to spiritual understanding. Give up the notion of trying to control the energies of the Higher Planes or Source for your own agendas. Doing this is akin to trying to steal plasma from a nuclear reactor and then getting seriously burned in the process. Without the ethics in place before opening the Pineal Gland one will get caught up in black magic, black witchcraft and other destructive lower astral psychic practices that will incur you major life-ruining karma that may burn your house down, cause you to get sick, incur big losses or may even kill you. Be mindful.

A life of strong ethics will enable you to explore the Astral Worlds (and beyond) through the protection and oversight of benevolent Higher Dimensional Beings (good aliens).


2. Meditate daily. Enhance your own relationship with Source.

By developing a strong relationship with Source you will find it easier to dream and move further up through the astral planes. Develop a strong spiritual practice and take spiritual retreat often to detoxify from the harmful energies of the 3D world. 3D reality is very energetically sticky and these denser energies will stick to your light-body in an attempt to draw sustenance from it.

Be sure to manage your spiritual energy wisely. Cleanse the aura often with crystals, sacred herbs, pure water, sunlight and by immersing yourself in the healing vibration of nature. If you live in a city, consider leaving. Cities create vast clouds of ‘lower astral smog’ which will make accessing the Higher Planes seriously hard work. Consider creating a life in nature so as to honour your relationship with Spirit.

Once you can dream at will from the waking world you will experience a 10-fold increase in dream recall, OOBE’s and contact experiences with Higher Dimensional ET’s.

Anything that costs you energy will harm your dreaming practice – whether it be through entanglement in outer shit (karma), light-worker drama, self-destructive emotional programs, toxic relationships, poor diets or the effects of an accumulation of toxins. Start with transforming these areas and work from there.

3. Be aware of everything in the dream-world. When you become lucid – start exploring your surroundings in a grounded manner whilst resisting the urge to awaken.

In order to progress further in dreaming – one needs to create a strong awareness of one’s entry point into the dreamworld. This will become a point of reference that you can easily access later from within another dream, from meditation or even from the waking state.  Look up and find any means you can of ascending in a dream. Ladders, elevators, crafts or even flying.

Develop the ability to fly in your dreams so that you can easily move upwards. Once you figure this out you will soon find yourself able to astral travel into outer space and even to other worlds.


4. Work with Plant Medicines

Some shamanic medicines when used in legal settings and with powerful intent can enhance dreaming – including Ayahuasca. Plant medicines can open up doorways to higher planes – although in the end the aim is to use the experience to become integrated enough to be able to access any plane without medicine.

It can be helpful to see hallucinogens as adjuncts (tools) for the attainment of spiritual understanding rather than seeing them as the understanding (the end) in themselves. Whatever you see and experience is down to your own spiritual and energetic make-up – and the medicine cannot make you enlightened if you are not vibrationally aligned to spiritual reality in your life as a whole.

You have to do the work and the healing for yourself so that you can sustain your spiritual connection outside of ceremony otherwise Ayahuasca can be very damaging. The Ayahuasca will often repel those looking for ‘kicks’ – anyone thinking this medicine can be used like marijuana or LSD (recreationally) will find that the Ayahuasca does not lend itself to being used in this way.

Recreational use of cannabis retards dreaming and is counter-productive to spiritual awakening. The increasing tolerance will get you stuck in a dream-sphere that may seem higher-level but in reality is illusory. The addiction to the ‘cannabis high’ is a trap that can impeded spiritual progress for years if left unchecked. Many cannabis users will find that dreaming is enhanced through a reduction in use.

On the higher spiritual paths – cannabis and other such substances have little or no value – in the end degrading awareness, life-force and power. The aim is not to become an ‘astral junkie’ but grounded in the astral on Earth. One cannot ascend in an Ayahuasca ceremony or on cannabis although one may get a peek into those realms. A 1-2 year period of introspective retreat work with plant medicines (where legal) may be beneficial for awakening / healing and journeying if one is called to the Path, has pure intentions and respects the medicines.

But then one must integrate it into Earthly awareness if it is to have any long term merit. Serious spiritual students will find that they gravitate away from use of such medicines anyway and can have a much stronger spiritual awareness and a strong astral awareness without them because the astral worlds are experienced in the body and not out of the body in a dis-incarnated manner.


5. Meditate and dream with a Merkabah Structure

These Merkabahs serve as a multi-dimensional technology to assist in dream recall, lucid dreaming, astral travel and meditation. They are inspired by my relationship with Multi-Dimensional Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences throughout the Universe.

They embody the geometry inherent in the fabric of the Multi-Dimensional Universe and at the heart of stellar cores (the centre of stars) and these geometries work to accelerate Cosmic Consciousness in human beings.

Advanced dreamers and meditators will find these Merkabah Structures can facilitate high level nocturnal OOBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) that can include journeying to other worlds and planes beyond the Earth – for those vibrationally aligned to this kind of inter-dimensional travel.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit