Divine Grace, Soul Rays and Freedom from Karma

As one continues on the journey of refining awareness and ascending out of the karmas of the ego (aka karma reality) one can have the experience of becoming aware of one’s Soul Group in the Astral. The appearance of one’s Soul Group in awareness, either on Earth, in the Astral, or both, generally marks the end of the karmic journey into a deeper awareness of ascended/5D reality, whilst anchored into an Earthly body. The purpose of one’s Soul Group is to reflect to each other various aspects of spiritual reality, of higher awareness, of love and the nature of ascended reality. Members of one’s Soul Group can also reflect back interesting lessons for those on the spiritual path.

Most Voyagers will incarnate as part of a ‘Soul Group‘ although the awareness of such does not often appear until the end of one’s karmic purifications. Those with a very strong and refined astral awareness can sometimes perceive members of their Soul Group in the astral as glowing or luminous beings, there can also be several of them, the purpose of these experiences is to accelerate the processes of Ascension as well as to reflect back lessons as well.

Some Voyagers also have a Twin Flame in their Soul Group, the purpose of a Twin Flame is to reflect back lessons in ego-purification. The appearance of ‘the other aspect of oneself’ can trigger all manner of processes, but ultimately the lesson is in purification of the ego, abluting the ego into Higher Awareness, into Source. That is the purpose of the appearance of one’s Twin Flame, whether on Earth or in the Astral, once the lessons are learned in oneself one’s Twin Flame then gravitates out of one’s awareness.

That can be a life-changing experience and can endure for some time, and the lesson is in Unconditional Love (and not in getting caught up in the karmas of Twin Flame Runner/Chaser dynamics). Contrary to popular belief, Unconditional Love and Twin Flame Lessons have little to do with Twin Flame Reunions and are more related to integrating in one’s own awareness, the other aspect of oneself, in my case, Divine Feminine.

The purpose of a Twin Flame is to integrate the lessons presented by being aware of the ‘other you’ and then completing one’s karmic learning processes, which also includes transcendence of any notions of human-style romantic love into the awareness of Higher Love/Source Love/ET Love. Twin Flames are often extreme opposites, in some cases the energies can be harmonized and they can ascend as a pair, in other cases, one ascends out of karma, and the other does not, or does so later on a different time-line, then the timelines of each one of the TF Pair diverge.

Once one has integrated the lessons of the Twin Flame experience one then ‘ascends’ out of the karmas of the ego and receives an energetic push upwards that sends one closer to Source/Home, usually that energetic push shoves one out of karma-space.  It is then not the end of the road as the Twin Flame experience is only one of several stages on the Path of Ascension, it is the last stage on the karmic journey for an Ascending Twin, but not the last stage on one’s Ascension Process because one must live on Earth in Karma-Immune conditions if one is to Ascend.

The Universe and Temporal Reality is very large and sometimes the other aspect of oneself shows up, or is invoked, lessons are learned about love and forgiveness – and then each aspect goes in different directions depending on the lessons of each one, and the journey continues. Not all Twin counterparts ascend in this life, sometimes one ascends and the other does not. Then once the process of the lessons are integrated, the cord is cut and one’s Twin leaves one’s awareness because of diverging timelines/paths, this is a natural and normal process.

It is extremely rare for two Twins to be able to enter into karma-immune reality in the same life, this is because in a Reincarnational Cycle of many lifetimes, the chances of both being at the same point, is extremely small.

But sometimes the two become aware of each other and the energies can open gateways and enable one, or both, to potentially ascend one level up (and out of karma reality), using the assistance of a Central Sun Gateway which folds space-time and facilitates a vibrational jump, in my case I was pushed through such a Gateway by being vibrationally accelerated by the Higher Aspect of my Twin Flame in December 2017 which appeared to mark the end of a ‘karmic cycle’. Sometimes one must leave one’s Twin behind in 3D out of self-love. The lesson is to embody Unconditional Love and Forgiveness for one’s opposite and to then evolve onwards.

The Twin Flame is one of one’s Soul Group, there are others that reflect back other lessons. But as the Twin Flame experience marks the end of dualistic ego-based consciousness (as the experience will ablute that out), it also marks the end of extreme experiences and karmic purifications, then one’s Soul Rays can appear in the astral (so called ‘Twin Rays’ do not exist as one only has one Twin, but there are several Soul Rays, alternatively known as members of your Soul Group).

Then the appearance of one’s Soul Rays can be refreshing, joyful and can also bring a lot of clarity by appearing in the Astral as luminous beings triggering mystical experiences or deeper awakening to other aspects of one’s Being. If one eats less food it is much easier to perceive the astral whilst in a body and the experiences will be more prominent.

These astral experiences when integrated also tend to move one toward pranic living (living from Source or Divine Nourishment). Eating heavy food dampens the experience of astral awareness.

But with Soul Rays as there are no cords, like there are with Twin Flames, there is an absence of intense process as there is no karma.

They may appear and bestow insight and reflect back aspects of Transcendental Love, and to bring deeper understanding or to show a Higher Way, and then they may vanish again, leaving one with deep understanding.

But one will find one has several of these Soul Rays, their purpose is to reflect back more creative and joyful lessons, beyond the intense karmic/ego purification experiences of the Twin Flame experience. Some may be Earth incarnated, others not, but at this point one’s awareness of the Astral and the Earthly will be unified anyway, so all will be present in awareness, whether physically incarnated, or not.

One of the things that Soul Rays do is to reflect back aspects of Source Love/Higher Love beyond the duality of Twin Flames, Twin Flame experiences often reflect back the opposite aspect of oneself for healing, Soul Rays tend to reflect back more complimentary aspects. Once one has integrated lessons around Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, one can see love in a totally different light, or way, these reflections from one’s Soul Group/Rays enable one to ascend further on the journey.

In addition, they also reflect back how to live on Earth in a more loving, harmonious, integrated, balanced and more joyful manner, all these aspects are manifestations of living in karma-immune conditions marked by deeper peace and serenity, mystical experience as well as being aware of Higher Dimensions in Earthly Awareness.

Karma-Immune Conditions are little understood as they are rare, but are what exist, when one works off all of one’s karma, and one is still alive in a body. This is difficult and requires a strong handle on one’s awareness and energy, but if one’s evolutionary processes are fast enough and one is graced with good conditions in this life, one can ‘ascend out of karma’ long before the end of one’s life, then one begins to receive Source Grace.

Once one has moved through the Twin Flame process, the ascending Twin will be out of karma.

The gift of the insights from one’s Soul Rays that then appear are to learn how to not be in a rush to ascend, and allow oneself to experience life on Earth in a state of Divine Love and Grace, because at the end of the karmic purifications, there is the Gift of Grace from Source, this is also to be experienced on Earth in the Earthly Body to balance out all karma.

There is also much benefit to being incarnated on Earth with a deeper awareness and love, both for oneself, and for others, and then much good may be done for the greater good, prior to one’s Physical Ascension (if that is one’s Path).

Being free of karma also requires one to tap into one’s karmic merit as well, to have an balanced experience on Earth, first the purifications, then the grace.

In many ways this is what the energies of one’s Soul Rays teach one, to live in a more integrated state of Divine Love on Earth, balanced with the Wisdom attained from the purifications of the ego.

One’s Soul Rays or members of one’s Soul Group are there to reflect back the vibration of existing in a higher-dimensional state of consciousness, a light and joyful one, and assist in enabling one to live that out on Earth, they appear only later in one’s life, because first all the karmas of the ego has to go, and then any deeper misalignments in one’s energy around living from Divine Grace and Love have to go also, and then one has to work out one’s Earthly story as well (in relation to one’s purpose for being here).

But then, one can experience such a Divine Grace, on Earth, in a body, what that is like is for each person to discover at the end of their journey through karma.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit