Biosphere Collapse, Loving ET’s, Physical Ascension and the Continuation of Awareness

(Reflections From Articles written in 2016/2017)

I find myself incarnated here on a dying world. For the last 10 years I have always known in the depths of my being that humanity will experience an earthly end in my lifetime. The biosphere of the planet that has given rise to the experience of my life has become degraded to the point where I will in all likelihood not see old age.

Before my life reaches what would otherwise be its ordinary and expected natural end, I may be a witness to near term human extinction, the loss of the planetary biosphere and the end of humanity.

Such an awareness has taught me much about how life continues throughout the Universe as well as the importance of love.

Without a strong anchor in love for humanity, no-one can possibly contemplate the end of humanity without experiencing an extreme existential crisis. Without a strong grounding in love and wisdom, contemplation of such matters is not so helpful.

However, for those that can handle the truth – contemplating and reflecting upon humanity’s end may not be such a bad thing after all – and for advanced level students, such contemplation can enable one to have a direct experience of Source (The God-head), upon which the student can understand the causes for such a scenario and in time free themselves from the karma of humanity.

I have seen the collapse so many times it has become more and more integrated into the awareness of my life and as a result brought about the awareness of loving immortal ET’s from other realities, that teach those attuned, the possibility of Physical Ascension.

Thus, I learn to live with the predominantly silent awareness that my world and its people are dying.

In one shamanic experience from January 2016:-

“I am no longer in the temple space. I am in a stark and desolate version of Earth. Everywhere, the biosphere is dying. There are fires, floods, droughts and pestilences. An intense wave of acrid, burning and toxic death energy is everywhere, moving across the face of the planet.

Everything is being purged from the surface of the Earth. Humans are holding onto the remnants of their lives in fear. I am a witness to wretchedness, despair, pain, decay and death. Death is everywhere, people are killing each other in a state of madness. Vast fires burn unabated and the atmosphere is clogged with a dense grey choking smog. It is hard for people to breathe and many fall. Leaves are falling off dying trees and nature is silent. There are no birds, no insects, nothing. Something has killed them all.

There is water in many cities of the world sloshing around. The sea is rising at a shocking rate. There are dying fish in the seas and a terrible smell. Elsewhere, there are relentless storms or unforgiving droughts. There is little to eat. Billions of people in the Monsoon Belt are in serious famine.

The rain that feeds the agricultural needs of four billion humans somehow just stopped. Half a continent is baked, dry, shrivelled up and bearing nothing of sustenance. The great Asian rivers are either not flowing at all, or are choked with toxic liquids and sludge. The searing sun shows through a dark red ruddy haze. It is incredibly hot.

Humanity is dying on a continental scale. Nothing or no-one can stop it.

I am in my body in this place of death. I can hardly breathe and am a witness to the end. I seek Source and ask of it why I am a witness to such things. I am dying in a collapsing biosphere. Part of my awareness leaves, moving across the surface of the Earth. It is the same everywhere. Nothing but death and destruction of the entire biosphere. The Amazon is burning. Plants and trees are dying en-masse.

Everyone is in panic for their world is dying and plain for them to see. Of course, there is no help from the world governments. People are on their own. I see a wave of sickness and death sparing nothing in its path. I become intimately familiar with this energy of death. I understand how the Earth must be purified. I am a witness to an utterly degrading end.

Before I die, I want to know why.

Is this the only way? Why do I see so many times, 100 times or more over many years?

I am back in the Temple space. The Beings say. Instead they say that I must know and understand why. I must not turn away from understanding. It is supremely important they say. I am told I must get rid of the sickness of death. There is much nausea. I cannot bear it any more. I pray for an end to this awareness.

There is much vomiting. It is terrible. The same acrid poison that was in the air and in the environment is somehow in my body. A burning death energy. Toxic, acrid, worse than bile. In the midst of the most extreme vomiting I see many humans dying.

The Earth is being consumed by fire, pestilence, toxins incompatible with life as well as the ever rising waters. I pray to have it taken out of me. It is released in the most unpleasant vomiting ever.

I can only surrender because I cannot resist it or stop it. It is too much to see.

Only in surrender to what is – is there any sense of sanity remaining. I purge away my attachments to a dying world. It is not my story. I am not death. I am that which is forever eternal.

Voyager - A Gateway to the Stars

There is the presence of an overwhelming love. I am in space, outside of my body, in a blue-star system, far from Earth, post-collapse, surrounded by loving Star Beings and in that experience, they bestowed onto me, the wisdom that became The Voyager Masterpiece.

They say that soon I will see in the outer the signs. There are visions again.

In all the cities of the world there is much water. I do not know exactly how it came to be there so fast…

Logic would determine that leaving the Earth is the only option if one is to avoid being a witness to massive human suffering on a global scale.

There are many other worlds that are habitable and there are means to get there that many humans are not able to understand. Given that leaving the Earth cannot happen in the near-term (the nearest habitable worlds are at least 50 light years away and current spacecraft even if they could endure the whole journey, would take almost a million years to get there) – one must look to matters of metaphysics and the transcendance of time and space to become open to other possibilities.

There is much of its culture (of humanity), its way of thinking, its history and the experience of its collapse that must be preserved in some way in order that those experiences are returned to the God-head.

If all was wiped out, or if ascending humans forgot about Earth – everything that has ever happened on this Earth would be a total waste and there is not enough time in the Universe for similar species to keep reincarnating blind without any awareness anywhere within their Source awareness about past experiences that its brethren of the Godhead once had.

  Spiritual Master Free Spirit Perspectives and Truths about Biosphere Collapse

You Tube Video (2016)

Video Description : Why Planet Earth is dying and the human race is in existential crisis. The role of ET’s in enabling some to ascend prior to these events which can be understood as human awarenesses merging into the awareness of Higher Astral Worlds populated by Loving ET’s, having their physical bodies transmuted in the process (Physical Ascension) and thus being spared the collapse.

Why the process cannot be stopped and the spiritual implications of being incarnated on a dying world, and how Transcendental Love from Higher-Dimensional ET’s, and Source, offers the chance for Physical Ascension.


The Voyager Path (Physical Ascension)

Voyagers are those who have opted to physically ascend in this lifetime, prior to the conclusion of their natural Earthly lives. They will have an innate awareness of the Universe within their consciousness and will have a strong affinity with Source and the Star Beings.

Many Voyagers will consider themselves Starseeds (incarnated here from an ‘other-worldly’ reality) although not all Starseeds are Voyagers. Many Starseeds have the ability to ascend, but a high number become karmically entangled to the point where their opportunity is lost this time around.

Other Starseeds simply need more lifetimes to burn off the karma.

Thus being a Starseed (or a light-worker of any kind) in itself does NOT confer immunity to the impending near term human extinction for one must still refine one’s awareness and direct one’s destiny.

The Ascension Cycle draws to a close during the 2017-2022 period, or thereabouts, and provides a window for Voyagers to transcend space-time and to relocate to a new world.

This is the parting of the 3D and 5D at work (see my previous work Keys to Immortality as well as Voyager) and with the end of the Galactic cycle ending, now is the time where those with higher-dimensional destinations must prepare to make their leave to avoid being a witness to the collapse of the planetary biosphere (near term human extinction).

In all likelihood, by 2022-2025, this planet will NOT be able to support human life.

Any serious spiritual path at this time must therefore address this existential crisis of the fact that our biosphere is collapsing rapidly (regardless of how challenging it may seem) if there is to be any opportunity of transcendence or a grounding in deeper understanding.

Impermanence is a strong yet powerful teacher. The reality sphere we know as the human experience is collapsing and very quickly. The evidence is all around. Either one must accept fate or to look beyond the limitations of the human condition for a deeper understanding (and thus to inquire as to the reason for being a witness to such a reality). The latter is attainable for Voyagers on the Ascension Path.

Voyagers are the most ethically pure beings on the planet and thus have the ability to see into ordinarily invisible or unknown realities – or to astral travel to alien worlds in dreams or meditation.

A Voyager is in essence a fully realized Starseed at this time in human history and has realized their relationship to the illusion of time, space and the 3D reality. They can therefore leave the human condition and serious Voyagers can do it before the ordinary death that they would otherwise experience.

Voyagers are often proficient astral travellers – able to travel far into the astral during their mystical experiences or meditations with Source. Voyagers also invariably have the strong awareness of a collapse and may have done so for many years. They may have seen visions of the collapse in dreams and thus the awareness of the collapse remains in the background of their awareness.

Their level of spiritual maturity will enable them to process the matter of the collapse, receive love from Higher-Dimensional ET’s / Star Beings and become Source-Realized, for that which can be aware of a global collapse and the end of human civilization on Earth and be OK and at peace about it and hold a state of love for all beings will in essence be Source-Realized.


Spiritual Master Free Spirit experienced the love of ET’s from other planes of reality and through that contact, became healed of many things in this world and was able to travel throughout the Universe in his astral body, and to see the reality beyond the collapse of the biosphere – an immortal reality, immune to death, degradation, sickness and suffering – populated by loving ET’s that can enable some people to physically ascend prior to the collapse of the biosphere.

He understood that the love of these ET’s was the key to a Physical Ascension, and how higher dimensional ET love can enable an ascension once one has integrated astral reality into the physical reality.

His work is suited to advanced and evolved souls who understand they are at the end of their journey through karmic reality and who are called to the Path of Physical Ascension (aka The Voyager Path). Those who can ascend have the potential to transcend the human condition and be spared witnessing the collapse of the Earth’s biosphere.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit received the gift of prophetic awareness from his Star Beings and journeyed into the future, to see the collapse of the Earth’s biosphere and a time of extreme difficulty for the human race. After almost 10 years of working with these visions and healing the fear of death in the presence of love from another reality which he knows as SOURCE, he found the answer to the matter of the collapse of the Earth’s biosphere was Physical Ascension, assisted by loving ET’s from higher planes of existence, that advanced level students will be able to access and draw wisdom from.

These loving ET’s offer Immortality and Physical Ascension (ascension without death) for karmically purified individuals able to integrate and receive the love – and wisdom – of these ET’s, ultimately, with the aim of transcending death and suffering.