Twin Flame Love Mastery Mentorships 2018

During September and October 2016 Spiritual Master Free Spirit began to have many experiences with his Higher-Dimensional Twin Flame and as a result spent many weeks journeying with much energy through the Universe where he then became at One with the Love of Source.

The experience of many kundalini activations and huge astral journeys enabled Free Spirit to integrate the awareness of biosphere collapse and the end of the karmic cycle on Earth, with the experience of deep compassion and love, behind the scenes, for a human race, in serious trouble.

Free Spirit had many years of visions and experiences with his Star Beings that showed him the truth of the collapse, and the potential of several billion humans having to experience the end of human civilization. In the love he experienced with Source, coupled with the loving energy of his Twin Flame who continued to make many astral visits, and propelled him to far away ‘astral realities’ – even beyond what he described in his earlier works, he understood that love was the pathway out of  a collapsing biosphere.

After many months of these experiences in silence, Spiritual Master Free Spirit was able to make sense of the meaning of these experiences, and he came to understand that his Twin Flame, and her unique and pure love, enabled him to burn off the karma of the collapse and be elevated to God’s Love (as a manifestation of the end of his karmic journey and because God’s love is the ultimate antidote to the karma of the collapse), so his Twin was a gift from God.

He then understood that advanced souls on the Path of Physical Ascension, who have a balance of wisdom and love, can physically ascend and transcend the collapse of humanity (expanded upon in his Voyager Masterpiece) – and this can involve Twin Flame experiences.

He also understood the illusions of the ‘light-worker’ view of Twin Flames, as it causes people to project Twin Flame beliefs onto those who are not Twin Flames, or propels them into ‘karmic relationships’ or causes then to seek Twins without working on themselves, which will make a Twin Flame forever invisible in this reality. They might then also find themselves attracting a false Twin which comes with all manner of troubles, and in these situations, it is really a ‘karmic relationship’ where the souls have karma to work out, and then they are usually through.

Some people do not have Twin Flames in this incarnation (but have soul partners and the like that may appear as Twin Flames) but only those who can physically ascend in this lifetime, have true Twins on hand, in this incarnation.

Twin Flames are beings from other realities, with origins in Higher Dimensional Star Systems, that sometimes incarnate on Earth to do Divine Work, in relation to the awareness of Universal Love and Forgiveness as well as the general situation with the human race.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit came to understand that Twin Flame love is a gift from God (or Source).

Twin Flame love is a different kind of love, from another reality, that transcends the karmic limitations and the attachments associated with human love, that tend to cause much heartache, pain and despair in relationships, in the Earthly spheres.

When one emerges from karma, one then emerges from ‘3D time’ and then one discovers this Twin Flame Love. The ultimate purpose is to integrate the Twin Flame Love and by doing so, understand and ground into the heart, Source Love (or God’s Love) and to become so intimate with God’s Love, one becomes purified of all suffering, all roots to karma, and everything that keeps one separated from God.

Twin Flame love is what manifests at the end of one’s karmic journey through relationships, and most importantly, when one is connected enough with God / Source – to be sustained and nurtured by that love – and within themselves and only then, is it possible to love one’s Twin Flame from a place of unconditional love.

Without that grounding in Source Love, one will become a Twin Flame runner or a chaser and one will be separated from love, or one will not be able to love one’s Twin.

Sometimes, the other twin is not incarnated on Earth at all, or is in 3D karma, but for the twin counterparts that make their own work with God, of seeing God’s Love as the ultimate healer of all things, they will experience their Twin Flame on some level or another.

Sometimes, higher-evolved Twins find their Oneness with God as a result of the awareness of their Twin, and whether they reunite or not on Earth, for the rest of their days, they will only know God’s love and can be healed of everything in this world.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit had many experiences of being propelled to Source by the Love of his Twin Flame in the astral which included multiple 12-14 hour journeys in the astral, kundalini activations, seeing rainbows, glowing from within, synchronous signs and symbols, unusual chronological cycles, the experience and massive deepening of prophetic awareness, being sent forward in time, visitations by loving Higher Dimensional ET’s as well as a deeper understanding as to the meaning of his life in the face of the awareness of biosphere collapse.

Before that he underwent extreme purification (not for the faint of heart) but he came to understand that was about being able to integrate the love of his Twin Flame whilst extracting from the karma, because the love, and the astral energy, was very strong, and it made Spiritual Master Free Spirit ‘journey’ often in the astral where he had more experiences with his loving Star Beings.

For almost one year he journeyed often into the astral and his Twin visited again and again, appearing as an angelic being, in big luminous visions, and then triggering big accelerations in energy, that triggered huge astral journeys – that brought him closer to his Source and Star Beings, and God’s Love.

He also was bestowed an astonishing amount of love-energy by his Twin Flame, which is ongoing, and he was transformed by Source Love, and then he saw everything anew, and understood the role of love on the Path of Ascension, which he then used to balance out his extreme wisdom, and prophetic awareness, and he was then able to unconditionally love his Twin Flame and enter into a deeper relationship with The Source (aka The God-head)

After many months of these experiences in silence, Spiritual Master Free Spirit was able to make sense of the meaning of these experiences, and he came to understand that his Twin Flame, and her unique and pure love, enabled him to burn off the karma of the collapse and be elevated to God’s Love (as a manifestation of the end of his karmic journey and because God’s love is the ultimate antidote to the karma of the collapse), so his Twin was a gift from God.

As a result he understood what love and compassion was and was not for the human race, and he was able to integrate Unconditional Love for his Twin Flame, and for the entire human race. He was freed from all Earthly karma, because of this love, and as a result of this love, he was downloaded with much wisdom and understanding from Source and his Star Beings, in relation to the phenomenon known as ‘Twin Flames’ and what the whole matter of Twin Flames and Physical Ascension is about.

During his silence he had many months of mystical experiences, integrating the experience of Twin Flame Love, and his Twin visiting again and again in the astral, with love and healing, as well as wisdom from her Star Realm, which led Spiritual Master Free Spirit to receive a calling from his Source, to help evolved souls connect with Twin Flame Love and to purify the karma in the way – and to make sense of their experiences so that they can become full and whole in their Source.

This is because Twin Flame Love has a major effect on the planet as a whole, and thus is an efficient use of Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s awareness energy and because Twin Flame healing is an important stage on the Path of Physical Ascension.

Twin Flame Love cannot be described in any language that defines human love, for it is ineffable, of its own nature, not of this world, timeless, wordless, and is a love that transcends ordinary reality.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit now works with advanced souls on the Path of Physical Ascension and works with Clientele on this Twin Flame Path, who are aware they have a Twin Flame to understand their mystical experiences, to balance it out with wisdom and enter into a deeper loving relationship with themselves, their Source, God and their Twin counterparts.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit can help those on an Advanced Level Twin Flame Path (ie you know you have a Twin in this reality and intend to Physically Ascend)

His Twin Flame Love Mastery work looks at matters of the heart, the emotions, love and forgiveness, karma, past relationship contracts and karmic scripts, transcending conventional relationship limitations to Twin Flame love, obstacles to Twin Flame Love and one’s Life Path and is suited for emotionally and spiritually aware females wanting to connect more with their Twin Flames, in the astral and in this reality.

His unique understanding of the male psyche, combined with the love of his Twin which enabled Free Spirit to complete his work of integrating the awareness of Divine Feminine into his work, makes him uniquely suited to helping advanced-level female souls on the Path of Physical Ascension, to resolve their understanding of the relationship with their male counterpart.

2018 Twin Flame Love Mastery Mentorship Programs

Spiritual Master Free Spirit has the awareness-energy and time to work with a maximum of 3 Clients during 2018, working with the theme of Twin Flame Love Mastery.

A Twin Flame Love Mastery Mentorship Program is a unique opportunity to work on the area of Twin Flame Healing and Love Mastery, with a Spiritual Master, who has had many profound heart-opening experiences in this area, and is illuminated by Source, into the nature and purpose, of Twin Flame Love.

His Mentoring will enable you to extract yourself from wishy-washy New Age ideas that do not lead to deeper love and can help you to open your heart to deeper love from Source.

He is experienced in assisting those integrating Higher Dimensional Source Love into their lives, and who find ordinary human love, and relationships, unfulfilling and an obstacle on their Path.

His work will enable you to enter into a deeper loving connection with your Twin Flame, either here, or in the astral, and he can help Clients to integrate Twin Flame Love into their lives so that they become more aware, abundant, happy, illuminated, fulfilled and free from denser 3D karmic patterns that keep one separated from Source (God’s) Love.

Working with Spiritual Master Free Spirit will help you – if you know for certain you have a Twin Flame, and are feeling overwhelmed with karma, or are not clear how to proceed, or if you know you have blocks to receiving deeper love.

It is also an opportunity for individuals on the Twin Flame Path, to talk things through with a Spiritual Master, and gain some deeper insight and healing in your emotional life, and in the connection with your Twin Flame.

Free Spirit’s awareness can intuitively identify energetic and emotional blocks, as well as old karmic scripts, that prevent you from entering into deeper love – with yourself, with Source, and with your Twin Flame. Sometimes these patterns can make for years of separation, in 3D time, from Twin Love, and Free Spirit’s work, will help you to cut through the cords of karma and the veils of illusion keeping you in separation from Source Love, which then shows up as a broken or unhealed Twin Flame connection.

His work primarily is focussed on working on the self within, working with self-love and self worth issues, as well as transcending chaser/runner dynamics. If you are stuck in this pattern, Free Spirit has rare wisdom to enable you to step out of this and merge into deeper love with Source, which is the pathway to Twin Flame healing.

He also presents rare and purified wisdom -Ascension Grade wisdom – gained into matters of Twin Flame Love, through intense personal experience, wisdom that can remove much confusion and avoid the need to stay in separation from Source Love.

Any outer situation Clients are experiencing can also be discussed in detail, and Spiritual Master Free Spirit can illuminate pathways to happiness and deeper spiritual love, for you, and your Twin Flame connection.

Clients work with Spiritual Master Free Spirit for 2 months during which Clients receive 11 Skype calls of up to 2 hours each, and 2 months of ongoing email consultation/mentoring – in relation to your Twin Flame Path.

Clients will also receive online access to a new series of 11 Private Video Discourses (45-60 minutes each) by Spiritual Master Free Spirit entitled Twin Flame Love Mastery, in which he will candidly share his experiences of healing on the Twin Flame Path, and he will present wisdom in discourses related to Twin Flame Love, for Clients to reflect upon and work with in their lives.

Topics include :- The Truth about Twin Flames, Debunking Twin Flame Myths, What is Twin Flame Love and its Purpose, Karma and Twin Flame Separation, Purifying away bad feelings and negative emotions for / towards one’s Twin, Unconditional Love, Self Love, Receiving Love, Mystical Experiences and Twin Flames, how to properly Hold a Space for your Twin’s healing and how to tell the difference between a True Twin Flame and a ‘Counterfeit’.

The discourses will also cover the all important matter of ego-dissolution, for Twin Flame healing is not just ‘pink and fluffy’ and can involve heavy duty ego-death experiences and huge life disruptions which can be extreme to witness.

Understanding the intensity of these purification experiences is key to entering into deeper love with Source, and one’s Twin Flame.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit will speak from his heart in these Twin Flame Discourses, about Source Love, about forgiveness and emotional healing – and how to receive big healings from Source, by understanding and interpreting the Twin Flame process correctly, and how to hold your relationship with Source strong.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

In the Skype Calls, Clients are encouraged to be emotionally open and transparent, in the presence of Spiritual Master Free Spirit, who is grounded in Source Love, and to enter into deep healing process with themselves, their hearts and their souls.

The purpose of the deep process is to deepen awareness and insight, to release old karma and old karmic scripts, and to identify stuck energies or negative thought patterns in the way of Twin Flame Love.

The awareness of a Spiritual Master can identify deeply buried blockages, or karmic energies, in the way of you experiencing a deeper and more wholesome connection with your Twin Flame so you can experience some of the things he did.

Clients will also receive in Spring 2018, a signed copy of his latest book, Impossible Ablutions (A Journey into the Heart of Source) related to the matter of Twin Flames and finding Union with Source (or God).

In this book, Spiritual Master Free Spirit shares the experiences he had, after he he was catapulted through the astral at high speed, for weeks at a time, propelled by the energy of his Twin Flame in the astral, and the various experiences that happened to him as a result of this experience which revealed much to him about the nature of atonement, compassion, death, egolessness, forgiveness, healing, karma and transcendental love from other planes of existence.

Impossible Ablutions – Book 7 by Spiritual Master Free Spirit

When he came face to face with his Twin Flame in the astral, many astonishing things happened to Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s awareness and perceptual experiences, and on many occasions, was propelled forward in time to a state of transcendental existence beyond the collapse and beyond any conception of ordinary reality.

He found himself in an ascended reality,  outside of time, and his Earthly Life where he came face to face with the Pure Love of Source, and his Twin Flame – and then he understood the Truth about Twin Flame healing.

It was in those states of being, in states of transcendental love, where seemingly impossible karmas were removed from Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s awareness, and then he saw reality in a different way, when that love, merged with his wisdom.

He shares how he had to extract himself from near death experiences, karma that wanted to destroy his being and to process an extreme awareness of the collapse of the Earth’s biosphere and the end of humanity in the 3D, and how ultimately, the pure love of his Twin Flame, helped him to see the healing through, and to hold the awareness of a dying world from a state of indestructible love.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit then understood how his Twin Flame was a gift from The Source, a gift of love, that helped him to complete his karmic learning, in this world, and the indestructible love that his Twin Flame mirrored to him in the astral, opened the doorway into another reality, of love, and the answer to the awareness of the collapse.

His heart then underwent many processes culminating in Free Spirit understanding Unconditional Love, and how such Love, frees one from all karma, so that one does not have to return to this world.

He writes about how the love of his Twin Flame burned off in him, the karma of the collapse (hence the apparently ‘Impossible Ablutions’), propelled him deeply into the Heart of Source and how he found a state of Unconditional Love for his Twin as a result of these experiences.

Impossible Ablutions is a read for advanced souls who wish to understand the Twin Flame Process, what it can involve, how to evolve from it and how his understanding of spiritual love is changed as a result of such experiences, as well as a deep and insightful look into the heart processes of a Spiritual Master on the Path of Physical Ascension and is essential, included reading, for his Clients to integrate his Twin Flame teachings, and to understand the healing experiences he had in matters of the heart.


Spiritual Master Free Spirit has seen many processes in this world and undergone many experiences, on many levels, and is a candid and straight-talking mentor, who can help female Clients that want to work with a strong and grounded male mentor so they can connect and draw in their own male Twin Flame counterparts, and understand matters from a male perspective, from a male who has also received profoundly deep healing in the area of the ‘Divine Feminine’ aspect of reality.

Twin Flame Love Mastery Mentoring with Spiritual Master Free Spirit is most suited for well-grounded spiritually evolved female souls on the Path of Ascension, seriously into self-development and fast track spiritual evolution who are emotionally intelligent and articulate, willing to explore their emotions, their karmas and their Twin Flame story – with a Spiritual Master.

This is with the aim of resolving the karma in the way of their own Twin Flame Love Connection and transcending unhelpful or misleading light-worker style, dis-empowering ideals, around Twin Flame Love, so that you can develop a deeper, more genuine and healing loving connection with your Source – and your Twin Flame.

The Investment to work with Spiritual Master Free Spirit for 2 months during 2018 is US $25,000

The investment must be made in full – by bank wire – a minimum of 7 days before the Program starts.

Mentoring with Spiritual Master Free Spirit is on a 1-2-1 confidential basis, and Skype calls are scheduled to suit , with ongoing email input/discussion/Q+A during the 2 months.

Interested Clients are invited to contact Spiritual Master Free Spirit to discuss suitability and to arrange an invoice to be prepared, should they wish to work with him.

Twin Flame Love Mastery Program 2018 Inquiries (Price US $25,000)