From readers and clients of Spiritual Master Free Spirit about his books and discourses

Hello Free Spirit, before everything, thank you for taking your time and sharing your valuable experiences. During many years of my life I heard from many spiritual people on books and youtube, but you are far the most advanced human on spirituality that I have ever seen. You don’t repeat information, you really share true experiences and this is phenomenal. Your videos have helped me in a way I can’t describe.

Edward Belton

Thank you for blessing this world with your knowledge, I’m grateful to be blessed with finally coming to realization to what life was all about. I will forever love and protect this book (Keys to Immortality) for its sacred knowledge it possesses.

Leo Carrera

Listening to Free Spirit's discourses or reading chapters from his book, Keys to Immortality, gave me hope that I too could move through my challenges. The fact that Free Spirit overcame a lot of hardships and still maintained his connection to the higher realms were encouraging for my path.

The experiences discussed in the discourses provided me with virtuous information. I felt like I could get through the passages and that there were others that I could relate to who were experiencing similar trials and who knew of other loving 5D realities.

One of the characteristics that makes Free Spirit's mentoring more unique than some of my other 5D mentors is that his work seems more personable and authentic. He shares authentically about what feels true for him and he openly shares some of his challenges. There is a purity and authenticity that comes through in the discourses.

The discourses and forum shares have helped me to grow in many areas of my life. The experience has challenged me to confront inner obstacles, issues, and blockages. As a result, I have opened up to many spiritual gifts and insights, such as, receiving more clarity about how to live in alignment with Source and how to apply that in my life. I've also experienced more grounded spiritual experiences through astral traveling and lucid dreaming.

The spiritual experiences of moving beyond the 3rd dimensional realm through astral traveling have enabled me to ground these spiritual revelations into my 3rd dimensional reality, it has prompted higher vibrational shifts and changes that I've been able to apply in my personal life.

Tasha, USA

I first found Free Spirit through his public YouTube channel in 2012 while I was attending my first year of college. The content in his YouTube videos made sense to me, I felt aligned to his perspective on Spiritual Reality and I was inspired to pursue his teachings in greater depth. In the following months I had ordered his book package and began reading Love on the Shores of a Distant World, his second book. I would read the book in the public greenhouse on the University campus, one of the only places I could find peace and quiet amidst the busy college city.

As I read the book, his teachings resonated with me and motivated me to find healing within. His teachings were a useful guide at that time during an introspective and confusing year of school.

The kind of strength, power, healing and truth I have been able to facilitate in my life through Free Spirit's work over the last 4 years is incredible. I do not have an extensive knowledge about the many spiritual teachers of today and their respective teachings; however, certainly Free Spirit in my opinion has been the most grounded and ethically responsible teacher that I have worked with.

His teachings in my opinion come from a very sacred perspective and certainly represent a high quality of character as well as a high respect for all life and the underlying principles that govern that life.


"Voyager - A Gateway to the Stars" by Spiritual Master Free Spirit is an extraordinary book. It explores in detail the philosophical aspects of spirituality, offering a fascinating, unconventional perspective on how we, as humans, experience the world, why we are here and what we are doing here.

What I love most about "Voyager" is its practical approach: Far from being "only" an interesting read for people interested in philosophy and spirituality, it offers insights and tools for the hands-on kind of spiritual work a person must do in order to evolve and grow. For example, the book presents clear and simple instructions on how to access, perceive and release karmic blockages. I have worked with the chapter on karmic healing intensely and can, therefore, attest its effectiveness. "Voyager" is a guide to self-empowerment, self-realization and, ultimately, ascension - understood as the pinnacle of human evolution (the actual ascension of the physical body, not only a gradual moving up the vibrational levels).

I also am intrigued by the detailed description of the higher-vibrational worlds the book offers - very, very vivid and fascinating. I surely can recommend this work to everyone who is interested in a serious study of the spiritual realms and in doing the inner work it takes to access them, and, perhaps, even ascend.

Daniel Schmid, Switzerland

Keys to Immortality is one of the most clear, practical, and relevant books on the planet, integrating truths which are barely understood in many places today. A massively useful tool for the seeker who is ready to transcend religion. I have been learning from multiple sources, and you are obviously operating on a high level with little – if no distortion.

Everyone else is still operating from a perspective of self, with politics galore. You are the only being I have seen with the perspective to speak the greatest truth, “You created this universe.” No saviors, no victims. Only love, expansion, and self determination. Spirituality and science all in one.

Many thanks for showing the way.


Dear Free Spirit, I know you are in Silence and I don’t expect you to respond. I just want to express my gratitude to you from the depths of my heart for your books – the information is priceless and I feel that all my cells are vibrating in resonance with those Divine Truths which you masterfully articulate. I feel that it is more than just information – it is speaking face to face with the Source – it is hard to express in words what is going on in my life as a result of this Holy Encounter!


Nearly two years ago to the day, I had a realization that completely changed the direction and purpose of my life. Although this realization did not come from Free Spirit, as I believe such realizations can only come from within, I will say that he has helped me immensely with fully understanding my realization. The realization I had was that in order to feel more fulfilled in my life, I simply had to "do good". Free Spirit has helped to guide me along my realized life path and has kept me focused on my direction.

I began reading Free Spirit's books, listening to his guided meditations, and watching his discourses on nearly a daily basis. It has been nearly 5 months since I received his teachings, and I feel that I have made incredible progress on my journey as a human being. I now feel love in ways that I have never felt before. I have had experiences of truth and wisdom that I never thought were possible. I have healed relationships with my family, with myself, and have grown closer to loved ones more than I ever have experienced in my life.

I have learned to accept, to forgive, to love, and to heal. Additionally his teachings have helped me to overcome additions to alcohol and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. These things can only be achieved if you really want them for yourself, but without the help of Free Spirit who knows how long these understandings would have taken me.

Kylie, USA