The Sanctum Retreat Centre

Spiritual Master Free Spirit lives in The Sanctum Retreat Centre in a private location in Portugal and is forming a small community of individuals aligned with his awareness, teachings, understanding and wisdom.

This modern and spacious retreat centre is designed for students of Spiritual Master Free Spirit to take retreats with him and his spiritual family, to spend time with him in the person and receive deeper teachings from him as well as to visit beautiful places in Portugal.

Free Spirit received a calling to break his silence and share deeper teachings with his Inner Circle of Students that have studied his work over the years.

The spiritual curriculum in his retreat centre includes cleansing and detoxification, contemplation and meditation, deepening awareness, journeying with large Merkabah Structures, periods of silence as well as reviewing the understanding of his books, discourses and other materials with Spiritual Master Free Spirit.

He will also give advanced level teachings to students and expand upon various other spiritual topics presented in his books and Life Work in a retreat centre conducive to deeper inner work. His retreat centre is a vegan one.

Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and any other kinds of mind-altering ‘substances’ are forbidden at The Sanctum. Visitors are required to wear white clothes at all times during their stay as a show of respect for Source as well as a show of respect for the Spiritual Master.

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty Nearby

Visiting students will have studied and well-integrated a lot of his books and teachings over the years.

A spacious relaxed lounge area overlooks the Western Horizon with sunset visible on clear days for 10 months a year, there is also a quiet meditation/reading room and a spacious private room with garden access for students to live in during their stay.

The Sanctum Retreat Centre is close to mountains, the sea as well as woodlands and hills for hiking and recreation. Retreats are suited to those with interests in outdoor activities, hiking, scrambling, swimming in rivers and lakes as well as star-gazing.

Free Spirit is a knowledgeable guide to the area and knows many good hikes, swimming holes, powerful energy sites and other areas of good energy to enable students to assimilate some of the amazing natural energy available in Portugal.

Retreats are by invitation only and are limited to students of Free Spirit’s teachings and works.